Promoter Champion Jr. Champion Tag Champions
Dan McDevitt
Adam Flash
Chris Sabin Kelly Bell & Buzz Stryker

Julio Dinero
Christian York
Chris Sabin
Brother Ray
Brother Devon
Orlando Jordan
Danny Doring
Danny Jaxx
Josh Daniels
Tom Carter
Devon Storm
Dino Divine
Corporal Punishment
Christopher Daniels
A.J. Styles
Samoa Joe
Alex Shelley
Adam Flash
Luke Hawx
Dee Jay Hyde
J.D. Michaels
Mike Vogel
Andrew Ryker
Derek Frazier
Queenaan Creed
Eddie Edwards
Buzz Stryker

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon)
Danny Doring & Danny Jaxx
Rehobet Beach Club
Jim Christian
Earl Hebner
Brian Hebner
Miss Michelle
Daizee Haze
April Hunter
Kylie Pierce
The Holy Rollers (Earl The Pearl & Ramblin Rich)
The Slackers (Chad Bowman & Dino Divine)
The Ghetto Mafia (2-Dope & Sydeswype)
The Phat Blues Security

Billy Redwood
Shane Shamrock
BG James
Kip James
Brother Runt
Diamond Dallas Page
Chris Kanyon
Buff Bagwell
Head Banger Mosh
Stevie Richards
Jimmy Snuka
Hack Myers
Rob Eckos
Van Hammer
Reckless Youth
Romeo Valentino
Kelly Bell
2 Dope
Trent Acid
Nick Berk
Johnny Kashmere
Shane Douglas
Ricky Steamboat
Michael Lockwood
The Blue Meanie
Roderick Strong
Doug Delicious
Chris Chetti
Romeo Valentino
Ronnie Zukko
Eddie Guerrero
Steve Wilkos
Ricky Morton
Scott Chong
Buzz Stryker
Derek Wayne
Chad Bowman
Joey Matthews
Jose Maximo
Joel Maximo
Amazing Red
Quiet Storm
Chris Divine
Earl The Pearl
Ramblin Rich
Tito Santana

The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo)
The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay)
Team Punishment (Stryker & Wayne)
The James Gang (BG & Kip James)

Alexis Laree
Tara Charisma
Sherri Martel

Christian York & Joey Matthews
Backseat Boys (Acid & Kashmere)
Chris Chetti & Danny Doring
Models Inc.

Results Title Histories

The idea for MCW began on May 18, 1997, when Dan McDevitt, along with then-partner Mark Shrader, decided to open the Bonebreakers Wrestling Training Center. The success of the training center, along with the frustration from other indy wrestlers about the lack of quality wrestling in Maryland, led to the formation of MCW. And on July 19, 1998, the first MCW event was held in the Patapsco Arena, in front of nearly 1,200 fans. An awesome-packed show that featured the legendary manager Jim Cornette, Little Guido, Balls Mahoney, Jerry Lynn, Crowbar, and the Headbangers.

Beginning in 1998, MCW produced over 100 events that featured some of the top independent wrestlers in the country during that time period. MCW presented the legends like former AWA/NWA/WWE World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Iron Sheik, former NWA World Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton , former NWA World Tag Team Champion Beautiful Bobby Eaton, former AWA & WWE World Women's Champion Sherri Martel, former WWE World Tag Team Champions The Headbangers , former AWA World Heavyweight Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler, and former WWE Intercontinental Champion & NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat . MCW was also the home of, what was then known as tomorrow's superstars, like former WWE United States Champion Orlando Jordan, former multi-time WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury (formerly Joey Matthews), former WWE World Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz, & former WWE Women's Champion Lita.

But MCW had its' own stars in MCW Triple Crown Champion Romeo Valentino, 5-time MCW Heavyweight Champion The Bruiser, multi-time Tag Team The Holy Rollers (Earl The Pearl & Ramblin' Rich) & The Slackers (Chad Bowman & Lunchbox Dino Divine), and so much more. Wrestling fans were able to see some unique matches involving celebrities from radio and television, including Steve Wilkos, from the Jerry Springer show. His wrestling debut at the MCW show, drew a standing-room only crowd of nearly 2,000 fans! And long before the wrestling conventions that exist everywhere today, MCW was one of the first organizations to pay tribute to the legends, with an annual event, that will return in 2006.

But MCW's premier event was the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup. Shane Shamrock was the first ever MCW Light Heavyweight Champion. He won that title by defeating Mark Shrader, Christian York, Joey Matthews, Earl The Pearl, & Quinn Nash in a Six Way Dance. The evening follow his first title defense over Joey Matthews on August 16, 1998, Shane Shamrock, real name Brian Howser, was shot and killed, he was just 23 years old . MCW retired the Light Heavyweight Championship, and chose to honor Shane Shamrock in the annual memorial tournament.

This unique tournament features at least 12 Cruiserweight superstars, battling each other in a one-night tournament. The winners of the first-round matches advance to the 6-man elimination match finale, where only one man can survive. MCW's final match, was the finale of the 5th Annual Shamrock Cup. It ended with the memory of Brian Howser being showcased to all, with Christian York defeating Joey Matthews via submission using the Irish Cloverleaf, Shamrock's finishing hold.

The final Maryland Championship Wrestling event, presented on July 16th, 2003, the 5th Annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup: The Last Dance, at Michaels 8th Avenue was packed with well over 1000 people.

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