Wrestler Entrance Music

Online World of Wrestling

Wrestler Song Artist
1-2-3 Kid One Two Three
3-Minute Warning 3-Minute Warning Two Skinny Js
Aaron Idol Battle Without Honor or Humanity Tomoyasu Hotei
Abdullah The Butcher One Of These Days Pink Floyd
Abyss (TNA) Down in the Catacombs Dale Oliver
Ace Steel I’ll Cast a Shadow Pantera
Ace Steel Bring The Noise Anthrax & Public Enemy
Adrian Walls Aenema Tool
AJ Styles (Indy) Touched 1st Vast
AJ Styles (2) Wherever I May Roam Metallica
AJ Styles (3) 2001 A Space Oddyssey Sprach Zarathustra
AJ Styles (4) I Am Dale Oliver
AJ Styles & Red Perfect Cell (Techno remix) Dragon Ball Z
Alex Arion Voices Disturbed
Alex Shelley (1) What Ever Happened to My Rock & Roll? Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Alex Shelley (2) Six Barrel Shotgun Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Alex Shelley (3) Diamonds Are Forever Shirley Bassey
Alexis Laree (1) Day Dreamin Fazes 1st Kottonmouth Kings
Alexis Laree (2) 7 Nation Army The White Stripes
Allison Danger (1) Ozone Fuel
Allison Danger (2) Pretty Piece Of Flesh One Inch Punch
Alterboy Luke Like A Prayer H 2 O
Amazing Red (1) Detached Spineshank
Amazing Red (2) t’s Going Down X-Ecutioners f. Linkin Park
Amazing Red (3) Rock Superstar Cypress Hill
Amazing Red (4) Let It Bang X-Ecutioners f. MOP
Amazing Red & Styles Perfect Cell (Techno remix) Dragon Ball Z
Amazing Red (6) Red Remix Toxic
American Dragon Self Esteem The Offspring
American Dragon The Final Countdown Europe
Angeldust Superstar (DJ Issac Mix) Grenada
April Hunter Move Bitch (Clean Version) Ludacris
Arik Cannon Anarchy Sex Pistols
Ashley Massaro Be Yourself Audioslave
Austin Aries Born Of A Broken Man Rage Against The Machine
Azriel Faint Linkin Park
Backseat Boys (1) Prayer Disturbed
Backseat Boys (2) Midnight Express Theme Georgio Moroder
Ballz Mahoney Diciple Slayer
Balls Mahoney (ECW) Big Balls AC/DC
Batista Unleashed Saliva
Becky Bayless Hell CopaDJ
Bertha Faye Sweet Lovin’ Arms
The Big Show Big WWE
Bill Goldberg (WCW) Crush ‘Em MegaDeath
Billy & Chuck You Look So Good to Me
Billy Gunn Ass Man
Bio-Hazard Seizure Of Power Marilyn Manson
BJ Whitmer (1) Audioslave Chocise
BJ Whitmer (2) Kill Switch Engage Self Revolution
BJ Whitmer (3) Down Stone Temple Pilots
Boogie Knights Joe Espizito You’re The Best Around
Brad Bradley Debonaire Dope
Brad Bradley Ich Bin Ein Auslander Pop Will Eat Itself
Brian Gamble Confussion New Order
Briscoe Brothers (1) The Cross Nas
Briscoe Brothers (2) Gimme Back My Bullets Lynard Skynard
Brock Lesnar Next Big Thing
Bushwhackers Walkabout MegaDeath
C.J. Otis Rawk Fist Thousand Foot Krutch
Caprice Coleman Chain Breaker Deitrick Haddon
Carlito Cool Cool
Carnage Crew (1) Sewn Mouth Secrets Soilent Green
Carnage Crew (2) High Rate Extinction Crowbar
Carnage Crew (3) The Optimist Skinless
Carnage Crew (4) Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Prong
Chad & Dino Chewbaca Supernova
Chad Collyer (1) The Distance Cake
Chad Collyer (2) Praise Sevendust
Chad Collyer (3) Supernove Goes Pop Powerman 5000
Chad Collyer (4) Son Of A Bitch Nazareth
Chad Collyer Hair of the Dog Nazarath
Chance Beckett My Own Worst Enemy Lit
Chet Jablonski We Will Rock You Queen
Chet Jablonski We Are The Champions Queen
Chris Marvel Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
Chris Benoit (ECW) Back in the Saddle Aerosmith
Chris Benoit (WWF) Rabid
Chris Benoit (WWE) Whatever Our Lady Peace
Chris Hamrick Down On Me Jackyl
Chris Hero Dead & Bloated Stone Temple Pilots
Chris Hero Kryptonite 3 Doors Down
Chris Jericho Breat Down The Walls
Chris Jericho (2004) King of the World Saliva
Chris Sabin Disciple Slayer
Chris Sabin Invalid Litter Department At The Drive-In
Christian At Last  
Christian (2004) Just Close Your Eyes Waterproof Blonde
Christian York (ROH) Day Dreamin Fazes Kottonmouth Kings
Christian York (2) Electric Molecular Chemlab
Christopher Daniels Disposable Teens Marilyn Manson
Christopher St Connection (1) In The Navy Village People
Christopher St Connection (2) YMCA Village People
Christopher St Connection (3) It’s Raining Men The Weather Girls
Christy Hemme Walk, Idiot, Walk The Hives
Chyna Who I Am
CM Punk (1) A Call For Blood Hatebreed
CM Punk (2) Miseria Cantare AFI
Cody Hawk Southtown P.O.D.
Colt Cabana (1) Calling Out Presence
Colt Cabana (2) Copa Cabana Barry Manilow
Colt Cabana (3) Copa Cabana (Disco Remix) Barry Manilow
Colt Cabana (4) Bring The Noise Anthrax & Public Enemy
CW Anderson Deepest Bluest LL Cool J
D’Lo Brown The Real Deal  
Da Hit Squad Pump Pump Snoop Dogg
Da Hit Squad Pump Pump Remix Modtrom Productions
Daivari Did You Call My Name RA
Dan Maff What You Gonna Do Modtrom Productions
Dan Maff & Whitmer Theif’s Theme (Pump Pump Remix) DJ Alkohal
Danny Daniels Turn Me On Mr. Deadman The Union Underground
Danny Doring Tap Into My Power Suicidal Tendencies
David Young In The Mouth of Madness Rob Zombie
David Young Bleed For Me Black Label Society
Daizee Haze Sensi Long Beach Dub Allstars
DeGeneration-X Break It Down Chris Warren Band
Delirious Hybrid Stigmata Dimmu Borgir
Derek Wylde Original Prankster The Offspring
Diamond Dallas Page Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana (cover)
Dick Togo Insane in the Membrane Cypress Hill
Diesel Diesel Blues
Dirty Rotten Scroundrelz 4 My Niggaz Snoop Dogg
Divine Storm Cold Static-X
Divine Storm Detached Spineshank
Divine Storm & Brian XL Nookie Limp Bizkit
Don Juan It’s No Good Depeche Mode
Don Juan & Fast Eddie South Texas Deathride Union Underground
Donovan Morgan (1) Blood In My Eyes Dimestore Hoods
Donovan Morgan (2) Metropolis Dream Theater
Doug Williams (FWA) In The U.K. Anarchy
Doug Williams (2) Song 2 Blur
Dudley Boyz We’re Comin’ Down
Dudley Boyz Turn The Tables Saliva
Dudley Boyz (2004) Bombshell Powerman 5000
Dunn & Marcos (1) Unskinny bop Poison
Dunn & Marcos (2) Were Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister
Dusty Rhodes Midnight Rider Willie Nelson
Eddie Guerrero Smooth Santana & Rob Thomas
Eddie Guerrero Latino Heat
Edge You Think You Know Me
Edge (2003) Never Gonna Stop Rob Zombie
Edge (2004) Mettalingus Alter Bridge
Eric Bischoff I’m Back  
Evolution Line in the Sand Motorhead
Excalibur Kick Start My Heart Motley Crew
EZ Money Down On Me Jackyl
F.B.I. No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn Beastie Boys (cover)
Fast Eddie (1) Immortal Adema
Fast Eddie (2) The Biggest And The Best Clawfinger
Fast Eddie (3) Blind Korn
Fast Eddie/Don Juan (1) South Texas Deathride Union Underground
Fast Eddie/Don Juan (2) Loose Primer 55
Flash Funk Can’t Get Enough
Frankie Kazarian You’re The Best Around Joe Espizito
Generation Interstellar Overdrive Next The Melvins
Generation Next Six Barrel Shotgun BRMC
Ghost Shadow Rockets On The Battlefield Kool Keith
Godfather The Ho-Train
Goldust Gold-lust
Great Kazushi Moden Yoshida Brothers
Great Muta (AJPW) Praise Bloom
Havana Pittbulls Bulls On Parade Rage Against The Machine
Hardcore Holly How Do You Like Me Now  
Homicide (1) People = Sh*t Slipknot
Homicide (2) I Will Be Heard Hatebreed
Homicide (3) The Truth (Iron Side Remix) Beanie Siegal
Homicide (4) You’re Not Ready 50 Cent
Homicide (5) Run Rabbit Run Eminem
Honky Tonk Man Cool Cocky Bad  
Hotstuff Hernandez (1) Ruff Ryders Anthem DMX
Hotstuff Hernandez (2) Never Scared Bone Crusher
Hulk Hogan Real American Rick Derringer
Hulk (Hollywood) Hogan Voodoo Child Jimi Hendrix
Hurricane, the Eye of the Hurricane
Hydro Attenzione DJ Flashrider
Ian Rotten The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson
Iceberg Angel Of Death Slayer
Ikuto Hidaka Insane in the Membrane Cypress Hill
Insane Clown Posse The Show Must Go On Insane Clown Posse
J.T. Lightning Crash Course In Brain Surgery Metallica
J.T. Lightning Warhead Otep
Jack Evans (Stampede) In Da Club” 50 Cent
Jack Evans Bully Eminem
Jake Roberts Snake Bit
James Maritato (1) Blood In My Eyes Dimestore Hoods
James Maritato (2) Welcome Burden Disturbed
Jared Steele Superstar Saliva
Jarrell Clark Mr. 630 Curtis Swindle
Jason Cross (ROH) Figure .09 Linkin Park
Jason Cross (Georgia) Clubbed to Death Rod D
Jay Briscoe Green Iron Fist Full Devil Jacket
Jay Lethal (1) Time & Time Again Papa Roach
Jay Lethal (2) This Is Not Static X
Jay Lethal (3) Push It Static X
Jeff Hardy Tourniquet Marilyn Manson
Jeff Starr & Shockwave Rock Star Poison
Jeremy Lopez Unforgiven Creed
Jerry Lynn Scapegoat Fear Factory
Jimmy Jacobs The Touch (Huss Intro) Stan Bush
Jimmy Jact Cash Never Scared Bone Crusher
Jimmy Rave Leave You Far Behind (Instramental Mix) Lunatic Calm
Jody Fleisch Renegades Of Funk Rage Against The Machine
Joey Matthews (1) Electric Molecular Chemlab
Joey Matthews (ROH) Day Dreamin’ Fazes Kottonmouth Kings
Joey Matthews Call Me The Breeze Lynard Skynard
John Cena Untouchables John Cena & 7L
John Cena 2005 The Time is Now John Cena
John Hennigan Crash 12 Stones
John Walters It Aint Like That Alice In Chains
John Zandig Youth Gone Wild Skid Row
Johnny Swinger Hollywood Swinging Kool and the Gang
Jonny Storm Lets Dance Five
Jose Perez Right/Wrong DMX
Josh Daniels Dead And Broken Godsmack
Josh Masters Megalomaniacs KMFDM
Josh Prohibition Sick, Sick World Rancid
Jilius Smokes Trauma Squad J-Train
Justin Credible (ECW) Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Grinspoon
Kahagas Three Nill Slipknot
Kane Burned
Kane Slow Chemical Finger Eleven
Kazushi Miyamoto Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm
Ken Shamrock The Ultimate
Kid Kash (ECW) Bawitdaba Kid Rock
Konnan I Don’t Give a F*ck Lil Jon
Krazy K Crazy Girl LL Cool J
Kronik (WCW) Love Dump Static-X
Lance Storm (ECW) The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama White Zombie
Lita It Just Feels Right
Lita Lovefurypassionenergy Boy Hits Car
Low-Ki Realest Killaz 2 Pac
Low Ki Fighters Passion The Immortals
Luis Ortiz One Step Closer Linkin Park
Mark Henry Sexual Chocolate
Masada The Optimist Skinless
Matt Cappotelli Crash 12 Stones
Matt Lachey Space Cowboy NSync
Matt Hardy Live For The Moment Monster Magnet
Matt Sydal Clavicle Alkaline Trio
Matt Stryker (1) Symphony Of Destruction (Remix) Megadeth
Matt Stryker (2) Body Bomb Unsane
Maven Tattoo Big Mother Thruster
Michael Shane & OZ Down With the Sickness Disturbed
Michael Shane (1) Caboose Sugar Ray
Michael Shane (2) P.I.M.P. 50 Cent
Mick Foley (Mankind) Schizophrenic
Mick Foley (Dude Love) Dude’s Shack
Mick Foley (CactusJack)
Mick Foley
Mikey Whipwreck Loser Beck
Monty Brown Down with the Sickness Disturbed
Nate Webb Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus
Nation of Domination Power  
Natural Born Sinners People = Sh*t Slipknot
New Age Outlaws Oh You Didn’t Know?  
New Carnage Crew Sewn Mouth Secrets Soilent Green
New Jack (ECW) Natural Born Killaz Ice Cube & Dr. Dre
Nick Gage Perplexion Harry Slash
Nick Mondo Last Resort Papa Roach
Nigel McGiuinness I Fought The Law The Clash
Nigel McGiuinness (2) F****** In The Bushes Oasis
Nova (ECW) Intergalactic The Beastie Boys
Oddities The Great Show Insane Clown Posse
Original Sinn Children of the Grave White Zombie
Outkast Killaz East Coast West Coast Killas Dr. Dre
Owen Hart Enough is Enough
Paul E. Normous Ghosts Along the Mississippi Down
Paul London (ROH) South Texas Death Ride Union Underground
Paul London (2) Pompeii E.S. Posthumus
Paul London (3) Battle Without Honor Or Humanity Tomoyasu Hotei
Persephone Beautiful Snoop Dogg
Petey Williams (Indy) Shoots and Ladders Korn
Portia Perez Survival of the Sickest Saliva
Prince Nana Drugs (Instrumental) Lil Kim
Puma Going Under Evanesance
Purists (1) Godfather 2003 Sicilians w/Angelo Venuto
Purists (1) It Ain’t Like That Alice in Chains
Rainman Panic Dialated Peoples
Randy Orton Burn In My Light Mercy Drive
Raven (ECW) Come Out And Play the Offspring
Raven (WWF) End of Everything Stereomud
Raven Scream Dale Oliver
RAW (2004) Across The Nation Union Undergound
Ray Gordy Superstar Saliva
Razor Ramon Bad Boy
Rey Mysterio 619
Rhino (ECW) Debonaire Dope
Ric Flair Also Sprach Zarathustra Strauss
Ricky Steamboat Sirius Alan Parsons Project
Rikishi Bad Man
Road Dogg Be With My Baby Tonight
Rockin Rebel Chochise Audioslave
Rob Van Dam (ECW) Walk Pantera
Rob Van Dam (2004) One Of A Kind Breaking Point
Rock If You Smell….
Roderick Strong (1) 5 Minutes Alone Pantera
Roderick Strong (2) Did My Time Korn
Ruckus What Up Gangsta? 50 Cent
Rudy Boy Gonzales Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Grinspoon
Ryan Boz Du Hast Rammstein
Sable Wildcat
Sabu Huka Blues Harry Slash & the Slashtones
Samoa Joe (1) Another Body Murdered Faith No More
Samoa Joe (2) I’m Gonna Knock You Out LL Cool J
Samoa Joe (3) The Champ Is Here Jadakiss
Sandman (ECW) Enter Sandman Metallica
SAT (1) Rock Superstar Cypress Hill
SAT (2) Run Rabbit Run Eminem
SAT (3) Let It Bang X-Ecutioners
SAT (4) SAT Remix Toxic
Scoot Andrews 2001 Space Odyssey Techno Remix Unknown Artist
Scott Cardinal More Human Than Human Remix Rob Zombie
Scotty Anton (ECW) I Wanna Give You The Clap Jon E. Soul
Scotty Too Hotty Bringin’ It
Sean O Haire All My Real Friends Neurotica
Sean O Haire Come On Waterproof Blonde
Sean O Haire Whatever You Got Waterproof Blonde
Shane Douglas (ECW) Perfect Strangers Deep Purple
Shane McMahon Here Comes The Money Naughty By Nature
Shark Boy I Come From the Water The Toadies
Shawn Diavari Do You Call My Name RA
Shawn Michaels Sexy Boy Himself
Shelton Benjamin Ain’t No Stoppin Me Michael Waters
Shinjiro Ohtani Dangan FMW
Simon Diamond (ECW) Simon Says Drain STH
Slim J Dropping The Bombs 530
Slyk Wagner Brown What’s My Name (Clean Version) DMX
Smackdown (2003) Beautiful People Marilyn Manson
Smackdown (2004) Rise Up Drowning Pool
Smokin’ Gunns Smokin’
Solution (1) Renegades Rage Against The Machine
Solution (2) Bulls On Parade Rage Against The Machine
Sonjay Dutt Addictive (Remix) Truth Hurts
Sonny Siaki G Dep Special Delivery
Spanky (1) Genie in a Bottle Christina Aguilera
Spanky (2) Quality Control Jurassic 5
Special K (1) The Final Chapter Louie Devito
Special K (2) Dariush Ira
Special K (3) Superstar (DJ Issac Mix) Granada
Special K (4) Victims Of Hardstyle DJ Legacy
Special K (Rave Theme) Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Mastervoice L.I.P.M
Special K (Izzy/Dixie) Final Countdown SKAM
Special K (Izzy/Dixie) This Is Derb DERB
Stacy Keibler Legs Kid Rock
Sting Search & Destroy Metallica
Stephanie McMahon All Grown Up  
Steve Austin Glass Shatters Disturbed
Steve Austin Step Up Disturbed
Steve Corino (ECW) Come With Me Puff Daddy
Steve Corino Fire Scooter
Stevie Richards Love Dump Static-X
Sumie Sakai Butterfly (Upswing Mix) Dance Dance Revolution
Sunny You Know You Want Me
Super Dragon Epic Faith No More
Super Hentei We Only Come Out at Night Lizzy Borden
Sycho Sid Snapped
Tazz Thug Superstar Cypress Hill
Tazz (WWF) 13
Ted DiBiase It’s all about the money
Teddy Hart When The Music Stops Eminem
Thomaselli Brothers Wildside Motley Crue
Thornn Stinkfist Tool
TJ Wilson Until The End Of Time 2Pac
Triple H The Game Drowning Pool
Triple H The Game Motorhead
Todd Sexton Midlife Crisis Faith No More
Togo & Hidaka Insane In The Membrane Cypress Hill
Tomiaoki Honma Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm
Tommy Dreamer (ECW) Man In The Box Alice In Chains
Tony Kozina Angry Again Megadeath
Tony Mamaluke (1) Staying Alive Bee Gees
Tony Mamaluke (2) Staying Alive (Remix) N-Trance
Tony Mamaluke (3) Godfather 2003 Sicilians f. Angelo Venuto
Torrie Wilson Need A Little Time Lilian Garcia
Tough Enough 1 Tattoo Big Mother Thruster
Tough Enough 3 Crash 12 Stones
Tough Enough 4 Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach
Tracy Brooks In The Still of the Night Whitesnake
Tracy Smothers Wild-Eyed Southern Boys .38 Special
Trent Acid (1) What Up Gangsta? 50 Cent
Trend Acid (2) Midnight Express Theme Georgio Moroder
Triple H My Time Chris Warren Band
Triple H The Game Motorhead
Trish Stratus Keys To The City Li’l Kim
Trish Stratus Time To Rock & Roll Li’l Kim
Ultimate Warrior Unstable
Undertaker Dark Side
Undertaker Dead Man  
Undertaker American Badass Kid Rock
Undertaker You’re Gonna Pay
Undertaker Rollin Limp Bizkit
Vampiro (WCW) Take It Insane Clown Posse
Victoria All The Things She Said t.A.T.u.
Vince McMahon No Chance Chris Warren Band
X-Factor What ‘Chu Lookin’ At? Uncle Kracker
X-Pac Make Some Noise Chris Warren Band
Xavier (1) The Word (PMT Remix) Dope Smugglaz
Xavier (2) The Passportal Team Sleep
Yokozuna Sumo
Zach Gowan Out Of My Way Seether

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