Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Promoters Territory
Jim Crockett Sr (1935-73)
Jim Crockett Jr (1973-86)
Charlotte, NC

Johnny Weaver
George Becker
Bob Bruggers
George Scott
Sandy Scott
Nelson Royal
Paul Jones
Jack Brisco
Jerry Brisco
Tim Woods
Dino Bravo
Tiger Conway Jr.
Rufus R. Jones
Roosevelt Jones
The Masked Outlaw
Les Thatcher
Sonny King
Wahoo McDaniel
Ricky Steamboat
Roddy Piper
Jay Youngblood
Mark Youngblood
Sgt. Slaughter
Sweet Ebony Diamond
Dusty Rhodes
Angelo Mosca
Angelo Mosca Jr.
Jimmy Valiant
Tony Atlas
Mike Rotundo
Dewey Robertson
George Wells
Ron Bass
Mighty Igor
Tommy Seigler
Les Thornton
Bill White
Mike Paidousis
Pedro Godoy
Tony Garea
George South
Doug Sommers
Tony Russo
Charlie Fulton
Jacques Goulet
Don Kernodle
Pvt. Jim Nelson
Bugsy McGraw
Jim Brunzell
Buzz Tyler
Ric Flair
Greg Valentine
Masked Superstar
Blackjack Mulligan
Baron von Raschke
Jimmy Snuka
Ray Stevens
John Studd
Ken Patera
Butch Miller
Luke Williams
Dick Slater
The Iron Sheik
Leroy Brown
Jos Leduc
Ox Baker
Johnny Valentine
Rip Hawk
Swede Hansen
Brute Bernard
Mike York
Ivan Koloff
Gene Anderson
Ole Anderson
James J. Dillon
Buddy Roberts
Jerry Brown
Chris Markoff
Nikolai Volkoff
Frank Morrell
Johnny Heidamen
Ernie Ladd

Johnny Weaver & George Becker
Paul Jones & Ricky Steamboat
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
The Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry)
The Rock N' Roll Express
Dream Team (Ric Flair & Greg Valentine)
Gene Anderson
Two Ton Harris
Oliver Humperdink
Gary Hart
Jim Cornette
Rip Hawk & Swede Hansen
Aldo Borgini & Bronko Lubich
Hollywood Blonds (Brown & Roberts)
The Anderson Brothers (Gene & Ole)
Jimmy Snuka & Ray Stevens
The Sheepherders (Williams & Miller)
The Masked Superstars
Don Kernodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson
Long Riders (Ron Bass & Black Bart)
The Midnight Express

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    Paul Dennis wrote in with these notes: I lived in the Norfolk VA - Raleigh North Carolina area area from 1966-1969 - the titles contested for in the area were The Southern Heavyweight Championship and The Southern Tag-Team Title (the Mid-Atlantic nomenclature was not yet in use)

    During that period the Southern Heavyweight Championship was held by Bob Orton, The Missouri Mauler (3 times), Johnny Weaver (2 times) , Klondike Bill and Tex McKenzie. The Southern Tag Team Championship went back and forth between Aldo Bogni & Bronco Lubich (with manager Colonel Homer O'Dell) and Johnny Weaver & George Becker although the Masked Infernos (with manager J.C. Dykes) also held it briefly as did the team of Lars & Gene Anderson.

    A fellow named Luther Lindsey held the U.S. Negro Heavyweight Championship, but there were few black wrestlers in the area so he only made a few defenses - he was a fine wrestler

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