November 24, 2001 - Tulsa, OK

  1. IN THE RING: Bradshaw.
    • Bradshaw gave a speech explaining the Alliance's "contractual obligations" that put them on the card tonight, and getting the crowd pumped by saying "ass" a lot.

  2. MATCH: Tajiri vs Spike.
    • Tajiri wins with a stiff kick.
    • Slow match, dead crowd.
    • WINNER: Tajiri

  3. MATCH: Lita vs Jazz.
    • Jazz looked very good in this match, showing some of the first decent looking offense I've seen in recent WWF women's wrestling.
    • Jacqueline was referee, Stacy Kiebler came to ringside during the match; eventually Lita and Jackie double-teamed Stacy and Jazz, and Jackie gave Lita a fast count.
    • WINNER: Lita

  4. MATCH: Brock Nesnar vs Perry Saturn.
    • Saturn's face looks naked without his facial hair, which has disappeared.
    • Lesnar looked very good, but telegraphed a lot of his big slam spots.
    • WINNER: Brock Lesnar

  5. MATCH: Kane vs William Regal.
    • Very slow match, due to Kane's lumbering and Regal's "methodical offense."
    • Regal is hugely over as a heel though.
    • People could have seen anybody beat him up and be happy.
    • WINNER: Kane

  6. MATCH: RVD vs Booker T.
    • RVD was massively over with the Philly crowd.
    • Match of the night here, with lots of well-paced action, both participants very over, and RVD finishing with the frog splash.

  7. MATCH: Tazz vs Funaki
    • Squash, but the crowd dug Tazz.

  8. MATCH: APA vs Albert/Scotty Too Hotty vs Lance Storm/Justin Credible.
    • 3-way elimination.
    • Some comedy with Scotty falling on his ass a lot and Faarooq looking at him funny.
    • Scotty pinned Lance (oh, the indignity) and was soon pinned by Faarooq.
    • Afterwards, Bradshaw did the worm and the four faces and the ref had a dance session.

  9. MATCH: Test vs Undertaker.
    • Even slower than Kane/Regal, though Test looked like he was trying.
    • Booker ran in and distracted Taker, allowing Test to get the big boot and the surprise pin.
    • WINNER: Test

  10. MAIN EVENT: Austin vs Angle.
    • Angle worked the crowd for a while, but surprisingly didn't dis the Eagles.
    • Very good match, with a lot of action outside the ring.
    • In the end, a ref bump brought Test and Regal to ringside, but Austin fought all three off singlehandedly and got the pin.
    • WINNER: Steve Austin

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