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August 6, 2005 - HEATSTROKE (NIGHT #2) - Bushnell, Florida

Steve Madison and Erick Stevens teamed up in the opening match to squash the Masked FIPpers #4 and #5 ( 2 / 10 ). I actually thought James Gibson was going to be one of the FIPpers but it did not happen. That would have been great but I guess James Gibson really wasn't in the building!

The next match was a really intense battle between Samoa Joe and "Crazy" Ace Steele, who wanted revenge on Joe for interfering in his match with C.M. Punk the previous night. While Dave Prazak distracted the referee, Adam Pearce ran in and pile-drove Crazy Ace so Joe could win the match ( 7 / 10 ). Spanky, Sal Rinauro and Azriael made the save after a post-match beat-down by Pearce and Joe on Ace.

The laws of wrestling were thrown out the window and for some reason The Ring Crew Express did not get their shot at the Tag Team titles despite having beaten the Champions in a Non-title match the previous night. Instead, they had to prove themselves in a 3-WAY Scramble against the unvictorious Heartbreak Express and the high flying team of Jay Fury and Jerrelle Clark. Dunn and Marcos actually had some good chemistry with Sean and Phil Davis. Clark and Fury were full of high spots and that was apparently the right strategy as they managed to come out on top with their arms raised ( 6.5 / 10 ).

Adam Pearce took his opponent a little more seriously than he did the previous night with Sal Rinauro. This time he maintained a ruthless aggression from bell to bell and won the match with a stiff pile-driver - old school! ( 6.5 / 10 ) After the match, Adam Pearce and C.M. Punk double-teamed Azriael until Crazy Ace Steele made the save. C.M. Punk proclaimed "the beatings will continue until moral improves!"

Antonio Banks came out and kissed up to the fans saying how good it felt to be in Bushnell. Banks talked about Rainman turning on him the previous night and complained about being attacked from behind when he was ironically attacked again from behind by Rainman. They started their match and they punched away at each other stumbling all the way around the ring taking their grudge match to great lengths. The referee lost control of the match and had no choice but to throw the thing out and rule it a No Contest ( 5.5 / 10 ). More to come, I'm sure.

Dave "sweaty back" Prazak finally let the Tag Team title be defended by his DP Associates team of Jimmy Rave and Fast Eddie Vegas being challenged by Spanky and Sal Rinauro. At one point, Fast Eddie press slammed Sal Rinauro up in the air and he literally crashed into the ceiling, causing several tiles to come loose. God bless independent wrestling! Sal and Spanky wrestled a super match and managed to overthrow the cheating champions and claim the belts for themselves ( 8 / 10 )! Congratulations to Spanky and Sal Rinauro! The tag team division is ready to explode in FIP and thankfully we now have fighting champions at the helm.

Before the FIP title match, Dave Prazak came out and challenged the winner to face a member of DP Associates at the next Bushnell show. Homicide defended the FIP belt against the "Full Blooded Italian" Tony Mamaluke, who earned the shot by defeating James Gibson the previous night. It was a grueling match but Homicide retained his Championship in the end ( 8 / 10 ). After the match, the entire DP Associates faction attacked Homicide until Ace Steel, Azrieal and eventually Roderick Strong made the save.... leading to:

The main event featured "WWE Superstar" and "ROH Champion" C.M. Punk taking on Florida's own Roderick Strong. C.M. Punk made fun of the fans by doing the famous Jeff Jarrett strut -- psst, don't tell Vince McMahon. Punk has been an Iron Man since signing with WWE; all of his matches seem to go over 30 minutes to an hour. For the third time in recent FIP history, Punk managed to wrestle a portion on this match with his butt hanging out of his tights. He sure is proud! After some chaotic closing moments, Roderick Strong managed to roll Punk up and get the upset 1-2-3 to win the match! ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts: At previous shows they often had the camera on the side where the fans sat, and the opposite side was set aside for the FIP mobile studio equipment and that's what you saw when you watched the matches. It made it look like nobody was there, but this time they did it the opposite way and it made a big difference visually. FIP continues to improve on all levels, proving that you can make a good thing better. Uh oh, beware, that good looking girl from Crystal River was there again... must be somebody's girlfriend! Seriously, she gets REALLY excited for all the babyfaces. Even Dave Prazak acknowledged her on commentary by saying "that chick with the big boobs needs to sit down!" -- If she happens to read this, I encourage her to

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