The DiBiase’s Debut in WLW

Title History

  • PWF West Texas Wrestling Legends Heritage title defeating ???????? ();
  • Jay Youngblood Memorial Tag Team Tournament Winner w/Ricky Romero III (2006);
  • Fusion Pro Tag Team titles w/Ted DiBiase Jr. defeating Raheem Rashaad & Juntsi (February 17, 2007);
  • WLW (World League Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Wade Chism defeating ?????? & ????? ();
  • PWF Tag Team titles w/Ricky Romero III defeating Pain Inc. and The Texas Heart Throbs (July 7, 2007);
  • NWA North American title defeating Damien Wayne (December 8, 2007 in Elkin, North Carolina);

Career Highlights

  • Michael DiBiase is the half brother of Brett & Ted Jr. and the son of Ted DiBiase and grandson of Mike DiBiase & Helen Hild..
  • Mike DiBiase formed a tag team with Ricky Romero III (Jay Youngblood’s son) known as Team 3G (Team 3rd Generation)..
  • February 17, 2007: Mike & Ted Dibiase Jr. defeated Raheem Rashaad & Juntsi to win the Fusion Pro Tag Team titles..
  • Mike DiBiase suffered a torn ACL injury and was out of action for several months but made appearances in Amarillo..
  • July 7, 2007–PWF: Team 3G defeated Pain Inc. and The Texas Heart Throbs in a 3-WAY to win the PWF Tag Team titles..
  • July 14, 2007–PWF: Ricky Romero III & Michael DiBiase defeated Diamond Dave & Eric Star in Amarillo, Texas..
  • July 28, 2007–PWF: Michael DiBiase & Ricky Romero III defeated El Grande & El Gringo in Amarillo, Texas..
  • May 2, 2009: El Gran Apollo defeated Mike Dibiase to win the NWA North American title in Tyler, TX at the Oil Palace..
  • March 22, 2009: Michael DiBiase was arrested after being caught in possession of stolen property in Huntsville, Texas..
  • July 14, 2009: Michael DiBiase failed to appear in Tyler County court to make a plea on Class A theft charges..