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Showcasing the best international female
wrestling talent from around the world.

This is CHICKFIGHT: Female Pro Wrestling

Divas Need Not Apply

Featuring some of the toughest, hardest-hitting female wrestling.
This is not your typical female wrestling show.

International Stars

Women have traveled from Japan, Mexico and Europe
to compete in the prestigious ChickFight events.

Worldwide Exposure

With events taking place in United States and London,
plus a nationwide syndicated television show.

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CHICKFIGHT 1October 29, 2004Hayward, California1) Princess Sugey vs. Candice LaRae

2) Melissa vs. Nene Kimura

3) Nikki Roxx vs. Hailey Hatred

4) Christie Ricci vs. Tiffany

5) Princess Sugey vs. Nikki Roxx

6) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Christie Ricci

7) Princess Sugey vs. Cheerleader Melissa (Steel Cage Match)

Price: $9.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT 2May 13, 2005Hayward, California1) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Katwoman

2) Mariko Yoshida vs. Nene Kimura

3) Tiffany vs. Nikki

4) Princess Sugey vs. Luscious

5) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Tiffany

6) Mariko Yoshida vs. Princess Sugey

7) Mariko Yoshida vs. Cheerleader Melissa

Price: $9.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT 3October 29, 2005Hayward, California1) Mariko Yoshida vs. Rain

2) Rebecca Knox vs. Morgan

3) Mickie Knuckles vs. Tiffany

4) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Rey

5) Mariko Yoshida vs. Rebecca Knoxx

6) Mickie Knuckles vs. Hailey Hatred

7) Mariko Yoshida vs. Mickie Knuckles


8] Hailey Hatred & Rain & Morgan vs. Melissa & Tiffany & Rebecca Knox

9) Behind-the-scenes interview with Cheerleader Melissa and Tiffany

10) Mariko Yoshida’s Future Legend Award acceptance at Cauliflower Ally Club 2006

11) ChickFight III Photo Gallery

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT 4April 15, 2005San Francisco, California1) Mercedes Martinez vs. Carla Jade

2) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Rain

3) MsChif vs. Candice LaRae

4) Lacey vs, Hailey Hatred

5) Mercedes Martinez vs. Cheerleader Melissa

6) MsChif vs. Lacey

7) MsChif vs. Mercedes Martinez


8] Melissa vs. MsChif vs. Martinez
(Falls-Count-Anywhere Match)

9) Match Trailers

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT VJune 24, 2006San Francisco, California1) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Tanny Mouse

2) Yoshiko Tamura vs. Allison Danger

3) JAZZ vs. Simply Luscious

4) MsChif vs. Sumie Sakai

5) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Yoshiko Tamura

6) JAZZ vs. MsChif

7) Cheerleader Melissa vs. JAZZ


8] Yoshiko Tamura vs. MsChif (NEO Japan Ladies Title Match)

9) Allison Danger & Simply Luscious vs. Sumie Sakai & Tanny Mouse

10) ChickFight V Photo Gallery

11) Extra commentary track by Roland Alexander & Cheerleader Melissa & Jason Deadrich

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT VISeptember 1, 2006San Francisco, California1) MsChif vs. Hailey Hatred

2) KAORU vs. Tiana Ringer

3) Allison Danger vs. Frankie

4) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Daizee Haze

5) KAORU vs. MsChif

6) Daizee Haze vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Allison Danger

7) Daizee Haze vs. KAORU


8] Cheerleader Melissa & Scotty Aboot vs. The Mafia (Grudge Match)

9) MsChif vs. Allison Danger vs. Tiana Ringer vs. Hailey Hatred

10) Frankie vs. Johnny LaRocca (Grudge Match)

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT VIIJanuary 14, 2007Norfolk, England1) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sweet Saraya

2) MsChif vs. Jade

3) Jezebel vs. Lacey

4) Daizee Haze vs. Skye

5) Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif

6) Jezebel vs. Daizee Haze

7) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jezebel


8] Destiny & Kharisma vs. The Norfolk Dolls (Britani & Melodi)

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT VIIIApril 22, 2007Gloucester, England1) Wesna vs. Pandora

2) Jade vs. Violet

3) MsChif vs. Kelly Adams

4) Jetta vs. Skye

5) Wesna vs. Jade

6) MsChif vs. Jetta

7) Wesna vs. MsChif


8] Cheerleader Melissa vs. The Jezebel

9) Pandora vs. Bubbles

10) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Wesna

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT IXJuly 17, 2007Orpington, England1) Blue Nikita vs. Jetta

2) Skye vs. Bubbles

3) The Jezebel Eden Black vs. Jade

4) Amazing Kong vs. Blue Nikita

5) Amazing Kong vs. The Jezebel Eden Black


6) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Wesna

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

CHICKFIGHT 9.5August 26, 2007Skegness, England1) Blue Nikita vs. Jade

2) Skye vs. Jetta

3) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Bubbles

4) The Jezebel Eden Black vs. Wesna

5) Wesna vs. Skye vs. Jade vs. Bubbles

6) The Jezebel Eden Black vs. Jetta

7) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Blue Nikita

Price: $14.95 [PURCHASE INFO]

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