Combat Zone Wrestling - Redefined
September 13, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA

  1. TRIBITE: The CZW Locker Room did a tribute to the heros of 9/11 with an American flag..

    DARK MATCH 4-WAY: Cory Kastle defeated Krystian Wolfe, Sabian and Joker..

    DARK TAG MATCH: Greg Matthews & Rockin' Rebel defeated John Dahmer & DJ (CZW student)..
    • After the match, DJ turned on Jon Dahmer (CZW's resident trainer)..

  2. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #1: Nick Gage pinned Sonjay Dutt..

  3. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #1: Johnny Kashmere beat Adam Flash..

  4. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #1: Jimmy Rave defeated Nick Berk..

  5. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #1: Kendo Ka Shin (AJPW Jr Champ) defeated Ruckus (CZW Jr Champ)..

  6. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #1: Chris Hero (replaces Mafia) defeated Nate Hatred after Nick Gage interfered..

  7. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #1: Trent Acid defeated Tony Mamaluke..

  8. NON TOURNAMENT 3-WAY DANCE: Ian Knoxx defeated Chris Cash and Niles Young..

  9. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #2: Nick Gage defeated Greg Matthews (replaced injured Kashmere)..

  10. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #2: Jimmy Rave defeated Kendo Ka Shin by tap out submission..

  11. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT ROUND #2: Trent Acid defeated Chris Hero..

  12. NON TOURNAMENT MATCH: Derek Frazier pinned Deranged..
    • Azrael (ROH's Angeldust) tried to hit Derek Frazier with a chair but accidentally hit Deranged instead!

  13. IRON MAN TOURNAMENT FINALS: Trent Acid defeated Nick Gage and Jimmy Rave to win the CZW Iron Man title..
    • Nick Gage pinned Trent Acid (Gage 1)
    • Jimmy Rave pinned Trent Acid (Rave 1)
    • Trent Acid pinned Jimmy Rave with 20 second remaining, then Gage with 8 seconds remaining!
    • Jimmy Rave locked Trent Acid in a Crippler Crossface as time ran out..
    • The crowd went nuts and chanted "Do the job" and "Triple H" at Trent Acid (the winner of the match)..
    • HI-V came in the ring to celebrate as they have all the promotion's championships now (except Jr)..

  14. CZW TITLE MATCH: The Messiah vs John Zandig went to a NO CONTEST in a sick disgusting scene..
    • The Messiah was scheduled to face John Zandig in an "Unsanctioned Match"..
    • Hi-Five attacked John Zandig backstage and eventually fought into the arena and into the ring..
    • One of the CZW security workers was beaten bloody, and forced to put a ladder up..
    • Even photographer Mark "Whacks" Pantalone, was also beaten up and threatened..
    • John Zandig was pierced with hooks through his back, and hung with both feet off the ground..
    • The Messiah cut a promo claiming that Hi-Five was taking over the company..

    I'm a big fan of most of the CZW workers, but this is just the stupidest thing I've ever heard in wrestling.. I bet a lot of hardcore CZW fans thought this was great, but I think it's complete crap! It's this sort of shit that might possibly cost them the right to run shows in Deleware, and it's stuff like this that keeps CZW wrestlers blacklisted in the wrestling industry and left off PWI500 lists.. This is sick, disgusting behavior and was not at all necessary or entertaining.. They could have gotten the same effect just hanging Zandig with ropes going under his arms -- Click here to read an article by OWW's own Mark Rose entitled "CZW Crosses the Line"

  15. And that's a wrap..

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