December 1, 2001 - Detroit, Michigan

  1. Tajiri vs Kidman. Pretty short with good mat work early. Tajiri scores the pinfall victory Winner: Tajiri

  2. Spike Dudley vs Brock Lesnar. Lesnar looks like a monster. Brock killed Spike for most of the match and scored the pinfall win. Winner: Brock Lesnar

  3. Bradshaw vs Hugh Morris. Very sloppy and not entertaining. Raven interfered and cost Bradshaw the match by pinfall. Winner: Hugh Morris

  4. Trish Stratus vs Jacqueline. Typical women's fair. Not good. Jackie gets most of the offense and ends up getting pinned. Winner: Trish Stratus

  5. Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle. Pretty solid match with a fair share of brawling outside. Following a Ref. bump Austin hits the stunner and covers Angle. Ref. was still out and Bubba Dudley and Hugh Morris hit the ring and work over Austin and draped Angle over him. Hebner awakens and Austin kicks out after two. Austin hits the stunner again and gets the pinfall win. Jericho hits the ring and directs Bubba and Hugh while they beat down Austin. Rocks comes out and chases then off. Austin and Rock share a stare down and finally a beer. Then Austin drinks about 20 beers with Hebner and leaves. Winner: Austin

  6. Faaroqq vs Raven. Basically a squash match. Bradshaw comes out and helps Faarooq toss Raven from the ring. Winner: Faarooq

  7. Funaki vs Brooklyn Brawler. Horrible match. Brawler was "blown up" quickly. But not before he scored the pin. Winner: Brawler At this point it was announced that due to a flight cancellation D-von Dudley would not be there. His replacement would be Hugh Morrus.

  8. Bubba Duddley& Hugh Morrus vs Kane & Big Show. Pretty non-athletic. Couple hot tags for Big Show. Bubba and Hugh tried to put Kane through a table but Big Show moved it (not quick enough) and Kanes leg hit the end and broke it off. Big Show still tried to set the table up. Ref calls for the bell and declares Show and Kane the winners by DQ. The broken table gets set up in the corner and Bubba is tossed into it. Winner: Kane& Show by DQ

  9. Rock vs Jericho. Solid match that saw rock score the clean pin. Rock proceeded to give a speech about sticking things up Bin Laden's ass. Winner: Rock
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