IWA Deep-South


  • December 3, 2005 – IWA Deep-South King of the Death Match in Elkmont, Alabama: Mickie Knuckles b Bambi, Insane Lane b Freakshow (1st Round), Tank b Hellaware Assasin (1st Round), Ian Rotten b “Mean” Mitch Page (1st Round), Necro Butcher b Brandon Prophet (1st Round), Adam Armor b Phil Wilson to retain the FTW title, Necro Butcher b Insane Lane (2nd Round), Tank b Ian Rotten (2nd Round), Jeff Jameson and KG b Cabana Man Dan and Chrisjen Hayme is a Texas Tornado match, Tank b Necro Butcher in the Finals to win the First IWA-DS KOTDM Tournament.
  • February 18, 2006 – IWA Deep-South in Hanceville, Alabama at the National Guard Armory: Adam Jacobs b. Jeremey Westmoreland, Joe Hogan b. Spanish Angel, Jewdis b. A.J. Creed, Billy Ray Grant and Kris McInnis b. Brevin Holt and Benin, Cabana Man Dan b. Jeff Jameson, Ricochet, “The Role Model” Brian Sterling and Chuck Taylor to win the IWA-Deep-South World Title, Brandon Prophet b. Insane Lane, Syko, Spydar Boodrow, Tank and Freakshow in an Elimination Death Match, Necro Butcher b. J.C. Bailey 3-0 in a 20 Minute Iron Man Death Match.
  • May 20, 2006 – IWA Deep-South – Southern Discomfort in Pell City, Alabama: Cabana Man Dan vacated the Heavyweight Title due to shoulder injury, Ricochet b Chuck Taylor, Brevin Holt b Andrew Alexander, Brandon Thomaselli b Jimmy Rave, Ian Rotten b Insane Lane and Spydar Boodrow in a 3-WAY Weapons Match, The Iron Saints (Vito and Sal Thomaselli) b BLKOUT (Eddie Kingston and Joker) to win the IWA-Deep-South Tag Team titles, Tank b Brandon Prophet in a Barbed Wire Boards Match, Hallowicked b Mickie Knuckles and Brandon Thomaselli and Sal Rinauro in a 4-WAY to win the IWA-Deep-South title, “The Nasty Kritter” Billy Neeley b “Sweet’N Sour” Larry Sweeney.
  • August 26, 2006 – IWA Deep-South – The South Will Rise Again in Pell City, Alabama: Chuck Taylor b “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush, BLK OUT (Eddie Kingston and Joker) b Ian Rotten and Corporal Robinson, Ricochet b Brevin Holt and Cabana Man Dan and Sabian in a 4-WAY Elimination Match, Insane Lane b Drake Younger and The Freakshow in a Hardcore Weapons Match, Tank and Iceberg b Sal Thomaselli and Shaun Tempers w/The Reverend, Hallowicked b Brandon Thomaselli to retain the IWA-Deep-South Title, “Sweet and Sour” Larry Sweeny b Brad Armstrong, Scrub and Brad Armstrong b Larry Sweeney and Hallowicked.
  • November 25, 2006 – IWA Deep-South – Carnage Cup in Cullman, Alabama: Insane Lane b Rick Hayes in a Razor Wire Match (1st Rnd), Necro Butcher b Mitch Page in an Unlucky 13 match (1st Rnd), Dysfunction b Freakshow in a Home Wrecker Match (1st Rnd), Ian Rotten b Mickie Knuckles in a Barefoot Thumbtacks Match (1st Rnd), Drake Younger b Diehard Dustin Lee in an Ultraviolent Ladders and Tables match (1st Rnd), Bull Pain b Corporal Robinson in a Light Tube Ropes match (1st Rnd), Dave the Rave and Hugh Rogue b Don Juan and Chuey Martinez (Non-Tournament), Cabana Man Dan b Chrisjen Hayme (Non-Tournament), Corporal Robinson and Freakshow b Mickie Knuckles and Diehard and Mitch Page and and Ric Hayes in a “2nd Chance Battle Royal” to qualify for the 2nd round (There were two winners because Dysfunction was injured), Drake Younger b Ian Rotten in a Light Tube Log Cabin match (2nd Rnd), Necro Butcher b Freakshow in a Taipei Death match (2nd Rnd), Corporal Robinson b Tank in Carnage Corners match (2nd Rnd), Insane Lane b Bull Pain in a Home Run Derby match (2nd Rnd), Necro Butcher b Insane Lane and Corporal Robinson and Drake Younger in a 4-WAY 200 Light Tubes Elimination match to win the 2006 IWA Deep-South Carnage Cup .
  • March 3, 2007 – IWA Deep-South – Biting the Bullet in Pell City, Alabama at the Civic Auditorium before 125 fans: “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush b Chuck Taylor and Ricochet and Sal Rinauro in a 4-WAY #1 Contenders match, “Diehard” Dustin Lee b Tony V., The Devils Rejects (Tank and Iceberg) b Mickie Knuckles and Ian Rotten to win the IWA-DS Tag Team titles (Drake Younger came out for the save setting up a match with Tank later on), Gran Akuma b “Double C” Claudio Castagnoli, Insane Lane b Freakshow in a Hardcore match to earn a spot in the King of the Deathmatches Tournament 2007, Tank w/Iceberg b Drake Younger, Chrisjen Hayme b Cabana Man Dan, “Sweet and Sour” Larry Sweeney b “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush b Hallowicked by Submission to win the IWA-DS Heavyweight title.
  • May 5, 2007 – IWA Deep-South – South of the Border in Pell City, Alabama at the Pell City Civic Center: Ricochet b Hallowicked, Insane Lane b Cabana Man Dan, “Sweet and Sour” Larry Sweeney b Mickie Knuckles, The Devil’s Rejects (Tank and Iceberg) b. Drake Younger and Eddie Kingston to retain the IWA: DS Tag Team titles, Diehard Dustin Lee b. Danny Havoc in a Light Tubes and Ladders Match, Freakshow b Ian Rotten in a Pinata Deathmatch (Ian Rotten was rushed to the ER after the match after getting a metal spike in his eye), Chuck Taylor b Chrisjen Hayme, Jimmy Rave b Eddie Kingston, Lightning” Mike Quackenbush b Salvatore Rinaruo by Submission to retain the IWA: Deep-South title.
  • July 7, 2007 – IWA Deep-South – Risking It All in Sylacauga, Alabama at the National Guard Armory: Chrisjen Hayme b Salvatore Rinauro and Patrick Bentley and Jarrett Tyler in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Chuck Taylor b Kory Chavis, Mickie Knuckles b Daffney Unger by Submission, Ricochet b Iceberg, Cabana Man Dan b Insane Lane in a Respect match, Ian Rotten cut a promo insulting internet fans who said his eye injury was “fake” even thought it cost 9k for surgery, Mitch Ryder b Brad Armstrong after hitting him with the Tennessee chain, Mike Quakenbush b Jimmy Rave by Submission, Freakshow b Drake Younger in a Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere match.
  • September 1, 2007 – IWA Deep-South – 2 Xtreme Warfare in Pelham, Alabama at the National Guard Armory: Ricochet b “Whiplash” Jerrek Tyler, Eddie Kingston b Salvatore Rinauro (After the match: Eddie Kingston called out Hallowicked), Hallowicked b Eddie Kingston, Corey Shaddix vs. Phil Wilson ended in a No Contest (Tank and Insane Lane and Freakshow come out and destroyed them and talked trash about IWA Mid South and set up a hardcore match between the three of them), Cabana Man Dan b Chrisjen Hayme in a Tables and Ladders and Chairs Match, “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush (IWA-DS Champion) b Chuck Taylor (IWA-MS Champion) in a Title vs. Title Match (Chuck Taylor said he never stated which title was on the line and handed Quackenbush the IWA-MS Light-Heavyweight title), “Bullet” Bob and Brad Armstrong b Larry Sweeney and Mitch Ryder, Low-Ki b Brain Damage, Freakshow b Tank and Insane Lane in a 3-WAY Barbed Wire Ropes and Weapons Match.
  • December 1, 2007 – IWA Deep-South – Carnage Cup in Pulaski, Tennessee at the Nick Gulas Sports Arena before 75 fans: Ring announcer Chris Castle dedicated the show to a Deep-South fan named Matt that recently died in a car accident – placing the Carnage Cup in Matt’s usual seat in the first row – Correy Shaddix b Prophet in Fans Bring the Weapons match, SeXXXy Eddie and Scotty Vortekz b Ultramantis Black in a 3-WAY Light Tube Table match (1st Round), Deranged and Danny Havoc b Tank in a 3-WAY Lucky 13 match by the score of 13-12-12 (1st Round), Drake Younger and Viking b Whacks in a 3-WAY (1st Round), Freakshow and Insane Lane b Ian Rotten in a 3-WAY Home Run Derby match (1st Round), Ian Rotten said his goodbye to IWA Deep-South and made his peace with Freakshow, Chrisjen Hayme b Hydra and Funky Pharaoh and Tom Donst and Shawn Reed and Chris Styles in a 6-WAY, Freakshow b Deranged in a Pits of Hell match (2nd Round), Scotty Vortekz b Viking in a Light Tube Log Cabin match (2nd Round), Danny Havoc b Insane Lane by Submission in a Razor Board match (2nd Round), Freakshow b Scotty Vortekz and SeXXXy Eddie and Danny Havoc in a 4-WAY Elimination 200 Light Tubes Final to win the Carnage Cup – Notes: Drake Younger went to the hospital after having his ear almost completely severed. Deranged suffered either a broken ankle, torn tendons or both.
  • February 27, 2009 – IWA Deep-South – Southern Classic Invitational (Day 1) in Sylacauga, Alabama: Jeremy Flynt defeated Drew Gulak. Chuck Taylor defeated Johnny Slaughter. Michael Elgin defeated Devon Moore. Ace Rockwell defeated Andrew Alexander. Chip Day defeated Kyle Matthews. Chrisjen Hayme defeated Jesse Emerson. Dingo defeated Shaun Tempers. Soldier Ant defeated Jeff Brooks. Sabian defeated Corey Shaddix thanks to outside interference from Devon Moore. In a non-tournament match, Tracy Smothers defeated Eddie Osborne. During the intermission, a local worker named Kaos got into the ring and threw out an open shoot challenge, and out came Ace Rockwell who defeated Kaos in about a minute.
  • February 28, 2009 – IWA Deep-South – Southern Classic Invitational (Day 2) in Calera, Alabama: Chip Day and Sabian defeated Ace Rockwell. Soldier Ant and Michael Elgin defeated Chuck Taylor. Chrisjen Hayme and Dingo defeated Jeremy Flynt. Sabian defeated Soldier Ant. Michael Elgin defeated Dingo. Chrisjen Hayme defeated Michael Elgin and Sabian to become the IWA-Deep-South champion and to win the 2009 IWA Deep-South “Southern Classic Invitational” tournament. In non-tournament matches: Shaun Tempers and Jeff Brooks w/the Reverend defeated Jesse Emerson and Andrew Alexander, and Mike Jackson and Eddie Osborne defeated Tracy Smothers and Ultimate Dragon. Devon Moore defeated Corey Shaddix.

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