ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Location: Hampton, Virginia
Date: December 19, 2006

  1. IN THE RING: Bobby Lashley + Rene Dupree..
    • Bobby Lashley tried his best to cut a good promo but he messed up his lines a few times and lacked charisma..
    • Bobby Lashley showed respect to former ECW Champion The Big Show, and talked about going to Iraq with the WWE..
    • Bobby Lashley said fans get to vote on his next challenger in two weeks between Sabu, Test or Rob Van Dam..
    • Rene Dupree came out and mocked Bobby Lashley saying he was a corporate puppet just like the troops in Iraq..

  2. NON (ECW WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated Rene Dupree..

  3. GRUDGE MATCH: Matt Striker defeated Balls Mahoney with the Golden Rule..
    • Southern wrestling Legend Brad Armstrong from the famous Armstrong Family joined Joey Styles & Tazz on commentary..
    • I'm not sure why Armstrong was there, if it was a tryout or something else but he and Tazz were bickering a lot..

  4. PROMO: Test cut a promo telling the fans why he deserves the shot at the ECW World title...

  5. PROMO: Rob Van Dam cut a promo telling the fans why he deserves the shot at the ECW World title...

  6. 3:00 TAP OUT CHALLENGE: C.M. Punk failed to make Hardcore Holly tap out within the 3-minutes..
    • Hardcore Holly said there was a really ugly rumor flying around that he tapped out to C.M. Punk last week..
    • Hardcore Holly challenged C.M. Punk to come out and try to make him tape again -- adding he only had 3-minutes..
    • After the match, Hardcore Holly attacked C.M. Punk and kicked and punched him and then left the ring..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Daivari (with The Great Khali standing behind him) bullied Shannon Moore..

  8. MATCH: The Great Khali w/Shawn Daivari vs "The Reject" Shannon Moore ended in a No Contest..
    • Tommy Dreamer came down and cracked Shawn Daivari with a chair so Khali choke-slammed Dreamed on the ring steps!
    • Tommy Dreamer sold it like he broke his back and was whining loudly like a very horny Mickey Mouse on steriods..

  9. PROMO: Mike Knox explains his action last week and why he did what did to his ex-girlfriend Kelly Kelly..

  10. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Test defeated Rob Van Dam and Sabu...
    • After the match: Tazz announced that Rob Van Dam won the voting on so Test kicked RVD in the face!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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