October 27, 2001 - Springfield, IL

  1. Tajiri d Chavo Guerrero
    • Tajiri pulls out his usual offense and defeats Chavo with a swift kick to the head.
    • Good pop for Tajiri and an even bigger pop for the Tarantula.

  2. Tommy Dreamer d Russ McCullough
    • Worst match of the night as these two stall quite a bit.
    • Russ basically lumbers around and occasionally uses a power move.
    • Dreamer gets the pin luckily.

  3. Albert d Hugh Morrus
    • Albert uses his power moves, Morrus misses a moonsault (this would be a reoccuring trend) and Albert finishes with the Baldo Bomb.

  4. Raven d Maven
    • Maven misses a moonsault.
    • After another try at his finishing move (the rollup), Raven hits an even flow ddt for the pin.

  5. APA d Hurricane(w/Molly) & Mike Awesome
    • Bradshaw takes the mic and wants to know what kind of super powers Awesome has.
    • Apparently, Awesome has "ass kicking" super powers.
    • Bradshaw then informs Awesome that he obviously doesnt have promo cutting powers.
    • Hurricane prancing around the ring with his super power dances is quite funny to watch.
    • Spinebuster from Farooq on Awesome finishes things.
    • Post Game activites see Molly getting spanked by the APA.

  6. RVD d Kanyon
    • Kanyon cuts a promo where he says that himself and the other leaders of the Alliance are sick of RVD and something about him being ousted from the group.
    • Anyway, RVD hits all of his signature spots to HUGE pops and Kanyon does his crazy innovative moves as well.
    • 5 star frog splash finishes it.
    • RVD is just insanely over and very kind to the crowd, pointing and shaking hands with all of the crazy fans.

  7. Edge d Christian
    • Christian comes out and cuts a promo on our fair town.
    • Informs us that we are not the smartest bunch.
    • They play with the fans for a little while in the beginning and then we hit some fast pace action.
    • Ref bump, title belt to face, one man conchairto, and still Christian cannot capitalize.
    • Finally Edge hits the impaler to retain his IC Title.

  8. CAGE MATCH: Undertaker/Kane d Booker and Test
    • Double Chokeslams finish it.

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