Cheating Death, Stealing Life

The Eddie Guerrero Story

Description: Eddie Guerrero: Cheating Death, Stealing Life, like Benoit's DVD, is a humanly involving and excellent backstory of one of the most talented wrestlers in the world and how he overcame all the odds to achieve something most wrestlers could barely do. The fact that Eddie Guerrero survived all these alcoholic and personal travesties is a miracle: most wrestlers would either be dead or have their careers in shambles. No other DVD title has ever been so apropos to the subject. The documentary, which sadly bombed in the UPN, is a must-see for any lifelong Guerrero fan as it manages to be powerful and emotional without falling in the end of sentimentality. There are brief coverage of his days with Art Barr, how he got the frog splash, his mini-run with WCW, the Latino Heat character that made him a hated heel, and participating in one of the greatest wrestling feuds of all time against Dean Malenko in ECW. Plus, his "Lie, Cheat and Steal" gimmick that surprisingly turned him in a hugely over face and his WWE title victory over Brock Lesnar.
Like the Benoit DVD, the excellent main feature is back up by a variety of spectacular bonus matches and entertaining clips. The first disc is the best as it features my personal favorite matches including the tag team match with Art Barr against Santo and Octagon, the final ECW bout with Dean Malenko and his Cruiserweight title bout against Rey Mysterio at Halloween Havoc 97. The latter two are tremendous wrestling matches featuring great psychology, insane spots, superb technical sequences and an enthusiastic crowd. But the Tag Match from 1994 is an atmospheric spectacle: even though the rules will confuse you, the amount of heat in this bout is simply UNREAL as Mexican heroes Santo and Octagon put their masks on the line against Eddy and Barr's hair.

The second disc attributes to his WWE years and while the matches pale to the bonus bouts in the first disc, they are still great matches for you to see. The Brock Lesnar-Eddie Guerrero match from No Way Out 2004 is a classic little guy v. big guy encounter and his matches with Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam are worthy Match-of-the-year candidates. But the Survivor Series Tag title bout should never had been there since 1.) It was a major disappointment and 2.) It only serves as a reminder of Los Guerreros achieving their first Tag title reign. Sadly, the amazing Edge-Eddie Guerrero No DQ match from SMACKDOWN and his phenomenal SMACKDOWN title defense against Rey Mysterio are not included as isn't the ten-man tag match from Dallas which I'm still waiting for. Oh, well...

The WWE triumphs once again with another awesome DVD product that is bound to sell thousands of copies on retail. Great extras, a superb documentary and some entertaining clips mesh together to create a delicious recipe. Wrestling fan or not, you owe it yourself to buy this DVD. It is not only a great wrestling analysis but a great human story that most of us can relate to. Don't hesitate on buying the DVD.

Rating: Strongest recommendation.

Reviewed by JLR on March 25, 2005.

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