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October 7th, 2002:
It all started on Raw Roulette. The worst gimmick is wrestling history was born, the "Katie Vick" storyline. Everything was going fine, the wrestlers of Raw did whatever matches the roulette wheel forced them to do. Then it was time for the main event, it turned out to be a 4 way TLC Tag Title match, all men had their partners except Kane. His partner would of been The Hurricane but unfortanately he was attacked prior to the match by HHH and Ric Flair. Kane, would still win the match to retain the tag team titles but after the match was over HHH walked out and said he had a secret, Kane's secret.

HHH continued on, J.R. and Jerry Lawler had no clue what HHH's was talking about. HHH asked Kane if the name "Katie Vick" rang a bell. He then went on to tell the world that Kane was A MURDERER!!!! Kane and the entire wrestling world was left shocked. Yeah.

October 14th, 2002
The following week Kane entered the ring and told every fan in the arena and at home his side of the story. He went on to tell everyone that he had went out with his girlfriend, Katie. They had a little too much to drink, Kane got behind the wheel and eventually lost control of the car. Kane got injured, but Katie, Katie was dead :( boo hoo. Yeah whatever. Triple H didnt waste no time coming down and provoking Kane. Later on in the show Terri, a good friend of Kane, tried to help out her friend. I guess you could say a generic love interest started there.

October 21st, 2002
In its second week it wouldnt take long for HHH to continue to dig at Kane. A video clip was shown of HHH wearing a Kane mask posing as the Big Red Machine at "Katie Vick's" funeral. While the fake body lay in the casket HHH started grabbing the dummy, and then went on to have sex with it. Lawler and J.R. did what anyone would do and were disgusted by this sick act. What was once a great sport was now turning into garbage. HHH laugh at will by his actions. The main event of the night saw Kane and RVD battle it out with HHH and Ric Flair. Kane did not waste any time going after his rival. He ended the show by stuffing HHH in the trunk of his rental car, and leaving with the final words of "now I'm going to screw you". Kane peeled away as the show left the air.

October 28th, 2002
By the third week this angle was dying down and HHH was developing a feud with Shawn Michaels, oh but we still had to live with this "Katie Vick" story until then. HHH brought out the artificial body, inside a casket. Kane's partner came out to his bashing to let the world view the other video in this crappy angle, the enema film. Hurricane directed HHH's attention to the Triton Tron where the world got to see Kane's side of the ordeal. The video would reveal someone, possibly Kane, getting an enema while wearing different cardboard cut out of HHH faces. Kane and HHH would have a casket match, as the main event, and we saw a 50/50 battle, both men getting close calls to win the bout. In the end it was Shawn Michaels who sealed the deal when he came down and crashed the party. A superkick to HHH would take the champ out, Kane would follow it up by shoving HHH down in the casket and slamming the lid shut. Then the "Show Stoppa" would climb atop the casket to show boat. The feud finally started to fade out from there.

HHH went on to feud with Shawn Michaels, in which HBK would once again hold the heavyweight title only to job it back to HHH.
While Kane would get dropped down to the tag team divison.

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