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November 12, 2004 - FALLOUT Night 1 - Tampa, Florida

Full Impact Pro came to Tampa and presented "Fallout", a night of building talent and factions for future FIP events. Two factions have begun to take shape, with C.M. Punk putting together The New Dawn with Joshua Masters & Azriael, and Dave Prazak 'returning to the managerial ranks' recruiting Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie into his DP Associates group. It turned out to be another night of tradition wrestling matches with a refreshing atmosphere that is much needed in professional wrestling these days.

The card started with four average singles matches between Vordell Walker vs Sal Rinauro (*** 1/2), Roderick Strong vs Mikey Batts (** 1/2), BJ Whitmer vs Antonio Banks (* 3/4), and Azriael vs Rainman (** 1/2). Each match had its moments but there was nothing spectacular to write home about; It was a steady build towards the more important matches later in the night.

Jimmy Rave vs Fast Eddie was an above average match ending in a draw, but the fireworks began after the match when Dave Prazak offered both fan-favorites contracts to join his newly developed DP Associates. Rave & Eddie both accepted the offer. Next up we had the high flying Jerrelle Clark facing the Insane Dragon (formerly known as Izzy in ROH). Dave Prazak made a similar offers to both of these wrestlers after their match, but they decided instead to tear up the contracts, resulting in them being attacked by Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie -- DP Associates is here to stay!!

Dan Maff came to FIP to defend the honor of his 'childhood friend' (Homicide) against the arrogant force of C.M. Punk. This was billed as a No-Disqualification match but it wasn't your average tables & ladders & chairs hardcore affair. The most dangerous thing they did was tumble out the doors to the parking lot where Maff used a pilon to crush Punk's testicles on top of a truck. Don't get me wrong, the lack of weaponry was somewhat welcomed, as you can see that sort of nonesense in any promotion. They had to find other ways to take advantage of the No-DQ stipulation. New Dawn member Azriael blatantly interfered until Maff took care of him. If this match was the main event I would have been disappointed but it was a nice lead-in for the scheduled finale.

Homicide defended his FIP title in the main event against the talanted B.J. Whitmer. Earlier in the show, Whitmer performed a demonstration in an attempt to get his Wrist Clutch Exploder over as a devastating finishing hold. Whitmer proved to be a tough challenger, but Homicide escaped with his championship in tact and now looks forward to a rematch with C.M. Punk tomorrow night at Fallout Night #2.

Final Thoughts: In what I hope becomes a familiar pattern in FIP, traditional wrestling was once again the main focus of the night's entertainment. When you do a card full of good natural wrestling matches, it will seem more unique and special when you do a No-DQ match or a special stipulation match later in the card. But for all you fans of Hardcore, there is some bonus material on this DVD that you might enjoy. Mike Awesome vs Justin Credible vs New Jack in a Hardcore 3-WAY that took place at an FIP event before the official "take over". DVD Rating: 6/10

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