Combat Zone Wrestling - Night of Infamy II
November 15, 2003 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  1. TRIBITE: Crash Holly & Roadwarrior Hawk..

  2. TAG MATCH: Rebel's Army (Rockin Rebel & Derek Frazer) defeated Ruckus & Sonjay Dutt..
    • After the match, Ruckus turned heel on Sonjay Dutt, putting him through two chairs with a tiger driver!

  3. 6-MAN TAG: Jude/DJ Hyde/Niles Young defeated Cory Kastle/Jon Dahmer/Sabian..

  4. MATCH: Tony Mamaluke defeated Scotty Matthews by submission..

  5. IN THE RING: John Zandig + Johnny Kashmere + Hi-V + Knoxx/Gage/Wifebeater..
    • Zandig thanked the loyal CZW fans and talked a little bit about the tough year CZW has had..
    • Johnny Kashmere walked through the front door and hopped over the guard rail!
    • Johnny Kashmere started saying that he was "his own man", seemingly broken away from Hi-V..
    • Hi-V then stormed the ring, with Ian Knoxx, Nick Gage, and Wifebeater making the save..
    • John Zandig announced the plans for Cage of Death 5 --- a five-on-five Cage of Death match!
    • There will be two rings this year - one ring for the COD, and one ring with 1,000,000 thumb tacks!
    • John Zandig also explained that there would a scaffold which wrestlers will need to use to get in the ring!

  6. AERIAL ASSAULT MATCH: Azrael defeated Deranged with help from Joker..
    • Azrael did a Swanton Bomb from the top rope onto Azrael (with a folded ladder on top of him)..
    • Chri$ Cash ran down to make the save for Deranged..

  7. TAG MATCH: Dirty Rotten Scoundrals (KC Blade & Negro) defeated ZBarr & Nick Berk..
    • After hitting top rope double splashes, Z-Barr and Berk double pinned..
    • Derek Frazier and Greg Matthews ran down to the ring and pulled the referee out of the ring!
    • Negro & Blade recovered and took out Z-Barr & Nick Berk, for the win!

  8. 15 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH: Jimmy Rave defeated B-Boy in sudden death overtime..

  9. WOMANS MATCH: Mercedes Martinez w/Rick Feinberg defeated Nikki Roxx..

  10. MATCH: Trent Acid defeated Danny Maff..
    • Trent Acid was lining up Danny Maff with a steel chair when Jimmy Rave ran down and grabbed it away..
    • Trent Acid turned around, and Danny Maff picked him up for a burning hammer!
    • Trent Acid ran at Danny Maff for a Yakuza kick, when Maff ducked, Jimmy Rave got it!
    • With Danny Maff's back turned, Trent Acid Yakuza kicked him, sending him flying into Jimmy Rave!
    • Trent Acid rolled up Danny Maff for a three count to win the match!

  11. 4-WAY MATCH: Chris Hero defeated Homicide, Jimmy Jacobs, and Alex Shelley..
    • Chris Hero pinned Jimmy Jacobs just as Homicide was making Alex Shelley submit..
    • The referee counted the pinfall and declared Chris Hero the winner..

  12. DOUBLE DOG COLLAR MATCH: The Messiah & Nate Hatred vs Wifebeater & Nick Gage..
    • John Zandig was special referee for the match..
    • When Messiah & Nate Hatred tried to escape, Mac Smack came out from the back reving the weedwhacker..
    • Wifebeater connected to Nate Hatred, and Nick Gage to The Messiah..
    • The Messiah & Nate Hatred double gorilla press slammed Wifebeater from the stage through a table..
    • The Messiah & Nate Hatred detached their collars and went to the ring to take care of Nick Gage..
    • Wifebeater eventually made it back to the ring, where he and Nick Gage fought back..
    • Hi-V then stormed the ring, then Ian Knoxx and Johnny Kashmere ran down to the ring to make the save..
    • As referee Zandig got up, Johnny Kashmere cracked him with the steel chair!!!
    • Hi-V got back into the ring and continued a 6-on-4 beatdown on Zandig, Wifebeater, Nick Gage, and Ian Knoxx..
    • Suddenly LOBO made his shocking return to CZW clearing the ring of Hi-V!

  13. And that's a wrap..

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