3PW 5 Star 4 Way
August 21, 2004 - Philadelphia, PA - Viking Hall

  1. IN THE RING: Todd Gordon + Joey Matthews + Matt Striker (as Paul E. Dangerously)..
    • Todd Gordon came out and ran down the card for the show and was interrupted by Joey Matthews..
    • Joey Matthews bragged about beating Raven, AJ Styles, Sabu and everyone else Todd Gordon put against him..
    • Matt Striker hit the ring, dressed as Paul E. Dangerously, inciting a loud ECW chant from the fans..
    • Todd Gordon kicked Matt Striker & Rob Eckos out of the Royal Rumble unless they can proove they're on the same page..

  2. OPENING MATCH: Ruckus defeated Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter..

    • Double Trouble (Jack Victory & Rockin Rebel) and Rob Eckos & Matt Striker were the first two teams..
    • Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed as the Bushwhackers) were eliminated about five minutes in..
    • Gary Wolf & Mike Kruel w/Jasmin St. Claire were the third team to enter the match..
    • Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed as Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff!) came back as the fourth entry..
    • Matt Striker started singing the Russian National Anthem, but got thrown over the top again!
    • Blue Meanie & Roadkill were the fifth team to enter the match..
    • Jack Victory & Rockin Rebel were eliminated..
    • Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed at the Road Warriors) were the sixth team to enter!
    • Rob Eckos & Matt Striker were once again eliminated quickly..
    • Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter were the final team to enter the match..
    • Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter won the match after roughly 40 minutes of action and comedy..
    • Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter become the first 3PW Tag Team titles..

  4. MATCH: Monsta Mack vs CJ O'Doyle ended to a NO CONTEST..
    • Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter came back out and attacked both wreslers..
    • April Hunter made fun of CJ O'Doyle, and claimed that she could beat him in less that 2 minutes..

  5. INTERGENDER MATCH: April Hunter defeated CJ O'Doyle in 31 seconds..
    • April Hunter made CJ O'Doyle submit to the dreaded Testicular Claw finisher..

  6. CHALLENGE MATCH: Roadkill defeated Monsta Mack..
    • Monsta Mack came back out to the ring and called out Roadkill and issued a challenge..

  7. INTERMISSION: There was a long wait, because Chris Daniels had not arrived to the show..
    • Christopher Daniels was stuck at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta as the show started..
    • Chris Daniels' plane sat on the runway ready to leave but was being held up for heavy outgoing traffic..
    • During intermission, 3PW learned that Chris Daniels had landed at Philadelphia International Airport..
    • Chris Daniels was driven directly to the show and used the back entrance of the ECW Arena..
    • Chris Daniels rushed to change into his wrestling gear and went straight to the ring for his match!

  8. 3PW TITLE 4-WAY: Chris Daniels defeated Joey Matthews (Champ) and AJ Styles and Chris Sabin to win the 3PW title!
    • Joey Matthews eliminated Chris Sabin via pinfall about 25 minutes into the match..
    • Joey Matthews eliminated AJ Styles via pinfall after Styles took a vicious Last Rites from Daniels..
    • Chris Daniels pinned Joey Matthews after nailing the Last Rites at the 40 minute mark..
    • Chris Daniels captures the 3PW Heavyweight title!

  9. And that's a wrap..

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