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April 21, 2007 - INTERNATIONAL IMPACT: PHASE 2 - Crystal River, Florida

Seth Delay kicked off the show by expressing his feelings of being sick and tired of the YRR, and issued an open challenge to any member of that group. The challenge was instead answered by "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney - who claimed he was backstage partying with the YRR.

"Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney vs. Seth Delay: Young babyface Seth Delay was doing well for himself before the YRR showed up to distract him and caused enough confusion to throw poor Seth off his game. Larry Sweeney capitalized on the confusion and picked up the victory ( 5.5 / 10 ). The YRR attacked Seth Delay until the Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) and Jerrelle Clark came out to chase the heels away.

Claudio Castagnoli w/So-Cal Val vs. Jerrelle Clark: The chaos at the end of the last match morphed flawlessly into the second match, between YRR member Claudio Castagnoli and high-flying babyface Jerrelle Clark. Claudio Castagnoli hilariously imitated "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright's dance moves from WCW. Please if there is a wrestling God, let Double C continue doing that amusing dance. Guess who won - you're right! ( 6 / 10 ).

After the match the YRR bragged about their dominance and made poorly-written jokes about running the Black Market out of FIP. Sal Rinauro grabbed the microphone and claimed FIP Champion Roderick Strong had been ducking the YRR, and issued a challenge for the FIP World title later tonight. The Heartbreak Express showed up and said the Black Market was not there to defend themselves. Sean Davis said they don't like Black Market but they have a lot of respect for them. The HBE challenged any two members of the YRR and warned So-Cal Val to stay out of their way. So-Cal Val made it clear she was "Young, Rich, and Ready."

The Heartbreak Express vs. The YRR (Kenny King & Chasyn Rance w/So-Cal Val): It hasn't been easy to accept the Heartbreak Express as a babyface tag team. They just haven't gotten on a roll like they did during their successful run as heels. Chalk up another victory for the YRR, who have truly been on a roll lately winning matches left and right ( 5.5 / 10 ).

With the YRR portion of the show behind us, it is now time for the DP Associates to take over the show - featuring Dave Prazak.

Delirious w/Dave Prazak vs. Jigsaw: The whacky Jigsaw came out complaining about being cheated in his match with Delirious 24-hours earlier. Jigsaw sought redemption and challenged the bizarre Lizard Man Delirious to a rematch. Delirious came out and cut a long energetic promo on the microphone which only Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley could understand! Delirious entered the ring and bombarded with green streamers, which sent him into a relentless state of crazed euphoria. Jigsaw seemed to have learned his lessons from their previous match, and was able to avoid many of the typical head games played by Delirious. Midway through the match, Delirious retreated under the ring, and when Jigsaw pulled him out by the legs, it was Mr. Milo Beasley in a Delirious mask. Beasley sprinted around the ring acting crazy until Jigsaw ripped the mask off, at which point Beasley screamed "my legs!" and dropped to the floor! Ha ha!! Nigel McGuinness showed up and said he was there to prevent Prazak and Beasley from interfering. McGuinness ended up turning on Jigsaw, joining DP Associates, and handing the victory to Delirious ( 8.5 / 10 ). Damn good match.

FIP Florida Heritage Title - Erick Stevens vs. Nigel McGuinness w/Dave Prazak: Mr. Milo Beasley was upset about being left in the dark on the acquisition of Nigel McGuinness, but Prazak assured him it was alright. Mr. McGuinness quickly challenged that "Damn Yankee" Erick Stevens to come out and defend his FIP Florida Heritage title. The wheel-chair bound Mr. Milo Beasley was the recipient of several brief miracles from heaven, as he was able to get up out of his wheel-chair to interfere a few times on Nigel's behalf. The finish saw Beasley distract the referee while Prazak tried to sabotage Erick Stevens. Nigel nailed the Tower of London, but Stevens amazingly kicked out! Stevens ducked the Lariat and rolled up McGuinness for the 1-2-3 to retain his championship ( 8 / 10 ).

Delirious came back to cut a promo on Erick Stevens, and he was clearly upset about something. As usual the entire speech was highly entertaining, even though I couldn't understand a single word. The one thing I did understand was the last part - May 25 - which sounds to me like a challenge for the FIP Florida Heritage title at the May 25th show in Inverness, FL. Erick Stevens accepted the challenge and proclaimed, "Stevens Rules!" - Ya know what? Erick Stevens DOES RULE!

Dragon Gate Challenge - Shingo vs. Yamato: Japanese wrestlers Shingo and Yamato hooked it up to showcase the Dragon Gate style of pro-wrestling. Some of the kids didn't seem to like what they saw until a group of obvious marks starting hurling chants towards the ring. This is still not the type of match you should throw in front of a crowd like this without some heavy education. It was a great match, but let's save this stuff for the ROH marks ( 7.5 / 10 ). The marks made me proud by chanting "Thank you, Shingo!" afterwards.

FIP World Title - Roderick Strong vs. Salvatore Rinauro w/So-Cal Val: Anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling, but I don't think anybody believed Sal Rinauro was going to win the FIP World title on this night. The goal here was to put on an entertainment match and take the focus off the obvious finish. They can only do these bogus title defenses when they have a huge main event to fall back on. To Roddy's credit, he works his ass off no matter who he's wrestling. Strong finished Rinauro off with the Gibson-driver to retain his FIP World title ( 7.5 / 10). So-Cal Val's mini-skirt gets a 10/10 rating. The YRR attacked the FIP Champion after the match until the Heartbreak Express (wearing all black, instead of pink) made the save! The HBE challenged the YRR to a Bunkhouse Brawl on May 25th!

Bar Room Brawl - The Briscoes vs. Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher: This feud has been responsible for so much blood and destruction over the past few months. I credit the Briscoes for adapting their style to carry these two no-selling death match idiots. Necro Butcher was a bloody mess within five minutes of the opening bell. They used a trash can full of light tubes to draw blood in front of a sea of young children. If I took my kid to this show I would walk out, and I'm sure some parents did take their kids home early. The sad part is that some people love this stuff. They made a total mess inside the building, using tables, chairs, trash cans, light tubes, and the unforgiving staple gun. Jay Briscoe was covered in blood too. Just like the previous night, they attacked the referee - this time Awesome-bombing him over the top rope through a table! Jay Briscoe gave Necro Butcher a Death Valley Driver off the ring apron through a table. The Briscoes laid Mad Man Pondo on a table, and got some fans to help him lift the table up onto a second table. Jay Briscoe opened the garage door where fans saw Mark Briscoe crouching on top of a moving truck! Mark flew off the truck spearing Mad Man Pondo through both tables in one of the craziest wrestling spots I have EVER seen ( 9 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts: I don't think the Briscoes will EVER get the recognition that they deserve. These two guys are masters of their craft and excel in every aspect of professional wrestling. I fear that they won't be around as long as the average pro-wrestler, so I am begging you people, please enjoy the Briscoes while you still can. If the Briscoes ever see this review, I just want to say THANK YOU!

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