Laurent Soucie

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Laurent Soucie’s father, Donald Soucie, was the wrestling coach at Milwaukee Juneau High School..
  • Laurent Soucie was a 2-time USA Senior Freestyle champion, and 1975 NCAA Division I all-American..
  • Laurent Soucie went to Calgary Stampede Wrestling but did not survive the Dungeon..
  • May 1981: Laurent Soucie debuted as a professional wrestler in Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association..
  • Laurent Soucie had a brief stint in the NWA before jumping to the WWF as a preliminary wrestler..
  • Laurent Soucie quit wrestling and returned to Milwaukee, joining a family-owned business as a sales professional..
  • 1992: Laurent Soucie is a small-time farmer, and also entertains in coffee shop type settings with his guitar..
  • Laurent Soucie is a member of the George Martin Wrestling Hall of Fame..
  • Laurent soucie coaches soccer and basketball in the community and helps out in Jack Reinwand’s wrestling program..
  • Laurent Soucie ran for the Wisconsin state legislature in 2000..