Independent Wrestling Results - January 2007

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  1. January 1, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio: Christopher Michael Lotus b Tiny Tim, Bodacious b Malpractice, Benjamin Kimera & Crybaby b Brett Michaels & Tony Bryant, Ice b King Kahuna, Chad Allegra b Ryan Stone by DQ, The Hippies & American Eagle b The Thugs & Zodiac.

  2. January 2, 2007--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Eddie Paul & Phil Wilson b Charlie Swinger & Keith Courageous, Kurt Nickels b Billy Ray Grant, Chrisjen Hayme b Tony V and Jeff Jameson and Brevin Holt in an Elimination Scramble, Shaun Peete & Jeremy Flynt b Wayne Douglas & Stan Hill to retain the FTW Tag Team titles, Cabana Man Dan b Insane Lane in an Elkmont Street Fight, Dave Mitchell b Freakshow by DQ...

  3. January 5, 2007--New Age Wrestling in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Steve the Teacher b Davey Testament and Little Nicky in a 3-WAY, Crazy Shea b Niles Young and CJ O'Doyle in a 3-WAY for the America's Cruiserweight title, Amadeus w/JADEN b Ravage, Cindy Rogers b Alere Little Feather, Hard Candy (Zac Conner & Bazooka Joe) b Z-Barr & Roxy Cotton, Deakonfrost b Johnny Logan, Nick Berk w/Jesse Starr b Billy Reil, The Philly Fury b The Gemini Trojans to win the America's Tag Team titles, Glen Osborne b Rockin Rebel and Kage in a 3-WAY for the Pennsylvania State title, The Patriot b "Latin Attraction" Angel Gonzalez to retain the America's Heavyweight title..

  4. January 5, 2007--Mega Championship Wrestling - Night of Champions 8 in ???????: Johnny Beef b. Billy Taylor, Jessicka Havok b. Lexi Lane, Jason Bane b. Robby Starr, Da Munchies (Too Cool Abdul & Dick Trimmons) & "Jiggy" Jeff Jevic b. Alpha Beta Duke & "Big Hungry" Chuck Brody, Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) b. Flip Kendrick & Bryon Lyndon, Shawn Blaze b. Christian Vaughn and T.J. Dynamite and Dubleve in a 4-WAY to retain the M.C.W. Light Heavyweight Title, Los Scrubs b. J.T. Lightning & Chris Cronus to retain the M.C.W. United States Tag-Team titles, Brandon X. b. Shirley Doe in a Casket match to win the M.C.W. Brass Knuckles Title For a record 3rd time, Chris Kole b. T.J. Dynamite in a "Fans Pick The Opponent" match to retain the M.C.W. United States Title...

  5. January 6, 2007--Coloma Wrestling Federation in Coloma, Michigan: Brutus Dillion returned to the CWF (The Commissioner told him he would face the CWF Champion Don Simmons), Alex Rase b Ryan Rage, Chad Crosse b Lord Haydes to win the United States title, The Simmons Boyz b Thugz-R-Us in a Street Fight!, Muffin Man b "The Love Doctor" Andrew Valentino, Brutus Dillion b Don Simmons to win the CWF Heavyweight title...

  6. January 6, 2007--Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey: Dr. Spider b Tiger, Greg Holsha & Phil Storm & Estaban b Billy Body & Brian Johnson & ?????, Bulldog Colari b J.J. Hamm by DQ, Jake Bishop b Mike Reed, Ed Atlas vs Nasty Nick ended in a Double DQ, Pete Nixon b Luis Martinez by DQ..

  7. January 6, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio: Stewie Backlund b Zodiac, Crybaby b Austin Meddler, Benjamin Kimera b Jesse Hyde, Pompano Joe b T-Money by DQ, King Kahuna & Muldoon b Tony Bryant & Brett Michaels, Christopher Michael Lotus vs Tiny Tim ended in a No Contest, Ice b Nasty Russ.

  8. January 6, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Hank Calhoun b Cooter Jones, Jake Omen b Josh Calisto, Sean Brody & Zane Richards b El Bano & Ryan Sax, Johnny Tsunami b Dark Lion, Bob & Andy Santos b Fallen Dragon & Damian by DQ, Richard Cannon b Nate Phoenix, Just Justin b Pat Tanaka.

  9. January 6, 2007--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 210 fans: Average White Guy b Dave Mane, Mr. Smiley b Dr. Love, Bobby Black & Donny Idol b TVZ by DQ, Jon Wall b Cooter Clampett, Pastor Pain b Average White Guy, Tank Toland b Mitch Huff, Ox Harley & Jerry Wilson b Ronnie Vegas & Sign Guy.

  10. January 6, 2007--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Ashland, Kentucky: Shawn Shultz b Billy Maverick, The Real McCoy b American Eagle by DQ, Dark Shadow vs Wildman Manson ended in a No Contest, Shane Matthews b XCalibur to win the United States Title, The Heatseekers (CM Sigmon & Shane Andrews) b Ryan Dookie & Donovan Daniels, Chris Michaels b Hamid Jihad, Mason Raige b Vinny Viagra & Damian Adams in a Handicap Match.

  11. January 6, 2007--Division 1 Pro Wrestling in Davie, Florida: Falcon b Charlie Whitman, Fantastic Dantastic b Chris Jones, Johnny Vandal b Scott Commodity, Jaison Moore b Nooie Lee, The Heartbreak Express b The Cash Money Brothers, Bruce Santee b Kory Chavis, Kenny King b David Mercury, Maximum Capacity b Tommy Vandal, Bruce Santee b Kenny King, Black Market (Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete) b The Lifeguards in a No-DQ Street Fight..

  12. January 6, 2007--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: "Wild Thing" Will Owens b "Jumping" Jesse Emerson, Mudbone b Jesse Paine, Mr. Blurr b Nino del Oro, Nasty Kritter Scum b Nasty Kritter Scrub, InHuman Fly b Adam Armor, Guff Grayson & The Night Prowler b Cabana Man Dan & Chrisjen Hayme to retain the GCW Tag Team titles, "Mad Dog" Dan Sawyer b Theodore Tuttweiler III w/Howard C. Cross locked in a Cage at ringside...

  13. January 6, 2007--New Blood Wrestling in Dyersburg, Tennessee at NBW Arena: Jerry Weezy b A.C. Havoc, Team X (Gryffon X & Phoenix X) b Gaylon Ray & Jeremy Moore (Round #1 of Tag Team Tournament), Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens b The Sicilian Kid and Thomas Lovemore in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match for the High Risk title, TANK b "Real Deal" Tim Edwards in a "Fans Bring The Weapons Hardcore" match, Gaylon Ray b "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore to win the NBW High Risk title, "Southern Outlaw" Kilo b Big Red to retain the NBW Heavyweight title

  14. January 6, 2007--WAR in Lima, Ohio: Steve Stone won a Battle Royal, Whiplash & Jeff King won a 4-WAY Tag Scramble, Silas Young b Brandon Blaze, The Jihad b Delivery Inc. in a Capture the Flag match, Cody Deaner b Jon Moxley, Soul Shooters & Gutter b Truth Martini & The Scarbonies, Steve Stone b Danny Daniels and Brian Beech and Matt Mason in a 4-WAY Steel Cage match

  15. January 6, 2007--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at Bellaire Baptist Church: Wally Darkmon b "Hardbody" J.T. Lamotta (w/Joey Spector & Andy Dalton & Brandon Oliver), Aguila Negro b Franco D'Angelo and Quinten Allen in a 3-WAY, International Playaz Club (Scott McKenzie & Greg Symmonds w/Nicole) b The Nerdy Boys (Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie) in a #1 Contender's Match, Messiah b Kevin Douglas, The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval) b The Hardbodies (Joey Spector & Andy Dalton) in a 2/3 Falls Match to retain the Tag Team titles, "Cruiserweight Killer" B.J. Turner b Gemini, Hotstuff Hernandez & Sicodelico Jr. b "Smashing Machine" Ikaika & Mike Dell in a Tag Team Tables Match.

  16. January 6, 2007--United Championship Wrestling in Corpus Christi, Texas: UCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament - ROUND 1: "The Party Boy" Bacon Johnson b "Bad Boy" Frankie Frank; Jeremy Lopez b Primo; "New Style" Ben Galvan b Papi C.; Mr. Prestigious b "Madd" Maxx McLung by DQ; Bowzer the Bulldog b "Real Deal" Jeff Galvan; ROUND 2: "New Style" Ben Galvan b Jeremy Lopez; Mr. Prestigious b "The Party Boy" Bacon Johnson; Mark Von Erich b Marty Green; ROUND 3: Mr. Prestigious vs. Bowzer the Bulldog went to a DDQ; "New Style" Ben Galvan b Mark Von Erich to become the first UCW Heavyweight Champion.

  17. January 7, 2007--Independent Championship Wrestling in Bowling Green, Kentucky from the Hands Club: "Sugar" Shane Smalls b Max Meanie w/Big E, Dave Brown vs David Rose ended in a No Contest when Bull interfered and Kid Honky Tonk made the save, Becky Caine b Destiny w/Big E by DQ to retain the ICW Ladies title, David Rose & Kid Honky Tonk b Dave Brown & Bull, Reckless Abandon b NEW Generation Xtreme (Val Joiner & Bubba) to retain the ICW Tag Team titles, "The Elite" Randall Shane b "Impressive" Anthony Wayne w/Lekisha to win the ICW Junior Heavyweight title (According the pre-match stipulations Wayne had to shake Shane's hand. Anthony refused to so, Shane left the ring), Boy w/Big E b Kid Dynamite to retain the ICW Heavyweight title..

  18. January 7, 2007--Louisiana Championship Wrestling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Ace Lando b Immortal to win the Hardcore title, Ace Lando b Dominator Cam to retain the Hardcore title, Ace Lando b Immortal and Dominator Cam in a 3-WAY to retain the Hardcore title, Spade b Cobra, Axle b Dominator Cam, Avalanche b Blitz

  19. January 7, 2007--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan: Anti-American Kickboxer b Kamikaze, Zach Gowen b Jason Harris, Joe Boyd b Jeff Brooks, Phil Atlas b Brad Martin, Gutter b Johnny Dynamo, C.J. Otis b Tommy Titus, Truth Martini & Jaimy Coxxx b Chris Hybrid & Gameboy, Big Chuck b Jeff King, N8 Mattson b Dylan Knight, DBA vs Eddie Venom ended in a No Contest..

  20. January 7, 2007--Total Texas Wrestling in Graham, Texas: "Hotsauce" Marco Rivera w/Shawn Vexx b Matt Garza, Chuck West b "The Mercenary" Chuck Murphy by DQ after Sam Haul ran in and attacked West with the cowbell, Ryan Davidson b Sam Haul after Commissioner Charlie D accidently swept out Sam's legs from under him, Cade Sydal b Shawn Vexx in a TX Division Title #1 Contender's match, The New Enforcers b The Hunks For Hire to retain the TTW Tag Team titles after a Brass Knuckle Shot to Scott Von Esper, Texas Red b Doink the Clown, "Irish Phenom" John O'Malley b Rexx Reed to retain the TTW Title

  21. January 9, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida: Austin Amadeus b Jaison Moore, "Canadian Dream" Josh Masters w/Fetish b Cousin Dale w/Momma, Nooie Lee b Nick Fame to retain the ACW Cruiserweight title, Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) b The Power Company Twins to retain the ACW Tag Team titles, "Ragin' Bull" Eddie Taurus vs "the G.O.A.T." David Mercury ended in a No Contest with Bruce Santee as ringside enforcer..

  22. January 12, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Louis Linaris b Matt Lowry, Sami Callihan b Jeremy Hadley, Wildman Rogers b Hank Calhoun by DQ, Just Justin b Andy Santo and Jake Omen in a 3-WAY, Nate Phoenix & Destinee Blade b Fallen Dragon & Camron Star, Ames & Able b Zane Richards & Sean Brodie, Osyris b Marc Houston, D-Lo Brown & Dark Lion b Seth Clash & Justin Dean & Justin Tyme

  23. January 12, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before 85 fans: Shane McLane b Kolby Stern, Sugar White Mike b Pretty Boy Velvet, Chaka VooDoo b Alex G, J.B. Cool b Chaotic Romeo, Chris Jones b Charlie Whitman, Dantastic b Napoleon Bonaduce, Scott Commodity b John Rico.

  24. January 13, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio before 202 fans: Crybaby b Austin Meddler, King Kahuna & Muldoon b Tony Bryant & Tiny Tim, Christopher Michael Lotus b Zodiac, Ice b Bodacious, Stewie Backlund b Roger Ruffen, Jesse Hyde b Benjamin Kimera, Ryan Stone b Chris Harris by DQ, Pompano Joe b Nasty Russ & T-Money.

  25. January 13, 2007--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Swanton, Vermont: Alden Brothers b Those 80s Guys, Chris Envy b Doug Sommers & Timothy Pittman, Mackie Schrody & Pedro Gonzalez & Tom Ugly b Loverboy & Blackjack Wild & Eric Atlas, Legion Freakin Cage b Mickey Mudd, Divine Diversity b Ian Daniels & Nick Peak, Fronz Roddy b Jon Thornhill, Michael Monroe b Big Vigo by DQ, Drake Evans b Maxx Burton

  26. January 13, 2007--American Championship Wrestling in Marshall, Texas: Chris Preston b Robert Evans, Justin Sane vs Mark Evans ended in a No Contest when Corman Inc beat down both men, Frankie Fisher b Doc Holiday, Miss Laura b Stacy, Viktor Tadlok w/Kyle Lewis b Aaron Eagle, The Roxbury Boys b The Nerdy Boys to retain the ACW Tag Team titles, New Age Dogg b Andrew Dalton in a No Holds Barred match, Kris Katera b Joey Corman by DQ, Khan b Gemini to win the ACW Heavyweight title, Andrew Dalton b Khan to win the ACW Heavyweight title..

  27. January 13, 2007--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory: "Playboy" Marcus Shields b Malaki and Rufio Rush and Saber in a 4-WAY #1 Contenders match, Thunderkid & Eric Evans b Draven & Draven Sr., Dan De Man (Cruiserweight Champion) b Hangtime and Rex Sterling in a 3-WAY, The Dawsons won a 12 team gauntlet to become UPWA Tag Team Champions, "Mean" Marc Ash b Darkstarr, Ace Crusader b K.C. McKnight, Andrew Anderson b LA Tank in a Russian Chain match, "Playboy" Marcus Shields b Carnage to become the new UPWA Heavyweight Champion.

  28. January 13, 2007--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Super Mario & Scotty Pride b Hurricane Maples, Chris Black b Brandon Blaze and Mitch Connor in a 3-WAY, Skullcrusher b Jack Berzerker, The Aristocrats b The Soul Shooters, Tommy Gunn b Osyris, Dysfunction b Ric Converse, Abdullah the Butcher vs Dinty Moore ended in a No Contest, Steve b Mickey McCoy in a TLC match

  29. January 13, 2007--Battle Ground Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California: Markus Riot b Hook Bomberry to retain the Battle Ground Pro MAX title, Foob Dogg b Junior Old School, Joey Harder b A.Z., Lil' Cholo b Bobby Jo Marshall, JT Hyatt b Preston Scott, The Young Bucks (Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay) b Devilishly Sexy (Diablo & Sonny Samson) and Midnight Dynamite (Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury) and The Stepfamily (The Stepfather & The Red-Headed Stepchild) in a 4-WAY Elimination match . Order of elimination: -Midnight Dynamite eliminated The Stepfamily -Devilishly Sexy eliminated Midnight Dynamite -The Young Bucks eliminated Devilishly Sexy)------ Bo Cooper b Rocky Romero to retain the Battle Ground Pro Heavyweight title, Kaos b Bo Cooper to become the new Battle Ground Pro Heavyweight title

  30. January 13, 2007--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Coshocton Ohio at Hopewell School: JT Hogg & Joe Joe Little b Dark Testament, Jessica Havoc vs "Sexy" Lexi Lane ended in a No Contest, Carlton Kaz vs Ryan Midnight ended in a No Contest, Jeff Cannon & Beastmaster b Lones Oaks & Christian Vaughn, Jebediah b G.Q. Status, Robby Starr b "Hot Commodity" Matt Mason to win the OCW Title, Vance Desmond b Jason Thunder in a Stairway to Stardom match to win the OCW Cruiserweight title.

  31. January 13, 2007--Plymouth Championship Wrestling in Sioux City, Iowa: Chris Havius & Zac James b Sean Christian & Leslie Ray, Vic Victory b Chippendale Kid, Brian Sager & Mystik b Donnie Peppercricket & Ann Thraxx, Jaysin Strife b Sean Cruz and Matty Starr in a 3-WAY, Paul & Joey Daniels b Aaron Corbin & Cory O'Neill, Casanova b J.T. Wilcox, Jake Holmes & Tony Cortez b Hype Gotti & Big Daddy Dolan.

  32. January 13, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling - 14th Annual Humble Rumble in Humble, Texas: Justin Blaze b Dylan Starr, Rocco Carmanooch b Bruce Leroy, Scoby Gober b Darkstar, Nick Daniels b Nate Slater, Mean Mike Tatum b T-Bone, Chris Allen b Riley Burke, The Gimps won 4-WAY to win the Tag Team titles, Zen Zen b Bobby 2 Badd and Mr. Mayhem in a 3-WAY, T-Bone won a Battle Royal.

  33. January 13, 2007--Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation in Jackson, Tennessee: "Elusive Enigma" PK Ripper b "Franchise" Wildside by DQ, The Big Boys b Genocide (Maxx Corbin & Albino Rhino), Lawman Williams b Steven Rampage by DQ, Overkill b Razor, PK Ripper vs Lawman Williams ended in a No Contest, Genocide b The Hooligan

  34. January 13, 2007--West Texas Wrestling Association in Amarillo, Texas: Lobo the Clown b Leonard, Gloria Shockley b Lillith Blood by DQ, Nathan Briggs b Pinky Langdon, Brian Blade b Eric Fantabulous, Evan Kaos b Rob Ryzin and Rage in a 3-WAY, Primetime & Mike Winnipeg b Slade Styles & Brian Baker & Shawn Sanders, Tony Morales b Chad Thomas, Rufus Lee Wilkins & Venom & Phenomenon b Blood & Gore & Kaos & SPAM

  35. January 13, 2007--West Texas Wrestling Legends in Amarillo, Texas: Hobo Hank b Gringo Loco, Mace Mullican vs Dice Murdock was a draw, Ricky Romero III b Appolyiin, Michael DiBiase b Mosh Pit Mike, Mark Youngblood b Thunder

  36. January 14, 2007--Coloma Wrestling Federation in Coloma, Michigan: Don Simmons started off the show calling out the newly crowned CWF Champion Brutus Dillion! The Commishner comes out and tells Don that Brutus has the night off! But Don will be in a number one contender match tonight! Mazz b. Chad Crosse, Los Mexicanos b. Thugz R Us, Alex Rase b. "The Love Doctor" Andrew Valentino, The Simmons Boyz b. The PJ Avengers, David Flash b. Don Simmons in a #1 Contenders match when Brutus Dillion came in and hit Don with the After Effect!

  37. January 16, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida: Austin Amadeus & Nick Fame b Nooie Lee & Jaison Moore, Twizted b Zack McGuire, Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters w/Fetish b David Mercury & Eddie Taurus, Big Daddy Pimp b "Mourning Star" Marcus Hall, Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) b The Heart Throbs (Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli) by DQ, LaDuke Jakes vs "Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca ended in a No Contest in Anything Goes Street Fight (how does that happen?)..

  38. January 17, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Raleigh, North Carolina: Dick Foley b Chief Jay Swamp Water, Jaheem the Dream b Kid Sydye, Dead Lee b Toni Monroe, Seymour Snott w/Cinnamon Snott b Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O, The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) b Rusty Comoads & K.C. McKnight, Scab vs Trailer Park Heat ended in a No Contest, Cham Pain b Chilly Willy.

  39. January 18, 2007--Alliance Wrestling Force - Florida Gauntlet 2007 in Auburndale, Florida at the Auburndale Civic Center: The Lifeguards (Wade Koverly & Daron Smythe w/Amy Vitale) b The Hillbillies (Moonshine McCoy & Whiskey Willie), "Next Level" Jon Davis b "The Shooter" Vordell Walker and "The Marquee" Bruce Santee w/Amy Love in a 3-WAY, Steve Madison b Jerrelle Clark and Kahagus and Spanky Malone and Leon Scott and David Mercury in a 6-WAY Elimination match, "The Natural" Kenny King b "Explosive" Erick Stevens in a 2/3 Falls match to retain the AWF Florida title, Raymond Snow won the 30-Man Florida Gauntlet

  40. January 20, 2007--Wrestling For Jesus in Beech Island, South Carolina at Heights Baptist Church: The "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b Yoshi Hiroshima, Dynamite Dave and The All-American b Brandon Paradise and Bull Putski to win the Vacanted WFJ Cross Tag Team Titles, Adam Owen b Nick Kismet, Johnny Hollywood and The "Iceman" Bryan Randall b RJ Rhyter and Miller Roach, Jeremy Rose b Ironman w/ B.O.A to win the Vacanted WFJ Cross Title, T-Money b "High Flyin" Chris Hamrick to receive a WFJ Cross Title Shot in the future

  41. January 20, 2007--Midwest Wrestling Alliance in Carter Lake, Iowa: Vic Victory b Sean Cruz, Ricky Reynolds won a four way match to retain the MWA Television title, The All Americans b Vash Heartley & Zac James, Jayson Strife b Christain, Tom Snow b Shawn North, Blade b "The Shooter" Leslie Ray, Eric Fantabulous b Gauge to retain the MWA Heavyweight title..

  42. January 20, 2007--DTW in Vineland, New Jersey before 150 fans: Chio Frost b Angel Gonzalez, Joey Spades b Breaker Morant, Crazed b Louie Q, Patch b White Lotus, Doink the Clown b Bad Boy, J.D. Smooth b Vinny the Fixer, Tommy Force b Tommy Golden

  43. January 20, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Stem, North Carolina at the Stem Fire Hall before 200 fans: Dick Foley b Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O, Gluteus Maximus b Mr. Huxtable, Jaheem the Dream b Playa de Pimp, The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Leroy Zbyszko) b Seymour Snott & Peter Snott, Trailer Park Heat b Scab w/Count Grog

  44. January 20, 2007--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - Demolition in Salt Lake City, Utah: Khan Kussion vacated the Ultra-X title, Kid Cade b Jeff Orcut in an Ultra-X title Tournament Semi-Final match, "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne (w/Tristan Gallo & Stevie Slick) b Paco in an Ultra-X title Tournament Semi-Final match, Khan Kussion b Guerrero Azteca in a Tables match, Kid Cade b "Mr. Spectacular" Devan Payne (w/Stevie Slick) to win the vacant Ultra-X title, High Risk (Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky) b Dallas Murdock & Cassidy to retain the UCW-Zero Tag Team titles, "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez b Alex Brady, David Young b Tristan Gallo (w/Devan Payne & Stevie Slick) to win the UCW-Zero Heavyweight title..

  45. January 20, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Greensburg, Indiana at the Parks Center: Devan Monroe b Ryan Rich, Hillbilly Jed b Big John Hurtz, Corona & Pogo b The Street Punks, Don Basher b Dropkick Jay, Jammer b Camron Star (WCWO Ladies Champion) in a Non-title match, Indiana Kidd Jr. b Rob Ramer to retain the WCWO Heavyweight title, Apocalipz & Bobo Brazil Jr. b The Chicago Playaz to win the WCWO Tag Team titles..

  46. January 20, 2007--American Championship Wrestling in Marshall, Texas: The Pitt Viktor Tadlok w/Kyle Lewis b Justin Sane, "Playboy" Joey Corman b Macho Mike, The Schoolhouse Rockers b The Roxbury Boys (Tag Team Champions) in a Non-title match, Andrew Dalton b JT Lamotta to retain the ACW title, Kris Katera b Scott Murdoch to retain the Young Guns titles..

  47. January 20, 2007--WCWO in Greensburg, Indiana: Devon Monroe b Ryan Rich, Hillbilly Jed b John Hurtz, Corona & Pogo b Street Punks, Don Basher b Dropkick Jay, Jammer b Camron Star, Indiana Kidd Jr. b Rob Ramer, Apocalypse & Bobo Brazil Jr. b Chicago Playaz

  48. January 20, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Wilmington, Ohio: Austin Meddler b Zodiac, The Thugs b Tony Bryant & Pompano Joe, Ice b Roger Ruffen, Jesse Hyde b Muldoon by DQ, Bodacious b Dr. Melvin Winkleman, Ryan Stone vs Stewie Backlund ended in a No Contest

  49. January 20, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio: Brett Michaels b Bodacious, American Eagle b Zodiac, Austin Meddler & Dr Melvin Winkleman vs The Thugs ended in a Double DQ, Ice b Muldoon by DQ, The Hippies vs Benjamin Kimera & Crybaby ended in a NO Contest, Christopher Michael Lotus b Tiny Tim.

  50. January 20, 2007--AAW in Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club: Michael Prater b Shawn Haufman, Eric Priest b Hunter Matthews and Jeff Brooks and Krotch in a 4-WAY, Shane Hollister & Bryce Benjamin b Phoenix Twins, Marek Brave b Chandler McClure, Skullcrusher b B.J. Whitmer, Dan Lawrence & Ryan Boz b Tyler Black & Danny Daniels, Trik Davis b Chris Hybrid, Jimmy Jacobs vs Zach Gowen ended in a No Contest, Tyme Paige & Charly Manson Jr. b Derek St. Holmes & Jason Dukes, Tony Scarpone b Zero, The Michigan Invasion & Jimmy Jacobs b Silas Young & Zach Gowen & Ace Steel

  51. January 20, 2007--Hybrid Pro Wrestling in Schoolcraft, Michigan: Josh Abercrombie b Steve Amani, Sean Tyler b Hypknow, Jack Thriller & Johnny Dynamo b Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz, C.J. Otis b Jimmy Shalwin-DQ, Keith Creme b Adam Renolds, Frankie the Face b Arik Cannon, Jeff King & Jimmy Shalwin & Max Morrison b Josh Abercrombie & Magnum Conroy & C.J. Otis

  52. January 20, 2007--Riot City Wrestling - Reanimated in Modbury, South Australia: Fusion won a Rookie Rumble to become the #1 Contender for the Snakepit Championship, Savannah Summers b Sara Jay in the first ever RCW Women's match up, Dregan b Damon Matthews, Tony Stone & TJ Rush & Mimic b Flawless (PNB & Jack Williams & Achillies) resulting in Flawless being forced to break up, Kash Kourageous b Dienamic to retain the RCW Championship...

  53. January 20, 2007--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Augusta McMullen b Mitch Gibson, Nikita Allanov b Tim Lutz by DQ, Jay Donaldson b Phantom, Garf Redman b Nick LeBeau by Countout, Nikita Allanov b McMullen, Donaldson b Redman, Brad Callaway b Dewey Brown, Dameon Steel b Brad Callaway, Allanov b Donaldson.

  54. January 20, 2007--New Breed Wrestling Alliance in Danville, Illinois at the NBWA Arena: Cellbock & Cecil Cerveza b Kid Crush & Cyclone, Jeckel b Bloody Harker Dirge by Count Out, Jason Vendetta b DaCobra to retain his half of the NBWA Tag Team titles, Cheap Shot McGrot b Issan Hadeev (NBWA Midwest Champion) in a Non-title match, JC Michaels & Petey Clark b The Rough Riders (Wild Bill & Jef Harris), Slick Nick Lugwig b Jaxson Pride to win the NBWA No Limits title, "American Soldier" Aaron Matthews b Vic "The Pitbull" Santelli by reverse decision by the referee to retain his half of the NBWA Tag Team titles, "Dangerous" Drew Thomas b Jon Divosi in a No-DQ match to win the NBWA Heavyweight title..

  55. January 20, 2007--New Blood Wrestling in Dyersburg, Tennessee at NBW Arena before 100 fans: The Kountry Homeboyz b Fire & Flame to advance to the Finals of the Tag-Team title Tournament, "Playboy" Thomas Love b The Sicilian Kid, "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore b A.C. Havoc w/Bigg Money Gripp, Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens b Gaylon Ray to retain the NBW High Risk Title, The Kountry Homeboyz b TEAM X in the Finals to become the 1st ever NBW Tag Team Champions, Dustin "5" Starr b "All That" Allen Steele by DQ, "Real Deal" Tim Edwards g TANK w/Ca$hFlow in an Indian Strap Match..

  56. January 21, 2007--JWA-United Wrestling School in New Brunswick, New Jersey at the New Brunswick Boxing Gym: Buttery Bert Williams b Brian Mitchell Foster, Corey Havoc & Mike Cannizzo b Dirt Bag Dan & Triple J, Eric Cooper b HollyHood w/The HollyHood Dancers, Section 8 w/Major D. Kline b Joe Rules w/Luxurious Lynne, Thornn b Jon Justice, Alexa Thatcher w/Beth b Taylor Nicole w/Luxurious Lynne by DQ, Corvis Fear b "The Indian Warrior" Draven, Bill Ding (UWF World Champion) & Chocolate Boy Wonder (JWA World Champion) b Philly Madison & Max Gaeta w/Joe Rules to win the JWA-United World Tag Team titles..

  57. January 21, 2007--Championship Wrestling Experience in Girard, Ohio at the Holiday Inn Metroplex: Jigsaw b Shiima Xion and Marion Fontaine in a 3-WAY, Patrick Hayes b "Apex" Allen Amazing, Johnny Gargano b Judas Young, The Gambinos Brother Moving Company b Klub Xtreme (The Bouncer & Kurt Fury), Vendetta b Jason Gory, Nobutaka Moribe b "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon by DQ, "The Ultimate Male" Preston Steele b "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney, Sterling James Keenan and Chris Hero had an altercation, Faith in Nothing (Vincent Nothing & Christian Faith) b The Northstar Express (Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin), Matt Cross b Josh Abercrombie after a Shooting Star Press.

  58. January 23, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at the Bourbon Street Night Club: Shan Hill b Twizted Vengeance, Jaison Moore b Nick Fame in a #1 Contenders match for the Cruiserweight title, Nooie Lee (Cruiserweight Champion) vs Austin Amadeus ended in a 15-Minute time limit draw, Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) b Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong w/Fetish by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles, "Raging Bull" Eddie Taurus w/Damien Angel b "The Marquee" Bruce Santee w/Amy Love to retain the ACW Heavyweight title

  59. January 23, 2007--Full Throttle Wrestling in Elkmont, Alabama: Charlie Swinger b. Eddie Paul, Jeff Jameson b. Dave Mitchell, Brevin Holt NC Kurt Nickels, Sons of Beaches (Cabana Man Dan & Lani Kialoha) b. Great Southern Trendkill (Insane Lane & Tony V), Brevin Holt b. Phil Wilson, Freakshow b. Chrisjen Hayme to retain the FTW Title, Shaun Peete & Jeremy Flynt b. Wayne Douglas & Stan Hill in a Dog Chain Match to retain the FTW Tag Titles...

  60. January 25, 2007--UWA in Alcoa, Tennessee before 160 fans: Travis Sawyer b The Boss, Outlaws & Mike Ogle b Lucky Charms & Dillinger, Jerry Lee b Bobwyre & Eric Gunn by DQ, Shane Williams b Robbie Race by DQ, Kassie Rains & Charles Long b Jim Miller & Donavan Daniels, Heat Seekers V2 b Death Row Inmates.

  61. January 26, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Ethan Cage b Bobby Ramone, Stormy Hooker & Charlie Dreamer b B.J. Hancock & Derek Daze, Deon Davis b Kenny James, Amber O'Neil & Shark Girl b Tracy Brooks & ODB, Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega b Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack and K.C. McKnight & Total Protection in a 3-WAY to win CWA Tag Team titles, Bobby Houston vs Jake Manning ended in a draw..

  62. January 26, 2007--BAW (Backed Against the Wall) Championship Wrestling in McMinnville, Oregon at the National Guard Armory: A.T. Flash & The Player b Flaming McD & Sir Latte w/Barbie Dahls in a "Future Stars" pre-show match. Kimo & Chico Navarro b Cosmic River & Christopher Ryseck, Mega Boy & Princapa Zarrack & Durango Kid (Technicos) b La Bista & Corazon de Orro & Chilango (Rudos) 2/3 Falls in a Lucha Libre Trios match, "Superstar" Shane Mathews b J.B. Luce, D-Lo Brown b Count Black Pearl and Helfyre in a 3-WAY, Kamala the Ugandan Giant w/Kim-shee b L'empereur, Rikishi b Wage Reichten, New Jack b "The Tennessee Brat" Terry Bull in a Steel Cage/Loser Leaves Town Match (Blood Fest).

  63. January 26, 2007--Mad-Pro Wrestling - Bling in The Ring (Night 1) in Columbus, Ohio: Carlton Kaz b Rok Wyler, Bryan Fury b The Great Wasabi, Cyrus Poe vs Lou Roberts ended in a Double Count Out, Shigroth b CO Hustler, Ryan Midnight b Tommy Chill

  64. January 27, 2007--Mad-Pro Wrestling - Bling in The Ring (Night 2) in Columbus, Ohio: CO Hustler b Country, Ryan Midnight b Shigroth (2nd Round), Bryan Fury b Carlton Kaz by Submission (2nd Round), The Black & Blue Crew b Lou Roberts & The Great Wasabi, Bryan Fury b Ryan Midnight in a No Rules Falls Count Anywhere match to become the first "King of Columbus"...

  65. January 27, 2007--Louisiana Championship Wrestling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Ravager b Ace Lando to win the Hardcore title, Lando b Ravager to win back the Hardcore title, Spade b Camero (Dominator Cam) by DQ when Ravager interfered, Ravager b Ace Lando and Spade and Beast Wolf Black (debut) in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Beast Wolf Black & Ravager & Kenny (debut) b Ace Lando & Camero & Spade in a 6-MAN Tag Team Death Match..

  66. January 27, 2007--Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey: Brian Johnson b Tiger McAdams, Jason Kinsley & Steve Wallingford & J.J. Hamm b Nasty Nick & Esteban & Phil Storm, Tom Lose b Snake Jackson, Greg Hogya & Dan Williams vs Mike Reed & I.M. Smarter ended in a Double Countout, Ed Atlas b Carl Schilling, Luis Martinez b Dave Logan.

  67. January 27, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in York, South Carolina: Jake Manning b Charlie Dreamer, Michael Frehley & Bobby Ramone & Baha b Derek Ryze & B.J. Hancock & Kenny James, Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega b T.J. & Kirby Mack, Daffney b Tracy Brooks, Bobby Houston b K.C. McKnight

  68. January 27, 2007--EWF in Marion, Indiana: Sami Callihan b Senor Flamer and Andy Santos in a 3-WAY, Jeremy Hadley b Kenneth James, Fallen Dragon b Matt Lowry, Louis Linaris b Nate Phoenix, Just Justin b Seth Clash, Justin Tyme b Hurricane, Drew Johnson & Apollo Starr b Ames & Able, Richard Cannon b Bob, Marc Houston & Hank Calhoun & Damian Michaels b Osyris & Dark Lion & Wildman Rogers.

  69. January 27, 2007--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Ryan Dookie b Josh Crawford, Sarah Lynn & Moe Jenkins b Eric Steele & Brian Compton, E.Z. Money b Matt Scott and Alyx Winters in a 3-WAY, Brad Thomas b Allen King, Bombers b J.V. Insanity & Kyd, Beau James vs Bobby Eaton ended in a Double DQ, Ray Idol & Chris Richards & Wayne Adkins b Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy & Nick Hammonds by DQ.

  70. January 27, 2007--EWA in Essex, Maryland: Linx Kory b Goldthumb, Buster Macabi & Apollo Cruz b Ryan McBridge & Teddy Stigma, Blackout b Christian Academy by DQ, Niles Young b Dr. X, Steve Desire b Jim Christian, Buster Maccabi & Apollo Cruz b Team Andrew, D.J. Hyde b Adam Flash by DQ.

  71. January 27, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Roxboro, North Carolina before 125 fans: Dick Foley b Dead Lee with a Double-Arm DDT, Toni Monroe b Cinnamon Snott, Exotic Aloysius Street b Koala Bear O'Day (w/Wallabee Joe & Felicia O), The Urban Legends (Cowboy Willie Watts & Leroy Zbyszko) b Seymour Snott & Dick Foley, Jaheem the Dream b Wallabee Joe (w/Felicia O & Koala Bear O'Day), Trailer Park Heat b Major DeBeers w/Coach Grog Tolos to retain the GOUGE Title.

  72. January 27, 2007--Powerhouse Wrestling of New England in Worcester, Massachusetts before 700 fans. The Heart Throbs (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas) b Slyck Wagner Brown & Osirus, Jimmy Jact Cash b Jay Lethal, Mia Love & Amber b The Skunk & Powerhouse Pittman, SlaughterHouse (w/Moondog Maximus & Wolman & The Witch Doctor) b The Vachon Brothers, The Texas Outlaw b Eric Shred in a Bullrope match to win the New World Wrestling United States title, Powerhouse Wrestling Champion Don Vega b Jay Jaillette and Big Business and Kevin Landry in an Elimination match, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka b Gino Martino w/Johnny Fabulous (John Cena's father), Abyss b Big Rick Fuller in a Stretcher match

  73. January 27, 2007--3XW - A New Beginning in Waukee, Iowa: Hunter Mathews b Aaron Masterson and Tyler Cook and Shane Hollister and Jeremy Wyatt and Kraig Keeseman in a 6-Man Scramble, Danny Daniels b Arik Cannon w/Trik Davis, Devin Carter b Gage Octane to advance to the final round of 3xw's Heavyweight title tournament, Bryce Benjamin b Krotch & Allison Wonderland, The Northstar Express (Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin) b Nate Bash & Ben Sailor to win the 3XW Tag Team titles, Dan Lawrence & Jimmy Rockwell & Ricky Kwong b Casanova & Zach Thompson & Ryan Slade in a 6-Man Tag (After the match, Zach Thompson & Ryan Slade attacked Casanova for getting pinned), Brian Ash b Tony Scarpone to advance to the final round of 3xw's Heavyweight title tournament.

  74. January 27, 2007--Coloma Wrestling Federation in Coloma, Michigan: Don Simmons demanded a title shot for being screwed out of the #1 Contendership at the last show! The Commish granted his wish and made the main event tonight a 3-WAY Ladder match for the CWF TITLE!!!!! Kenny Kage b Scotty Young, Thugz R Us won a 4-WAY Tag Match to capture the Tag Team titles, Alex Rase b Muffin Man, Mazz vs Reign ended in a No Contest, Brutus Dillion b Don Simmons and ?????? in a 3-WAY Ladder match to retain the CWF title..

  75. January 27, 2007--SPW - 1st Anniversary Show in Ahoskie, North Carolina before 125 fans: Brandon Day b J-Sinn, Q-Sic b Mike Booth, Damien Wayne b Q-Sic, Sean Denny b Day, Horrorshow b 6D6 by Countout, Chris Escobar b Rex Sterling by DQ, Chris Escobar vs Rex Sterling ended in a No Contest, Ross & James Hall b Totally Awesome, Denny b Wayne

  76. January 27, 2007--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at Bellaire Baptist Church: Gemini b "Hardbody" Andy Dalton w/Brandon Oliver, Hotstuff Hernandez b "Cruiserweight Killer" B.J. Turner, Quinten Allen b Franco D'Angelo, "Main Event" Mike Foxx w/Miss Laura b Sicodelico Jr., "Ring King" Joey Spector w/Brandon Oliver b "The Mind of Wrestling" J.T. LaMotta, The Caucasian Knights (Messiah & Scott McKenzie) b The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval) to win the RCW Tag Team title, "The Smashing Machine" Ikaika b "One Man" Mike Dell to retain the RCW Heavyweight title..

  77. January 28, 2007--Pro Wrestling All-Stars in Detroit, Michigan: Shane Storm b Hydra, Mark Wolfe b American Kickboxer, DBA & Jimmy Jacobs co-won a Battle Royal, Roughhouse ROB & Sean Silver, Zach Gowen & Fifth Element b Truth Martini & N8 Mattson, Ultramantis Black b Equinox, Gutter & Anthony Rivera & Chris Hybrid b Breyer Wellington & Vinnie Scarboni & Brian Shotwell, Jaimy Coxxx b Eddie Venom, C.J. Otis b DBA and Jimmy Jacobs in a 3-WAY...

  78. January 28, 2007--Midsouth Allstar Wrestling in Memphis, Tennessee in the New Daisy Theatre: "Big CA" Carnage Antwane b Showstopper, Commissioner K.C. Gold w/TFO Assistants b Pimpin' Antoin Smooth w/Ms. Jade, Genocide (Maxx Corbin & Albino Rhino) b The D.O.C. (Madman & Duke w/Azreal), Gabriel Stalker w/The Movement b A.J. Bradley to retain the MAW Junior Heavyweight title, The Front Office (Johnny Morton & K.C. Gold) b High Society (Jason Richards & Jeremy Killz) and New Blood (Dave Anthony & Precious w/Ms. Jade) in a 3-WAY Tag match, Chris Lexx b "The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Big Ace in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight to win the MAW Southern title, "Big CA" Carnage Antwane b Dre Black and Big Country and Raven in a 4-WAY to win the MAW Heavyweight title..

  79. January 28, 2007--Wrestling For Jesus in Barnwell, South Carolina at the Wagon Wheel: Josh Magnum b Johnny Hollywood, Bull Putski b RJ Rhyter, T-Money and The "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz ended in a Draw, Ironman w/ B.O.A b Brian James by DQ, Jeremy Rose b The "Iceman" Bryan Randall to retain the WFJ Cross Title, Ironman w/ B.O.A and The "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b T-Money and Brian James

  80. January 29, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jason Jones vs Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. ended in a draw, Bobby Ramone b Jesse Morris in a "Loser Leaves Town" match, George South b Bobby Houston, The Canadian Bulldog b Chris Guerrero.

  81. January 30, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at Bourbon Street Night Club: "Modern Revolution" Steve Madison b Twizted Vengeance, Nooie Lee (Cruiserweight Champion) vs Jaison Moore vs Austin Amadeus w/Nick Fame ended in a No Contest, Shan Hill b Sedrick Strong (w/Joshua Masters & Fetish), LaDuke Jakes b Cousin Dale w/Momma, "Raging Bull" Eddie Taurus b "Canadian Dream" Joshua Masters (w/Fetish & Sedrick Strong) -- Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow's brother Todd was in attendance!

  82. January 31, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr b Paul Freeman, Canadian Bulldog b Jason Jones, Bobby Houston b Jake Manning, Canadian Bulldog b Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Bobby Houston b Guerrero, Canadian Bulldog b Bobby Houston.

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