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  • The announcers were Nick Patrick , Joe Pedicino & Rock Hunter...

    Knight of Darkness wrote (via the KM Forums): Deep South started in '86 or so, co-owned by Jody "The Assassin" Hamiltion and Rock Hunter (who older viewers will remember was Assassin's manager/occasional tag partner at one time in Georgia) What happened was that Joe Pedecino's Saturday night wrestling bloc on channel 36 was very popular and rival channel 69 had some wrestling programming and wanted their own Saturday night bloc. Deep South was created to provide a local wrestling hour as the centerpiece of a three hour Saturday night wrestling bloc on channel 69 from 8 to 11. This wrestling bloc competed directly with Pedecino's channel 36 bloc, but did not do well in the ratings. The Deep South show was cheaply produced, out of the Auction Barn in Marietta I think and had poor production values.

    I think Deep South and the channel 69 wrestling bloc probably would have gone under, had Fox not bought channel 36 and started chipping away at Pedecino's seven-hour wrestling block, replacing hours with their own programs. Finally Pedecino was all but kicked out of prime time by Fox, so he negotiated with Hamilton and channel 69 to move his wrestling bloc over there. In exchange for getting the higher rated Pedecino wrestling bloc on channel 69, and Pedecino agreeing to make Deep South part of it, Pedicino I think got a piece of that promotion.

    Pedicino continued to promote local indy wrestling cards, mostly taking place in Marietta, for a couple of more years, even after Deep South itself folded, until he left for WCW. I remember they even did a recurring angle where Pedecino's girlfriend/co-host Boni Blackstone would do run-ins wearing a mask over her eyes and mace one babyface or another. Pedecino and Rock Hunter would be doing commentary, and Rock would be yelling, "thats Boni! Thats Miss Superstars!" And of course Pedecino would say, "don't be ridiculous!"

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