Live Action Wrestling
Promoted by Racecar Driver Hermie Sadler
January 25, 2003 - Emporia, Virginia - Greensville Co. High School

  1. OPENING MATCH: The Hot Shots defeated America's Most Wanted after a chairshot..

  2. MATCH: Ricky Morton beat The Russian Assasin..

  3. INTERVIEW: Hermie Sadler + Ron Killings + Bob Armstrong..
    • Hermie thanks the sponsors and presents checks to the school and the local fire department..
    • Killings came out and walked right up to Sandler and proceeded to kick his ass..
    • Killings took the Fire Dept. check and proceeded to go off on the town, calling it "Shitporia"..
    • Bob Armstrong came out to make the match for later with Sadler with the money at stake..

  4. MATCH: Taylor Matheny defeated Cheerleader Melissa with an STF..
    • Melissa missed a moonsault and Taylor applied the STF for the submission victory..

  5. MATCH: Norman smiley defeated Phil Brown..
    • Brown is the champion of the local Virginia Championship Wrestling promotion..
    • During the match, the ring broke and all the ropes sagged..

  6. MATCH: Jorge Estrada beat Sonny Siaki..

  7. MATCH: B.G. James beat Buff Bagwell..
    • Buff tried to use a chair only to have Rick Steamboat come out and take it away..

  8. MAIN EVENT: Hermie Sadler w/Taylor Vaugh beat Ron Killings w/Francine..
    • Bullet Bob made this no DQ..
    • About 15 members of the local fire Dept. acted as lumberjacks..
    • Vaughn crotched Killings on the top and Hermie rolled him up in a small package..

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