Combat Zone Wrestling - Truth or Consequences
June 14, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA - ECW Arena

  1. TEN BELL SALUTE: Freddy Blassie..

  2. THREE WAY CAGE MATCH: Nick Gage defeated Nate Hatred & The Messiah to win the Deathmatch title!
    • If Messiah (accompanied by Dewey Donovan) gets pinned, he loses the World title..
    • If Nate Hatred gets pinned, he loses the Deathmatch title..
    • If Nick Gage gets pinnned, he does not get any title shot for 6 MONTHS!
    • Messiah, last to enter, slowly walked to the ring while Nate and Nick beat the hell out of each other..
    • Late in the match, all three men pulled off a brutal bump from the top portion of the cage!
    • Nate Hatred got up and gorilla press slammed Nick Gage from the top of the cage!
    • A few minutes later, Nate Hatred and Messiah shock everyone and shake hands to join forces!
    • Messiah got knocked out by the cage, and Nick Gage pinned Nate Hatred to win the BJW Deathmatch title!

  3. IN THE RING: HI V & Nick Gage..
    • After the match, HI V members Trent Acid, Johnny Kashmere & B-Boy ran in and beat on Nick Gage..
    • The Messiah and Nate Hatred join in the beating..
    • Nate Hatred has apparently become the fifth member of HI V!!!
    • ~~~Messiah, Trent Acid, Johnny Kashmere, B-Boy, Nate Hatred with Dewey Donovan..

  4. MATCH: Sonjay Dutt defeats Deranged..
    • After the match, both men shake hands and raise each other's hands in show of respect..

  5. THREE WAY DANCE: Jon Dahmer w/Cory Kastle defeated Niles Young & The Grim Reefer..
    • Jon Dahmer hits the move of 1,000 maniacs onto Niles Young and scores the pinfall..

  6. 6MAN TAG: Ian Knoxx & The Rachies (Adam Flash & Danny Rose) defeated Rebel's Army..
    • Rebel's Army = Greg Matthews, Derek Frazier and ZBarr w/Rockin' Rebel..
    • It has become known that there is trouble brewing between ZBarr and the rest of Rebel's Army..
    • Rockin' Rebel says that if ZBarr does not do his job tonight, he's fired!
    • Late in the match, Greg Matthews powerbombs Ian Knoxx through the table outside the ring!!
    • ZBarr starts to get under the skin of his partners so Rebels gets on the mic and fires ZBarr on the spot!
    • Rebel's Army left ZBarr alone in the ring with the Rachies..
    • ZBarr took two brutal moves onto steel chairs before getting pinned by Adam Flash..

  7. MATCH: GQ defeated Chri$ Ca$h..
    • GQ nails whacks Chri$ Ca$h with some brass knux then hits his finisher to get the pin!

  8. MATCH: B-Boy defeated Jimmy Rave..
    • B-Boy nailed the Shining Wizard on a dazed Jimmy Rave and gained a 3-count for the win!

  9. IN THE RING: Dennis Shock..
    • Dennis Shock announced that after 5 years with the company, he was retiring..
    • Dennis Shock introduced the new ring announcer as Robby Mireno as the fans chanted 'please don't go'..

  10. IN THE RING: Nick Berk + Tony Mamaluke + Reckless Youth + Nick Mondo..
    • Nick Berk comes to the ring and starts to bitch about how no one cares about him anymore..
    • Nick Berk says that he never tapped out to Tony Mamaluke, yet, fans are disrespecting him..
    • Tony Mamaluke then comes out and says that the reason Nick Berk didn't tap out, was because he was knocked out!
    • Tony Mamaluke says that he has proved that he is the purest techical wrestler ever in CZW!
    • Indy legend RECKLESS YOUTH comes to the ring, and the fans erupt in a 'welcome back'..
    • Reckless Youth says that he has come out here to have a little match to see who is TRULY the best technical wrestler..
    • The Ironman champion, "Sick" Nick Mondo then joins the festivities..
    • Nick Mondo says that he does not want to see or hear any discussion of who best technical wrestler is..
    • Nick Mondo says that he would be better calling himself "Cautious Middle-Aged"..
    • Reckless Youth attacks Nick Mondo and we have a Fatal four way!

  11. THREE WAY DANCE: Tony Mamaluke & Reckless Youth (co winners) defeated Nick Berk..
    • Johnny Kashmere sneaks down to the ring and takes Nick Mondo out of this match..
    • Late in the match, Tony Mamaluke locks Nick Berk into a painful STF..
    • At the same time, Reckless Youth takes Tony Mamaluke's legs and locks on a Boston Crab..
    • Simutanously, Nick Berk taps out to Tony Mamaluke, and Tony Mamaluke taps out to Reckless Youth..
    • The referee declared Tony Mamaluke and Reckless Youth co-winners of the match...
    • Rechless Youth challenged Tony Mamaluke for a one-on-one at the next CZW event..

  12. JR HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Ruckus defeated Ric Blade to retain..
    • Late in the match, Ruckus nailed his finisher from the top but Ric Blade didn't stay down..
    • Ric Blade tried a big move on Ruckus, but it was reversed and Ruckus pinned Ric Blade!

  13. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Backseat Boyz w/Dewey defeated The Briscoe Brothers to retain..
    • Jay Brisco picked up Trent Acid and nailed a HUGE piledriver in the corner of the ring..
    • Dewey pulled the referee out of the ring preventing him from counting the pinfall!
    • The Backseatz got back in the ring and nailed the T-Gimmick for the pinfall and the win!

  14. "I QUIT" ULTRAVIOLENT STRAP MATCH: Rockin' Rebel defeats John Zandig..
    • CZW staff hung a pole on the one turnbuckle that contained at least 5 Ultraviolent straps for use..
    • Zandig grabbed a kendo stick from a pole, but Rebel got his hand on it and used it on Zandig!
    • A few minutes later, Rockin' Rebel was sent flying through the table, but refused to quit..
    • Rebel sets Zandig on top of another table and climbs up to the top rope..
    • Zandig gets up though, and begins to whack away at Rebel with the kendo stick!
    • Zandig pulls out a sack full of thumb tacks and pours them all over the table!!
    • Zandig gives Rebel a super-vertical suplex onto the table covered in tacks!!!!!!!!
    • All of a sudden, Ian Rotten, Corporal Robinson & JC Bailey (of IWA Mid South) hit the ring!
    • The IWA guys give CZW owner John Zandig the beatdown but Zandig refuses to say "I quit"!
    • The IWA guys cornered Zandig and began stapling dollar bills to his chin and chest!
    • The IWA guy pull Zandig's wife into the ring and tie her to the ropes to watch her husband get dismantled..
    • Zandig finally said "I quit!" after they threatened to hit his wife with a steel chair!
    • Ian Rotten gets on the microphone and says this Invasion is not through!!
    • Ian Rotten warns of a 'Mad Man', a 'Butcher' or other hardcore maniacs in CZW in the very near future!!
    • Ian Rotten continues to antagonize the crowd, who begin to toss their chairs into the ring!
    • Frank Talent leads the police down to the ring and the IWA guys are cuffed and arrested on the spot!
    • Zandig gets to his feet and says that at Extreme Eight, Ian Rotten can show up with anyone he wants..
    • Zandig says that IWA Mid South is going to feel the wrath of Zandig and CZW!

  15. And that's a wrap..

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