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Bischoff Promises Hot Lesbian Action:
In what might have began as an entertaining meeting between WWE writers, RAW came off as possibly the most desperate attempt at ratings in its often shakey history.. Bischoff came out during the second segment of the show and promised to create some publicity (in the form of controversy) to counter Smackdown's 'gay marriage'.. Bischoff went on to promise HLA to the live crowd as well as the fans watching live on TNN & TSN (in Canada).. The show was riddled with teases and constant reminders of something everybody knew was going to reek of, well, shame.. Spike Dudley got a glimpse of the Lesbians in their dressing room, and Bradshaw, Goldust, Booker & Kane shared beers while waiting for the show..
The most humiliating piece of the pie was RAW announcer Jerry Lawler's annoying comments during every segment
of the show leading up to the HLA part.. But the worst was yet to come, with Bischoff acting as moderator,
The Bisch talked the girls out of their clothes with all the sleeze of a Larry Flynt groupie..
With the lesbians down to their bras and g-strings, Bisch encouraged them to 'go at it'.. After a few seconds of
action that wouldn't even make it onto the Spice channel, Bischoff cut in and announced that the segment had gone
about three minutes too long.. Out came Rosey & Jamal to put an end to the most embarassing segment in the history of RAW.
The ladies who played the part of "The Lesbians" were Looney Lane & Savvy Sasha from Ultimate Pro Wrestling..
The content of this RAW managed to piss of the representatives at TNN & TSN, as well as many fans that had
stuck through all the hard times that the WWF/E has had in the last year.. Many fans have written into the
WWE, TNN, Wrestling Observer Live, and even this site expressing their displeasure and many see this as
"the last straw".. Many fans felt insulted and angry that the real talant on RAW had taken a backseat to
such sleezy content.. Definitly the wrong direction the WWE wants to go in..

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