Primo Carnera


Title History

  • World Heavyweight Boxing title (1933-1934);

Career Highlights


  • Primo Carnera toured with a circus in Europe, as a strongman and a wrestler, and was discovered by French boxing promoter Leon See..
  • September 12, 1928 in Paris, France: Primo Carnera (debut) gets a second round KO victory over Leon Sebilo..
  • 1930: Primo Carnera moved to the United States and won his first 17 matches in the United States by KO..
  • October 7,1930 in Boston, MA: Primo Carnera suffers first US loss to Jimmy Maloney after a 10 round decision..
  • 1930: Primo Carnera went 7-1; his only loss was to future Champion Jack Sharkey..
  • 1932: Primo Carnera went 23-2; winning 17 of the 23 by KO..
  • February 10, 1933: Primo Carnera boxed Earnie Schaff; Schaff died 2 days later from an injury agitated in the match..
  • June 29, 1933: Primo Carnera defeated Jack Sharkey by KO in Round 6 to become World Champion..
  • June 19, 1934: After only 2 title defenses, Primo Carnera lost the title to Max Baer in the 11th round..
  • June 25, 1935: Primo Carnera was KO’ed by Joe Louis in the 6th round..
  • Primo Carnera retired with a professional boxing record of 87-14-1 (69 by KO)..
  • 1938: Primo Carnera (a diabetic) had a kidney removed and was forced out of action until 1944..Wrestling:
  • August 29, 1941: Primo Carnera announces that he’ll become a professional wrestler..
  • October 4, 1946 – Georgia Championship Wrestling: Primo Carnera beat Chief Saunooke..
  • October 11, 1946 – Georgia Championship Wrestling: Primo Carnera beat Jules Strongbow..
  • March 24, 1947: Primo Carnera defeated George Macricostas..
  • March 25, 1947: Primo Carnera defeated Babe Sharkey..
  • December 7, 1947: Primo Carnera defeated Ed “Strangler” Lewis..
  • January 2, 1948 – Georgia Championship Wrestling: Primo Carnera beat Roland Kirchmeyer..
  • January 7, 1948 in Jacksonville,FL: defeats Pete Managoff
  • March 19, 1948: Primo Carnera defeated Kola Kwariani in Miami, FL..
  • April 20, 1949: Antonio Rocca defeated Primo Carnera to end his amazing winning streak of 321 wins..
  • October 19, 1949: Primo Carnera defeated Vic Christy in Miami, FL..
  • 1951: Primo Carnera wrestles Jim Londos to a 60-minute draw (Max Baer was the special referee)..
  • December 1951: Primo Carnera defeated Red Menace in Miami, FL..
  • March 21, 1952: Primo Carnera wrestled Buddy Rogers to a NO CONTEST in Miami Beach, FL
  • July 20, 1954: Primo Carnera defeated Fred Von Schacht in Tampa, FL..
  • July 22, 1954: Primo Carnera defeated Clyde Steeves in Jacksonville, FL..
  • July 23, 1954: Primo Carnera defeated Clyde Steeves in Miami, FL..
  • March 28, 1955: Primo Carnera vs Buddy Rogers was postponed due to weather in Tampa, FL..
  • May 2, 1955: Don Leo Jonathan defeated Primo Carnera in Omaha..
  • March 23, 1956: Primo Carnera vs Don Leo Jonathan went to a no contest in Santa Monica, CA..
  • June 29, 1967: Primo Carnera died from liver disease & diabetes complications in his hometown..
  • ~~~Primo had two kids with Guiseppina Kovacic; one of which became a medical doctor..
  • ~~~Primo Carnera was once the owner of a liquor store and a restaurant in Los Angeles, CA..
  • Primo Carnera appeared in over 15 films, including:
  • ~~~1955’s “A Kid For Two Farthings”; 1954’s “Prince Valiant”; and 1949’s “Mighty Joe Young”.
  • 1990: Primo Carnera was inducted into the World Boxing Hall Of Fame..