Independent Wrestling Results - November 2006

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  1. November 2, 2006--Mad-Pro Wrestling - Six Feet Under in Chillicothe, Ohio at the National Guard Armory: Dave Crist b Alan Wasylychn, Neveah w/Matt Stryker b Kyri Ward, Aaron Williams b Jake Crist, The Black & Blue Crew (Cyrus Poe & Tommy Chill) b The Great Wasabi & Ryan Midnight, Chance Prophet b Dave Crist to retain the MX Title, Matt Stryker w/Neveah b Bryan Fury w/Josh Hayes, Drake Younger b Diehard in a No-DQ Falls Count Anywhere CZW Ultra-Violent Underground Championship match..

  2. November 3, 2006--Northeast Wrestling in Danbury, Connecticut at the Danbury Police Athletic League Building: Mickey Batts b Ricky Landell, Ron Zombie b "Purty" Kurty Adonis, Romeo Roselli w/Talia Madison b "Rocket" Ricky Romero Jr., Jay Lethal b Josh Daniels, The Outcast Killaz w/Big Daddy b The NOW w/Tina Marina, Christian Cage b Chris Sabin, "The Phenomenal" A. J. Styles b Abyss..

  3. November 3, 2006--Wild West Championship Wrestling (debut) in Phoenix, Arizona: Morgan b Erica D'Erico, Puma b Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson, The Ballard Brothers b Jay Garland & Mike James, Joey Ryan b Black Tiger, The Navajo Warrior b "XXX" Lawrence Tyler, "Hawaiian Lion" John Williams b Scott Norton, Redrum b Tommy Drake, Hardkore Kidd w/Jonny Fairplay b Frankie Kazarian.

  4. November 3, 2006--Xtreme Championship Wrestling - Apocalypse in Denton, Texas: Kevin Paine b. Ricky Jackson to win the TNT Title, after the match Jackson claimed to still be the champion while Paine wanted the belt, Justin 2 Fine b. BJ Turner, The Texas Treats (Chris Marval & Don Juan w/ JT Lamotta) b. Louie The Hand & Hugh Rogue to retain the tag team titles, The Necro Butcher b. Dave The Rave (sub for Chuey Martinez) w/ Steve Moody in a "Bullrope" Match (As a result Necro got 5 minutes with Steve Moody) Steve Moody b. Necro Butcher when Chuey Martinez interfered, Jack Drastic b. Convict 187 to retain the XCW Title, Chance Romance, D-Money, & Masada b. "The Total Playa" Scott McKenzie, Gregory Symonds, & "D-Skrilla" Danny Matthews (w/ Nicole) in a "War Games" Match when D-Money forced Matthews to surrender after hanging him from the cage with a steel chain.

  5. November 4, 2006--Sunray Pro Wrestling (New Ownership!) in Melbourne, Florida: Wade Koverly b Barney Rumble in a Grudge match, David Mercury w/Amy Vitale b Super Destroyer #8 by Countout, Ray "Snowman" Snow vs Torcher w/Snake Master Abudadein ended in a Double DQ in a "Biggest Man on Campus" Match, Chasyn Rance b Naphtali and Jerrelle Clark in a 3-WAY to become the 1st Sunray Cruiserweight Champion, Black Market (Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete) b Modern Day Theory (Preston James & Scott Commodity), Black Market (Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete) vs The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) ended in a No Contest, "Modern Revolution" Steve Madison won an Over the Top Rope #1 Contenders Battle Royal (Included: Vinnie Lee, Moonshine McCoy, Whiskey Willie, Jerome Jefferson, Michael Patrick, Jaison Moore, Ricky Romeo, Leon Scott, Jason Sensation, Barney Rumble, Daron Smythe, Wade Koverly, Legion Freakin Cage, Devin Dalton, The Blue Assassin, Dany Only, Drunken Luchador Bob, Craig Classic, Austin Amadeus, Pretty Fly, Fantastic Dantastic, David Mercury, Torcher, Dok Rivers, Nooie Lee, Gino Caruso, Barney Rumble and Johnny Vandal ------ The final five were Dok Rivers, Torcher, Steve Madison, Moonshine McCoy and Leon Scott), Erick Stevens b Ray Beez w/Bennie Bennett and Taurus and Marcus Hall in a 4-WAY to retain the Sunray Heavyweigh title, "Modern Miracle" Steve Madison b Erick Stevens to win the Sunray Heavyweight title!

  6. November 4, 2006--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Hypnosis b Great Sinwa and Mr. Happy in a 3-WAY, T.J. Kemp b Gary Cherry, Seth Clash & Justin Dean b Envy & Kris Konflict, Senor Flamer b Mr. Main Event, Pat Tanaka & Dylan Night b Just Justin & Nate Phoenix and The Southern Boys in a 3-WAY, Osyris b Dark Lion.

  7. November 4, 2006--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 220 fans: Jeremy Hadley b Luis Rojas, Mr. Big b Bobby Saxxon, Midnight Rider b Pastor Pain, Ronnie Vegas b Bouncer, Fire & Flame b Cousin Cooter & Kim chee, Tvz b Donny Idol & Bobby Black in a Stretcher match.

  8. November 4, 2006--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California: Chaemera b Junior Old School, Joey Harder b Foob Dog, Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay DDQ Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise, Zokre & Phoenix Star b Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Human Tornado & Disc Machine b J.T. Hyatt, Markus Riot won over Silver Tyger, Lil Cholo and Infernal, American Plague & Craze b Stepfather & Red Headed Stepchild, Bo Cooper b Kaos

  9. November 4, 2006--NCW in York, Pennsylvania: Kid Katrell b Masked Maniac, Ray Alexander b Mukie & Chio Frost, Dino Devine vs Smasher LeBlanc ended in a Double Countout, Marshall Law & Luvbug b Cotton & Greg Matthews, Tito Santana b Sal Sincere, Jermaine Jubilee b Andrew Bates, Darren Wyse & Hungarian Barbarian b Vince Bono & D.J. Hyde, Smasher LeBlanc won a Battle Royal, Adam Flash b Brother Runt

  10. November 4, 2006--AAW Berwyn, Illinois: Gary Havok & Shane Hollister b The Lady Thrillaz, Tyme Paige b Jason Dukes, Michigan Invasion b Dan Lawrence & Ryan Boz, Derek St. Holmes b Weston Benton, Marek Brave b Danny Daniels, Trik Davis b Zach Gowen, Michael Prater b Hunter Matthews, Egotistico Fantastico b Michael Prater, Chandler McClure b Bryce Benjamin, Eric Priest b Steve Stone, Ace Steel b Skullkrusher by DQ, Jimmy Jacobs b Silas Young, Tyler Black b Keith Walker (Recently signed to WWE)..

  11. November 4, 2006--Independent Wrestling Revolution in Detroit, Michigan: Guerrera Libre b Korvis and Whiplash in a 3-WAY, Gutter b "The Specialist" Corey James w/CK3, Conrad Kennedy III b Gutter in a #1 Contenders match, Big Chuck Wagon b Klunk, Hellvis Elliot b "The Natural" Johnny Dynamo, The Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado & Bubba McKenzie) b The Family (Vinnie & Sonny Scarboni)..

  12. November 4, 2006--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Stem, North Carolina at the Stem Fire Hall: Jayheem the Dream w/Run DM Ski b Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O, Tennessee Ernie Nord & Rusty Comoads b The Dream Lovers, Seymour Snott b Dick Foley and Gluteus Maximus in a 3-WAY, Felicia O b Cinnamon Snott, Toni Monroe b Skelator, Scab w/Coach Grog Tolos vs Trailer Park Heat ended in a 15-minute draw..

  13. November 4, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at the Hope of Glory Church: Masada b The Magician, J.T. LaMotta b Johnny Ender, Quinten Allen b Sidd Murder, Kris Kronie b Spector, Andrew Dalton b Mike Dell to retain the Television title, Sicodelico Jr. & Masada & Ikaika vs Hotstuff Hernandez & Don Juan & Chris Marvel ended in a No Contest..

  14. November 4, 2006--NEPW Resurrection in Painesville, Ohio in Roller Rink: Perry Greene vs Eli Lang ended in a No Contest when Shiima Xion, Jason Gory & Cronus interfered (J-Rocc & Blackhammer made the save. The Gambinos & Jimmy Demarco intefered. Jabari & John McChesney made the save), Jabari b Chris Kahn, Ethan Price b Aaron Gibs, American Yakuza (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory) b Perry Greene & Eli Lang to win the vacant NEPW Tag Team Titles, Ray Rowe b Zak Vincent, Nick Tatum b Son of Sam, The Gambino Brothers b J-Rocc & Blackhammer, "Fabulous" John McChesney b Chris Cronus to retain the NEPW Triple Crown Title..

  15. November 4, 2006--New Breed Wrestling Alliance in Rantoul, Illinois at the Lincoln's Challenge Gym before well over 300 fans: DaCobra b Cecil Cerveza, DareDevil b Wayne Shocker and Xcellerator in a 3-WAY "Loser Leaves NBWA" match, Dangerboy b Cheapshot McGrot with the Sharpshooter, Snake vs Ricky "The Squirrel" Mankotti w/Nikky "The Weasel" Mankotti ended in a No Contest, The Rough Riders (Harris & Bill) b The Animals (George Jr. & George III) to retain the Tag Team titles, Kid Crush b Jason Vendetta and Jeckel in a 3-WAY to win the No Limits Title, Jon Divosi b Diego Corleone to win the NBWA Heavyweight title after the returning Angelo Santelli interfered, Jon Divosi vs Angelo Santelli ended in a No Contest when Dangerboy interfered, Sgt. Jones b Issan Hadeev in a Crowd Participation Strap match to win the MidWest Title (20 cadets surrounded the ring with leather straps)..

  16. November 5, 2006--Pro Wrestling All-Stars in Detroit, Michigan: Fifth Element b Sonny Scarboni, American Kickboxer b Breyer Wellington, Syrian Playboy & Vinny Scarboni b Jason Harris & Rick Green, Gutter b Chris Hybrid, Truth Martini b Klunk the Klown, N8 Mattson b Anthony Rivera, DBA b Eddie Venom, Charly Manson Jr. b Loco Page

  17. November 5, 2006--Pro Wrestling Xplosion in Long Island, New York before 100 fans: Altar Boy Luke b Azrieal, Eddie Kingston b Grim Reefer to retain the CZW Heavyweight title, A.J. Styles b Jay Lethal, Delirious b "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney, Daizee Haze b Mercedes Martinez, Mana b Ian Rotten, Javi-Air & The SAT b OCK & Nicky Benz, Steve Corino b Necro Butcher, Teddy Hart & Ruckus b Derek Frazier & T.J. Wilson

  18. November 5, 2006--Price of Glory in Coldwater, Michigan: Jamie Eternal & Sikness won a Multi-team Tournament, J.T. Zorin b Mick Veasy, C.J. Otis b Jay Phoenix, Jimmy Shalwin won a 35-Man Gauntlet match, Josh Abercrombie b Johnny Dynamo, Jimmy Jacobs b Dan Severn

  19. November 5, 2006--Championship Pro Wrestling in Portland, Oregon at Rock 'N' Roll Pizza: Quiz vs Mike Santiago ended in a No Contest due to outside interference, Gringo Loco b Nolan Phillips & Dash Venture in a Handicap match, Little Nasty Boy & Cedric b The Reverand & Draven Vargas, Gov. Wilson Kane b Dr.Kliever to retain the Hardcore title, Jimmy Flame b Larkin O'Shay by Submission to retain the TV title, Dougie Mayne & Widowmaker b The Cowboys and Crash 503 & Tommy Celcious in a 3-WAY Tag match.

  20. November 7, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling - Post Mortem Showdown II in Elkmont, Alabama: Keith Courageous b. Charlie Swinger by DQ, Jeremy Flynt & Shawn Peete b. KG & Lani Kialoha to become the #1 contenders for the FTW Tag Titles, Chad Allen b. Cabana Man Dan, Vortekz, Phil Wilson & Tony V in a 5-Way Scramble, The Naptown Dragons (Drake Younger & Diehard) b. Chrisjen Hayme & Brevin Holt to win the FTW Tag Titles, Chris Hero b. Sterling James Keenan, Dave Mitchell b. Adam Armor & Chris Lee to win the FTW Title, The Freakshow b. Insane Lane in a Pits of Hell Match...

  21. November 10, 2006--Main Event World League in Alliance, Ohio at the Alliance National Guard Armory: "The Natural" Christian Vaughn vs Christian Faith ended in a Double Countout in a Non-title match, Brian Biggs b Durty the Clown by DQ, Marion Fontaine b Jazin Blaze, "The Feature Attraction" Ryan Midnite b Vincent Nothing, Chris Kole & Jazin Blaze (sub for Shane Sensation) b B.E.T. (Kano Carter & Tyrone Evans) to win the Tag Team titles, Jeff "Big Guns" Cannon b Louis Diamante, "TNA knockout" Tracy Brooks b "Sexy" Lexi Lane and ODB in a 3-WAY, Matt Mason & Sherman Tank b Robby Starr & Lones Oaks, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake b Wilbur Whitlock..

  22. November 10, 2006--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Alto b Blackjack Bennett, T.C. Washington & Zulu Shabazz b Steve Stone & Xavier Mustafa, Super Mario & Scotty Pride b Aristocrats, Kado b Ruff Ryder Fashan, Great Miliki b J Cash, Egotistico Fantastico & Keith Walker (both WWE signed) b Matt Longtime & Mickie McCoy, Dysfunction & Dinn T. Moore b Bobby Valentino & Justin Dredd..

  23. November 10, 2006--Backed Against the Wall (debut) in McMinnville, Oregon at the National Guard Armory: The Amazing Ty b Sir Latte in a Future Stars Pre-show Match, "Omega" Aaron Draven b Zac Vincent, Kimo Kanahula b Alexis Smirnoff Jr., Chico Navarro b The Prince of Persia with the Pineapple Plunge (F-5), JB Luce won his debut match by forfeit after his opponent no-showed (Lonestar & Terry Bull attacked JB Luce until Madman Pondo made the save!), D-Lo Brown w/Molly Holly b "Wrestling Classic" Mike Modest w/Kassy Summers by DQ with Dave Mathews as referee, The Texas Hangman Lonestar w/Pennelope b Mad Man Pondo, New Jack b "The Tennessee Brat" Terry Bull in a bloodfest..

  24. November 10, 2006--MXW in Albany, New York before 350 fans: Dan Berry b Javi Air, Kage b Bobby Flamingo and Pinkie Sanchez in a 3-WAY, Mercedes Martinez b Alere Little Feather, Archadia vs Shockwave ended in a draw, Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) b Beef Wellington & Sexxxy Eddy, Slyck Wagner Brown b Romeo Roselli, Eddie Kingston b Larry Sweeney and Player Uno in a 3-WAY, Bobby Fish b John McChesney, Antonio Thomas b Claudio Castagnoli, Azrieal b Max Boyer, Josh Daniels b Chris Hero

  25. November 10, 2006--Far North Wrestling in Butler, Pennsylvania at the Days Inn: Doink The Clown b Sherrif Steele, Miluakee Mauler b Jake Garrett, The Gentlemans Club b Demolition Ax & Nitro, Shiima Xion b Jason Gory to retain the Cruiserweight title, Sterling James Keenan b Jay Pheonix, Irish Airborn (David & Jake Crist) b Jason Cage & CJ Sensation, Seth James b Lenny by DQ when Kato interfered, Sebastian b Michael Blade, Matt Morgan b Calvin Mcgrath to win the FNW Heavyweight title..

  26. November 11, 2006--Hybrid Pro Wrestling in Coloma, Michigan: Frankie The Face b "Electric" Eric Freedom by Submission, The Scarbonis (Sonny & Vinnie) b Bishop & Hypknow, "All Nite" Adam Renolds b Jeff Brooks and Gary The Freak and Steve Amani in a 4-WAY, Keith Crème b Jack Thriller to retain the Television title, "Old Timer" Jeff King b Sean Tyler, C.J. Otis b "Old timer" Jeff King to retain the HPW Heavyweight title, Magnum Conroy b "Bloody" Harker Dirge by DQ, Popular Electronics (Jimmy Shalwin & Max Morrison) b Absolute Answer (Caden Ames & Christin Able)

  27. November 11, 2006--All Out Mayhem wrestling in Machias, Maine: Dangerous Donny w/Rotten Robbie b Bubba Tracy, Mark Moment b Sidewalk Sam, Spongey b 'Too Fit' Eric Atlas in a Lumberjack match, Tito Santana b Palmer Canon, Christian Redinger b Pro Zach and Bill The Tank in a bloody 3-WAY Hardcore match, "The Heartstopper" Chase San Antone b Cameron Mathews, Honky Tonk Man b Sonny Roselli..

  28. November 11, 2006--American Wrestling Federation in Grand Junction, Colorado: Billy V. b Navajo Warrior, Morgan b Denae Mitchell, Rahim Rashaad b Paul Diamond, Navajo Warrior & Denae Mitchell b Billy V & Morgan in a mixed tag team match, Bison Smith b Steve Gatorwolf to win the AWF Heavyweight title..

  29. November 11, 2006--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 400 fans: Viper vs Carnage went to a time limit draw, Andrew Anderson b La Maskito, Eric Evans b Draven by Countout, Chris Craven b Mike Cruz and A.J. Angel in a 3-WAY, Quinton Holmes b Diadem, LATank b Saber, Sexual Violence (Playboy Marcus Shields & Pete Nixon) b The Ringbusters (Dave Renegade & Beast), Sexton Tyler (Heavyweight Champion) b Dan De Man (Cruiserweight Champion).

  30. November 11, 2006--Ohio Championship Wrestling in West Lafayette, Ohio at Ridgewood Middle School: Jo Jo Little & JT Hogg b Otis & Tex Tootin' to retain the Tag Team titles, "The Natural" Christian Vaughn b Robby Starr, Ryan Midnite & Vance Desmond b Jason Thunder & Shane Christian, Max Farhenheight b Brian Biggs, "Hot Commodity" Matt Mason w/Jayme Braxton b Beastmaster to retain the OCW Heavyweight title (After the match, Beastmaster left with Braxton), Tracy Brooks & Sexy Lexi Lane b Jessica Havok & ODB, Jeff "Big Guns" Cannon b GQ Status in a Texas Bullrope match, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake b Carlton Kaz (OCW TV Champion) in a Non-title match..

  31. November 11, 2006--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa: Donnie Peppercricket b Brian Sager, Gator McGraw b Chippendale Kid, Paul Daniels & Skeeter b Vin Cross & Vic Victory and Jayden Draigo & J.T. Wilcox and Chris Havius & Zac James in a 4-WAY, Casanova b Sean Cruz, David Diamond b Mr. White, Hype Gotti b Jayson Strife, Jake Holmes & Tony Cortez b Abu Colossus & Max Magnus.

  32. November 11, 2006--D1PW in Miami, Florida at Fleamarket USA: Scott Commodity and The Falcon co-won a Battle Royal to advance to a match for the Carribean title, Johnny Vandal b Shane McLane, Preston James w/Fabulous Frank b Fantastic Dantastic, Craig Classic b Logan Fernandez, Jaison Moore b Sam Stash, The Flacon b Scott Commodity w/Fabulous Frank to win the Carribean title, The Lifeguards w/Amy Vitale b The Cash Money Brothers

  33. November 11, 2006--Bill Ash's Mid South Wrestling in Booneville, Arkansas before 50 fans: Shane Rollings b Eric Rose, Mark Johnson b Johnny Morton-DQ, Matt Riviera b Jamie Jay, Krusher Kanine b Steve Frost, Gary Gram b Prince Al-Farat, Cody Jones & Jay b Jeff Jett & Riviera

  34. November 11, 2006--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Damien Adams b Mason Raige, Senor Flamer b El Bano, Sabbath b Frank Stein, Fallen Dragon b Butchie Davis, Bob b Ace Spade, Dark Lion b Nate Phoenix and Damian Michaels in a 3-WAY, Big Richard Cannon b Just Justin to retain the EWF Midwestern Title, Ro-Z & Osyris b Southern Boys (Wildman Rogers & Hank Calhoun)

  35. November 12, 2006--Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Delaware: X-Man won a Battle Royal, Lance McIntyre b Zac Conner, Jason Marks b E.L. Stanley, Massive Mike b Akem Pembrooke, Crazii Shea b Asian Sinsation, Beyond Reality b Established, Matt Turner b Shaka, Hunter b Chris Wylde, Gemini Trojans b S & MJ, Samoa Joe b Rockin Rebel.

  36. November 12, 2006--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan: Jeff Brooks b Jimmy Whiplash, Anti-American Kickboxer b Chris Hybrid, Levi Blue b Kris Korvis, Gameboy b Chuck Wagon, Zach Gowen & Kamikaze b Breyer Wellington & Jason Harris, Ice Cold b Dylan Knight, C.J. Otis b N8 Mattson, Truth Martini & Jaimy Coxxx b Johnny Dynamo & Eddie Venom, Conrad Kennedy III b Jeff King, Necro Butcher b DBA to win XICW title..

  37. November 12, 2006--MXW in Waterbury, Connecticut at the Albanian Culture Center before 40 fans: The Wild Boys b No Respect (Aaron Morrison & Eric Steel), Brian Anthony & Joey Bricco b The Archangels, "Dynamic" Jon Thornhill b "Exotic" Kristian Frost, Talia Madison b Alere Little Feather in a Ladies match, Romeo Roselli b Jason Static and Kurty Adonis in a 3-WAY, Mercedes Martinez b Nikki Roxx in a Ladies match, Ricky Landell b "Straight Edge" Brian Fury in a MXW Title Tournament match, "Hurricane" John Walters b Kid Mikaze by Submission with a Boston Crab, Antonio "The Promise" Thomas b Slyck Wagner Brown, Ron Zombie b Homicide in an MXW Title Tournament match, Low Ki & Josh Daniels b D.C. Dillenger & Eddie Edwards.

  38. November 14, 2006--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Lani Kialoha b. Tony V, Charlie Swinger b. Jeremy Flynt b. Chrisjen Hayme, Phil Wilson b. Keith Courageous, Dave Mitchell vs Shawn Peete ended in a No Contest...

  39. November 16, 2006--West Virginia Pro Wrestling in Mullens, West Virgnia: Danny Ray b Cyclops, Scotty McKeever vs Dave Scott ended in a Double Countout, Mighty Hojo b J.V. Insanity, Tracy Smothers b Jason Kincaid

  40. November 16, 2006--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee before 70 fans: Death Row Inmates b Juaggloz, Outlaws & Jerry Lee b Dillinger & Eric Gunn & Rip O'Kelley, Shawn Shultz & Jim Miller b Heat Seekers V2 by DQ, Travis Sawyer b Menace & Donavan Daniels, Tom Prichard & Jeff Anderson b Mr. Tennessee (Ricky Morton) & Shane Williams, Robbie Race & Eric Adamz b Edward Idol & Romeo Roselli.

  41. November 17, 2006--Carolina Wrestling Federation in Statesville, North Carolina: Charlie Dreamer b Ryan Stallone, Ethan Cage b Kenny James, Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega b Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack, Total Protection & K.C. McKnight b B.J. Hancock & Derek Ryze, Bobby Houston b Jake Manning

  42. November 17, 2006--Mid American Wrestling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Marco Cordova b Mickey McCoy, Steve Boz b Curse, Jay Ryan b Tony T-Bird, Jason Dukes b Esteban Molina, Joey Eastman b Carmine DeSpirito, Roughneck Jay won a Rumble to win MAW Heavyweight title.

  43. November 17, 2006--MSPW (Fallen Heroes Tournament - Part 1) in Diamond, Illinois: Tony Rican b Truth Martini (1st Rnd), Jason Hades b Steve Stone (1st Rnd), Derrick St. Holmes vs Hardcore Craig ended in a Double DQ (1st Rnd), Mike Horning b DDS (1st Rnd), Michael Flannery b Justin Dredd (1st Rnd), Zach Gowen b Bobby Valentino (1st Rnd), Silas Young b Brandon Blaze (1st Rnd), The Urban Horseman b Dysfunction and Dinn T. Moore and ADD in a 4-WAY, Jerry Lynn b Steve Corino (1st Rnd)

  44. November 17, 2006--Louisiana Championship Wrestling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ace Lando b Dominator Cam to retain LCW Intercontinental title, Ace Lando & Immortal b Dominators (Cam and Mike), Dominator Cam b Avalanche, Dominator Cam b Ace Lando and Dominator Mike in 3-WAY Elimination, Immortal b Dominator Cam to retain LCW Heavyweight title.

  45. November 18, 2006--MSPW (Fallen Heroes Tournament - Part 2) in Diamond, Illinois: Jason Hades b Mike Horning (Quarter Finals), Michael Flannery b Tony Rican (Quarter Finals), Silas Young b ADD, Silas Young b Jerry Lynn (Quarter Finals), Steve Stone & Hardcore Craig b Steve Corino & Truth Martini, Jason Hades b Zach Gowen (Semi Finals), Silas Young b Michael Flannery (Semi Finals), XXXplicit Content b Mike Horning & Justin Dean, Jason Hades b Silas Young in the Finals to win the Fallen Heroes Tournament and to win the MSPW Heavyweight title!

  46. November 18, 2006--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Jake Omen b Hypnosis, Nate Phoenix b Senor Flamer, The Southern Boys b Ames & Able, Osyris b Fallen Dragon, Dark Lion b Richard Cannon by DQ.

  47. November 18, 2006--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Carter Lake, Iowa: Sean "Icebreaker" North b Ricky Reynolds (Television Champion) by DQ, "Cowboy" Troy Hansen b Carsen Rockwell, Dekin & Enigma b The Canadian X-Press, The All Americans b Vash Heartley & Sean Cruz, Eric Fantabulous b Donnie Peppercricket, Max Magnuss b Johnny Jackson, Blade b "The Greatness" Mr. Jones to retain the MWA Heavyweight title..

  48. November 18, 2006--World Wrestling Zone in New River, Arizona: The Herminator b C-Fu, Navajo Warrior & Jay Garland b Payed Daily & Mike James, Erica D'Erico b Morgan, Father Punishment vs Frat Boy ended in a Double DQ, Matt Vin Vactor b Antonio Mestre and GQ Gallo in a 3-WAY, Adrenaline & Buff Bagwell b Maliki & Iceman Tim Norton to retain the WWZ Tag Team titles..

  49. November 18, 2006--World Star Wrestling in Bridgeport, Connecticut from the Cardinal Shehan Center: Matt Turner b Brian Anthony w/Liz Savage, Debbie Sue b Bella Donna, Hector Moralez b Nero and Johnny Image in a 3-WAY, Chris Envy b Johnny Toxic to retain the WSW Crusierweight title, The Archangels b Cenobite & Len Oddity, "Krazy K" Kirby Mac b Justyn Glory to retain the AWA World Light Heavyweight title, Christopher Triumph b Chris Forso to regain the WSW Heavyweight title after Ron Zombie interfered, Luna Vachon b Johnny Ova w/Bobby Reidel by Countout

  50. November 18, 2006--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Crawfordsville, Indiana at the Fairgrounds: Jammer won a 10-Man over the top rope battle royal last eliminating Hillbilly Jed, Devan Monroe vs Pogo ended in a No Contest when Apocalypz interfered, "Stylin'" Brian Klass b "Big" Jon Hurtz, Camron Star b Scarlett Rose to win the WCWO Ladies title, Corona b Ryan Rich to retain the WCWO Heavyweight title, Apocalypz b Pogo, Indiana Kidd Jr. & Hillbilly Jed b The Chicago Playaz (Tag Team Champions) and Boy Toy Brian & Stu Early by DQ in a 3-WAY..

  51. November 18, 2006--Chris Candido Cup in Tahlequah, Oklahoma: AWOL b John O'Malley (1st Rnd), Rocco Valentino b Sudden Impact (1st Rnd), Justin Lee b Timothy Rockwell (1st Rnd), Ryan Davidson b Canadian Red Devil (1st Rnd), Romeo Contreras b Shane Morbid, Slam Shady b AWOL (2nd Rnd), Ryan Davidson b Justin Lee (2nd Rnd), Brent Albright b Sonjay Dutt, Slam Shady b Ryan Davidson in the Finals to win the Candido Cup!.

  52. November 18, 2006--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Donnie Peppercricket b Preston Maxwell, Zac James b Joey Daniels, Vic Victory vs Damien Van Horn ended in a No Contest, Chris Havius & Damian VanHorn b Vic Victory & Sean Cruz, Brett Young b Jeremy Wyatt, Paul Daniels b Domino Rivera, Abu Colossus b Mark Sterling, Michael Stride b Darrien Sanders, Hype Gotti & Payday Patterson b Tony Cortez & Jaysin Strife.

  53. November 18, 2006--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at Bellaire Baptist Church: "Nerd in Training" Bodhi (w/Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie) b Nasty Nick Daniels, "Cruiserweight Killer" B.J. Turner b "Total Playa" Scott McKenzie w/Naughty Nicky by Submission, "Bling King" Quinten Allen b "Hardbody" Joey Spector and "Mr. Beautiful" Rudy Russo in a 3-WAY Fan Lumberjack Strap Match, The Perfection Connection (Nikko & Franco) b The Nerdy Boys (Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie), Team IPS (Ikaika & Mike Dell & Showtime Summer & Masada w/Commissioner Yebisu) b Team Mex (Don Juan & Sicodelico Jr. & Chris Marval & Hotstuff Hernandez w/Brandon Oliver) in a 4-on-4 Steel Cage Match.

  54. November 19, 2006--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: The Suburban Commandos b Bubba Blanchard & Wage Richon, Adam Thornstowe b D.J. Rizz, Mike Rayne b Jesus Kruze, Malachi b Funnybone, J.D. Bishop b Dante, Rik Luxury b Mother Truckin Otis, Kenny K b Flaco Loco, Sir Samurai & Mr. Frost b Virgil Flynn & Chupacabra

  55. November 20, 2006--Exodus Wrestling in Mooresville, North Carolina: Shane Austin b Texas Ranger, Jesse Morris & Chris Guerrero & Raymond Helms b Canadian Bulldog & Deon Davis & Jason Jones, Ethan Cage & Bobby Houston b Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. & Jake Manning, George South Jr. b Brad Thomas, Ricky Morton b Bobby Eaton with Tommy Young as referee, George South Sr. b The Masked Superstar in a Cage match to win the EWA Heavyweight title

  56. November 21, 2006--EWF in San Bernardino, California: Rocky Romero b Jason King, Paul Tracy b Karl Anderson, Jason King & Tony Raze b Romero & Erin Gobrough, Ryan Taylor b T.J. Perkins

  57. November 21, 2006--Arkansas Mountain Wrestling in Hot Springs, Arkansas at Mark's Bar: J.P. Brutal vs Mike Paige ended in a Double Countout, Big John Murder b Heath Trenchcoat, The Roxbury Boys b Youth Of Today, Spoiler 2000 b SB1, Joey Corman b Edley Emo to win the AMW Heavyweight Title

  58. November 21, 2006--Classic Championship Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky: The Regulator b Matt Maverick, Jebediah Blackhawk & Scott Hayes b The Brute Squad (Guido Andretti & Randy Royal), Elmore Fudd w/Mrs. Elma Fudd b El Oro Guapo w/Tim The Baker, The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger b The Prophet w/JesseBelle, The Fat & The Furious (Jack Black & Vito Andretti) b Apollo & Cujo w/Felony Foxx to retain the Tag Team titles, Flash Flanagan vs "The Old School Player" Dynamite Derrick ended in a No Contest (They didn't wrestle, instead they became friends), Flash Flanagan b "Smooth" Johnny Spade w/Miss Holly Wood..

  59. November 23, 2006--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Justin Dean b Fallen Dragon by DQ, Jake Omen b Senor Flamer, Just Justin b Seth Clash, Jimmy Jacobs b Nate Phoenix, Dark Lion b Cooter Jones, Ames & Able b The Southern Boys, Bob & Destinee Blade b Cameron Star & Damian Michaels, Just Justin b Jimmy Jacobs and Jake Omen and Justin Dean to win the Era title.

  60. November 23, 2006--United Wrestling Association in Alcoa, Tennessee before 76 fans: Donavan Daniels b Rip O'Kelly, The Outlaws b Death Row Inmates, Travis Sawyer b Mike Ogle, Rich Kavana & Edward Idol b Robbie Race & Eric Adamz by DQ, Heat Seekers b Juggaloz, Jerry Lee b Dillinger.

  61. November 23, 2006--West Virginia Pro Wrestling in Mullens, West Virginia: J.V. Insanity b Cyclops, Dave Scott b Jason Kincaid by DQ, Hojo the Hillbilly b Super Assassin, J.V. Insanity & Jason Kincaid b Dave Scott & Sarah Lynn

  62. November 23, 2006--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee before nearly 350 fans: Brad Thomas vs Wayne Adkins ended in a draw, Moe Jenkins & Nick Hammonds b The Drillers, Josh Crawford b Tommy Gibson, Beau James & K.C. Thunder & Tony Givens b Adam York & Thorn & Ryan Dookie, Chris Richards b Mike Cooper, Chris Richards b Big Bad Dan, Chris Richards b John Noble by DQ, Bobby Eaton b Ricky Morton in a Bunkhouse match, Beau James legit married Misty Walton in the ring to close the show.

  63. November 23, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling in Lineville, Alabama: The Ultimate Dragon b Scrub Kritter, "Nightmare" Ted Allen b "Hustler" Ric Rogers, The Inferno b The Russian Assassin, Action Mike Jackson b The Ultimate Dragon to win the SCW Alabama Cruiserweight Title, Buff Bagwell b Sgt. Greg Hammer

  64. November 23, 2006--Independent Wrestling Revolution & Revolucha in Toledo, Ohio: Guerrera Libre b American Kickboxer in a Revolucha Showcase, "The Old Timer" Jeff King b Super Negro, Hellvis b "The Natural" Johnny Dynamo, The Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado & Bubba McKenzie) b Team VD (Eddie Venom & Joe Doering) to retain the IWR Tag Team titles, The Syrian Playboy b Gameboy, "Amazing" N8 Mattson b "The Symbol of Excellence" Conrad Kennedy III to retain the King of the Indies title.

  65. November 24, 2006--World Pro Wrestling in Acoma, New Mexico at Sky City Casino: "Miracle" Mike James b "Feature Presentation" Jay Garland, Lucha Reigns b Payed Daily, Morgan b Erica D'Erico to win the Women's title, Navajo Warrior b The Black Dragon to retain the American title, Mighty Henrich Volkoff & Doink b Rick Steiner & Jerry Grey to win the Tag Team titles.

  66. November 25, 2006--Packerland Pro Wrestling in Menasha, Wisconsin: Joe Alexander b El Bano, Cliff Hanger b Lisa Wild, Red Lightning & Acid Jazz b Bathlazor & Diego, Steve Boz b Cursed, Terry Taylor b Adrian Lynch, Tough Tom b Brian Jack, Cobra b Scott Steiner when heel referee Larry Zbyszko turned on Steiner, Poison b The Assassin and Guilty as Charged in a 3-WAY..

  67. November 25, 2006--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennesseee: White Scorpion b Jason Scott by DQ, Omen b Jeremy Young, Kevin Ages b Matt Morris, Outlaws b Tomahawk & Big Hammer, Tom Prichard b Edward Idol in a Chain match

  68. November 25, 2006--Arkansas Mountain Wrestling in Crossett, Arkansas at the Recreation Center: JP Brutal & Sgt. Hurtem b Mike Paige & Pete Marshall, Heath Trenchcoat b SB1, The Roxbury Boys vs Youth Of Today ended in a draw, Spoiler 2000 b Slam Shady, Joey Corman b Big John Murder to retain the AMW Heavyweight title

  69. November 25, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling - Turkey Bash 2006 (1st Anniversary Show) in Pell City, Alabama before 280 Fans: The Inferno b The Russian Assassin, "Action" Mike Jackson b El Mexicano, "Hustler" Ric Rogers b The Inferno, Nasty Kritter Scrub b "Boy Toy" Brian Shirley w/Tristien Hayze (Tristen Hayze & Brian Shirley jumped Scrub, The CEO of SCW Scott Taylor & Buff Bagwell came to make the save!), Buff Bagwell b Extreme Heat

  70. November 25, 2006--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Rockin' Country b Supreme & Elite, The Wild Boiz b The East Coast Avengers, Vicious V b Manchild, Viper vs B.J. Hancock vs Stoney Hooker ended in a triple Count-out, Mike McCloud & Rocky Starr & Brice Bryant b James Drake & Rob Killjoy & Victorious, Leviathan b Roxi Nagasaki & Yoshi Hiroshima, Jake Manning b Derek Ryze and Ostgard in a 3-WAY to win AWA Southern title, Kirby Mack b Chris Sabin to retain the AWA Light Heavyweight title. Mack's win over Sabin was a birthday present for Mack's 23rd birthday by promoter Thomas Simpson

  71. November 25, 2006--AAW in Berwyn, Illinois: Egotistico Fantastico b Danny Daniels, Trik Davis b Chad Collyer, Chandler McClure won an Elimination match, Jerry Lynn b McClure, Silas Young vs Ace Steel ended in a draw, Zach Gowen & Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence b Michigan Invasion, Mark Brave b Tyler Black in a No Rope Barbed Wire match

  72. November 25, 2006--West Texas Wrestling Legends - Remember November in Amarillo, Texas: Tejano Kid b Biohaxxard, El Luchador b "Mosh Pit" Mike, Thunder b Hobo Hank w/Brock Matthews to retain the WTWL title, The Elite Hounds Of Hell (Nobe Bryant & Brandon Collins w/Honest Jack Logan) b The M & M Enterprise (Dice Murdock & Mace Mullican), Widowmaker vs Ricky Romero III ended in a Double DQ with special guest referee El Crusader (Chris Romero/Youngblood)..

  73. November 26, 2006--New Breed Wrestling Alliance from Danville, Illinois in Digital City Night Club: Jaxson Pride b Petey Clark and Kid Crush in a 3-WAY to win the No Limits Title, Issan Hadeev b Sgt. Jones in a Capture the Flag match to win the Midwest Title, Jason Vendetta b "American Soldier" Aaron Matthews in an "I Quit" Match, The Rough Riders b The Mankotti Brothers (Ricky & Nikki) in a "Cattle Prod on the Pole" Match to retain the NBWA Tag Team Titles, Jeckel b Slick Nick Lugwig by DQ in a Boxing Match, Diego Corleone vs DaCobra ended in a No Contest, Captain Crunk (formerly Jon Divosi) vs Dangerous Drew Thomas (formerly Dangerboy) ended in a No Contest, Slick Nick Lugwig won a New Breed Battle Royal (Other Participants: Aaron Matthews, DaCobra, Captain Crunk, Jaxson Pride, Jason Vendetta, Dangerous Drew Thomas, Issan Hadeev)

  74. November 28, 2006--Classic Championship Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky: HNIC-(Apollo & JB Thunder) b El Oro Guapo & The Inmate w/Tim The Baker, Randy Royal b Matt Maverick, Biff Wellington III b The Regulator, Elmore Fudd w/Mrs. Elma Fudd b "The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger, Jebediah Blackhawk b The Prophet w/JesseBelle, "Smooth" Johnny Spade w/Miss Holly Wood b "The Baddest Dog In The Yard" CUJO w/Felony Foxx, The Fat N' The Furious-(Jack Black & Vito Andretti) b The Brute Squad-(Guido Andretti & "The Illustrious" K-Lo w/Randy Royal) to retain the Tag Team titles

  75. November 30, 2006--Arkansas Mountain Wrestling in Hardy, Arkansas @ VFW Hall: Mike Paige b JP Brutal, Sgt Hurtem b Pete Marshall, Heath Trenchcoat b SB1, The Roxbury Boys b Youth Of Today, Andrew Dalton b Slam Shady, Joey Corman b Big John Murder to retain the AMW title

  76. November 30, 2006--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee: Chris Dalton b Bob Wyre, Donavan Daniels b Rip O'Kelly, Travis Sawyer b Willie B. Badd and Dillinger in a 3-WAY, Robbie Race b Filthy Rich Kavana, Juggaloz b Mike Ogle & Boss, Heat Seekers V2 b Heartaches, Jeff Anderson b Mr. Tennessee (Ricky Morton), Menace b Shawn Shultz, Shane Williams b Dr. Tom Prichard in a Loser Eats Dog Food match.

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