3PW House Show "Raven's Rules"
November 22, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA - Viking Hall

  1. OPENING MATCH: C.J. O'Doyle defeated Ricky Vega..

  2. MATCH: Monsta Mack defeated Roadkill..

  3. MATCH: "Hot Stuff" Matt Striker defeated Ruckus..

  4. IN THE RING: Bob Artese + Joey Matthews + Todd Gordon + Jack Victory + Raven..
    • This was a drawn out segment leading to the announcement of Raven being named 3PW Commissioner..
    • Raven's first act of duty was to stripe Justin Credible of the 3PW title..
    • Raven said that he, Sabu and "someone else" would fight in a 3-way dance for the 3PW title..
    • Raven said that Joey Matthews' girlfriend (Alexis Laree) abandoned Raven's flock so he wasn't high on Joey..
    • Raven set up a match between Joey Matthews & Low Ki..

  5. MATCH: Low Ki defeated Joey Matthews..

  6. MATCH: The Blue Meanie defeated Rob Eckos w/Matt Striker..
    • Matt Striker came out dressed as Jimmy "Superly" Snuka --- his entire gimmick is of an 80s wrestler..
    • Raven came out after the match, and said Matt Striker will face the real Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka next month!

  7. TODD GORDON SUGAR SHACK: Todd Gordon & Jasmin St. Claire + Gary Wolf..
    • Jasmine said Todd Gordon had bought her lots of presents lately so she had one for him..
    • Jasmine went to the back and brought out a hot blonde named Talia..
    • Jasmins said she is a piece of white trash and will be Todd Gordon's sex slave..
    • Todd Gordon toyed with Talia, asking her to touch her toes etc etc..
    • Todd Gordon then introduced Gary Wolf and his "mystery woman" to talk about his change of attitude..
    • Todd Gordon said Damian Adams was trash talking Gary Wolf, so he challenged him to a match..

  8. MATCH: Damian Adams defeated Gary Wolf..

  9. SPECIAL ATTRACTION MATCH: Xavier defeated Homicide..

  10. 3PW TITLE MATCH: Raven defeated Sabu and The Sandman to win the 3PW title!
  11. And that's a wrap..

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