November 10, 2001 - Bangor, Maine

  1. Show starts with FINK~! telling us it'd been too long since the last time the WWF was in town (1997), and that terrorist attacks can't break Bangor's spirit, and all WWF superstars are true Americans.

  2. Spike b. Funaki--nothing notable. Good heat for Spike. Spike got the win with the Acid Drop.

  3. Brock Lesnar b. Crash--Lesnar is a monster. Just a total monster. Good comedy with Crash going to get a chair, then standing on it to match height with Lesnar. Lesnar did nothing GREAT, all Irish whips and backbreakers. Won with a powerslam out of nowhere.

  4. Tommy Dreamer/Steven Richards b. Rico Constantino/Randy Orton--Crowd booed both teams at the beginning. Richards got heat by doing Michaels's Sweet Chin Music taunt, then laughing at the crowd. So Constantino did it to establish who the babyface team was. Or something. Both OVW guys looked very good, Constantino the better of the two. Dreamer got the pin with the DVD.

  5. Ron Waterman b. Shawn Stasiak--He beat Meat. Waterman looked a lot like Scott Steiner, from where I sat. Stasiak sucked, and Waterman did a few suplexes, but they weren't anything special. He tried a Fishermans and a Nothern Lights, but he was too big to bridge, so they looked like throws. I thought he did a better job than Lesnar, and he's just as huge. Won with a running powerslam.

  6. Dudleys b. APA--WCW Tag Title match. Bradshaw cut a promo calling D-Von fat, and both Dudleys, "dumb, ugly sons of bitches." Then apologized for calling them dumb. Faarooq said they'd get D-Von in the right and beat the flab off him. Then Bradshaw promised to, "kick [the Dudley's] asses, take their belts, pawn 'em, and buy everyone in Bangor some beer!" I don't really love beer, but free beer made me cheer (rhyme!). BuhBuh said they don't like the APA, they don't like beer, and they sure as hell don't like Bangor. Then walked to the back. APA ran down dragged them back, and the match was on. It was on and also, not very good. Had a fair amount of heat, though, which made it more enjoyable, to me at least. Finish came when Faarooq hit D-Von with the belt after a ref bump, but BuhBuh hit Faarooq over the head while he was making the cover, and D-Von rolled over to retain. Dumb, dumb finish.

  7. Scotty/Albert b. Hurricane/Morrus--Funny stuff in this one, with Scotty being massively over because he's from Maine. Too many comedy spots to remember, but Scotty did do his usual tumble from the ring apron. Won with the Worm on Morrus, which got a nice reaction. Then Helms tried to mess with Albert Post match, and got Baldo Bombed for it. Scotty then started to do the Worm on Helms, but Albert asked if he could do it. It was a big fat guy doing the Worm, we'll say. Then they danced with some chick out of the crowd

  8. Christian (Canadian) b. Edge (Canadian)--Kinda sad they were just at No Mercy fighting for the IC strap, and now they're in Bangor, Maine, fighting for the European. Christian said he saw a small group of people chanting "Christian sucks." He called Bangor dumb. He's right. About the last part. Christian started to walk away, but Edge came out, and chased Christian back. Edge cut a promo saying the fans chant "Christian sucks," because Christian still wets the bed, and "so totally sucks." Win came on the Unforgiven finish. I was disappointed.

  9. RVD b. Raven--This was advertized as RVD vs. Tazz, but I guess we're not thug life enough. RVD was not as over as I would have hoped. Match was short, and underwhelming. The best part was when they went backstage, which everyone got pissed at. However, since I listened to Wrestling Observer Live with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, I know that Raven likes to do that, and when he goes backstage, he shakes hands with the boys to give them a laugh. Finish came out of nowhere, Five Star Frog Splash. RVD stayed around for a bit talking to the fans at ringside.
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