3PW "A Night for the FlyBoy"
October 19, 2002 - Philadelphia, PA - ECW Arena

  1. IN THE RING: Johnny Grunge + 3PW Wrestlers..
    • Johnny Grunge came out to Public Enemy's entrance music "Here Comes the Hotstepper" to a emotional crowd reaction..
    • The 3PW locker room emptied and joined Johnny Grunge in the ring for a special 10-bell salute to Rocco Rock..
    • Todd Gordon talked about Ted Petty and his legacy and showed a permanent banner dedicated to Rocco Rock..
    • All the wrestlers returned to the locker room and Johnny Grunge gave a passionate speech about his long time partner..

  2. MATCH: Joey Matthews defeated Josh Daniels..

  3. MATCH: Rob Eckos defeated Whites Lotus..

  4. MATCH: Jason Knight defeated Del Tsunami by submission..

  5. MATCH: Roadkill defeated Christian York (despite contant interference from Joey Matthews)..

  6. MATCH: Syxx Pac (NWA X-Division Champ) defeated Ron Killings (NWA World Champ)..
    • Sabu intefered, trying to cost Syxx the match, but it backfired and Syxx pinned the NWA Champion!
    • Syxx-Pac challenged Sabu to a match at the next 3PW event..

  7. MIXED TAG MATCH: Blue Meanie & Jasmine St Claire defeated Rockin Rebel & Missy Hyatt..
    • After the match, Rockin Rebel ripped Jasmine St Claire's top off..
    • Anniahlation (Huge uncoordinated man) came out and chokeslammed both Rockin' Rebel and Blue Meanie..
    • Jasmine St Claire apparently turned on Blue Meanie and joined the Anialation and Todd Gordon..
    • Editor's Note: Seeing Jasmine St Claire vs Missy Hyatt embarasses me as a wrestling fan..

  8. LEGENDS MATCH: Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Curt Hennig..
    • Curt Hennig initially pinned Jerry Lawler with his feet on the ropes..
    • The referee questioned the crowd and decided to restart the match (whoa! what does that ever happen?)
    • Jerry Lawler quickly schoolboyed Curt Hennig for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

  9. 3PW TITLE MATCH: Sabu defeated "Pittbull" Gary Wolf to win the 3PW Heavyweight Title!
  10. And that's a wrap..

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