ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Location: Lakeland, Florida
Date: January 2, 2007

  1. IN THE RING: Test..
    • Test complained about winning the triple threat match two weeks ago but the fans still voted RVD to get a title shot..
    • Test pointed out that there is no logic in voting for loser and said he voted by kicking Rob Van Dam in the face!
    • Test said he was the biggest Impact Player in ECW and he was going to prove it by beating Sabu right now..

  2. MATCH: Test defeated Sabu..

  3. TAG MATCH: Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay defeated The FBI (Tony Mamaluke & Little Guido w/Trinity)..
    • The team of Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay are now calling themselves the Knockout/Tapout Connection..

  4. STRIKERS CLASSROOM: Matt Striker used mathematics to talk about the C.M. Punk vs. Hardcore Holly match next week..

  5. VIA SATTELITE: Joey Styles & Tazz with Tommy Dreamer..
    • They showed clips of the repeated attacks on Tommy Dreamer at the hands of Shawn Daivari and The Great Khali..
    • Tommy Dreamer described how it feels to continually put his body in the line and vowed to take Khali down..

  6. INTERVIEW: Rebecca DiPietro & Rob Van Dam (Thanked Lashley for getting rid of Paul Heyman & The Big Show)..

  7. MATCH: Kevin Thorn w/Ariel defeated Balls Mahoney..
    • Southern wrestling legend Brad Armstrong joined Joey Styles & Tazz on commentary for another match..
    • They have yet to give an official reason as to why Brad Armstrong is there but he bickers a lot with Tazz..
    • They did acknowledge that Brad was the brother of the referee of the match (Scott Armstrong) and made jokes..

  8. INTERVIEW: Rebecca DiPietro & Bobby Lashley (Said wrestling was his passion and he'll defend against anyone)..

  9. RINGSIDE: Tazz interviewed Vladimir Kozlov from his ringside seat and wished him the best of luck..

  10. ECW WORLD TITLE MATCH: Bobby Lashley vs Rob Van Dam ended in a No Contest..
    • Bobby Lashley was standing on the announcers table and Rob Van Dam springboarded off and crashed into Lashley..
    • The referee threw up the "X" signal and ended the match even though the stunt didn't really look that dangerous..

  11. END OF SHOW....
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