Independent Wrestling Results - February 2006

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  1. February 1, 2006--AWS at the City of Industry, California: Sexy Chino & Bo Cooper & King Favi b Biggie Biggz & Viper & Darkside, Lil Cholo b Markus Riot, Joey Ryan b T.J. Perkins, Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise b Karl Anderson & Scotty Murray and Mikey Nicholls & Hartley Jackson and Fergal Devitt & Davis Storm in a 4-WAY, Scorpio Sky b Alex Koslov, Human Tornado b The Plague..

  2. February 2, 2006--United Wrestling Association - Ricky Morton Benefit Show in Alcoa, Tennessee: Dillenger & Steel b The ECB Boys (Sexy Boy Lance & Lynn Storm) to win the Tag team titles, Rich Kavana & CM Sigmon & Mike Ogle & The Boss b Team ACPW, AJ Styles b Shannon Moore w/Lollipop, Charles Long b Menace, Tracy Smothers & Bobby Houston & Lance Stark b James Storm & David Young & KC Thunder w/Dawn, Devon Drake & Robbie Race b The Guerreros, Hailey Hatred b Naudia in a Diva Lumberjack match, Jeff Anderson b Tom Prichard w/Ercules in a "Rocky Top Street Fight", Jerry Lee & Jim Miller b Gypsy Joe & Domino and Mitch Mangus & Mighty Angus and ????? & ????? in a 4-WAY, Christal b Shane Mathews w/The Terrorist to win the X-Division title, Cassidy Riley & Shane Williams b Brad Thomas & Dillon Eaton (Bobby's son), The Stro b The Barbarian w/Mr. Terrific by DQ, The Thunder Valley Express b The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) by DQ, Shawn Shultz b Adam Armor, Chase Stevens b Dave Pillman and Jake Manning in 3-WAY to retain the UWA Heavyweight title ---- ($2475.00 was raised for Ricky Morton with an attendance of 425)..

  3. February 2, 2006--Lucha Caliente in El Paso, Texas: T-Krew b Mayor & Nathan Sin, Johnny Encore b Dillon Stone, Massive b Darren Childs, Hurricane Hector b Magno, Jacob Ladder b Rey Escorpion, El Angel & Yanko b Las Bestias..

  4. February 2, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Larry Huntley b Mason X w/Marion Lawless, Glamour Shots (Cameron Mathews & Alexander Chamberlain) b Kidd TNT & Tim Sabin to retain the Tag Team title, Scott "By God" Vegas b Casey Duncan, Luke Robinson b Eric Atlas, BullMoose Calhoun b Eric Atlas, "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone b Pro-Zack, Hardware b Sonny Roselli (NWH Champion) by DQ..

  5. February 2, 2006--Dangerous Women of Wrestling - New Year's Rezzho-lution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the old ECW Arena before a reported nearly 1,000 fans: Lacey b Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru, Angela b Candie and Chris the Crossdresser in a 3-WAY, The Maes (Elle & Dawn) b Cristol & Liz Savage, Sumie Sakai b Angel Orsini in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match where Orsini broke both heels legit, The Blue Meanie b "Prime Time" Amy Lee (w/w/The Smoke & The Sound Guy) to win the Women's World title..

  6. February 3, 2006--Southern Wrestling Federation in Tullahoma, Tennessee: Shane Mathews b "All Business" Scott Burt, The K.I.D. b Yukon Jack by outside interference from Britney, The SS (Chris Champion & Blackie West) b Team Freedom (JP Cage Jones & Chaos Max Carnage) to win the SWF Tag Team titles, Jimmy Warren won a non-pro battle royal, Bobby Lowe b Tracy Smothers and Gypsy Joe in a 3-WAY to retain his SWF Heavyweight title and win the US Southern Heavyweight title.

  7. February 3, 2006--AWC in Greenville, South Carolina: Big Dog b Hector Navarro, Ethan Case won three-way over Spectre and Michael Freely, Thomas Simpson & Manchild b Neil Nitro & Bruce Anthony, Wicked & Thug b Brett Thunder & Skitzo..

  8. February 3, 2006--All Star Wrestling Alliance in Bowman, Georgia: Black Mask b Don Matthews, Simon Sermon b Matt Sells, Kameron Kade b Dale Dwindle, Mercenary & Dark Angel b Corporal Punishment & Draven, Juggernaut b Bain, Shadow Jackson & Matt Sells b Jeremy V & Jason Blackman..

  9. February 3, 2006--All Out Wrestling - Fully Loaded in Chatsworth, Georgia: The Punisher b Blaze, Outake b T-Tyme, Blaze b T-Tyme to win the Hardcore title, The Punisher b Outake with A Chokeslam, Tribe b T-Tyme, T-Tyme won a 4-Man Battle Royal To Become #1 Contender To Any Belt Of His Choice!!! Which He Chose As The Lightweight Championship!!

  10. February 4, 2006--OutCast Wrestling Association in Elkhart, Indiana: Big Daddy Dean b Silence, FatNick & Damien Powers b DL Diamond & Tornado, Jinx b Sikness, Tone C b Muffin Man, Thug b Justin Paine in a Hardcore match, Scare Tactics b Carnival of Evil in a 6 man Tag Match, Playboi b Uncle Gus Chickens, JD Blaze b Ice and Reign to win the OWA Television title..

  11. February 4, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafaytte, Tennessee at the National Gaurd Armory: Chief Billy Eagle vs. The Executioner ended in a No Contest, Alejandro Del Negro b Jason Nezmith, Damien Payne w/Miss Innocent b Demented to retain the United States title, Tony Grande & Ray Spears w/Miss Innocent b Anthony Wayne (sub for John Watts) & Dale Dangerous to retain the Tag Team titles, American Psycho vs Tim Scruggs in a 2/3 Falls match ended with a Double Countout in the 3rd fall, Loose Cannon b Matt Korbaine..

  12. February 4, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Maynard Ruffneck b Gary Cherry, Johnny Dynamo b T.J. Kemp, Hypnosis & Fallen Dragon b Rob Kincaid & Skip Raddison, P-Roc b MIA & Snake, Jeff King b Gunner Stahl, Steve Amani b Anarchy, Tommy Gage b Chance Laredo, Frankie the Face b Rastakhan, Jack Thriller won three-way over Jay West and Gameboy, Osyris b J.T Zorin-DQ..

  13. February 4, 2006--PCW in Jasper, Alabama before a sellout 500 fans: Bubba Cagle b Will Owens, Mike Jackson b Ultimate Dragon to retain the Alabama Junior Heavyweight title, McNasty b Adrian Street, Lash Leroux vs Lord Humongous ended in a No Contest (Gary Nations)..

  14. February 4, 2006--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Chrisjen Hayme b. "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee, Nasty Kritter b. The Night Prowler by DQ, Cabana Man Dan & Nino del Oro b. The Asian Assassins (Shinobi #1 & #2) to win the GCW Tag Team Titles, Theodore Tuttweiler III b. "Machine" Guff Grayson by DQ, Mudbone b. Seth Skyfire, "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer w/ Daffney Unger b. The InHuman Fly w/ Howard C. Cross...

  15. February 4, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Timmy J w/Bernard Funk b Matt Emerald, Anthony Jackson w/Sudden Impact b Poo Bear and Romero Contreras in a 3-WAY, Justin Lee b Shawn Steel by DQ when Timmy J interfered, Brian Lakewood b Ryan Davidson, Rocco Valentino w/Jon Davis b AWOL w/The Canadian Luchadore, Romero Contreras won the Oklahoma Stampede match..

  16. February 4, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Tennessee before 187 fans: Damien Cole & Chris Ikkon b Roger Blade & Mr. Big, Bobby Sazon d Brandon Styles, TVZ b Shooting Stars-DQ, Dewey Brow b Donny Idol, Homer Pyle (where did they get that name from?) b Idol, Matt Stryker NC Brian Beech, Ronnie Vegas b Pastor Pain (who changed his name from Homer Pyle earlier in the show), Ox Harley b Average White Guy in a loser leaves town for 60 days match..

  17. February 4, 2006--Hardcore Super 8 Tournament in Sacramento, California: Bruce Bukkake b Mike Rayne in a Coney Island street fight, Vinny Massaro b Luster the Legend in a weapons match, Brian Raymond b Rik Luxury in a bed of mouse traps match, J.D. Bishop b Hijo de Chupacabra in a first blood match, Seito Hayashi b Virgil Flynn in a bare foot thumb tacks match, Bishop b Bukkake in a bed of bared wire match, Massaro b Raymond in a bed of light bulbs match, Suburban Commandos b Vennis DeMarco & Shane Dynasty, Flaco Loco & Oliver John & Bishop b Sir Samurai & Malachi & Adam Thornstowe in a War Games match..

  18. February 4, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in Auburndale, Florida: Michael Christopher vs Eric Crysis ended in a No Contest when the Heartbreak Express interfered, Kahagas & Dragon Warrior b Donnie York Jr. & Scott Commodity, Aaron Epic b Devin Dalton, BoneZ b Raymond "Killing Machine" Snow in a match of connect four and then Snow pinned BoneZ with a giant HULK fist wrapped with a chain, Jaison Moore b Ray Beez to win the first ever Florida title (After the match, Leon Scott attacked Jaison Moore and Ryze made the save -- Ray Beez attacked the Giant and was chokeslammed through two tables), The Heartbreak Express b Eric Crysis & Michael Christopher, Scott Davis b Bruce Steele by DQ when Amy Love went to slap Scott Davis and hit referee Frankie Reyes, Kenny King b Jerrelle Clark (After the match, Bruce Steele attacked Kenny King to set up a match against each other on 2/11)..

  19. February 4, 2006--World Pro Wrestling Event in Corvallis, Oregon: Rick Steiner b Bubba Blanchard, "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn b Marcus "Buff" Bagwell to retain the WPW title..

  20. February 4, 2006--AAW in Berwyn, Illinois: Eric Priest b Ricky Thomas, Ryan Boz b Chandler McClure, Danny Daniels b Silas Young, Trik Davis b Dan Lawrence-DQ, Marco Cordova & Jayson Reign DDQ Weston Benton & Derek St. Holmes, Chase Richards b J.J. Drake, Machine & Safari Stu b Bryce Benjamin & Jason Dukes, Black & Brave b Michigan Invasion-DQ, Venom b Robert Anthony, Jimmy Jacobs b Jerry Lynn in a brutal dog collar match..

  21. February 4, 2006--Empire State Wrestling in North Tonawanda, New York: "The Mastiff" Will Christianson b Damien Alexander and Chris Cooper in a 3-WAY, Brodie Lee & Charisma (NWA Upstate) b Jonny Puma (EWS) in an Inter-promotional Handicap match, NWA Upstate (Ron Falco & Eric Everlast) b ESW (Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston) to retain the Tag Team titles, NWAU's Gabriel Saint b ESW's Kevin Grace to retain the ESW Interstate title, Matt Kovac vs Michael Kovac ended in a no contest when Damien Alexander attacked both men, Bret Mednick & Crazzy Steve b Cade Cassidy & Kris Chambers.

  22. February 5, 2006--National Federation of Wrestling - Radisson Rumble in Radisson, Wisconsin: El Vato b D.D.S., Jimmy Jones b Johnny Goldengate, Steve Stardom b Ace Spade to win the Cruiserweight title, Chaos Theory b The Brothers Grimm and The Derailers in a 3-WAY to win the Tag Team titles, Ann Thraxx b Miss Kittie to re-activate the Women's Title, Boogieman b The Lumberjack, Dinn T. Moore & Steve Stone b Ian Xavier & Travis Sharp..

  23. February 7, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling - Southern Discomfort in Elkmont, Alabama: Shawn "The Heete" Peete b. Jeremy Flynt, Insane Lane & Tony V b. KG & Ryan Nero to retain the FTW Tag Titles, Sinn City & Robert Wallace b. Chad Allen, Chris Lee & Little E, "Showtime" Eric Young NC "A2" Adam Armor by Time Limit, Charlie Swinger b. Freakshow's Iceburg in a "Firestarter" match, "Cowboy" James Storm b. Chase Stevens by reverse decision, Doug Harrision b. Curt Nickles in a chain match...

  24. February 8, 2006--Outlaw Wrestling Alliance in Beckley, West Virginia: Outlaw b Ace Prime, Mike McCabe b BuddyLove, Dave Scott b Smoke, Kid Apollo & Kris King b J.V. Insanity & Elijah O'Malley..

  25. February 9, 2006--MTV's Wrestling Society X in California in a secret location that had a "fight club" atmosphere, a live rock band, and lots of paid models in attendance: Human Torando b Alter Boy Luke and Puma in a 3-WAY dark match, Jack Evans b Matt Sydal, Vampiro & Sean Waltman won a Royal Rumble Death match (Included Vampiro, Sean Waltman, Justin Credible, Chris Hamrick, Teddy Hart, New Jack and others)

  26. February 9, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Casey Duncan pinned Iron Eagle, Glamour Shots-Cameron Mathews and Alexander Worthington pinned BullMoose Calhoun and Kidd TNT to retain the NWH Tag Team Titles, Luke Robinson pinned Dave Wilcox, AWA World Tag Team Champion JT Wolfen pinned "Heartstopper" Chase San Antone, Hardware and "Enforcer" Larry Huntley defeated NWH Heavyweight Champion Sonny Roselli and NWH Maine State Champion Canadian Moondog by disqualification, Scott Vegas pinned Robbie Ellis to become the NEW NWH Cruiserweight Champion

  27. February 10, 2006--UWF in Harrisonburg, Virginia before a huge crowd: Short Sleeve Sampson b ?????, Shannon Moore b Jerry Lynn and Sonjay Dutt and Cassidy Riley in a 4-WAY, America's Most Wanted b The James Gang (James Storm smashed Kip James with a beer bottle), Elix Skipper & David Young b Matt Hyson & Ron Killings, Sabu b Abyss in a Coffin match, Jeff Jarrett & Maven (home town wrestler but playing heel) b Team 3-D (Rhino and Eric Young interfered)..

  28. February 10, 2006--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Bryan Austin b David Austin, Law b Ethan Cage, Kaos b Vicious V and S.T. Ryker and McGruff in a 4-WAY, Dirty b Neil Nitro, Leroy Dudley b Mexican Jumping Bean #1, Viper & Justin Destruction b Scotty Black & B.K. Victory, Ryan C b Darkness by DQ, Jonathan Buffett b Kid Country..

  29. February 10, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: "The Ace" Will Allen b Seventeen, "Killer" Keith Steinborn b Drew "Blood" Bannen, Xtreme Phenom & Spazz b David Raines & Big Bank Barfield, Ox Madison b Dirty Don Anderson, Cynder b "The Ace" Will Allen (As a result, Cynder gets five minutess with Col. Ivan Parker next week)..

  30. February 11, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Zack McGuire b T.J. Kemp, Mickey McCoy b Frank Stein, Dinn T. Moore b Gunner Stalh-DQ, T.J. Kemp & Gary Cherry b Wildman Rogers & John Hurt, Joni Chingas b Anarchy, J.T. Zorin & Johnny Spark b Rastakhan.

  31. February 11, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Michael Strider b Joey Daniels, Zac James b Matty Fitness, Tyler Pride b Chris Havius, Sean Cruz b Babyface, Max Magnus b Paul Daniels, Jeremy Wyatt b Mark Sterling, Darrien Sanders b Babyface-DQ, Jaysin Strife b Delirious to keep Midwest X title..

  32. February 11, 2006--Championship Wrestling in Greeneville, Tennessee: Thorn b Wayne Adkins and Matt Stevens in a 3-WAY, KMF Inc. b Matt Scott & Cody Ices, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy b KMF Inc. by Count Out, Nick Hammonds b Robbie Cassidy, Tom Prichard b Tony Givens by DQ, Alyx Winters b Freak by DQ..

  33. February 11, 2006--Alliance Wrestling Force in Dover, Florida: Suicide b Vinndetta, Mark Zout & Legion Freakin Cage & Marcus Hall b Kahagas & Naphtali & Dragon Warrior, Donnie York Jr. & White Scorpion vs Otto Weid & Chris Michaels ended in a No Contest when Otto Weid turned on Michaels (Otto Weid dropped his gimmick and went back to his name of Butch Long), Michael Christopher & Chris Michaels b Donnie York Jr. & Butch Long, Raymond Snow vs Leon Scott ended in a time limit draw, Modern Day Theory b The Heartbreak Express, Jaison Moore b Raymond Beasley III to retain the AWF Florida title, Scott Davis b Kenny King and Bruce Steele in a 3-WAY to become the first ever AWF Universal champion!

  34. February 11, 2006--Tornado Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Owen Park: Brian Lakewood b D-Day, Poo Bear b Ryan Davidson and Draven Cross in a 3-WAY, The Canadian Red Devil b Mike York to retain the Light Heavyweight title, The Canadian Luchadore & AWOL b Matt Emerald & Shawn Steel, Justin Lee b Timmy J by DQ, Rocco Valentino b Rancid ---- Due to winning the Oklahoma Stampede last week, TPW Oklahoma Champion Romero Contreras won the right to challenge for any title of his choosing. He chose to challenge TPW Tag Team Champions Sexy Bologna and was allowed to pick anyone as his partner. Romero ended up choosing Sexy Bologna member Anthony Jackson, resulting in a modified 3-Way Dance, which ended with Anthony Jackson pinning himself. TPW Commissioner Kitty declared all 3 wrestlers as co-holders of the TPW Tag Team Titles.

  35. February 11, 2006--New Age Wrestling & National Federation of Wrestling - The Westby Rumble in Westby, Wisconsin: Zakk Neo b Playboy Troy, 2 Lo b Jake Classick to win the NAW Cruiserweight title, Backdraft b The Brothers Grimm to retain the NAW Tag Team titles, "D-roc" Devin Martin b The Lumberjack to win the NAW United States title, Jay Chaotic & Butch Davis b The Carnavil, Ian Xavier b Buddah to retain the NFW Heavyweight title, "Superstar" Steve Stardom b Ace Spade to capture the NAW Heavyweight title..

  36. February 11, 2006--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Cracker Jack d Aaron LaMotta, Cornbred b Adam Armor, Omen b Josh the Krazed One-DQ, Dillinger b Da Studd, Greg Valentine b Chase Stevens..

  37. February 11, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafayette, Tennessee at the National Gaurd Armory: Loose Cannon b The Executioner, Alejandro Del Negro b Jason Nezmith, Damien Payne b Anthony Wayne and Dememted in a 3-WAY to retain the United States title, Dale Dangerous & John Watts b Tony Grande & Ray Spears in a Fans with Straps Lumberjack match to win the Tag Team titles, Matt Korbaine b Loose Cannon in a Street Fight, American Psycho b Tim Scruggs in a Ladder match to win the Heavyweight title!

  38. February 11, 2006--New School Action in Fayetteville, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: Jeff Jameson b. Gabriel, "The Human Action Figure" Patrick Bentley b. "Canadian Kid" Chris Lee by DQ, Chris Bradley b. Chrisjen Hayme in a Street Fight, Patrick Bentley & Seth Delay b. K.G. & Will Owens, Cabana Man Dan b. "Mr. Main Event" Adam Robets to retain the NSW Heavyweight Championship..

  39. February 12, 2006--Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling - St. Valentine's Day Mat Massacre in Cleveland, Ohio at Turner's Hall: Michael Hellborn & Barry Saggitarious b John Thorne & Nick Tatum, Jason Scott b Morty Rackem, Lou Marconi & Iron Man b Christian Faith & Aero w/Vincent Nothing, K.C. Blood b Canadian Bad Boy, Da Munchies (Dick Trimmins & Too Cool Abdul) b J.T. Lightning & Chris Cronus w/Krystal Frost, Jabari b Ala Hassan, Q & A (Virus & Unknown) b Jason Bane & Raymond Rowe, Matt Stryker b "The Prodigy" Johnny Gargano to retain the Junior Heavyweight title, Sumie Sakai b Kyusei Ninja Rinmaru (awesome match !!!), Adam Cage b Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hamrick in a 3-WAY to win the Unified Heavyweight title!

  40. February 12, 2006--Central Wrestling Federation in Lafayette, Indiana at Riehle Brothers Sports Complex: Marc Houston & Jamie Crisis b Matt Valor & Damian Storm, Shawn Cook b Devon Fury, Brian Roberts b Luis Rojas & Jeremy Hadley in a Handicap match, Guy Lombardo b Xavier Cross, Laurence Poffo b Kenny Courageous, Tiny Tim & Indiana Kidd b Matt Valor & Dustin Lillard, Billy Roc b Billy Bart, PT Hussla b Ryan Thunder to retain the CWF title..

  41. February 12, 2006--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Stokaroshi b Brian Cage, Mike Rayne b Otis, Suburban Commandos b Honor Society, Trent Hemridge & Tito Aquino b Kenny K & Kryptonite, Flaco Loco b Vennis DeMarco, Vinny Massaro & Seito Hayashi b Luster the Legend & Pogo the Clown, Chupacabra b Sir Samurai, Rik Luxury & Steel & Kafu b Bruce Bukkake & Virgil Flynn & Hijo de Chupacabra, Adam Thornstowe vs Oliver John ended in a draw..

  42. February 12, 2006--SCWA in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Anthony Wayne won three-way over Randall Shane and Magnum Smalls, Kid Dynamite & David Rose NC Medic & Johnny Demento, Rob Rock won Royal Rumble, Tony Falk & Proud Redneck b Boy & Otis Bass, Terry England b Damien Payne-'DQ..

  43. February 12, 2006--EWF in Covina, California: Xtorm b Ryan Taylor, Ghetto Psycho Big Q b Ragin Dawg, Max Martin b Kid Karnage, Liger Rivera b Ron Killborn, Aaron Aguilera b Bino Gambino, Joey Harder b T.J. Perkins, Human Tornado & Carla Jade b Joey Ryan & Candice LeRue, Dan Kobrick & Jason King & Black Metal b Mr. Nitro 2 Go & Los Chivos

  44. February 12, 2006--Mid South Wrestling Alliance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Tyler Bateman & Brad Michaels b Kenny Campbell & Mitch Carter, Devon Monroe b Confederate #2, The Rock-N-Roll Cowboy (w/Talon) b Trojan #1, Prince al-Farat (w/Moustafa Sharmout) b Tyson James, The Real Impact Players b The House of Strange to win the Mid-South Tag Team titles, The Prophet b Ryan Davidson (Tri-State Champion) by DQ, The Patriots b The Brotherhood of Pain in a Lumberjack Strap Match..

  45. February 15, 2006--Outlaw Wrestling Alliance in Beckley, West Virginia: Buddy Love b Smoke, J.V. Insanity won three-way over Chris Phoenix and Smokey C, WV Wrecking Crew b Dave Scott & Mike McCabe, Eric Steel b Ace Prime, Elijah O'Malley b Kid Apollo..

  46. February 17, 2006--New Generation Wrestling in Shelby, North Carolina before 210 fans: Wolfman won 10 man Battle Royal (which included Dillon Eaton, Bobby's son), Krystal White b Dixie, Big Islanders b Damage Control and Brian Lender & Joe Gillentine in a three-way, Amber O'Neil & Krissy Vaine b Serena & Venus, George South Jr. b George South Sr., Masked Superstar & Barbarian b Tracy Smothers & Psycho Simpson, Chase Stevens won X Division gauntlet match, Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong b Tom Prichard & Terry Taylor in 20 seconds, The RockNRoll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) b The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton)..

  47. February 17, 2006--Premier Wrestling Alliance in Pearland, Texas at the VFW Hall: CowDog b Kris Kronie, Justin Blaze b Quinton Allen, The Fu Man Kru b The Crusaders, ZenZen b Max Muscles in a #1 Contenders match, The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marvel) b Major Eddie Lee & Jared Steele when ZenZen interfered in the match.

  48. February 17, 2006--Gulf South Wrestling form Grand Bay, Alabama: Mountain Man b Marcel Pringle, Joe Kane b Masked Intern, Queen Melissa b Miss Dixie, Mercury McCloud & John Saxon & Ricky Roberts b Aeon Flexx & Steve Anthony & Minotaur, Saxon won blindfold Battle Royal..

  49. February 17, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: Christian Faith b "The Ace" Will Allen by DQ, Damon Gore b Drew "Blood" Bannen, Xtreme Phenom b Brokishi, David Raines b Spazz, Col. Ivan Parker vs. Cynder ended in a No Contest..

  50. February 18, 2006--ACPW in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania: Tyger Whylde b Chio, Don E. Allen b Kris Krude, Angel Gonzalez b Vinny the Fixer, Crash Crew b Ron Starr & D.J. Hyde & Devon, Sabian & Joker b Heretic & Aramus, Dr. Ruthless b Sensational One, Gemini Trojans won three-way over Bazooka Joe & Dragon Fly and Chris Whylde & Zac Connor..

  51. February 18, 2006--ACPW in St. Pauls, North Carolina: Marietti & Jay Steel b Dream Lovers, Hangtime b Draven, Josh Hunter & Criminally Insane b Perfect Creation & Sik Wit It, Soul Reaper b Steve Michaels, Xavier Rush & Cletus Bass b ECBH, Zane Dawson b Louis Moore and K.C. McKnight in a 3-WAY, Stro vs Ivan Koloff ended in a No Contest, Stro b Sik Wit It..

  52. February 18, 2006--New Generation Wrestling in Pickens, South Carolina: Scott Lender & Joel Gallintine b Damage Inc., Adam Armor b K.C. Thunder, Krystal White b Maria and Serena in a 3-WAY, Power Twins b Big Islanders by DQ, George South Sr. & Tracy Smothers b Dylan Eaton (Bobby's son) & Brad Thomas, Chris Hamrick & Chase Stevens & Dollar D b John Thornhill & Shane Matthews & Jason Rumble, The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton) b Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner, Masked Superstar b Psycho Simpson, The RockNRoll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) b Tom Prichard & Terry Taylor..

  53. February 18, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Johnny Dynamo b Maynard Ruffneck, Hank Calhoun b Josh Movado, BaDunkaDunk b Cameron Star, Steve Amani b Johnny Spark, Locked N Loaded won over Fallen Dragon & Hypnosis, Jeff King & Gameboy and Wildman Rogers & Big John Hurtz..

  54. February 18, 2006--ICW in Olympia, Washington: Mr. GQ b Ritchie Magnett, Avalanche b Sonny O'Mara, Jason Jackson b Rad, Chef b Prince Nahal in a chain match, Sloth & Chunk b Michael Santiago & Marvelous Matt, Chino b Tim Flowers 3-2 in a 30:00 Iron man match that went into overtime..

  55. February 18, 2006--3XW in Des Moines, Iowa: Jaysin Strife b Gage Octane, Devin Carter & Casanova b Matty Fitness & Tony Sly, Arik Cannon b Ryan Cruz to retain the 3XW Cruiserweight title, Brian Ash b Big Dog Barber to unify the 3XW Heavyweight & 3XW North American titles, Tony Scarpone b The Freak, Egotistico Fantastico won a 20 gauntlet Battle Royal..

  56. February 18, 2006--American Championship Wrestling - Hell Freezes Over in South Ogden, Utah: Uggly Ryder b Fox by DQ (Fox retained the DZW West Triple Crown title), Eclipse b. Jimmy Daniels, Eclipse & Jimmy Daniels b Thanatos & Donovan Denzli by DQ to retain the ACW United States Tag Team titles, "Mean" Mike Martinez b Zen in a 2/3 Falls match to win the ACW Junior Heavyweight title (Mike b Zen in the first fall, Zen b Mike in the second fall, both men were counted out in the third fall, Mike b Zen in a tiebreaker fall), Tristan Gallo b Jaden in a lumberjack match to win the ACW Midwest title, "Assassin" Spencer Cage b "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez in a No DQ match to retain the ACW title

  57. February 18, 2006--IWA-Deep South in Hanceville, Alabama at the National Guard Armory: Adam Jacobs b. Jeremey Westmoreland, Joe Hogan b. Spanish Angel, Jewdis b. A.J. Creed, Billy Ray Grant & Kris McInnis b. Brevin Holt & Benin, Cabana Man Dan b. Jeff Jameson, Ricochet, "The Role Model" Brian Sterling & Chuck Taylor to win the IWA-Deep South World Title, Brandon Prophet b. Insane Lane, Syko, Spydar Boodrow, Tank & Freakshow in an Elimination Death Match, Necro Butcher b. J.C. Bailey 3-0 in a 20 Minute Iron Man Death Match..

  58. February 18, 2006--Mountain State Wrestling in Mt. Hope., West Virginia: Ice b Brent Batten, Chad Cross b Chris Vega, War Machine b Dan Richards, Willie Blackheart NC Derik Billings, Danny Ray b Kris King, Brent Batten b J.V. Insanity, Kris King b Kid Apollo, Johnny Blast & Ice b Derik Billings & Chad Cross..

  59. February 18, 2006--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma: Lil Joe & Doink b The Jihad Kid & Sheik Garza, John O´Malley b Julian Wolfenbarger in a Hardcore Match, Ryan Davidson b Tyler Bateman for the title, Aaron Neil b Angel Williams, Seth Allen & Brad Michaels b Slash & Mr. Wrestling III..

  60. February 18, 2006--Great American Wrestling Federation in Altha, Florida: Hollywood Star b Confederate Kid, Zip (not Dr. Tom) won three-way over Gina Marie and Dixie, Damian LaVaye b Steve Goings, Nighthawk b Mr. Fantasy-DQ, Legion Cage b Marcus Hall, Mountain Man b General Pain & Rainbow Warrior, Commando b Street Bandit, Jesse Dalton & Mr. I b Bob & Scott Armstrong..

  61. February 18, 2006--Northern Wrestling Federation in Walton, Kentucky: Christopher Michael Lotus d Pompano Joe, Muldoon b T-Money, Zodiac b Playboy, Prof. Meddler & Melvin Winkleman & Malpractice b Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim & Jeremy Hude, Ice b Russ Meyer, Jesse Hyde b Matt Parks-DQ, Chris Harris (TNA) & Dustin Lillard b Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone..

  62. February 18, 2006--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Nick LeBeau & Dark angel b Phantom & Wrestler X, Drago b Jason Taylor, Chris Reno b Dave Nevada, Garf Redman & Phoenix b Dewey Brown, Ronnie Longworth vs Brad Callway ended in a draw..

  63. February 18, 2006--Ring Wars Carolina in Fayetteville, North Carolina: "Stunning" Steve Michaels b Luchadore Fantastico to earn a shot at the TV Title later), The Stro b Nadia & Sgt. Chaos in a Handicap match, Styxx b Tazz Jackson, East Coast Bodily Harm b The PoPos (debut), Xavier "X-Man" Rush b "Stunning" Steve Michaels to retain the Television title, Dr. Love & Zane Dawson & Nite-Stic Eddie Brown b KC Mcknight & Sic Wit It & Josh Hunter, TiTo Rains b Hangtime to retain the Heavyweight title!

  64. February 18, 2006--All-Star & Mid-States Wrestling in Pittsburg, Kansas: Gary Gram b Brandon Bennett, Jake Boulder b Jeff "The K-9" Locke, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry b Phil Lawrence, "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones b Takeon The Korean Warrior, Tim WarCloud b Mark "The Shadow" Johnson, The Sheik b Mason Hunter, Craig Keesman & Jason Jones & Bob Burk b Michael Barry & Thomas Thorn & Stephen E...

  65. February 18, 2006--Blackball'd Wrestling Organization - A Hostile Takeover in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania at the Top Gun Wrestling Academy: Maverick b Sabotage, Angus the Caveman b Dr. Spider, Erick Matlock b Pelle Primo, Team BWO b Team EGW, Aaron Hood & Annie Social b The Living Dead, The Well Hidden Warriors b Salvation 2K6 for the Tag Team titles, Jon Cannon b CJ O'Doyle and Jason Static in a 3-WAY Submissions match, Kid Kaos b The Keenan Quinn, Kris Krude b Teddy Fine to win the BWO Heavyweight Title after a seated piledriver through a chair..

  66. February 24, 2006--New Elite Wrestling - Ultra Clash in Trion, Georgia: Michael Cross b Dark Gable, Adrian Guerrero & Seth Cruise b Novacaine & Fan Favorite, Travis Lancaster & Adam McGraw b Timebomb & Luscious Ashley, Casey Kage b Jimmy Rave, Buff Bagwell & Frankie Davis & Chad Fuller b Dakota Outlaws & Justin Ramey..

  67. February 24, 2006--New Generation Wrestling in Lancaster, South Carolina: Bobby Houston b Chris Guerrero, Texas Ranger b Shea Shea McGready, Jason Jones b George South Jr., Jay Eagle b Boomer Payne, Shane Austin won over Tim Hunter, Rex Rumble and Ringlord Speedy, Crystal White b Shane Matthews, Ricky Morton b Chase Stevens, Chris Hamrick & Tracy Smothers b Sonny Landel & Morbid..

  68. February 23, 2006--New Wrestling Horizons in Old Town, Maine: Luke Robinson b Kid TNT, Scott Vegas b "Sports Illustrated Legend" Robbie Ellis by Countout to retain the Cruiserweight title, Scott Vegas b Eric Atlas to retain the Cruiserweight title, "Rugged" Ric Daniels b Casey Duncan, Larry Huntley & Chase San Antone b Kyle Krup & Mason X, Canadian Moondog b Tim Sabin to retain the Maine State title, Showman b Sonny Roselli (Heavyweight Champion) in a Non-title 5 Minute Survival Match. (If Showman hadn't lasted the 5 minutes, he would have been fired), Hardware & BullMoose Calhoun b Alexander Chamberlain & Eric Atlas to win the Tag Team titles..

  69. February 24, 2006--Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina, California at the Knights of Columbus Hall before 240 fans: Antonio Mestre b Brandon Nitro, Marcus Riot & Ron Kilbourn b Doomsday, Joey Harder b Liger Rivera to retain the Cruiserweight title, Aaron Aguilera b Syrus to retain the EWF World title, Alex Pincheck & Plague b Johnny Starr & Max Martin by Countout, Human Tornado b Bino Gambino, Los Chivos b Iceman & Dan Kobrick to retain the EWF Tag Team titles..

  70. February 24, 2006--United Christian Championship Wrestling in Collins, Georgia: Ox Madison b Damon Gore by Submission, Drew "Blood" Bannen b Dirty Don Anderson, "Mr. Finesse" Dave Holiday b Big Bank Barfield, David Raines b Christian Faith by Submission to win the UCCW title..

  71. February 25, 2006--Pro Wrestling Warfare - Rage in the Cage 06 in Pinellas Park, Florida before 350 fans: Jacob & Jonas (Uncle Grady & Jeremiah) b The Psychedelics (James Morrison & Jerome Hendrix), Murder One b Kahagus, Francisco Ciatso (formerly Frankie Capone) b "Sensational" Scott Davis, Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermaine b Tom Lawlor & J.P. Ace, Erick Stevens b Kory Chavis w/So Cal Val, Steve Madison b Tom Carter and Andy Douglas in a 3-WAY Special Challenge match, Chris Kanyon b Rod Steel (w/Bruce Steel & Amy Love), Kenny King b Naphtali and Jerrelle Clark and Dagon Biggs and Legion Cage in a 5-WAY, Sedrick Strong b Bruce Steele (w/Rod Steel & Amy Love) in a Steel Cage match to become the first PPW Champion, Steve Madison won a "Bring Your Own Weapons" Battle Royal (Rage in the Cage)..

  72. February 25, 2006--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Mr. Main Event b Brian Bender, Gary Dawson b Ernie Ballz, Kid Italy b Kris Konflict, Tsunamis b Wildman Rogers & John Hurtz, Sybil Starr b Anarchy, Brandon Prophet b Osyris by DQ

  73. February 25, 2006--CWA in Statesville, North Carolina: Mike Lee b Bobby Ramons, Jesse Ortega b Total Protection, Ricky Morton & John Thornhill b George South Sr. & Shane Matthews, Bobby Houston b Tracy Smothers, Homies with Attitudes b Rob & Chris Guerrero, Jake Manning b Chase Stevens..

  74. February 25, 2006--TIWF in Ripley, Tennessee: Steven Rampage b Psycho by Count Out, Steven Rampage b Wildside, Carnage b Caution, PK Ripper b Ricky Dudley, Albino Rhino b Boogeyman Sane, AC Havoc & Kaution b Hardknocks Hooligan & Bobby Smith by DQ..

  75. February 25, 2006--Central Wrestling Federation in Rossville, Indiana at the Rossville High School in front of a crowd of 227: Devon Fury b Jamie Crisis, Marc Houston b Jeremy Hadley, Shawn Cook b Chad Collyer, Guy Lombardo & Brian Roberts b Billy Bart & Quicksilver to retain the Tag Team titles, Billy Roc b Devon Fury, Ryan Thunder b PT Hussla by DQ (Hussla retains his CWF Title)..

  76. February 25, 2006--East Coast Championship Wrestling in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts: Max Bauer b Lance Silva and Travis Blackchurch in a 3-WAY, Jeff Star & Danger b THE NOW (Hale Collins & Vic Delicious), Psycho b Chuck Deep, Dr. Heresy (w/Nurse KiKi Van Dyke) b Oscar De LaGoya, Brian Milonas b Rob Hagen, Della Morte b Nikki Valentine in a School Girl match, Mark Gore vs Nick Neighborhood ended in a No Contest, Johnny Nash & Mike Phoenix b The Vachon Brothers in a No Holds Barred Street Fight to win the Tag Team titles..

  77. February 25, 2006--All American Wrestling in Berwyn, Illinois at the Berwyn Eagles Club: Chandler McClure (w/Jim Jesus & Amy Zane) b Shane Hollister, Charly Manson Jr. (AAA wrestler) b "Gringo Loco" Tyme Paige, Jayson Reign & Marco Cordova b The High Society (Derrek St. Homes & Weston Benton), Silas Young b "Too Phat Jason Dukes w/Lucas), Machine & Stu Early b The Michigan Invasion (Truth Martini & N8 Mattson w/Zach Gowen) by DQ, Ryan Boz appeared on "In The Closet" with Lucas, Eric Priest b Ace Steel, Danny Daniels b Josh Abercrombie and C.J. Otis and Brandon Thomaselli and Dan Lawrence and Trik Davis (w/Dave Prazak) in a 6-WAY to win a spot in the AAW Title 4-WAY on 3/25, Eric Priest won a King of The Hill Battle Royal to win a spot in the AAW Title 4-WAY on 3/25 by last eliminating Silas Young..

  78. February 25, 2006--Southern Wrestling Association in Lafaytte, Tennessee at the National Gaurd Armory: Loose Cannon & Ray Spears b Anthony Wayne & Billy Ray Valentine, Matt Korbaine b Damien Payne, Jason Nesmith b Alejandro Del Negro in a Dog Collar match, Loose Cannon b Demented in a Loser Leaves Town match, American Psycho & John Watts & Dale Dangerous b Tim Scruggs & Ray Spears & Tony Grande (After the match, Scruggs & Spears turned on Grande)..

  79. February 25, 2006--Omni Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Bret Thunder & Skitzo b Seth Allen & Aaron Neil, Hector Navarro & El Latino b Spectre & Seven, Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor b Dexter Hardaway & Kenny Campbell, John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz b Scott Murdoch & Mark Manson, Morton & Armor b Impact Inc., Thunder & Skitzo b Navarro & Latino, Morton & Armor b Thunder & Skitzo to win Rock & Roll Cup, Cody Jones b Mitch Carter, Crystal Lights b Shane Matthews, Chase Stevens b Tracy Smothers..

  80. February 25, 2006--Texas All Star Wrestling in Tomball, Texas: Chip Dumass b Justin Blaze, Max Muscles b Riley Burke, Dylan Starr b Bones, Party Boy Brandon Biggs b Zen Zen-DQ, Nate Slater & Nasty Nick b Bobby 2 Badd & VooDoo..

  81. February 25, 2006--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama before 100 fans: Christian Hayme b Will Owens, Theodore Tuttweiler III b "Machine" Gruff Grayson in a Falls Count Anywhere match, "The Human Action Figure" Patrick Bentley b Adam Roberts, Nasty Kritter b The Night Prowler in a Hardcore Match, Nino del Oro & Cabana Man Dan b The Asian Assassins (Shinobi #1 & #2) in a Hair/Mask vs. Mask/Mask Match (Shinobi #2 ran away, while Shinobi #1 is revealed as referee Rick Blerman), "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer & Daffney Unger b The Inhuman Fly & Howard C. Cross in an intergender tag match..

  82. February 25, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas before a sellout 190 fans: Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie b Joseph & Logan Hallowmass, Don Juan & Chris Marval b Aguila Negro & Rudy Russo, Andrew Dalton & J.T. LaMotta b Spiro & Little Chico, Hector Montoya & Mike Dell b Slam Shady & Abel Cortez, Quinten Allen DDQ Masada, Juan & Marval b Dalton & LaMotta, Montoya & Dell b Ender & Kronie, Ikaika b Slam Shady, Ender & Kronie b Juan & Marval, Hotstuff Hernandez b Fast Eddie Vegas..

  83. February 25, 2006--Conneticut Championship Wrestling - EVOLUTION in Connecticut: Brian Anthony w/Liz Savage b "Big Guns" Frankie Arion, The Arcangels b PRIDE (Tag Title Tournament), Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff (aka Pretty Wonderful) had a public reunion, Triplelicious b Fisher Morton (Jerk Jackson), Tookie "The Trucker" Tucker b Shokun, Jose Perez b Dylan Kage to retain the Northeast Title, Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff signed autographs and posed for pictures during intermission, Ariel b Natalia by Submission, The Canadian Superstars w/Jay Fitch b Up in Smoke (Tag Title Tournament), Tony DeVito b John Walters and Ron Zombie and Louis Ortiz in a 4-WAY to win the vacant CCW Title (After the match, DeVito grabbed the mic and a can of spray paint and threatened to change the title to the New York Championship -- Slyck Wagner Brown's music hit and he charged the ring. After a major pull-apart, Paul Roma came out and made the match Slyck vs DeVito for the next show on April 29 in New Haven.

  84. February 25, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling - Throw Down in Church Point in Church Pt., Louisiana: Brett Barnes b Billy Bongo, Alvin "Apostle" Breaux b Angel of Sin by Countout, Double Trouble b Jordan Espinoza and The Mexican Giant, Haniel T b Sexy Shawn Stern, Jazz (substitute for Retro Thibodeaux) def. Nick Bondage in an intergender match, John Heidenreich b Chris James, Redd Dogg (Rodney Mack) b Scott Mackenzie

  85. February 26, 2006--EWA - Anderson Brothers Tag Team Classic in Mooresville, North Carolina: Rob Guerrero b Mike Lee, Rob & Chris Guerrero b Los Medio Atlanticos, Bobby Houston & Ethan Cage b Mike Lee & Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Valiant Brothers 2006 (managed by Jimmy) d Jake Manning & Canadian Bulldog, George South Jr. & Sr. b Jason King & Jason Jones, Houston & Cage b Guerreros, Houston & Cage b South Jr. & Sr. to win tournament, Mike Lee won Battle Royal, Masked Superstar b George South Jr.

  86. February 26, 2006--MWA in Carter Lake, Iowa: Johnny Jackson b Cylus, Vince Black & Preston Maxwell NC Trotter Brothers, Eric Fantabulous b Zac James, Buck Albright won four-way over Domino Rivera, Corwin Star and Tyler Pride, Mr. Jones b Troy Roberts, Sean Xavier b Matty Fitness, Zac James & Austin Storm NC Donnie Peppercricket & Ricky Reynolds, Gauge b Blade, Jaysin Strife & Chris Havius b Hype Gotti & Vic Victory..

  87. February 26, 2006--IWR - 4th Anniversary Show - Code Revolucha in Riverview, Michigan: The Bump-N-Uglies b The Family (Vinny & Sonnie Scarboni), Phil Atlas b Brad Freakin' Martin, Josh Abercrombie b Frankie the Face, Brian Bender & Ernie Ballz vs Los Revoluchadores (El Reverso & Luchi-Mon) ended in a No-contest, "The Specialist" CJ Otis b "International Superstar" T.J. Hart w/Randi, Dark Skin Productions (Tommy Johnson & Jerome Pruitt) b Popular Electronics (Jimmy Shalwin & Gameboy), "Dark Omen" Elvis Elliot b "Misled Youth" Chris Conflict, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson co-won a 6-WAY that included Zach Gowen and Jimmy Jacobs and Gutter and Eddie Venom for the King of Indies title, The Wyld Stallyns (Johnny Dynamo & Jack Thriller) b The Threat (Breyer Wellington & Anthony Rivera) to retain the Tag Team titles, Conrad Kennedy III b L.A. Park by DQ for using a chair. Sabu no-showed as they said his flight was delayed in Atlanta, as he worked Puerto Rico the night before.

  88. February 26, 2006--Omni Pro Wrestling - Rock & Roll Cup Tag Team Tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma at The Hive: Quarter Finals: Bret Thunder & Skitzo b Seth Allen & Aaron Neil, Hector Navarro & El Latino b Spectre & Se7en, Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor b Dexter Hardaway & Kenny Campbell w/Leather, Impact Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) b Scott Murdoch & Mark Manson, Semi-Finals: Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor b Impact Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz), Bret Thunder & Skitzo b Hector Navarro & El Latino, Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor b Bret Thunder & Skitzo for the 2006 Rock & Roll Cup! In Non-Tournament Matches: Cody Jones w/Tom Jones b Mitch Carter, Crystal Lights b Shane Matthews in an Intergender Match, Chase Stevens b Tracy Smothers w/Leather to win the Ommi Pro Mid-South title..

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