Combat Zone Wrestling - Tournament of Death 2
July 26, 2003 - Dover, Deleware

  1. ROUND#1 - PANE OF GLASS MATCH: Zandig beat "Spyder" Nate Webb after powerbombing him through a plate of glass..

  2. ROUND#1 - LIGHT TUBES MATCH: "Sick" Nick Mondo defeated JC Bailey after hitting a DVD through some lighttubes..
    • Other weapons inlcuded a board with light bulbs filled with cayenne..

  3. ROUND#1 - 4CORNERS OF PAIN MATCH: Necro Butcher pinned Corporal Robinson..
    • Weapons: Barbed wire baseball bat, a water cooler full of broken glass, a wiffle bat with nails sticking out, and a staple gun..
    • At one point, Corporal Robinson stapled Necro Butcher's tongue to the turnbuckle!

  4. ROUND#1 - BARBED WIRE BOARD LIGHT TUBE TABLES MATCH: Ian Rotten beat Nick Gage with help from Nate Hatred..

  5. NON TOURNAMENT MATCH: Trent Acid pinned Z-Barr after hitting a big Yakuza kick..

  6. 6-WAY STUDENTS MATCH: Ian Knoxx beat Chris Ca$h, Rick Feinberg, Cory Kastle, Niles Young and Jude..
    • CZW Wrestling School Training Jon Dahmer was the special guest referee..
    • After the match, Rebel's Army attacked Ian Knoxx and Jon Dahmer..

  7. NON TOURNAMENT MATCH: Johnny Kashmere pinned Nick Berk with help from Trent Acid..

  8. ROUND#2 - FANS BRING WEAPONS MATCH: Ian Rotten beat Necro Butcher..
    • At one point, Ian Rotten splashed Necro Butcher with a 52" TV laying on top of Necro!

  9. ROUND#2 - 2/3 FALLS LOG CABIN DEATH MATCH: Nick Mondo beat Zandig..
    • A fall is counted by throwing your opponent through a log cabin made of light tubes..
    • Zandig gave Nick Mondo the "Mother F'n bomb" from the roof of the building..
    • ~~~They went through three tables that had a lighttube log cabin on top of them..
    • Nick Mondo suffered a serious puncture wound in his back during that spot..

  10. NON TOURNAMENT TAG MATCH: B-Boy & Messiah beat Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus..
  11. TOURNAMENT OF DEATH FINALS: "Sick" Nick Mondo pinned Ian Rotten to win the Tournament of Death 2!
    • This was a 200 light tubes, barbed wire, no ropes death match..
    • Nick Mondo hit Ian Rotten with a double foot stomp through light tubes..
    • Nick Mondo was presented the ToD2 trophy by last year's winner, the Wifebeater..

    John Zandig      \
    Nate Webb        /  John Zandig   \
    Nick Mondo       \                 } Nick Mondo    \
    JC Bailey        /  Nick Mondo    /                 \
    Necro Butcher    \                                   } "Sick" Nick Mondo!
    Corporal Robinson/  Necro Butcher \                 / Tournament of Death 2 Champion
    Ian Rotten       \                 } Ian Rotten    /        
    Nick Gage        /  Ian Rotten    /                       

  12. And that's a wrap..

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