Independent Wrestling Results - 1991

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  1. June 16, 1991--Georgia All-Star Wrestling in Canton, Georgia at Sparkles Skating Rink: Brute Force b Chris Walker & Fabian to win the Georgia All-Star Wrestling Tag Team titles when Curtis Thompson interfered, Joel Deaton & Billy Black b The Avengers, Festus vs Mad Dog Joe ended in a double DQ, Jon Michaels b Big Eddie Sweat, Curtis Thompson b Mike Cervich, The Avengers b Steve Young & Bob McBride, Joel Deaton vs Big Bully Busick ended in a time-limit draw (Deaton retains Heavyweight title), Brute Force b Steve Young & Mike Cervich to retain the Tag Team titles, Billy Black b Steve Young to retain the Television title, Joel Deaton b Mad Dog Joe to retain the Heavyweight title..

  2. September 15, 1991--Georgia All-Star Wrestling/Global Wrestling Federation in Marietta, Georgia at the Cobb County Civic Center: Terry Leland b Festus to retain the Television title, Billy Black & Joel Deaton b Rick & Chick Donovan, Jack Victory & Rip Morgan vs The Renegade Warriors ended in a double DQ, Scott Anthony b Al Perez, The Lightning Kid b Chaz to win the GWF Light Heavyweight Title, The Blue Blazer b Steven DeTruth (Steve Prazak), The Blazers b Brute Force to win the Georgia All-Star Wrestling Tag Team titles, The Handsome Stranger b Steve Lawler by DQ, Terry Gordy b Axis the Demolisher, Bambi b LPWA Champion Lady X by DQ, Chris Walker & Steve Simpson b Rod Price & John Tatum to retain the GWF Tag Team titles, The Patriot b Stan Lane to retain the GWF North American Heavyweight title..

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