ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Date: March 6, 2007

  1. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon + Bobby Lashley..
    • Vince McMahon talked about being told that Stone Cold Steve Austin would referee his match at WrestleMania 23..
    • Vince McMahon plugged the official contract signing on RAW next week with Donald Trump inside a WWE ring..
    • Vince McMahon said if Donald Trump gets out of line he will give him a Mr. McMahon billionaire bitchslap!
    • Vince McMahon talked about Billionaire bitch-slapping Bobby Lashley and claimed Lashley was afraid of him..
    • Vince McMahon said Bobby Lashley wanted to apologize but he said he wanted a public apology from Lashley..
    • Bobby Lashley came out and apologized to everyone worldwide and especially wanted to apologize to "Vince"..
    • Bobby Lashley shook hands with Vince McMahon, and apologized for not beating the hell out of him last week!
    • Bobby Lashley squeezed Vince McMahon's hand, bringing him to his knees and threatened to break him in half!

  2. MATCH: Hardcore Holly defeated Balls Mahoney..
    • After the match: Gene Snitsky (with a throbbing zit on his head) showed up and attacked Hardcore Holly..

  3. INTERVIEW: Rebecca DiPietro (seriously, she's SO BAD) & C.M. Punk..
    • C.M. Punk was talking about the Money in the Bank Ladder match when he was interrupted by Elijah Burke..
    • Elijah Burke offered C.M. Punk the opportunity to join the New Breed -- suddenly Rob Van Dam showed up..
    • Rob Van Dam told C.M. Punk to watch his match so he can learn all he needs to know about the original ECW..

  4. MATCH: Rob Van Dam w/The ECW Originals defeated Elijah Burke w/The New Breed..
    • The New Breed at ringside = Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker & Kevin Thorn w/Ariel..
    • The ECW Originals at ringside = The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer & "Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal" Sabu..
    • After the match: The ECW Originals challenged The New Breed to an 8-Man Tag Team match at WrestleMania 23!

  5. TAKE THAT TNA: They showed members of the Chicago White Sox, including A.J. Pierzenski, in the front row..

  6. HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCEMENT: Nick Bockwinkel will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2007..

  7. IN THE RING: Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • Stone Cold talked about being back home in the WWE and then talked about the Battle of the Billionaires match..
    • Stone Cold promised to referee the match between Umaga and Bobby Lashley right down the middle at WrestleMania..
    • Stone Cold went out to the front row and started asking WWE fans who they wanted to see get their head shaved..
    • Stone Cold said he doesn't give a rats ass who gets their head shaved as long as somebody gets their head shaved!
    • Stone Cold said he'd be on RAW to watch about $2,000,000 worth of assholes sign their contact for WrestleMania..

  8. END OF SHOW....
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