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WWE Makes Fools Out of Media with "First Gay Wedding":
It all started out innocently enough.. Two ambiguously gay heel wrestlers for the crowd to boo and make fun of.. However, the gimmick caught on differently than WWF/E writers anticipated.. Instead of 'bashing' gays, the gimmick actually portrayed homosexuality in a positive light..

They quickly rose to the top, became the cream of the crop.. It didn't hurt that the Dudleyz, Hardyz and APA were all split up after Billy & Chuck won the WWE Tag Team titles.. The duo had a long title run, including a successful defense at Wrestlemania X8, until they ran into Hulkamania and Edgamania..

After they lost their belts it seems like Billy & Chuck were on a big time losing streak, feuding with Hurricane & Shannon Moore.. But just when things seemed really bad for the team, Chuck got down on one knee and popped the question to his partner Billy on Smackdown! Billy answered yes and the engagement was on!

A "commitment ceremony" was scheduled for the following week.. Rico was in charge of all arrangements.. Minutes before the ceremony, Rico broke down in front of Stephanie, who would agree to attend the ceremony as a 'witness'..

And of course no party would be complete without a Godfather "comeback" to remind us that wrestling is not only fake, but insulting as well.. Godfather talks about Billy & Chuck being two of his best customers before becoming partners.. This results in some 'second thoughts'..
Oh My Gosh? Is that? It is! It's Eric Bischoff! The WWE makeup division deserves some kind of award for transforming
Eric Bischoff into an old man.. And kootos to Eric Bischoff for playing the character so well.. Unlike many other Hall
OWW Shame inductees, this story had some bright moments.. For example, the end part, The Island Boys hit the ring,
demolished Stephanie, and we chased from the ring by the Smackdown! lockerroom..
The end result had Eric Bischoff putting one over on Stephanie BIG TIME, as well as Rico jumping ship to RAW.. I guess to counter the shocking turn by Crash Holly a week before.. Plus the humiliation of Billy & Chuck should light a fire under the team, who will likely be good guys after this..
I do believe this edition of Hall OWW Shame has gone about three minutes too long.....

The Gays and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation claim that WWE lied to them about how the Billy & Chuck wedding was supposed to have happened.

"The WWE lied to us two months ago when they promised that Billy and Chuck would come out and wed on the air," GLAAD spokesman Scott Seomin told the Associated Press. "In fact, I was told the day after the show was taped in Minneapolis that the wedding took place and all was well."

John McClelland, a columnist for, was quoted as saying the WWE's calling off of the wedding sent the wrong message and was a disaster for GLADD. "For Seomin to proclaim to the Washington Post that this storyline and wedding is 'a hoot' and that it 'reaches a lot of potential bullies and gay bashers out there,' and what Billy and Chuck are saying is not only, 'We're here,' but they also say 'Don't mess with us,' is absurd."

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