Combat Zone Wrestling - Extreme Overdrive
March 6, 2004 - Philadelphia, PA - Viking Hall

  1. OPENING MATCH: DeeJay Hyde vs Merc vs Gutter went to a NO CONTEST..

  2. IN THE RING: Teddy Hart..
    • Teddy Hart entered the building through the front door and entered the ring to call out John Zandig..
    • John Zandig came out and Teddy Hart declared that he would work for free after what happened last night..
    • The crowd was treating Teddy Hart like a babyface, even though tonight he was booked as an arrogant heel!
    • John Zandig set up a 3-WAY Aerial Assault Match with Teddy Hart vs Jack Evans & Petey Williams..

  3. 3-WAY LADDER MATCH: Jon Dahmer defeated GQ and Jude..

  4. IN THE RING: Referee Rob Hartog + Rebels Army..
    • Rob Hartog called out Rebels Army, which eventually resulted in an arm wrestling match..
    • Rebels Army ended up attacking Rob Hartog as he was getting an advantage..
    • All Money Is Legal, Nick Berk/Z-Barr and CKNY made the save..

  5. #1 CONTENDERS 3-WAY: All Money Is Legal defeated CKNY and Nick Berk/Z-Barr..
    • Rebel's Army reappeared and dragged Z-Barr to the back, and Nick Berk ran after them..

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: Rebels Army defeated All Money Is Legal to retain..

  7. SIX MAN TAG: The Wildcards & Hallowwicked defeated Mike Quackenbush & Icarus & Gran Akuma..

  8. SIX MAN TAG: Ruckus & Joker & Sabian w/Robby Mireno defeated Sonjay Dutt & Chri$ Ca$h & Jimmy Jacobs w/Becky Bayless..
    • This was a special six man tag team elimination tables match!
    • Sabian forced himself onto Becky Bayless, and recieved a low blow and a shocking powerbomb from her!
    • Chri$ Ca$h hit a top rope Cash Flow on Sabian through a table, which did not break..
    • Sonjay Dutt followed up and splashed Sabian through the table, to complete the elimination..
    • Jimmy Jacobs was eliminated after Robby Mireno kidnapped Becky Bayless, and Ruckus drove Jacobs through a table!
    • Ruckus placed both Chri$ Ca$h & Sonjay Dutt on a table, as Joker jumped off the entrance through the tables!
    • Ruckus & Joker are the winners of the match..

  9. IN THE RING: Eric Gargiulo & Alex Shelley + Jimmy Jacobs..
    • Eric Gargiulo suggested Alex Shelley was faking his injury because he was afraid of Jimmy Jacobs..
    • Jimmy Jacobs came out looking sad (because Becky Bayless was kidnapped)..
    • Alex Shelley made a wise-crack about Becky Bayless and Jimmy Jacobs went after him..
    • Alex Shelley backed down saying he'd be ready to face Jacobs at the CZW May event..

  10. XTREME STRONG STYLE TOURNAMENT MATCH: Nick Gage defeated Roderick Strong..

  11. ARIAL ASSAULT MATCH: Jack Evans & Petey Williams defeated Teddy Hart..
    • Late in the match, Teddy Hart had his opponents set up for a pin but grabbed the mic..
    • Teddy Hart said he wasn't going to give Zandig the "finish" and didn't want to wrestle these guys anymore..
    • John Zandig came out again and started "shooting" on Teddy Hart..
    • John Zandig then laid out Teddy Hart and placed Jack Evans & Petey Williams on top of him..

  12. MATCH: Adam Flash defeated B-Boy with help from The Messiah..

  13. CZW TITLE MATCH: The Messiah defeated John Zandig to win the CZW title!
    • This was a brutal Taipei, Boards with Nails Death Match..
    • Teddy Hart returned through the front door and hit Zandig with a moonsault and put Messiah on top of him!
    • The Messiah got the 1-2-3 and recaptured the CZW World title!

  14. IN THE RING: Teddy Hart & John Zandig..
    • The crowd was really starting to support Teddy Hart and appeared to be turning on Zandig..
    • John Zandig gave Teddy Hart a Mother F'N Bomb onto the board of nails which busted Teddy Hart open bad!

  15. And that's a wrap..

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