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February 3, 2007 - IN FULL FORCE - Crystal River, Florida

The FIP roster was out "in full force" to put together another big card of high powered matches including a rematch between FIP Champion Roderick Strong and Davey Richards in a Best 2/3 Falls match in the main event. The previous night they battled it out in a brutal "I Quit" match, but it appears their feud is not quite finished! If that wasn't enough, this DVD also features a "Loser Leaves FIP for 90s Days" tag team match as well as a series of qualifying matches for the upcoming Tournament to crown the first FIP Florida Heritage champion. The opening match was the usual hot contest meant to unglue the fans from their inhibitions. Seth Delay actually scored a rare victory over Hallowicked to start the show ( 5 / 10 ). Hallowicked started strong when he won the Florida Rumble in December but hasn't done much since. Seth Delay is nothing as a singles wrestler but could actually secure a meaningful spot in the tag team division if he could find the right partner.

Florida Heritage Tournament Qualifying Match: Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley led DP Associate Shingo to the ring for a match with the tallest/skinniest wrestler on the planet, Jigsaw. Even though he looks like a freak (see photo), Jigsaw does look really cool and has some pretty good wrestling skills. Shingo scored the victory over Jigsaw with a little help from the "wheel-chair bound" Mr. Milo Beasley ( 7 / 10 ).

The YRR of Chasyn Rance, Sal Rinauro, and Claudio Castagnoli came out to do their usual shtick about being "Young, Rich, and Ready." Chance Rance promised that they would get rid of Black Market tonight by defeating them in a "Loser Leaves FIP for 90 Days" match.

Lord knows why a match with such high stakes ramifications is so low on the card, but whatever. Black Market, accompanied by the lovely Allison Danger, confidently emerged from behind the curtain to take on YRR members Claudio Castagnoli and Sal Rinauro with 90 days worth of employment on the line. Through some slim-ball cheating, the YRR somehow managed to steal a victory over Black Market ( 7.5 / 10 ). Joey Machete and Shawn Murphy now go on an unfortunate three month unpaid vacation, but they made it clear that after their 90 days were over they would come back to "kill" the YRR.

Sean Waltman made an unexpected return to FIP, coming out to the ring to the old Degeneration-X theme song. Chasyn Rance came out and said he was a big fan of Waltman, but that was a long time ago. Chasyn Rance sucker-punched Sean Waltman and a match was immediately started. It only took about five minutes for the superior Waltman to put away his younger opponent ( 6.5 / 10 ).

The chaos picked up right where it left off between FIP Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers and the Deathmatch Kings, Mad Man Pondo and the barefoot Necro Butcher. The previous night they fought in two separate crazy singles matches but tonight it was a tag team Anything Goes match with the titles on the line. The ring was a mess by the end of the brawl, after numerous dangerous spots, and Necro and Pondo no-selling most of it. Necro botched a hurricanrana on one of the Briscoes to the floor, landing on his face and shoulder, but of course he was back on his feet showing no effects thirty seconds later. They destroyed two referees, but the insanity continued with Pondo and Necro generating as much violence as humanly possible. The match was eventually thrown out, which is probably fair since Necro Butcher side-slammed one of the referees off the second rope through a table inside the ring. Pondo and Necro (the heels) once again stole the belts and high-tailed it out of there ( 7.5 / 10 ).

Florida Heritage Tournament Qualifying Match: Erick Stevens took one step closer to winning his first championship in FIP by defeating Gran Akuma to qualify for the upcoming tournament to crowd the first-ever Florida Heritage Champion ( 7 / 10 ). After the match, Stevens cut a promo about his love for the state of Florida and the rich history of professional wrestling in the Sunshine State.

Florida Heritage Tournament Qualifying Match: The undefeated "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney faced "Classic" Colt Cabana in the next match. Whenever these two guys get together the fans are in store for some good comedy. Sweeney wrestled half the match with his ass hanging out of his tights - and let me tell you there were no tan lines. Sweeney pinned Cabana with his feet on the ropes for leverage to remain undefeated in FIP ( 8 / 10 ).

The previous night in Melbourne, Roderick Strong defeated Davey Richards in an "I Quit" match to retain the FIP Heavyweight title. Now just 24 hours later, they are taking it one step further with a Best 2/3 Falls match. Roderick Strong scored the first fall around the ten minute mark, putting the pressure on the shoulders of the challenger. Davey Richards took the second fall by Submission after working over the champions left leg. Richards continued with the punishment to Strong's leg, but Strong made a come-back and hit an explosive top rope suplex! Richards turned the tables once more but was caught with an inverted suplex off the top rope (sort of) by Strong to retain the FIP Heavyweight title ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts: The blowoff to the Strong/Richards feud couldn't come a moment too soon. Just two weeks later they would turn heel together in Ring of Honor and form the No Remorse Corps - one of ROH's most powerful factions ever. I fully support the creation of a secondary singles title in FIP, and the Florida Heritage title has a nice ring to it. I definitely foresee Erick Stevens vs. Larry Sweeney in the Finals. The next event will be the Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts and will feature the crowning of the first FIP Florida Heritage champion.

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