Independent Wrestling Results - January 2006

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  1. January 3, 2006-- Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: K.G. b. Billy Ray Grant, Little E & Phil Wilson b. Chris Castle & Tony V by DQ, Insane Lane & Chrisjen Hayme b. Tracy Smothers & Adam Armor, Curt Nickles b. Brandon Smith, Charlie Swinger b. Shawn Peete but then was attacked by Freakshow's Iceberg, who was led by a mysterious man..

  2. January 6, 2006--Carolina Wrestling Association in Newton, North Carolina: Bobby Houston vs Ric Converse ended in a No Contest, Rocky King b George South Sr., Brad Thomas b Tony Kozina, Chris & Rob Guerrero b Bobby Ramons & Diabolo rojo, Homies with Attitudes b Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton by DQ, Jake Manning b Jesse Ortega in a Last Man Standing match..

  3. January 7, 2006--American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina at The American Coliseum: Chainsaw Charlie b Don Doolittle by Countout, Deon Johnson b Johnny Danger, Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) b Muscle Madness (Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter), Rowdy James b Shea Shea McGrady to retain the Carolina title, Mack Truck w/James McHone b Morbid, Jimmy Kindrid b Double Trouble (Evon Force & Kid Kaos w/Robert Wright), Shane Austin & Scott E. Smooth w/Scottie Velvet b Travis Blackwelder & Bryce Bryant, Dirty & Zack Salvation b AJ Frost & Nick Fury and Crazy J & Demonic Freak in a 3-WAY..

  4. January 7, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Xavier Justice & Percy Lynn b Criminal Rejects, Chuck Weiden b Hades, Osyris b MIA, Jay West b Candyman, Sybil Starr b Lexi, Anarchy b Tommy Gage, Jack Thriller won six-way over Hypnosis, Chance Laredo, Silence, Phoenix and Noah Lott, Fallen Dragon b Homeless Hank-DQ, Johnny & Donnie & Tommy Tsunami b Houston Brothers & Brandon Iron, Steve Amani b Frank Stein, Rastakhan b Evan Alexander, Jack Thriller b Matt Hyson ..

  5. January 7, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Dr. Jon Davis b Poo Bear to retain the Tornado Pro title, The Prophet b Draven Cross by Countout, Romero Contreras b The Canadian Luchadore and AWOL in a 3-WAY to retain the Oklahoma title, Brian Lakewood & Butch Dalton b Sexy Bologna (Anthony Jackson & Sudden Impact), The Canadian Red Devil b Dexter Hardaway to retain the Light Heavyweight title, Michael Faith & Justin Lee vs Bernard Funk & Timmy J (w/Ryan Davidson) ended in a No Contest, Michael Faith & Justin Lee & Rocco Valentino b Texas Inc. (Bernard Funk & Timmy J & Ryan Davidson)..

  6. January 7, 2006--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Slash bin Rotten & Outlaw b The Angry Americans (Glen Steele & Bad Boy), Prince al-Farat (w/Sahara) b The Prophet, Scott Sanders (w/Sahara) b Mud, Cody Jones b Ryan Davidson for the Mid-South Cruiserweight title, 3rd Rail b Aaron Neil & Michael Faith (w/Tommy D) in a Handicap match, John O´Malley & Brad Michaels b Kid Colt & Kevin James..

  7. January 7, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 174 fans: Mr. Smiley b Dr. Love, Troy Van Zant & Bobby Black b Damien Cole & Chris Ikkan, Ox Harley & Ronnie Vegas b Kim Chee & Masked Mauler, Billy Ray Hickerson b Tommy Gunn, Donny Idol b Bill Dundee, Mr. Big b B.A Striker, Dundee & Harley & Vegas b Idol & Pyle & Jon Wall..

  8. January 7, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafaytte, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Alejandro Del Negro b Ray Spears by DQ, Anthony Wayne b Tony Grande to regain the Lightheavyweight title, Demented (sub for John Watts) & Dale Dangerous b Jason Nezmith & Johnny Chambers, Damien Payne b American Psycho in a Loser Gets Caned" match, Tim Scruggs & Ray Spears vs Matt Korbaine & Loose Cannon was thrown out when Cannon turned on Korbaine..

  9. January 7, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in Plant City, Florida: Kenny King b Ray Beez, Vinndetta b Suicide, The Party Crashers b Art Strong & Controlled Chaos, Torcher b Kuzzin Kurt, Donnie York Jr. b "Superfan" Mark Zout, Michael Christopher b Eric Crysis after hitting the canadian cruncher.

  10. January 7, 2006--National Federation of Wrestling in Radisson, Wisconsin: Tiny Tubbs b Jimmy Jones, Buddah w/Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie b Travis Sharp, The Derailers (Widowmaker & D-roc Devin Martin) b Jay Chaotic & Major Chaos, Ann Thraxx b Johnny Goldengate, Lumberjack b Steve Stardom & 2 Lo, The Brothers Grimm (Darkchild & Magnus) b The Carnavil (Josh Calisto & Jeztial), Ian Xavier b The Boogieman to retain the Heavyweight title..

  11. January 7, 2006--Dirtysouth Championship Wrestling - Benefit Show in Louisiana: Nick Bondage b Retro Thibodeaux, Blake LeMaire b Sexy Shawn Stern, Al E. Gator b Sexy Shawn Stern in a "Grosse Tete" challenge, Austin Rhodes b Al E. Gator in a "Grosse Tete" Challenge, The International Player's Club b Pipeline Express due to a crooked referee, Jordan Espinoza vs Mexican Giant ended in a draw when Double Trouble interfered, "Apostle" Alvin Breaux b Pitbull Williams, Rodney Mack b Austin Rhodes.

  12. January 8, 2006--SPW in Sacramento, California before 114 fans: Timothy Thatcher & Mr. Frost b Kenny K & Jason Vega, Vinny Massaro & Seito Hayashi b D.J. Rizz & D-Unit and Adam Thornstowe & Steel to win tag titles, Sir Samurai b Virgil Flynn, Brian Cage b Dredge, Bruce Bukkake NC Dante, Rik Luxury d Hijo del Chupacabra, Rejected b Otis and Mike Rayne and R Cade in a 4-WAY, Oliver John b Malachi..

  13. January 10, 2006--World Wrestling Council in in Greenville, South Carolina at the Main Event Arena: Revolution vs The American Phoenix ended in a Draw, Mack Truck & Cruizer Lewis b Shadow Jackson & James Jones and Mikki Free & Brodie Ray Chase in a 3-WAY Elimination match to retain the Tag Team titles, "Ticking Time Bomb" Scottie Wrenn b Manchild to retain the Heavyweight title..

  14. January 10, 2006--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida: T-Bolt b "Latin Sensation" Ricky Romeo to retain the Internet Television title, "The Canadian Dream" Joshua Masters b VinnDetta w/Fetish, Legion Freakin Cage w/Gina Marie vs Suicide ended in a No Contest, "Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca b Reckless in a "Falls Count Anywhere on Bourbon Street" match, Pretty Fly b James Morrison and Twizted in a 3-WAY Elimination match, "The 400 lb Monster" Torcher w/George Martel b "Superfan" Mark Zout, Cousins Dale & Jose Hill & Sean Hill & Sideshow b Eddie Taurus & Damien Angel & David Mercury & Aaron Epic in an 8-MAN Survival Match (Sean Hill was the Sole Survivor)..

  15. January 10, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Chris Castle b. Keith Courageous, Chrisjen Hayme b. "Dynamite" John Davis, Little E & Phil Wilson b. Sinn City to win the tag titles, Chase Stevens b. "A2" Adam Armor, Insane Lane & Tony V b. KG & Shawn "The Heete" Peete, Curt Nickles b. Doug Gilbert by reverse decision, Freakshow's Iceberg w/ Cardinal Sin b. Jeremey Flynt, Jeff Jameson b. Cabana Man Dan in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match, After the match Cabana Man Dan gave a farewell speech..

  16. January 12, 2006--HRW in Victorville, California: Biggie Biggz & Davey Davidson b Ron Kilbourn & Stryker, Tarantula b Hero, Bo Cooper & J-Fury & Ryan Mason & Luscious Larry b Johnny Paradise & Jesse Jimenez & Project Mayhem, Diablo b Ronnie T, LTP and Mr. Instant Replay, Markus Riot b Antonio Mestre, Mike Maze b Slick Nick, CK vs Sonny Samson ended in a No COntest..

  17. January 13, 2006--Live Action Wrestling - TV Tapings in Sanford, North Carolina: Tom Williams & Dustin Adrams b Myric Moore & Derrick Driver, Cold & Curnk b Sweet Sweepers, C.W. Anderson b Kuso Hagi, Brad Attitude b Rico Rage, Kirby Mack b Steven Walters, Sirus b Darryl Kelly, T.J. Mack NC Lodi, Fame & Fortune b Team Balboa, Tommy Gunn b Darryl Kelly, Anderson & Attitude b Street Sweepers, Lodi & Sirus b Kirby & Mack, Jeff Hardy & Caprice Coleman & Joey Silvia beat Tommy Gunn & Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander..

  18. January 13, 2006--Empire Wrestling Federation - New Years Retribution in Covina, California at the Knights of Columbus Hall: Antonio Mestre b Liger Rivera, Ron Kilborn b Diablo Rojo, Human Tornado b Dan Kobrick, Amazing Kong (Japanese women star although she's American) b Candice LaRue, Mad Max Martin b Kid Karnage, Joey Harder b Alex Pincheck, Kayam b Green Warrior, Bino Gambino b Jason King in a "Pick Your Own Adventure" match to retain the EWF title..

  19. January 13, 2006--IWF in Detroit, Michigan: Claudio Castagnoli b Eddie Kingston, Bryan Danielson b Brad Keen, D.J. Hyde b Bryce Benjamin, Mr. Insanity b Larry Sweeney, Adam Flash & Joker b Midwest Mafia, Nigel McGuiness b Chad Collyer, Necro Butcher NC Corporal Robinson, Colt Cabana won three-way over Chris Hero and Bryan Danielson..

  20. January 13, 2006--UWF (run by Dave Hebner & Hermie Sadler) in Emporia, Virginia before 600 fans: D-Lo Brown b Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley (announced as that but not dressed in the gimmick) b Sonjay Dutt, Sonny Siaki b Ron Killings, Abyss b Sabu with Al Snow as referee, The James Gang (BG James & Kip James) b Elix Skipper & David Young, A.J. Styles b Jeff Jarrett by DQ with Earl Hebner as referee, America's Most Wanted b Team 3-D by DQ on a Dusty finish..

  21. January 13, 2006--Global Championship Wrestling in Locust Fork, Alabama: Will Owens b. Nasty Kritter, "Mr. Main Event" Adam Roberts b. Cabana Man Dan, Asain Assassins (Shinobi #1 & #2) b. Seth Skyfire & Theodore Tuttweiler III, Nino del Oro b. Mudbone, "Human Action Figure" Patrick Bentley b. Kato, Buff Bagwell b. "Machine" Guff Grayson, "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer b. The InHuman Fly...

  22. January 13, 2006--Pro Wrestling Warfare in Sanford, Florida: Kahagas b Wikid, Jonas & Jeremiah b Rip Malibu & Legion Cage, Andy Douglas (Naturals) b Kenny King, Delirious b Jay Fury, Down Boyz b Steve Madison & Donovan Morgan, Roderick Strong b Erick Stevens, Double Deuce b Naphtali & Dagon Briggs, Bruce Steele b Sedrick Strong..

  23. January 14, 2006--Pro Wrestling Warfare in St. Petersburg, Florida: Jay Fury & Frankie Capone & James Hendrix b Pretty Fly & James Morrison & Heater, Rod Steel b Erick Stevens, Chris Kanyon b Steve Madison, Pat Powers & Pat McGroin b Jacob & Jonas, Naphtali d Delirious, Bruce Steele b Sedrick Strong..

  24. January 14, 2006--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Will Owens b. "Human Action Figure" Patrick Bentley, Asian Assassins (Shinobi #1 & #2) w/ Howard C. Cross b. Cabana Man Dan & Nino del Oro, Chrisjen Hayme b. Mudbone w/ Sydney Hinton, "Mr. Main Event" Adam Roberts b. Nasty Kritter, Theodore Tuttweiler III b. Shemus, Mr. Curtis Hughes b. Theodore Tuttweiler III, The InHuman Fly b. Seth Skyfire..

  25. January 14, 2006--World Wrestling Council in Greenville, South Carolina at the Main Event Presents Arena: Muscle Madness (Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter) b Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp), Shadow Jackson & James Jones b Mack Truck & Cruizer Lewis w/Ashley Rose by DQ, Tom Williams & Kris Kincade b Big Daddy Z & Myric Moore w/Thomas Simpson, Neil Nitro & Bryce Anthony b A.D.D. (Kid Kwik & Manchild), The Incredible Spank b Revolution, "Stray Cat" Brodie Ray Chase v. Mikki Free ended in a No Contest..

  26. January 14, 2006--OutCast Wrestling Association - OWA Title Tournament om Elkhart, Indiana: JD Blaze b Tornado in an Exhibition Match, Jake Omen b Alex Rase, Liberty Kid b Zack, Mazz b Scarry Jerry, DL Diamond b Damien, Liberty Kid b Jake Omen, Mazz b DL Diamond, Scarry Jerry won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Mazz b Liberty Kid in the Finals to win the OWA title, Sickness b Silence in the main event..

  27. January 14, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling - First Strike 2006 in Orlando, Florida: Green Light District (Jason Sensation & Marcus Money) b Jaison Moore & CJ Connors, Jerrelle Clark b Legion Freakin Cage w/Gina Marie to retain the Cruiserweight title, Violence Club (Jason Hexx & Ryze & Victor Creed) b The Freak Foundation (Dagon Briggs & OG Scarface) & Tower, Slyck Wagner Brown b Vordell Walker in a North vs South match, Larry Zbyszko w/Missy Hyatt b Rip Malibu, Scott Davis w/Gary Garvin b Chasyn Rance to retain the SCW title..

  28. January 14, 2006--Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation in Brownsville, Tennessee: Steve Rampage b Weasel, Tank Turner b Knockout Kid, Wildside & Way Cool b Bobby Smith & Steve Rampage by DQ, PK Ripper b Ricky Dudley, Lawman Williams d Albino Rhino, Moondog Rex b Hardknocks Hooligan..

  29. January 14, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Billy Roc b Shawn Cook, Marc Houston b Tommy Gage, Osyris b Zach McGuire, Fallen Dragon b Johnny Dynamo, Phoenix b Chance Laredo, Bob b Frank the Face, Tsunamis b Jeff King & Gameboy, Jack Thriller b Hypnosis, Steve Amani won three-way over Frank Stein and Noah Lott, J.T Zorin won three-way over Anarchy and Todd Ordway..

  30. January 14, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma: Ryan Davidson b Mitch Carter, Prince al-Farat b Lil Joe & Doink the Clown in a Handicap Match, Tyler Bateman b Julian Wolfenbarger to retain the Impact-Division title, Impact Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) b The Old School Assassins (Brad Michaels & Dexter Hardaway) in a No DQ Match, John O´Malley b Carnage to become #1 contender to the IZW Hardcore Title, Big Van Vader b Aaron Neil to retain the IZW title..

  31. January 14, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Michael Faith b Matt Emerald, Butch Dalton b Sudden Impact, Brian Lakewood b Anthony Jackson, Romero Contreras b The Canadian Luchadore to retain the Oklahoma title, Draven Cross vs The Prophet in a No Time Limit/Last Man Standing Match (Match never got started due to Draven hitting Prophet with a chair as he came to the ring and knocking him out), Rocco Valentino b D-Day, Timmy J b Poo Bear..

  32. January 14, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafaytte, Tennessee: Anthony Wayne b Damien Payne by DQ to retain the Light Heavyweight title, Demented b Jason Nezmith to retain the United States title, Tony Grande & Ray Spears b from John Watts & Dale Dangerous to win the Tag Team titles, Matt Korbaine b Loose Cannon by DQ, Tim Scruggs b American Psycho by reverse decision to retain the Heavyweight title..

  33. January 14, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in Dover, Florida: The Heatbreak Express b Vinndetta & Suicide after Vinndetta walked out, Scott Davis b Michael Patrick, Raymond Snow b Shamis and Devin Daulton in a 3-WAY, Michael Christopher b Robbie Chance, Ray Beez b Mark Zout, David Mercury b Cutthroat BoneZ, Torcher vs Spanky Malone ended in a Double Countout, Chris Michaels b Donnie York Jr.

  34. January 14, 2006--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California: Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star) b Silver Tyger & Infernal, Foob Dogg b Jonathan Malice, Johnny Paradise b The Stepfather, Phenomenal Phil & Crayz b Uncle Jess & Big Bear Calhoun, "Brawlin" Bo Cooper b "Marvelous" Markus Riot, Li'l Cholo b Nemesis to retain the Battle Ground Pro Lucha Libre title, Scott Lost b The Human Tornado and Alex Koslov and The Plague in a 4-WAY Elimination Match to become the first Battle Ground Pro Heavyweight Champion..

  35. January 14, 2006--ACPW in Kenansville, North Carolina: Corey Edsel b Louis Moore, Cletus Bass b Soul Reaper-DQ, Sean Cruise d Tre G, Sik wit It b Josh Hunter, Perfect Creation b Steve Michaels & Cletus Bass, Tito Rain b Hangtime, Stro (former WCW) won four-way over James Reno, Naudia and Chaos, Marretti & Jay Steel b Dream Lovers, K.C. McKnight b Zane Dawson..

  36. January 14, 2006--3XW in Des Moines, Iowa: Chance Cordova b Casanova, Tony Sly b Freak-DQ, Ann Thraxx b ODB, Tony Scarpone b Bryce Benjamin in a fans bring the weapons match, Matty Fitness b Devin Carter, Arik Cannon b Darin Corbin, Krow & Nate Bash & Ben Sailer b Vin Cross & Ryan Cruz & Takeo, Brian Ash b Egotistico Fantastico and Big Dog Barber and Gage Octane in a 4-WAY..

  37. January 14, 2006--Keystone Wrestling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Biker Al b La Lucha, Ali Kaida & Sniper Baracus b Lost Boyz and Simon Ho & Bob Atlas, Justin Sane b Stat Tracker-DQ, Chris Kash b Shane Starr, Mike Malachi NC Latin Assassin, Anthony Alexander b Drunken Luchador, Shawn Blanchard b Lou Martin-DQ..

  38. January 14, 2006--Texas All-Star Wrestling - 14th Annual Humble Rumble in Humble, Texas: Bobby 2Badd b Chris Allen, Dylan Starr won a Assault Guntlet match (Included: Justin Blaze and Brandon Biggs and Chip Dumas), Scoby Gober b Dylan Starr, Nayatti Mattox b Bones, Nick Daniels b Max Muscles, ZenZen b VooDoo in a Tables match, Max Muscles won the 25-Man Humble Rumble...

  39. January 15, 2006--Pro Wrestling Evolution in Canton, Georgia before a sellout 200 fans: Biohazard b Hayden Young, Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews b Kid Ego Jr. & Black Pegasus, Seth Delay b Darrin Childs, Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith b Ace Rockwell, Johnny & Joe Slaughter b Biohazard & Jacob Ladder to win tag titles, Tank DCOR Murder One, Mikal Adryan b Nemesis, Scott Steele b Iceberg-DQ, Tank & Iceberg & Tempers b Rockwell & Young & Steele..

  40. January 15, 2006--Pro Wrestling WAR in La Habra, California: Aaron Aguilera vs Charles Mercury ended in a No COntest, Markus Riot & Young Bucks b Human Tornado & Biggs & Slymm, Low Ki b Alex Koslov in a 4 star match, Jack Evans b Cholo, Sonny Samson b Diablo, Davey Richards b Ryan Drago (standing ovation), Teddy Hart & Jack Evans vs Aaron Aguilera & Keiji Sakoda ended in a Double Count Out (Teddy Hart did a moonsault off the rim of a basketball hoop. Hart claimed he messed up his knee and started yelling at the promotion for costing him his shot at WWE next month. As usual, he appeared to be completely out of his mind)..

  41. January 15, 2006--South Central Wrestling Alliance in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Anthony Wayne & Val Joiner b Johnny Demento & Hades w/Big E., Randall Shane & Magnum Smalls w/Big E. b Max Meanie & Vinnie J, Otis Bass & Richard Lowe w/Miss Kentucky b The Proud Redneck & Trash Can, Kid Dynamite & David Rose b Damien Payne & Paul Law, Drago b Trent Ware, Tony Falk b Derrick Neal to retain the Southern Kentucky title (Derrick Neal must now wear a dress until he wins a match), Otis Bass & Richard Lowe b Kid Dynamite & David Rose and Anthony Wayne & Val Joiner and Randall Shane & Magnum Smalls in a 4-WAY to win the Tag Team titles..

  42. January 15, 2006--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Patriots (Glen Steele & Bad Boy) b Slash bin Rotten & Outlaw by reverse decision, Prince al-Farat w/Moustafa Sharmout b E-Bone, Doink the Clown b Seth Allen, The House of Strange (Draven Cross & 3rd Rail) b Aaron Neil & Kevin James (sub for Se7en) w/Tommy D to win the Mid-South Tag Team titles, Ryan Davidson b The Prophet and Devon Monroe and The Lone Shining Star w/Woman Servant in a 4-WAY Elimination Match for the Tri-State title, Big Van Vader b Dr. Jon Davis..

  43. January 17, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Insane Lane b. Curt Nickels, Keith Courageous b. Chris Castle in a Street Fight, "A2" Adam Armor b. Chris Michaels, Tony V b. "A2" Adam Armor to become the new FTW Heavyweight Champion, Charlie Swinger b. Freakshow's Iceberg w/ Cardinal Sin by DQ, Chrisjen Hayme/Shawn Peete b. Phil Wilson, Little E, & KG...

  44. January 18, 2006--Blackball'd Wrestling Organization in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Maverick b Dinmak, Dr. Spider b Angus the Caveman, Eric b Ricky Reyes, Well Hung Warriors b Living Dead, Salvation 2K6 b Well Hung Warriors, Teddy Fine b Kris Krude by reverse decision, Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews & Kid Kaos b CJ O'Doyle & John Cannon & Karen Quinn...

  45. January 20, 2006--Patriotic Pro Wrestling in Longview, Texas: Tarantula b J.J. Wilde, Robert Evans b Stephen Murphy, Slam Shady b The Bounty Hunter w/Roxy, Action Jackson b The Devil's Reject w/Butch Brandon, Shawn Stasiak w/General Skandor Akbar b Lance Hoyt, Bill Apter of was there and did commentary, Roddy Piper had a "Piper's Pit" with Kevin von Erich and his son, Ross (Akbar shoved Ross and Kevin put the claw on General Akbar), Operation Liberty (Patriots #1 & #2) b Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine w/Skandor Akbar by DQ when Greg Valentine whipped both Patriots with Akbar's riding crop.

  46. January 20, 2006--AWC in Greenville, South Carolina: The Josh b Michael freely, Neil Nitro b Thomas Simpson, American Phoenix & Michael Freely b Nathan Starr & Shelby Goodwin..

  47. January 20, 2006--Roc City Wrestling in Rochester, New York before 200 fans: Guardian angel b Czar, Derek Duncam & Jack Hanson b Them Hoosier Boys, IB Green b Big Papa Chill-DQ, Miss Deville b Synndy, Olsen Twins won three-way over Prophets of Pain and Big N Tasy, Vince Beach & Marc Krieger & Sean Lane b The El's & OG Hendrix, Buff Bagwell b Kage, Buff Bagwell won Battle Royal..

  48. January 21, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Frankie the Face b Gary the Freak, Johnny Dynamo b Zack McGuire, Hypnosis b MIA, Adam Bueller b Drago, Fallen Dragon b Shane Matthews, Rastakhan & Steve Amani b Jeff King & Gameboy, J.T. Zorin b Noah Lott, Tracy Smothers b Bob by DQ..

  49. January 21, 2006--Mountain State Wrestling in Mt. Hope, West Virginia: Derik Billings b Willie Blackheart by DQ, J.V. Insanity b Mike Reed, Ace Prime & Joe Simon b Johnny Blast & Brian Compton, Billy Lit b Damon Rite, Danny Ray & Derik Billings b The Bunkhouse Boys..

  50. January 21, 2006--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Garf Redman b Dark Angel, Aaron Williams b Phoenix-DQ, Escritorio & Dewey Brown b Phantom & Melliki, Brad Calloway b Nick LeBeau, Tim Lutz DCOR Chris Reno, Ronnie Longworth b Terry Allen..

  51. January 21, 2006--MWA Pro Wrestling in Carter Lake, Iowa: Matty Fitness b Micheal Trotter, Shawn North & Buck Albright & Cylus b Chris Havious & Zac James & Cylus, Troy Roberts b Mr. Jones by DQ, Donnie Peppercricket & Jeremy Wyatt & Eric Fantabulous b Austin Storm & Tom Snow & Hype Gotti, Preston Maxwell vs Marty Trotter ended in a draw, Blade b Vince Black to retain the MWA Heavyweight title, Gauge won a 30-Man over the top rop Royal Rumble..

  52. January 21, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafeyette, Tennessee: Chief Billy Eagle b The Executioner, Alejandro del Negro b Jason Nezmith, Damien Payne b Anthony Wayne and Demented to win the United States title, John Watts & Dale Dangerous b Tony Grande & Ray Spears by Countout, Matt Korbaine vs. Loose Cannon was thrown out as a No Contest, American Psycho vs Tim Scribbs went to a time limit draw..

  53. January 21, 2006--American Championship Wrestling - A Night of Champions in South Ogden, Utah: Eclipse & Jimmy Daniels b Mach & Mike Martinez to retain the ACW United States Tag Team titles, Brick Alexander b Thanatos, Donovan Denzli b Ugly Rydder (Rydder demanded a rematch), Donovan Denzli b Ugly Rydder in a rematch, Fox b Adrenaline to retain the Danger Zone Wrestling West Triple title, Zen b Mike Martinez to retain the ACW Junior Heavyweight title, Jaden b Tristan Gallo to retain the ACW Midwest title, Mach Martinez b Assassin by DQ (Assassin retained the ACW title)..

  54. January 21, 2006--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts at Mass Health and Fitness: Psycho b Chris Pyro (Pyro No Longer wants to be known as "KID" so it is now Chris), Jason Blade b Lance Silva, Texas Outlaw & Max Bauer b Jeff Starr & Danger by DQ when Handsome Johnny interfered, Johnny Thunder b Tex McCoy by DQ, Brian Milonas b Oscar Delagoya and Alex Payne w/Kenny Cassanova in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match, Big Scott Grimez b Freight Train in a Lumberjack Match, The Vachons b Johnny Nash & Mike Phoenix by in a Canadian Rules match to retain the Tag Team titles, Mark Gore b Chuck Deep and Nick Neighborhood in a 3-WAY to win the ECCW Heavyweight title!

  55. January 21, 2006--APW Bakersfield in Bakersfield, California: Jesse Jiminez vs Drunken Irishman ended in a No Contest, Billy Blade b Tito Aquino, Kyu Ketsuki & Kid Omega & Imperio & & Jesse Jiminez b Tommy Angels & Funnybone & A.J. Kersh & Nate Rulez, Melissa NC Sara Del Rey, J.J. Perez d MPT, Mafia b Los Chivos, Derreck Sanders b Mike Rapada, Sandman b Kafu-DQ..

  56. January 21, 2006--Southern Pro Wrestling in Ahoskie, North Carolina: Ross & James Hall b Dragan Frost & Grail, Bobby Austin b Justin Sane-DQ, Robert Royal & Mike Vaughn b Big & Smallz, Chris Draman b Tyler James, Phil Brown b Chris Escobar, Sean Lei won three-way 60:00 Iron man match over Damien Wayne..

  57. January 21, 2006--Thoroughbred Wrestling Association in Morehead, Kentucky: Izzy Fureal b Tim Luccarelli, Gabe Rock b Cuzzin Elwood, Kelly Charles b Ninja, J.V. Insanity b Shane Matthews, Reagan Hawk & Mikey Jameson b Drillers, Stan Lee b Tracy Smothers..

  58. January 21, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Romero Contreras b Timmy J by DQ to retain the Oklahoma title, Justin Lee b Poo Bear, Canadian Luchadore & AWOL b Dr. Jon Davis & Canadian Red Devil, The Prophet b Draven Cross in a Last Man Standing Match, Sexy Bologna (Anthony Jackson & Sudden Impact) b Butch Dalton & Brian Lakewood, Rocco Valentino b Bernard Funk by DQ...

  59. January 21, 2006--South Central Wrestling Alliance in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Hands Club: Hades & Jonny Demento & Drago b The Proud Redneck & Slick Dogg & Max Meanie, Pretty Paul w/Miss Kentucky b The Blue Amigo, Otis Bass & Richard Lowe w/Big E. b David Rose & Kid Dynamite to retain the Tag Team titles, Anthony Wayne & Val Joiner b Randall Shane & Magnum Smalls w/Big E, Rob G Rock & The Proud Redneck b Damien Payne & Terry England, Tony Falk b Boy to retain the Southern Kentucky title..

  60. January 21, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in New Port Richey, Florida: Michael Christopher b Raymond Beasley III, Devin "Hi-Lite" Daulton b "The Prodigy" Stephen Summers, Raymond "Killing Machine" Snow b "Madd Dog" Art Strong with a use of a chain, Malia Hosaka b Gina Marie and Lorilei Lee in a 3-WAY, "Superfan" Mark Zout b CJ Conners, Legion "Freakin" Cage b Jaison Moore, Spanky Malone b Donnie York Jr., Jaison Moore won the Florida Guantlet and will wrestle either Ray Beez or Spanky Malone for the first ever AWF Florida Title on 02/04/06 in Auburndale.

  61. January 22, 2006--Prime Time Wrestling in Belleville, Michigan before 500 fans which included an appearance by Bobby Heenan: Petey Williams b Phil Atlas with help from Tracy Brooks, Jon Bolen & Eddie Venom b El Reverso & Brad Martin, Gutter b N8 Mattson, Bobby Roode b CK3, Chris Sabin b Alex Shelley, Abyss b A-1, Samoa Joe b Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams b Chris Sabin in a Ladder match to win the Cruiserweight Tournament (tore the house down), Monty Brown b Rhino to retain the Heavyweight title -- Bobby Heenan was introduced as the new Commissioner of PTW..

  62. January 24, 2006--304 Wrestling in Huntington, West Virginia: Quervo b X5, Loco da Clown won over Chris Kahn, Dain Bramage and Big Red, Dominator b J.V. Insanity, Kid Apollo won over Vance Desmond, Aaron Draven & Zac Vincent in a ladder match, Ace Prime b Shane Matthews, Tracy Smothers b Eric Steel..

  63. January 26, 2006--Southern All Star Wrestling in Trion, Georgia: Viper b Jacob LaRay, Hard Core Productions b Jay Farley & Prince Brian, Sean Shady b Big Bad Wood by DQ, Jason Phoenix & Nick Rampage b Brian Coleman & Lamar Phillips, Nightmare & Butcher Hayes b Lamar Phillips & Frankie Valentine, David Young b Viper w/General Gene..

  64. January 27, 2006--New Generation Wrestling in Lancaster, South Carolina: Kid Chaos b Shea McGrady, Tiny Terrific b Super Ninja, Texas Ranger & Ringlord Speedy b U.S. Express, Mark Slain b Boomer Pain, Tim Hunter b Travis Blackwelder, George South Jr. & Rob Guerrero b Jason Jones & Canadian Bulldog, Jay Eagle b Morbid, Sonny Landel b Chris Hamrick in a lumberjack match..

  65. January 27, 2006--New Alliance Wrestling in Carlisle, Kentucky: Mean Gene & Lucas Velmont b J.D. Thunder & Rowdy Red by DQ, Cujo b Chucky Smooth, Jason Cross b Billy Maverick to become the first ever Light Heavyweight Champion, Randy Royal & K-Lo b Al & Ray "the bear" Steele to win the Tag Team titles, Stevie Phillips b Jeff Crowe, Larry D b The Prophet to win the Heavyweight title..

  66. January 27, 2006--ICW - Lethal Lottery in Tacoma, Washinton: Jesse Jackson won three-way over Michael Santiago and Sonny O'Mara, Avalanche b Ritchie Magnett in a chain match, Chino b Sexy Ed in a street fight, Sloth & Chunk b Chef Hassan Akbar & Prince Nahal in a thumb tacks match, Marvelous Matt b Rad in a TLC match, Tim Flowers b Mike Falcone & Mr. GQ in a handicap lumberjack match..

  67. January 27, 2006--Southern Wrestling Federation in Tullahoma, Tennessee: Scott Burt vs The Barbwire Kid ended in a Double DQ when The SS (Blackie West & Chris Champion, yes THAT Chris Champion) interfered, Brittney & The K.I.D. b Yukon Jack in a Handicap match with Mikey Dunn as referee, Mikey Dunn vs "The Freak" Anthony Ingram ended in a time limit draw, The SS (Blackie West & Chris Champion) b Team Freedom (JP "Cage" Jones & "Chaos" Max Carnage), Gypsy Joe (72 years old) vs Bobby Lowe ended in a draw..

  68. January 27, 2006--Gulf South Wrestling in Grand Bay, Alabama: Marcel Pringle b Mountain Man by DQ, Matt Gordy b Joe Kane by DQ, Luke (Altar Boy) b Masked Intern, Ricky Roberts b Minotaur, Aeon Flexx b Mercury McCloud, John Saxon b Steve Anthony by DQ..

  69. January 27, 2006--EWF in Covina, California: Ron Kilbourn b Kid Karnage and Markus Riot in a 3-WAY, Plague b Black Metal, Bo Cooper & Ryan Taylor b Darkside & Dave the Bruiser, Maximo b Dan Kobrick, T.J. Perkins b Alex Koslov, Joey Harder b Human Tornado, Los Chivos & Mad Max Martin & Johnny Starr by DQ, Bino Gambino b Syrus and Jason King in a 3-WAY..

  70. January 27, 2006--Big Time Wrestling in Hayward, California: L'Empereur b Shane Kody by DQ, Dash Riprock b Hop Sing Lee, Frankie Kazarian b Shannon Ballard, Spike Dudley b Kid Kool, Harry Smith b L'Empereur, Dash Riprock b Frankie Kazarian, Sheik Han Abadi b Mike Silvia and Shane Ballard, Dash Riprock b Harry Smith to win the Tournament for the BTW title. Christy Hemme was advertised but not there..

  71. January 27, 2006--WWC in Greenville, South Carolina: Michael Freely b The Josh, Kris Savage & Chris Guerrero b Tom Williams & Kris Kincaid, Kirby Mack b Tony Kozina, Thomas Simpson & Ethan Cage & Jake Manning & Evon Force b Neil Nitro & Brice Anthony & Bobby Houston & Law, Nathan Starr b Sid Savage, Scottie Wrenn & T.J. Mack & Ken Magnum b Steve Corino & Krazy K & Noah Lott..

  72. January 28, 2006--SWA in Lafayette, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Jason Nesmith b The Oklahoma Kid, "The Pale Rider" Damien Payne w/Miss Innocent b Demented, "Rockhead" Ray Spears & Tony Grande w/Miss Innocent b Hot & Dangerous, Matt Korbaine b Loose Cannon, Tim Scruggs w/Miss Innocent b American Psycho by DQ, "Impressive" Anthony Wayne b "Rockhead" Ray Spears..

  73. January 28, 2006--FPWA - Salvation in Pinellas Park, Florida at the Boys and Girls Club: Eric "The Gift" Crysis b Legion "Freakin" Cage (w/Gina Marie) and Nooie Lee in a 3-WAY, Seal b "All American" Ben Hogan, Aaron Epic b Sideshow and David Mercury in a 3-WAY New Year's Resolution match, Punk & Disorderly (Pretty Fly & VinnDetta) b The Psychedelics (James Morrison & James Hendrix) to retain the Tag Team titles, DJ Arnold b The Black Knight w/Lady Luck, "Country Girl" Lorelei Lee b "Supermodel" Amy Love w/Bruce Steele in a "Make-Over From Hell" match, Epic & Erick Stevens b Dagon Briggs & Suicide"Superfan" Mark Zout (as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake) b "Neon Nightmare" Heater in a Hair vs Hair match, "400lb Monster" Torcher w/Arson b Bruce Steele w/Amy Love to retain the FPWA title..

  74. January 28, 2006--PW Elite (the new RF Video promotion) in Boonton, New Jersey before 200 fans: Josh Abercrombie b C.J. Otis, Kyusei Ninja Runmaru b Sumie Sakai, C.W. Anderson & Simon Diamond b Ricky Landell & Chris Hamrick, Outkast Killas b Mosta Mac & E.C. Negro, Brandon Thomaselli b Petey Williams and Azrael in a 3-WAY, Joel Maximo b Jose Maximo and Grim Reefer and Envy and Arcadia and Bandito Jr. in a 6-WAY, Chris Hero b Eddie Kingston after a sick head-butt and a low blow, Josh Daniels b John Walters, Vito & Sal Thomaselli b All Money is Legal and The SAT in a 3-WAY, Tommy Dreamer b Mana, Harry Smith b Chris Hero, Sabu b Mana in a 5:00 match..

  75. January 28, 2006--NGW in Fort Worth, Texas: Re-Gex b Brown Brothers, Jazz b David Fuller, Chris Richter & Treyman b Bryan Lewis & Texas Red, Night Stalkers b SWAT, Rodney Begnaud (Rodney Mack) b Slam Shady..

  76. January 28, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Johnny Sparks & Skip Radisson b T.J. Kemp & Gary Cherry, Gunner Stahl b Willie Loseagain, Cameron Star b BaDunka Dunk, Chance Laredo b Fallen Dragon, Gameboy b Bam Morgan, Johnny Dynamo b Evan Alexander, Jeff King b Hypnosis...

  77. January 28, 2006--HPW in Culver City, California before 160 fans: Mr. Instant Replay b Slick Nick, Joey Ryan b Kaos, Charles Mercury b Phoenix Star, Lil Cholo b Markus Riot, Diablo & Tarantula b CK & Ronnie Tsunami, Instant Replay b Ryan, Mercury b Cholo, Samson won Battle Royal, Instant Replay b Mercury to win Tournament to become first HPW champ ..

  78. January 28, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before a sellout 182 fans: Don Juan & Chris Marval b Andrew Dalton & Logan, Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie b Hector Montoya & Mike Dell-DQ, Hotstuff Hernandez b Quinten Allen-DQ, Eddie Vegas b Spector, Ikaika b Rudy Russo, Ender & Kronie & Hernandez & Juan & Marval b Dell & Montoya & Allen & Dalton & Logan.

  79. January 28, 2006--Infinity Pro Challenge in Bloomington, Indiana: Donovan Cain b Jason Lyte, Andrew Coal b TNT Jack Maverick, Bob b AC Powers, "The Kid" Jason Lyte b Donovan Cain by Submission, "TNT" Jack Maverick b Andrew Coal by holding onto the ropes, Jim E. Brews b Steve Amani by DQ when Colton Cash & Rastakhan interfered, The Tsunamis b Team BMF, "The Real Deal" Bob b AC Powers by Crossface, Jay West b Sikness with Emerald Fusion.

  80. January 29, 2006--FMLL in Chicago, Illinois at the Congress Theater before 2,500 fans: Silueta Azul b Great Pojo, Mascara de Jade & Angel de la Muerte b Aguila Tapatia & Angel Dorado, Guerrerito del Futuro & Coco Verde & Coco Negro b Swat Cat & Lupillo & Rayo Lazer, Ottoman & Piloto Suicida b Shamu Jr. & Aguila del America, Mistico & L.A. Park b Dr. Wagner Jr. & Rey..

  81. January 29, 2006--SCWA in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Kid Dynamite & David Rose b Jonny Demento & Hades, Val Joiner won five-way over Pretty Paul, Magnum Smalls, Max Meanie and Phil, Tony Falk & Rob Rock & Proud Redneck b Boy & Richard Lowe & Otis Bass, Randall Shane b Anthony Wayne, Terry England b Damien Payne..

  82. January 29, 2006--Kentucky Independent Action in Frankfort, Kentucky: Zodiac b Mark Kain, Kevin Starr b Cody Matthews by DQ, Boxcar Bruce b Gabe Rock, Mike Mondelli b Slash and Kid Krazy in a 3-WAY, Bill Dundee & Mike Samples & Kevin Starr b Tracy Smothers & Shane Matthews & J.V. Insanity..

  83. January 29, 2006--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Seth Allen b Brad Michaels, Devon Monroe b The Confederate, The Brotherhood of Pain vs The Patriots ended in a No-Contest, Cody Jones b Prince al-Farat w/Moustafa Sharmout to retain the Mid-South Cruiserweight title, The Real Impact Players w/Tommy D b Mitch Carter & Tyson James, Angel Williams b E-Bone, The House of Strange w/Damien Strange b John O´Malley & Ryan Davidson to retain the Mid-South Tag Team titles...

  84. January 31, 2006--Eddie Sharkey's Midwest Pro Wrestling in Minneapolis, Minnesota in front of 200-300 fans at $1.00 ticket prices: Kraven Knight b Animal Sam, Asylum b Zero Kinkade, Magnus Maximus b Big Daddy Hoofer, Mitch Paradise b Kid Krazy, ODB & Cody O' Neill b The Junk Squad, Nate Bash b Arik Cannon to win the Cruiserweight title!

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