Will Sasso

Career Highlights


  • Will Sasso is a comedian and actor from Fox’s MADtv, and more recently the sitcom “Less Than Perfect”..
  • Will Sasso did an angle with Bret Hart in WCW, Bret was a guest on MADtv and got into a “staged encounter” with Sasso..
  • ~~~Bret Hart challenged Will Sasso to a match on WCW Nitro, Sasso tapped out to the sharp shooter!
  • During an episode of MADtv, hosted by Triple H, Will Sasso did a dead on impression of Stone Cold Steve Austin..
  • February 2002: Will Sasso appears on Smackdown! impersonating Stone Cold in a sketch with Chris Jericho..
  • ~~~The REAL Stone Cold confronted Will Sasso!