ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania
Date: August 29, 2006

  1. KICKOFF: Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman said he was the father of Extreme Championship Wrestling and added it was his baby and his concept..
    • Paul Heyman said he's never wrestled in an ECW ring and never had to before tonight where he'll fight Sabu..
    • Paul Heyman said Dr. Frankenstein must destroy his own creation, he must punish his own child live on ECW..

  2. MATCH: Hardcore Holly defeated Rob Van Dam by Disqualification..
    • Hardcore Holly brought a chair into the ring but Rob Van Dam got his hands on it and used it on Holly for the DQ..

  3. VIGNETTE: Rene Dupree on an excersize bike saying it was his time to make his mark as the most "Extreme" wrestler..

  4. IN THE RING: The Big Show..
    • The Big Show said he is the most dominent Champion in the history of the WWE and spoke about helping The McMahons..
    • The Big Show said Degeration-X's fate will be sealed at Unforgiven but challenges them to show up on ECW next week!

  5. VIGNETTE: The Cameras found Shannon Moore backstage and he said "Fight.... the power!"..

  6. MATCH: C.M. Punk defeated Stevie Richards by Submission..

  7. STRIKERS CLASSROOM: Matt Striker + The Sandman..
    • Matt Striker came out and cut his usual promo saying he was smarter and more superior to everybody else..
    • The Sandman showed up and brawled with Striker, who smashed Sandman with a chalk board and with a stapler!
    • Matt Striker retreated leaving a bloodied Sandman furious inside the ring....

  8. BACKSTAGE: Balls Mahoney + Kelly Kelly..
    • Balls Mahoney was about to cut a promo when Kelly Kelly showed up looking for Mike Knox and flashed Balls..

  9. RINGSIDE: Joey Styles & Tazz address the WWE departure of Kurt Angle and wished him the best of luck..

  10. EXTREME RULES MATCH: Paul Heyman defeated Sabu with a ton of interference....
    • Paul Heyman came out all pumped up for a fight but had his personal security (The Basham) attack Sabu immediately..
    • Sabu took out the security guards and went after Heyman but was stopped by ECW World Champion The Big Show..
    • The Big Show & The Riot Squad (Bashams) destroyed Sabu and held Sabu up so Heyman could slap him and yell at him!
    • The Big Show told the Riot Squad (Bashams) to set up a table at ringside as Heyman punched Sabu's bloody forehead!
    • The Big Show continued to destroy Sabu and then threatened to gorilla slam Sabu over the top rope through a Table..
    • Rob Van Dam ran down to make the save and hit a Van-daminator on The Big Show and took out the Riot Squad (Bashams)
    • Paul Heyman tried to rivive the Big Show but Sabu finally got his hands on him (Heyman) and beat the crap out of him!
    • Rob Van Dam cheered Sabu on and placed Heyman on the Table as Sabu went for a springboard but Big Show cut him off!
    • Hardcore Holly came out and put Rob Van Dam through the Table as Big Show finished off Sabu so Heyman could pin him!
    • After the match, Hardcore Holly set up a second Table in the ring and The Big Show choke-slammed Sabu through it!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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