Independent Wrestling Results - March 2007

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  1. March 2, 2007--Gen-X Wrestling in Irvine, Kentucky: Jay-Ten Lyons b Brad Thomas to retain the Gen-X Breaker title, "Hosscat" Big Henry b "Mean" Mike Roach and Cujo in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders match, Brad Thomas & JT Snow & Joe Rogers b Maxx Sledd & James Clough & Preston Romans III, The Mt. Sterling Wrecking Crew (Kelly Charles & Shayne Parker) b "Honest" Donnie Green & "Driller" Eddie Browning by DQ to retain the Tag team titles, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton b Vic The Bruiser (Gen-X Champion) by DQ..

  2. March 2, 2007--Atlas Wrestling Company in Renzi Park, McKeesport, Pennsylvania at The Jacob Woll Pavillion: Steve Flash b Justin Bender, Dash Bennett b Apollyon, Brandon K b Brian O, Crusher Hansen b Justin Idol...

  3. March 2, 2007--Hermie Sadler's UWF in Gainesville, Georgia at the Mountain Center: Dustin Rhodes b Steve Corino, D-Lo Brown & Jerry Lynn b The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas), Team Macktion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) b Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper), Human Tornado & Ruckus b M-Dogg & Tyler Black in a WSX Tag Team match, "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm b "Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams, Scott Steiner b Eric Young and Kishi in a 3-WAY -- Notes: TNA's Big Fat Oily Guy did a run-in during the main event.

  4. March 2, 2007--Big Time Wrestling in Chicopee Massachusetts in front of 250 fans: The Galaxy Warriors b Bryce Andrews & El Boriqua, Kevin Landry b Antoine Roy, Doink The Clown & Fred Curry Jr b Aaron Morrison & Jonny Idol. Gino Martino b Purty Kurty Adonis to retain the BTW United States title, Tony Atlas b The Russian Hammer w/Johnny Fabulous, Benny Jux & Malice b Wolfman Banford & Big Bear Mantouch w/Johnny Fabulous, Frankie Arion b Kid Mikazi, Mister TA b Rick Fuller in a Dog Collar match. Jay Lethal b Antonio Thomas to retain the BTW Heavyweight title..

  5. March 3, 2007--Big Time Wrestling in Palmer Massachusetts in front of 225 fans: Benny Juxx b "The Rocket" Fred Curry Jr., Doink the Clown b The Russian Hammer (w/Johnny Fabulous & Natasha). Mr. T.A. b Gino Martino (U.S. Champion) in Non-title Dog Collar match, Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas b Sex & Violence (Jeff Starr & Dave Danger w/Nick Richards), Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta b Shockwave, Wolfman Banford was the sole survivor in an eight-man Survivor Series-style elimination match, Jay Lethal b Malice to retain the BTW Heavyweight title..

  6. March 3, 2007--Rising Phoenix Wrestling in Mesa, Arizona: Brandon Nitro b Sexy Sonny Samson to qualify for the Top Contender Elimination Challenge; The Hawaiian Lion b Miracle Mike James by Tap-out to qualify for the Top Contender Elimination Challenge; Redrum b Johnny Dynamite to qualify for the Top Contender Elimination Challenge; Black Metal b The Navajo Warrior; Devilishly Sexy (Sexy Sonny Samson & Diablo) b The Young Bucks (Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay); Brandon Nitro b Redrum and The Hawaiian Lion to win the Top Contender Elimination Challenge and become the #1 Contender to RPW Heavyweight Championship.

  7. March 3, 2007--Jersey Shore Wrestling in Union City, New Jersey at the AWA Wrestling School: Azezz Anwar Ali b Mike Norter, The Out Cast Killaz b The Sneaky Silver Bullets, Alicia & ChaCha & Mia Lover w/Johnny D. b Alexa & Melissa Stripes & Amber, Corvis Fear b K.C. Blades, Kevin Mathews w/Johnny D. b Justin Corino, The Panda b Sylvester Greendexter w/Chuck Taylor, Danny Demanto b "2 Hot" Steve Scott, EC Negro b Envy, Steve "Monsta" Mack b Pappadon, Azreial & Bandido Jr. b Grim Reefer & Deranged.

  8. March 3, 2007--MWA in Carter Lake, Iowa: Vash Heartley b Sean Se-Me, Enigma b Carson Rockwell, Tom Snow b Austin Storm by DQ, Mr. Jones b Ricky Reynolds to win the MWA Television title, The All Americans vs Cowboy Troy Hansen & Hype Gotti ended in a Double DQ, Blade b Dekin Kane by DQ. Vash Heartley b Enigma to win Bracket A of the Cruiserweight Title Tournament, Eric Fantabulous b Johnny Jackson to retain the MWA Heavyweight title.

  9. March 3, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Destinee Blade (EWF Ladies Champion) vs Miss Jeanie ended in a No Contest, Wildman Rogers b Lawrence Bon Poffo, Sami Callihan b Jamie Crisis & Jason Young in a Handicap match, Bob b Fallen Dragon, Nate Phoenix b Matt Lowry, Ames & Able b Locked'N'Loaded (Skipp Raddison & Rob Kincaid) to retain the EWF Tag Team titles, Dark Lion b Andy Santos, Just Justin b Hank Calhoun

  10. March 3, 2007--Division-1 Pro Wrestling in Davie, Florida before 275 fans: Fantastic Dantastic & Koby Stern b Bobby Sanford & ?????????, Modern Day Theory b Vandalz, ???????? b Koby Stern, Stash b David Mercury, The Lifeguards b The Heartbreak Express, The Lifeguards b Cash Money, The Falcon b Southern Assassin, Bruce Santee b Steve Madison, Jake "The Snake" Roberts b Casey Thompson -- NOTES: Jake The Snake's false teeth fell out during the match. After the show Jake told fans to brush their teeth so they don't lose them later in life. When the teeth fell out, the ref kicked them into a corner behind Thompson's chain..

  11. March 3, 2007--American Pro Wrestling in Chester, South Carolina before 150 fans: Derek Ryze & B.J. Hancock b Mike McCloud & Rocky Starr, Deon Johnson b Zack Salvation, Cole McAbee b Shea Shea McGrady, Mark Slain b Will Snapp, Sir Jonathan Buffett b Mikey Richards, J.C. Dazz & Donovan Cruze b Honest Doug & Big William, Abel Adams b The Barbarian.

  12. March 3, 2007--Hoosier Pro Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana before 225 fans: Average White Guy b Dr. X, TVZ b The San Francisco Sex Symbols, Tank Toland b Jack Bull, Pastor Pain b Bobby Saxxon, Ox Harley & Donny Idol b Bobby Black & Zodiac, Cousin Cooter & Cr Rage b The San Francisco Sex Symbols in a Slop Match, "Diceman" Ronnie Vegas b Pastor Pain (sub for Bobo Brazil Jr. - who was fired by Promoter Jerry Wilson) to retain the HPW Heavyweight title..

  13. March 3, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Buford, Ohio: Austin Meddler b The Zodiac, The Thugs b Ice & Horatio Sanchez, "The Genuine Superstar" Anthony Bryant b Stewie Backlund by DQ, Ryan Stone b Dr. Melvin Winkelman to retain the NWF Title, Benjamin Kimera & The Warlock b Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe after the Thugs interfered, Tiny Tim b Roger Ruffen.

  14. March 3, 2007--Southern Wrestling Alliance in Huntsville, Tennessee: Tomahawk b Sick-O, White Scorpion b Hot Rod, Da Studd b Psycho, White Scorpion b Tomahawk, Da Studd b Omen, White Scorpion b Da Studd

  15. March 3, 2007--Southern Extreme Wrestling in Memphis, Tennessee at the Capleville Gym: Capleville Maniac b Big Steve w/Foxy Red, The Crime b Chris Lexx and Reno Diamond in a 3-WAY Street Fight with assistance from Lauren Crime to win TCW title, Family of Pain (Sarge O'Riley & Mickey Ray w/Coach) BT b High Society (Jason Richards & Jeremy Killz w/Antoin Smooth & Diamond), Snowman w/Extreme Posse b The Showstopper, The Sniper b Psycho in a Boot Camp Match, Tim Williams b "Pimpin'" Antoin Smooth in a Fans Lumberjack Strap Match with a fireball, Sid Vicious b Doug Gilbert in an Anything Goes match

  16. March 3, 2007--Main Event World League - Luck of the Draw in Alliance, Ohio at the Alliance National Guard Armory: Jason Thunder b Durty the Clown w/Time Traveler (Tournament), Unknown b Toyota ?? (Tournament), Ryan Midnite b Nick Paradise (Tournament), Sherman Tank b Brian Biggs (Tournament), Rootin Tootin' b Shane Sensation, Jessica Havoc b "Sexy" Lexi Lane, Lones Oaks b Wilbur Whitlock and Christian Vaughn in Fall #1 of a 3-WAY to win the Hardcore title, Wilbur Whitlock b Lones Oaks and Christian Vaughn in Fall #2 of a 3-WAY to win the North American title, Chris Kole & Jasin Blaze b B.E.T. (Kano Carter & Kid Ragous) to retain the Tag Team titles, Sherman Tank b Jason Thunder and Unknown and Ryan Midnite in a 4-WAY to win the Luck of the Draw Tournament, Robby Starr b "The Upgrade" Tyrone Evans to retain the MEWL Heavyweight title.

  17. March 3, 2007--Ohio Championship Wrestling in Ashland, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Damian Adams b Scott Sexton, Dark Shadow b Canadian Playa, Xcalibur b Donovan Daniels, The Real McCoy b Shane Matthews by DQ, American Eagle b Robbie Race, The Heatseekers b The Maddox Brothers to win the OCW Tag Team Titles, Mason Raige b Jihad to retain the OCW Heavyweight Title, James "Buddha" Ratcliff & Bill "Sandy McGhee" Smith were inducted into the OCW Hall Of Fame

  18. March 3, 2007--WAR in Lima, Ohio: Eddie Venom & Jaimy Coxxx & N8 Mattson b Tony Rican & American Eagle & Dan Lawrence, Brandon Blaze b Chandler McClure, Black & Blue Crew b Vinnie & Sonny Scarboni, Danny Daniels b Cody Deaner, Gutter b Silas Young, Brian Beech b Jon Moxley, Delivery Inc. b Jihad, Steve Stone b Matt Mason

  19. March 3, 2007--New Wave Pro Wrestling in San Diego, California before 100 fans: Chris Marino b Aerial Star, 2 Tuff Tony b Pauley Morretti, So Cal Crazy & Bandido b David Jones & Ryan Stone, Impact Adam b Matt Twizted, B-Boy b Frankie Kazarian and Joey Ryan in a 3-WAY

  20. March 3, 2007--CIW in Reading, Michigan: Joe Doering b Helvis Elliott, Doink the Clown & Nacho Libre b Mr. Main Event & Jim Rivard, The Mauler b Conrad Kennedy III by DQ, Clash b Viper Pete Christie & Devin Michaels, Dave DuPonte b P.J. Flowers, Xavier Justice b Jack Thriller, Big Hoss b Dr. Feelgood in a Bullrope match, The War Machines b Abyss & Conrad Kennedy III

  21. March 3, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas from the TASW Arena: Nate Slater b Wildcat Scoby Gober, Justin Blaze b Nark The Nevulon, Dylan Starr & Nasty Nick Daniels b The Gimps and Rocco Carmanooch & Chip Dumas in a 3-WAY Tag Scramble to win the TASW Tag Team titles, Darkstar b "Mean" Mike Tatum, Mr. Mayhem b Bobby 2 Badd and Bubba Lee Travis in a 3-WAY, Christy Hemme vs Nayatti Mattox ended in a No Contest, T-Bone b ZenZen by DQ...

  22. March 3, 2007--Wrestling Superstars Unleashed (debut) in Lodi, New Jersey before 80 fans: Amber b Mia Love, Missy Hyatt did a "Missy's Manor" interview segment with Daffney but was interrupted by Talia Madison, The Soul Sisters (Jana & Luscious Latasha) b Kylie Pierce & Cha Cha, Barbie b Melissa Stripes, Alicia b Becky Bayless, Miss Deville b Kayla Sparks in the Battle of the Diva Killaz, Alere Little Feather b Amy Lee with help from the Diva Killaz, Talia Madison b Daffney in the main event.

  23. March 3, 2007--New Focus Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana at the C.K.Newsome Center: "The Lost Cause" Josiah Caine b Big Bull Lee and Scotty Wolf and Mr. Sandman and Rowdy Red in a 5-WAY to become the first NFW Free for All Champion, The Canadian Kid b Becky Caine & Tempest in a Handicap match, Just John b Sabastan Stardust, T-Bolt b Tombstone, JC Flash & Chaotic Theory b Gator McCalister & Blackie West & Anthony Ingram by DQ, Chris Michaels & Evan Acid b The Bad Boys, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert b The Punisher, Master Rich b BoBo Brazil Jr. to retain the NFW World Title..

  24. March 3, 2007--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Underground Arena: Kevin James b Shane Rawls, 3rd Rail b Michael James w/Talon, Kareem Sadat b The New York Express (Jeff Knight & Thomas Knight) in an Egyptian Rules Handicap Match, Trailer Park Trash (J.C. & K.C.) b The American Bad Boys (Glen Steel & Bad Boy) by DQ, "Party Man" Rick Garrett b Luscious Larry (SWCW Champion) by DQ, Dexter Hardaway vs Eric Rose vs Kenny Campbell vs Tommy Smash vs Cpl. James Warbois vs Cody Jones ended in a No Contest in a 6-WAY Ladder match to become the 1st SWCW Xtreme Champion..

  25. March 4, 2007--Mexican American Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas: Viking b Diablo, El Latino b Rudy Russo, Ave Fenix b Ilegal, Lemus II b Atrevido by DQ, Spider Man & Universitario b Mr. Muerte & Soldado Infernal

  26. March 5, 2007--Mega Championship Wrestling - March Mayhem in ??????: Matt Justice b. Johnny Beef, Chris Kole b. Jason Bane to retain the M.C.W. United States Title, The Grubby Holler Boys ("Big Hungry" Chuck Brody & "Big Thirsty" Jake Garrett) b. Klub Xtreme (Bouncer & Curt Fury), "Big Time" Billy Taylor b Louis St. Clair, "Big Time" Billy Taylor b "Jiggy" Jeff Jevic, Dubleve b. Flip Kendrick and Bryon Lyndon in a Triple Threat match to be declared #1 Contender for the M.C.W. Light Heavyweight Title, J.T. Lightning & Chris Cronus b. Da Munchies (Too Cool Abdul & Dick Trimmons), T.J. Dynamite vs. Shawn Blaze ended in a Time Limit Draw for the now vacant M.C.W. Light Heavyweight Title (Chris Vaughn was stripped of the title earlier on by M.C.W. Owner - Darren Davenport)... Los Scrubs b. Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) to retain the M.C.W. United States Tag-Team titles, Brandon X. b. Marion Fontaine to retain the M.C.W. Brass Knuckles Title...

  27. March 6, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at the Bourbon Street Night Club: "Rough House" Ralph Mosca b Eddie Taurus to win the ACW Heavyweight title, Shayne Swift b Twizted Vengeance, Austin Amadeus & Jose b Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only), Big Daddy Pimp b Cousin Dale w/Momma by DQ, Nooie Lee b Dr. Heresy, Ray Beez b Erick Stevens, Shan Hall vs "The Marquee" Bruce Santee ended in a Double Countout..

  28. March 9, 2007--Scott County Wrestling - Redemption in Donahue, Iowa at Don's Pub: Brandon Lyonz b The Original S & M (A.J. Smooth & Montoya X) by DQ in a Handicap match, Hunter Matthews b Kyle Rich to win the SCW Quad-Cities title, American History Next (Steve Stone & Hardcore Craig) b Dan Lawrence & Tony Rican, Tony Scarpone b Danny Daniels to remain #1 contender for the SCW Championship, Big Mike b Krotch, Russ Staley b Jordan Sax, Jimmy Jacobs b Shane Hollister, Bobbi Dahl & Woody Maguire & Timothy Regal b The Black & The Brave (Tyler Black & Marek Brave) when Marek Brave turned on Tyler Black and threw Bobbi Dahl on top of Tyler Black for the pin... [reported by Jared Oloffson]

  29. March 10, 2007--Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey before 100 fans: Sir Gaylord Fauntleroy b Steve Worthington, Jason Kinsley b Tiger McAdams, Jake Bishop b C-Fed, Brian Johnson b Mike Reed, Tom Lose & J.J. Hamm vs Greg Hogya & Dan Williams ended in a No Contest, Esteban b Phil Storm in a Hair vs. Mask match, Luis Martinez b I.M. Smarter by DQ

  30. March 10, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Andy Santos b Fallen Dragon and Lamar Titan and Ali Bumaya and Thomas Sinclair in a 5-WAY, Christian Able b Mr. Main Event, Bob b Fuji Brown, Louis Linaris b Isais Valezquez, Damian Michaels b Chance Laredo, Nate Phoenix b Richard Cannon, Wildman Rogers b Jordan Pryde, Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender b Skip Raddison & Rob Kincaid, Just Justin b Frank Stein, Osyris b Menace

  31. March 10, 2007--APW in Chester, South Carolina: Sir Jonathan Buffett b Cole McAbee, Big Willie b American Dragon (not Bryan Danielson), Phil Shatter b Truitt Fields, Scotty Brooks b Derek Ryze, Team Ego b Mike McCloud & Rocky Starr, Romeo b B.J. Hancock

  32. March 10, 2007--APW in Spartanburg, South Carolina: Krazy Killer Klowns b Iceman & Pitbull, Evon Force b Jimmy Kindred, Erik Anton b Ike Stevens, E.Z. Money & Nick Fury b Brian Bullet & Chris Blade, Jay Eagle b Cruiser Lewis, Boomer Payne b The Misfits, Alex Stone & Shane Steele b Beyond Perfection & Heath Havoc, Brick b Bobby Diamond, Supreme b Khaos, Mack Truck b Johnny Dollar.

  33. March 10, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in West Harrison, Indiana: Austin Meddler b Zodiac, Anthony Bryant b Brett Michaels, American Eagle b Crybaby, Tiny Tim b Bodacious, Christopher Michael Lotus & Ice b The Thugs, Roger Ruffen & Muldoon b The Hippies.

  34. March 10, 2007--Big Pro Wrestling in Newhall, California: Infernal b Chimaera and Nikki in a 3-WAY, The Ballard Brothers b Diablo & Johnny Salami, Markus Riot b Joey Harder by Countout, Preston Scott b Foob Dogg, Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay b Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise, Lil Cholo b Hook Bomberry, Bo Cooper & Brandon Nitro b Xtreme Loco & Crayz, The Stepfather b Kaos by DQ

  35. March 10, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Greensburg, Indiana at the Decatur County Parks Center: Dropkick Jay b Jammer, Ryan Rich b Devan Monroe, Corona b B.A. Skynard, Pogo b Boy Toy Bryan, Apocalypz b Stu Early, Timmmy Turner & Wampascat & Rob Ramer b Don Basher & Chris Hamilton in a Handicap match

  36. March 10, 2007--All American Wrestling 3rd-Anniversary Show in Berwyn, Illinois: Tony Rican b Angelo Impalo, Jerry Lynn b Chandler McClure, Tyler Black vs M-Dogg20 ended in a draw, Phil Atlas b Samurai Del Sol, Martini & Mattson b Tyme Paige & Charly Manson Jr., Jimmy Jacobs won Battle Royal, DP Associates & Phoenix Twins b Dan Lawrence & Ryan Boz and Nation of Penetration, Eric Priest b Jimmy Jacobs, Jay Ryan b Tony Scarpone, Tyler Black b M-Dogg20 and Marek Brave and Jerry Lynn in a 4-WAY to win the Tournament..

  37. March 10, 2007--Northeast Wrestling at Torrington Middle School in Torrington, Connecticut: Romeo Roselli b Jason Blade, Talia Madison & Short Sleeve Simpson b Ariel & Purty Kurty Adonis, Fred Curry Jr. b Michael Saine, Jay Lethal b Josh Daniels, Ron Zombie b The Texas Outlaw, Samoa Joe b NEW Champion Xavier by DQ (Xavier retains the NEW title), Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart b. Sex & Violence w/Big Daddy...

  38. March 10, 2007--Fusion Pro Wrestling in Denver, Colorado: Hollywood JDT b Tommy Bouchet, Dustin Uhrich b Matt Yaden, Jeff McAllister b Hannibal, Stone D b Jason Noel, Juntsu & Raheem Rashaad b Paul Diamond & Billy V, Jack Medicol b Duff Doyle by Countout..

  39. March 10, 2007--Mid South Wrestling in Booneville, Arkansas: Mark Johnson & Steve Frost b Krusher Kanine & Johnny Morton, Tom Jones vs Wrong Turn Walker ended in a No Contest, Shane Rawls b Phil Lawrence, Dexter Hardaway vs Eric Rose ended in a draw, Reckage & Romance b Don Bass & Tony Gunn, Gary Gram b Prince Al Farat by DQ, Prince Al Farat won a Battle Royal. Among those there as special guests were Danny Hodge and Tom Jones.

  40. March 10, 2007--Dropkick Pro Wrestling in Macon, Georgia: The In Crowd b Velvet Jones and Bootsy Roberson in a 3-WAY to become the first ever DKP Tag Team Champions, Matt Black b J-Rod, Scott Cage b Amien Rios and Dagon Briggs in a 3-WAY, The Professor b Amigo #1 in a squash match, Jon Davis & Lamar Alday b Vordell Walker in a Handicap Match, AJ Steele vs Cru Jones ended in a Double Countout with Jason Cross as the referee, The In Crowd & Cru Jones vs AJ Steele & Velvet Jones & Bootsy Roberson ended in a No Contest..

  41. March 10, 2007--Devastation Wrestling Federation in Sewell, New Jersey at the Power House Gym before 125 fans: "The Philly Stallion" Frankie Frizzo b The Problem Child, K.I.D.D. b Johnny Fearless by Countout, Cousin Clem won a Battle Royal last eliminating the Sensational One, The Patriot (Tom Brandi) b Equalizer (former ECW wrestler), Crazii Shea b Jackyl to retain the DWF Cruiserweight title, Bad Boy & Amy Lee b Big Louie Q & Roxy Cotton in a Mixed Tag match, Vinny the Fixer w/Jimmy Clydesdale b "The Madman from the Badlands" Glen Osbourne to retain the DWF Jersey State Title, "Sultan of Bling" Sheik Ali w/Frankie G b Bobby Piper (Roddy Piper's cousin), The Gemini Trojans (Josh & Jeremy) b The Dark Karnival (Chio & Jo Jo w/Jimmy Clydesdale) and Hard Candy (Bazooka Joe & Zack Connor w/Chris Whylde) in a 3-WAY Tag match to become the 1st ever DWF Tag Team Champions, "Latin Attraction" Angel Gonzalez b Sal Sincere (Tom Brandi) w/Jimmy Clydesdale to win the DWF Heavyweight title..

  42. March 10, 2007--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at the Bellaire Baptist Church Gym: Don Juan b Li Fang, Quinten Allen b Rory Fox, Messiah w/Miss Laura b Chris Marval, Franco D'Angelo b Aguila Negro, Sicodelico Jr. b B.J. Turner (w/Miss Laura & Mr. Lawrence) to retain the RCW Cyber title, The Hardbodies (Andrew Dalton & Joey Spector w/Brandon Oliver) b The Coalition of Caucasian Knights (Mike Foxx & Scott McKenzie w/Miss Laura) to win the RCW Tag Team titles, Masada w/Commissioner Yebisu b Champion Ikaika to win the RCW Heavyweight title with special referee Mike Dell..

  43. March 10, 2007--Ohio Championship Wrestling - Ladies Night in Coshocton, Ohio at Hopewell School in front of 300 fans: "Sexy" Lexi Lane b Sassy Steffy (tournament), Hailey Hatred b Lorelei Lee (tournament), ODB b Josie (tournament), Portia Perez b Jessica Havoc (tournament), ODB b Portia Perez (tournament), Lexi Lane b Hailey Hatred (tournament), Jessica Havoc & Josie b Sassy Steffy & Lorelei Lee, Lexi Lane b ODB to win the Tournament and became the 1st OCW women's champion.

  44. March 10, 2007--ECPW in McAdoo, Pennsylvania: Gino Caruso b Donnie Johnson, T.J. Masters won a Battle Royal, Dimensia b C.K. Kross, Dan De Man & Jay Santana b Brolly & Garrett Dominance, Vincent Valentine b Jake Stallone, Honky Tonk Man b Masked Superstar, Jeff Coleman b T.J. Masters

  45. March 10, 2007--Mid-South Wrestling in Booneville, Arkansas at the National Guard Armory: Steve Frost & Mark Johnson b Krusher Kanine & Johnny Mortion w/Boyd Bradford, Tom Jones vs Wrong Turn Walker ended in a No Contest, Shane Rawlings b Phil Lawrence, Dexter Hardaway (c) vs Eric Rose ended in a 15-minute draw for the Global Light Heavyweight title, Reckage & Romance (Jeff Jett & Matt Riviera w/Colonel Jim Casey) b Don Bass & Tony Gunn to become the 1st Mid-South Tag Team Champions, Gary Gram b Prince Al Farat by reverse decision DQ, Prince Al Farat won a battle royal. Danny Hodge and Bill Ash were in attendance and Hodge smashed an apple and carried the tag team titles to the ring with the referee.

  46. March 10, 2007--Whiplash Wrestling in Mayetta, Kansas: Bigg Dogg b Phoenix w/PM Money to retain the Mid-America title, "Pop Icon" Donnie Peppercricket vs Ricky Reynolds w/Quarky Storm ended in a No Contest after Blade interefered, Blade vs. Brian "Switch" Blade ended in a Double Countout, "Outlaw" Bobby Burns b "Picture Perfect" Brandon Kodak in a Horseshoe on a Pole match, Enigma b Dekin Cane in a 2/3 Falls #1 Contenders match, "Irish Nightmare" Devan Scott b Justin Pain, The Sooner State Outlaws (Fuel & Running Wolf) b Anarchy & Joey T, JC Thunder w/Blade b Tribal Warrior Angel, The Dynasty (JM Steel & Killer Karl & The Real Superstar Jammer) b Kid USA & Tommy Snow & Bigg Dogg in an Elimination match..

  47. March 11, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Miami, Florida as part of the promotion for the new Blue Demon Coca Cola drink: J.B. Cool b Shane McLane, Alex G b Dok Rivers, Ram Man b Chris Nelson, Cool b El Monstro by DQ, Blue Demon Jr. & Cool b Monstro & Toro Rojo

  48. March 11, 2007--AWE in ?????: Stupid D. Klown b Johnny Slaughter utilizing the ropes to score the pin, Chris Baddstreet b Major Victory, Scotty Blaze b Orion Bishop by DQ, Khaoz b Viper, Holocaust b Joe Slaughter to retain the AWE Heavyweight title..

  49. March 13, 2007--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at the Bourbon Street Night Club: "Rough House" Ralph Mosca b Twizted Vengeance, Jaison Moore b Ray Beez, Nooie Lee b Dany Only of Dogmatika w/Sideshow, Sideshow of Dogmatika b Austin Amadeus and Nick Fame and Shayne Swift in a 4-WAY to qualify for the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Shan Hill b "Modern Revolution" Steve Madison..

  50. March 14, 2007--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before 1,000 fans: Zach Gowen & Human Tornado b Drew Blood & Ted E. Fine, 2 Tuff Tony b Samu, The Great Muta & Nosawa b Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher (Muta used the shining wizard on Pondo and blew mist at Butcher), Corporal Robinson b Trent Acid with a legdrop off the top of a Cage through a Table to win the JCW title in a bloodbath.

  51. March 15, 2007--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Baltimore, Maryland before 800 fans: Zach Gowen & Human Tornado & Nosawa b Derek Frazier & Ryan McBride & Dr. X, 2 Tuff Tony b Mad Man Pondo, Bull Pain b D.J. Hyde, Corporal Robinson b Necro Butcher. The Maryland Athletic Commission was all over the show regarding no weapons usage, swearing or blood.

  52. March 16, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in Hickory, North Carolina: K.C. McKnight b Ethan Cage, Mr USA b Total Protection, Chris Guerrero & Jesse Ortega b Carolina Dreamer & Louis Moore, Team Macktion (T.J. Mack & Kirby Mack) b Derrick Ryze & B.J. Hancock, Jake Manning b Brad Attitude, Bobby Houston b Stan Lee by DQ

  53. March 16, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before 70 fans: Alex G b Ace Romeo, Robert Sanford b Chris Davis, Ken Thiesen b Buster Ryan, Shane McLane b Napoleon Bonaduce, Sweet Georgia Peaches b Chaotic Romeo, Chasyn Rance b Sugar White Knight, Chris Jones & Kolby Stern b Charlie Whitman & Johnny Rico, J.B. Cool b Chaka Voodoo

  54. March 16, 2007--EWA in Essex, Maryland: Blood b Dimebag, Drew Gulak b Champ Champagne by Countout, Jimmy Starz b Dr. X, Steve Desire b Bruce Chan by DQ, Eagle b Lunar, Ryan McBride vs Tyler Hilton ended in a Double DQ, Shawn Raymond b Mr. E Machine and Jimmy Dream in a 3-WAY, Derek Frazier b Chad Bowman

  55. March 16, 2007--Premier Wrestling Alliance in Pearland Texas from VFW Hall: Chris Adams (Not the original obviously) b Creet, Steven Cody b Major Pest, The FU Man Kru b Big Buddha & Panther, Max Muscles b ZenZen, Krusher Kong & Canyon b Jarod Steele & Cow Dog.

  56. March 16, 2007--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Gary Jay b Pierre Abernathy, Abu Colossus & Donnie Peppercricket b The King Brothers, Sean Cruz b Sean Christian, Brett Young b Hype Gotti, The Daniels Brothers b Chris Havius & Damien Van Horn, Michael Strider b Preston Maxwell, LONR's b Pride & Passion, Vic Victory b Jaysin Strife, Tony Cortez b Jeremy Wyatt by DQ..

  57. March 16, 2007--BAW (Backed Against the Wall) Championship Wrestling (BAW Championship Tournament) in McMinnville, Oregon at the National Guard Armory: Sir Latte w/Barbie Dahls b HDTV in a "Future Stars" pre-show match (JT Evans special guest referee). Wage Reichten b Caden Mathews (1st Round), "Superstar" Shane Mathews b JB Luce (1st Round), Vic the Bruiser b "Big Ugly" JD Bishop (1st Round), New Jack vs Damballah King of Darkness ended in a Double Countout (Both eliminated from Tournament), The Tonga Kid b Raven (1st Round), D-Lo Brown b Helfyre (1st Round), Flash Flanagan was awarded a bye when Brian Christopher no-showed, Ro'z b Bubba Blanchard (1st Round). Kassy Summers b Hailey Hatred in a Ladies match..

  58. March 16, 2007--Atlas Wrestling Company in McKeesport, Pennsylvania: Brian O b "Sugar" Steve Flash, Bigg & James Ross w/Curtis Stevenson b Apollyon & Kid Cupid, Brandon K b Paul Atlas by DQ, Crusher Hansen w/Benjamin C. Steele b Dash Bennett to retain the AWC Heavyweight title,

  59. March 17, 2007--BAW (Backed Against the Wall) Championship Wrestling (BAW Championship Tournament) in McMinnville, Oregon at the National Guard Armory: HDTV b Sir Latte' w/Barbie Dahls in a "Future Stars" pre-show match. Lil' Nasty Boy b The Outlaw, Helfyre b Caden Mathews, Hailey Hatred b Kassy Summers with Daffney as special guest referee, Rikishi b Big Ugly, New Jack vs. Damballah ruled a No-Contest in a Hardcore match, Wage Reichten received a bye (2nd Round), Ro'z b Shane Mathews (2nd Round), Flash Flanagan b Vic the Bruiser (2nd Round), D-Lo Brown b The Tonga Kid (2nd Round), D-Lo Brown b Wage Reichten (Semi-Finals), Flash Flanagan b Ro'z (Semi-Finals). D-Lo Brown b Flash Flanagan in the Finals to win BAW Championship. The Blanchard Bros & Christopher Ryseck b Cosmic River & Dante' & JB Luce in a Lights Out Non-Sanctioned Match..

  60. March 17, 2007--All American Wrestling Federation in Fort Branch, Indiana: JP Lightning b El Diablo, Johnnie Watts & Corvin Booth b Drake Graven & Shank The Clown, Death Psi b Honky Tonk Kid, Johnnie Watts b Jasper Jones by DQ (Jasper Jones used a foreign object to win the match, but a second referee came out and the decision was reversed), Tempest & Billy Hardway (formerly Billy Junk) b The Pretty Boys (Prince Charming & Mr. Sunshine) to retain the AWF Tag Team titles, Fury b "The Cowboy From Hell" Havoc to retain the AWF Heavyweight title..

  61. March 17, 2007--LWA in Fairview Heights, Illinois: K.C. Karrington b Brandon Espinosa, XXX Jordan Lacey b Shorty Biggs, Adam Raw b Billy McNeil, Gary the Barnowl b Pierre Abernathy and Dorian Victor in a 3-WAY, Dan Velten b Evan Geslistico, Nick Tyson b Alex Shelley

  62. March 17, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Louis Linaris b Ryan Rich, Fuji Brown b Damian Michaels, Camron Star vs Miss Jeanie ended in a No Contes when Sami Callihan interfered, Sami Callihan b Ali Bumaya, Jake Omen b Chance Laredo in an X8 qualifying match, Hillbilly Jed b Fallen Dragon in an X8 qualifying match, Hurricane b Hank Calhoun in a green beer chugging contest, Bob & Wildman Rogers b Locked-N-Loaded, Frank Stein b Just Justin w/Destinee Blade, Nate Phoenix b Richard Cannon to win the EWF Midwestern title, Osyris b Dark Lion in a No-DQ No-Countout match to retain the EWF Heavyweight title..

  63. March 17, 2007--American Pro Wrestling in Chester, South Carolina before 150 fans: Big Willie b Mike McCloud, Tommy Vandal b Honest Doug by DQ, Romeo b Bill White (1970s wrestler), Mickey Richards b American Dragon (not Bryan Danielson), Zack Salvation b Patrick Price, Shea Shea McGrady b Cole McAbee by DQ, Fully Loaded b Team Ego by DQ

  64. March 17, 2007--World Pro Wrestling in Acoma, New Mexico at Sky City Casino: Shane Ballard w/Shannon Ballard b Corporal Kohler, Pitbull Patterson & Lil' Lep O'Lucky (midgets) b The Ballard Brothers, Erica D'Erico b Morgan to win the WPW Women's title, Navajo Warrior & Lucha Reigns b WPW Tag Team Champions Doink The Clown & Mighty Henrich Volkoff by DQ, Rick Steiner b Jerry Grey in a Barbed Wire Brass Knuckles match.

  65. March 17, 2007--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Worcester, Massachusetts at the Palladium before 1,700 fans: Mitch Rider b JD Powers, Zach Gowen b Bull Pain by DQ, NOSAWA vs Ron Zombie ended in a No Contest when Justin Credible interfered, 2 Tuff Tony & Corporal Robinson b Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher (2 Tuff Tony put on heat-resistant tape, set his arm on fire, and clotheslined Mad Man Pondo)

  66. March 17, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Walton, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkleman) b King Kahuna & Muldoon to win the NWF Tag Team titles, Ice b "The Genuine Superstar" Anthony Bryant to retain the NWF Tri-State title with special guest referee Tiny Tim, "Tennesse Boy" Donnie Greene b Stewie Backlund by DQ when Greene pretended that Backlund hit him with the Tennesse flag, Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe & Christopher Michael Lotus b Nasty Russ & T-Money & The Crybaby, "Wildcat" Chris Harris b Mr. Hayes, Angel b NWF Champion Ryan Stone by DQ when Rob Williams interfered..

  67. March 17, 2007--New Era Wrestling in Mt Healthy, Ohio at Spears Gym: Mitch Gibson b Nick LeBeau by DQ, DJ Tom Sharp b Apollyon, The Rebellion b Rojo Diablo & Malice to retain the NEW Tag Team titles, Dewey Brown b "Bulldog" Garf Redman by DQ, Nikita Allanov b Brad Callaway and Jay Donaldson and Tim Lutz in a 4-Corners match to win the vacant NEW Heavyweight Championship!

  68. March 17, 2007--HCW Championship Wrestling in Jackson, Kentucky at the National Guard Armory: Johnny "By God" Jordan b The Terrorist, Gorgeous JC & Shane Storm & Tommy Lotion b Allen Lynch & Deacon Knight in a Handicap match, Ric Gunner vs JR Roc ended in a Double DQ, American Eagle b "Showtime" Shawn Christopher in a #1 Contenders match, Billy Maverick b American Eagle by DQ to retain the HCW Heavyweight title [thanks to Kevin Crine]..

  69. March 17, 2007--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 375 fans: Bam the Destroyer & Dr. Luv b Andrew Anderson & Playboy Marcus Shields by DQ, Doc Holiday b Dan De Man to win the UPWA Cruiserweight title, K.C. McKnight b Scotty Saber, LA Tank b Beast by DQ, The Repeat Offenders b The U.S. Express (Darkstarr & Solitude), Michael Devine b Sabre, Scotty Sabre b Dave Dawson.

  70. March 17, 2007--Magnum T.A. Tribute Show in Chesapeake, Virginia before 300 fans: Ultra Dragon b Logan Knight, Alex Sage b J-Sinn, Damien Wayne b Dustin Tarr, Pharaoh b Justin St. John by Countout, Bobby Houston b Kamikaze Kid, George South Jr. b Marc Anthony, Sucio b Chris Tarr, Escobar b Ultra Dragon, Damien Wayne b Alex Sage, Bobby Houston b Pharaoh, George South Jr. b Sucio, Kamala b Horrorshow & Mike Thomas, Escobar b Damien Wayne, Bobby Houston b George South Jr., The Barbarian b Timber the Lumberjack with Ron Garvin as referee and Baby Doll giving the heel manager Neil Sharkey a DDT, Escobar b Bobby Houston in a Falls Count Anywhere match by moonsaulting off a ladder through Bobby Houston on a table -- Magnum T.A. received a plaque from the Mayor of Chesapeake, which is his home town. Baby Doll and his family were in tears.

  71. March 17, 2007--ICW in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin: Jon Johnson b Brandon Blaze, Silas Young & Jason Dukes b Jesus Martinez & Rory Boblsed, Arya Daivari b Bobby Valentino, Hoofer b Dysfunction, Steve Stone b Hardcore Craig, T.C. Washington & Chris Black b Nick Colucci & JasonHades, Justin Dredd b Troy Walters, Skullcrusher b Esteban Molina..

  72. March 17, 2007--Total Texas Wrestling in Graham, Texas: Chris Richter b Dave Dunnings, Diamond Back Kid b Matt Garza, John O'Malley b Sam Haul, Oldschool Enforcers b Mitch Carter & Josh Martin to retain the TTW Tag Team titles, Texas Red b Lil Joe to retain the TTW Heavyweight Title, Marco Riviera & Shawn Vexx & JT Lamotta b The Hunks 4 Hire (Jiggalo James Johnson & Scotty Master Blaster) & Cade Sydal..

  73. March 17, 2007--Nu Age Wrestling in Cleburne, Texas: Mad Dogg b Rexx Reed, Mercenary b Kory Johnson and Kevin Douglas and Mike McNasty in a 4-WAY, Bobby Midnight b Tarantula, Bash b Jacob Star, Livewire & Viper b Seth Shai & Mace, ZenZen b Max Muscles, Rodney Mack b Colossus

  74. March 17, 2007--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Will Rogers United Methodist Church: The Canadian Red Devil and AWOL simultaneously pinned ComPro & Fellowship of Christian Wrestlers Champion "The Oklahoma Legend" Rocco Valentino in a 3-WAY (AWOL ended up winning the ComPro Title and the Devil became FCW Champion), Matt Emerald b Nemesis, Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact #1 & #2) b ICF (Cast-Iron Cothern & X-Cal w/Boss Campbell) and Texas Inc. (Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk w/Stevie Caballero [Tag Champions]) in a Non-title 3-WAY Tag Match, Shane Morbid b El Super Colibri, J.P. Cross w/John the Encourager b Pork Chop and Poo Bear in a 3-WAY, Brian Lakewood b "Superstar" Beau Dalton, "All Action" Anthony Jackson b Mr. Michael York, The Compound Varsity (Rocco Valentino & Romero Contreras & Justin Lee) b New Canada (The Canadian Luchadore & The Canadian Red Devil & ComPro Champion AWOL).. [thank you]

  75. March 17, 2007--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Underground Arena: Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway b Kevin James and Eric Rose and Cody Jones in a 4-WAY to become the 1st SWCW Xtreme Champion, Havoc b Sage, Prophet b Tyson James, Kareem Sadat b Shane Morbid in a Hardcore Match to become the 1st SWCW Hardcore Champion, Michael James w/Talon b Outlaw, Striker b SWCW Champion Luscious Larry in a Non-title match, Texas Inc. (Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk w/Stevie Caballero) won a Tag Team Battle Royal to become the 1st SWCW Tag Team Champions (Included Beau Dalton & 3rd Rail, Eric Rose & Shane Rawls, The James Boys [Kevin James & Tyson James], Outlaw & James Warbois, Dexter Hardaway & Michael James, Cast-Iron Cothern & Shane Morbid, and Trailer Park Trash (K.C. & J.C.).. [thank you]

  76. March 17, 2007--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the National Guard Armory: Kenny Campbell b FX, Mitch W. Carter w/Marianne Albright b Matt Garza to retain the IZW Cruiserweight title, Marianne Albright vs Lily McKenzie ended in a No-Contest due to interference from Thomas Rumsfeld and Jeff Starchild, Jeff Starchild & Lily McKenzie b The Cabinet (Thomas Rumsfeld & Marianne Albright), Brandon Bishop b John Zorthos in a Dog Collar Match, John O'Malley b Michael Faith and Ryan Davidson in a 3-WAY Elimination Match to win the IZW Impact Division title, Impact Inc. (Gary Tool & Bernie Donderwitz & Bad Brad Michaels) b The Patriots (Bad Boy & Glen Steel) & Angel Williams, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry b "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil in a Steel Cage Match to retain the IZW title.. [thank you]

  77. March 17, 2007--Wrestling For Jesus in Batesburg, SC at the Leisure Center: Frankie Hammond Memorial Cup Round One: Matt Cruz b The "Iceman" Bryan Randall and Bull Putski in a 3-WAY, Frankie Hammond Memorial Cup Round One: The "Wrestling Warrior" Adam Owens b Chris Grant, Ace Hardy taking The All-American's place, Ace Hardy and Dynamite Dave b Soul Patrol Black Angel and "Big Dawg" Deon Johnson to retain the WFJ Cross Tag Team Titles, Jeremy Rose b Ironman w/ B.O.A to retain the WFJ Cross Title, "High Flyin" Chris Hamrick b The "Risin Star" Brice Anthony, Buff The "Stuff" Bagwell b T-Money

  78. March 18, 2007--American Combat Wrestling - Bam Bam Bigelow Memorial Biker Run in Brooksville, Florida: Spectrum w/Buster Ryan b Craig Classic, Dany Only of Dogmatika b "Vintage" Buster Ryan w/Spectrum, Keith Blonde b Chris Jones, Dany Only & Craig Classic b Buster Ryan & Spectrum, Kag Saga b Shayne Swift, Ray Beez b "Superstar" Sean Davis in a Hardcore match ----- Notes: For the first ever "Bam Bam Bigelow Memorial Biker Run", Todd Bigelow (Scott's brother) was joined by over 200 friends of the motorcycle community. The run began at Abigor Choppers in Hudson and ended at The Ramble Inn in Brooksville. All the proceeds raised will go to Diabetes research. Embellishing Tattoos was a sponsor and there was a best bike contest. [reported by Alan J. Wojcik of]

  79. March 18, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Jason Jones vs Mr. USA ended in a draw, Charlie Dreamer b Jimmy Jack Funk Jr., Jake Manning b Ethan Cage, George South Sr. b Bobby Houston

  80. March 18, 2007--ICW in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Shayne & Shaun Maddox b Scott Sexton & Lincoln Moseley, Indigo b Freedom Fighter, J.B. Thunder & Apollo b David Rose & Honest Jimmy by DQ, Honky Tonk Kid b Apocalypse and Havoc and Bubba Joiner in a 4-WAY, Delusion b Brad Thomas, The Sergeant b Boy, Ricky Morton & Val Joiner b Bobby Eaton & Randall Shane

  81. March 18, 2007--Southwest Wrestling Federation in Pflugerville, Texas: Scott Draven b Jose Valiente, Franco D'Angelo b Rudy Russo, Mike Dell b Rory Fox, Rexx Reed b Mr. B, Shingo Takagi & Yamato Onodera b Tito Sanchez & El Latino by DQ, Masada b Chris Marval, Hotstuff Hernandez b Mike Foxx by DQ, Quinten Allen won a Battle Royal

  82. March 18, 2007--Championship Wrestling Experience in Youngstown, Ohio: Johnny Gargano b Justin Idol, "Syko" Sean Dahmer b Apex Allen Amazing and then Facade in a 3-WAY, "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney & Shiima Xion b Faith in Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing), The Bouncer b Hydra, Patrick Hayes b Jason Gory, Claudio Castagnoli b "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon, North Star Express (Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin) & Marion Fontaine b The Colony & Sara del Rey, Chris Hero b Sterling James Keenan

  83. March 18, 2007--JWA-United Wrestling - No Escape in New Brunswick, New Jersey: Travis Blackchurch b Danny Yamz, The Dangerous Duo b Mark Keenan & Mike Matixx, E.C. The Ripper b Mike Notar, Corey Havoc b Dirt Bag Dan, Robby Morrison b Draven, Jon Justice b Pac-Man, Nick Nielson b Razor, Bill Ding b "Dirty" Don Montoya, Rick Silver b Philly Madison w/Joe Rules, Pure Absinth (Taylor Nicole & Della Morte w/Luxurious Lynne and the kidnapped Beth) b Jana & Sienna Blaze when Beth turned on the very women who were trying to rescue her! Beth is now known as LIZ SAVAGE.

  84. March 18, 2007--United Championship Wrestling in Corpus Christi, Texas: "The Party Boy" Bacon Johnson b VIP; Marty Green b Primo after interference from "Bad Boy" Frankie Frank to earn another shot at the UCW Tag Team Championships; "Gorgeous" Gabe Hollier b "Madd" Maxx McLung; Tarzan Taylor vs. Surge by DQ after interferences by "New Style" Ben Galvan, "Real Deal" Jeff Galvan, Mr. Prestigious, "The Party Boy" Bacon Johnson, and Bowzer the Bulldog; Bowzer the Bulldog b "Real Deal" Jeff Galvan

  85. March 23, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cinncinnati, Ohio at BoneKrushers: Nasty Russ b The American Eagle, King Kahuna b Dr. Melvin Winkleman, Tri-State Champion Ice b The Warlock, Tiny Tim b Bodacious, Austin Meddler b The Crybaby by Countout, Jesse Hyde won an 8-Man Elimination Match to earn the #20 spot in the Gauntlet Style Battle Royal the next night.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  86. March 23, 2007--Showcase Pro Wrestling (debut) in South Attleboro, Massachusetts at the Knights of Columbus: Nick Narcistic b A.K. Fuego, Zero b Vain, Doink the Clown b Mr. Wrestling IV, T.J. Richter b Triplelicious, Hillbilly Huey McGraw (with Julius Sweet) b Rocco Abruzzi, Big Rick Fuller b Eddie Edwards.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  87. March 23, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Deer Park, Texas from the Jimmy Burke Activity Center: Dylan Starr b Justin Blaze in a Barbwire match, Riley Burke b Dylan Starr, Bubba Lee Travis b Nasty Nick Daniels in a Lumberjack Strap match, El Dragon Rapido b Chip Dumas in a Mexican Death match, Bobby 2Badd b Nate Slater in a Dog Collar match, ZenZen b T-Bone in a Kendo Stick on a Pole match, Nasty Nick Daniels won Hardcore Rules Battle Royal [reported by Mike G.]

  88. March 24, 2007--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - Family Reunion in Salt Lake City, Utah: Kid Cade b Alex Brady to retain the UCW-Zero Ultra-X title, Jeff Orcut b Stevie Slick to become #1 Contender for the Ultra-X title, Los Mochis (Paco & Damien) b Dallas Murdocki & Cassidy in a 2/3 Falls match (Cassidy pinned Paco in a normal fall, Los Mochis made Murdock submit in a submission fall, Paco pinned Cassidy in a Street Fight), Guerrero Azteca b Crazy Power, High Risk (Marty Jannetty & Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky) b Total Control (Tristan Gallo & Devan Payne & Validus).. [reported by Cameron Nielsen]

  89. March 24, 2007--MWA Pro Wrestling in Carter Lake, Iowa: Zac James b Sean Christain, Vic Victory b "Showtime" Sean Summers, The Pain Syndicate vs The All Americans ended in a Double DQ, Blade & Jayden Draigo b Dekin Kane & Enigma, Zac James b Vic Victory to win Bracket B of the Cruiserweight Title Tournament, Blade won a 25 man Royal Rumble, Eric Fantabulous b Tom Snow to Retain the MWA World's Title.. [reported by Brian Plantz]

  90. March 24, 2007--Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling - RumbleMania IV in Palmetto, Florida before 152 fans: 10-bell Salute for "Golden Boy" Arnold Skaaland and "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen Coage. Heater & VinnDetta b Team Lethal (Jasin Sane & Luis Matos w/Dagon Lee) to retain the FSPW Tag Team titles, Deathrow Jethro b Bonez the Cutthroat, Jose Armando Alejandro Estrada b John Q, Sonny Maivia b VA Hampton to retain the FSPW Florida title, Son of Sicily & Stone Cates b Hardcore Conquistador Tony & Tito Cartel, George Rodriguez b Ray Beez, Barney Rumble won a 20-Man RumbleMania match, Jason Sensation b Barney Rumble to retain the FSPW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Alan J. Wojcik of]

  91. March 24, 2007--IUWA - Bob Luce Memorial Tag Team Tournament in Hammond, Indiana before 212 fans: The Midwest Wrecking Crew b Direct Effect (1st Round), The Furies b Joey Roth & Chuck Morris (1st Round), The Brotherhood of Evil b Matt Vinvaktor & Castro (1st Round), Loki & Alucard b The Russian Assassins (1st Round), Steve Cain b Stan Pain, The Midwest Wrecking Crew b Loki & Alucard (Semi-Finals), The Furies b The Brotherhood of Evil (Semi-Finals), T.L. Money b Max Holiday, Milo Cash b Ice Bew, The Furies b The Midwest Wrecking Crew in the Finals to win the Tournament..

  92. March 24, 2007--IWF in Watervliet, Michigan before 350 fans: Keith Creme & Gavin Starr b Caden Ames & Christian Able, Jeff King b Gutter, Jimmy Jacobs b Adam Reynolds and Josh Abercrombie and Gameboy in a 4-WAY, Hardcore Norm b DBA, Nacho Libre b Jimmy Shalwin, Delirious & Zach Gowen b C.J. Otis & Jack Thriller, Jake "The Snake" Roberts b Joe Doering

  93. March 24, 2007--Wicked Hanuman Wrestling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before 150 fans: Corey Kastle b Matt Bombay, Metro Sickness b Faith or Nothing, Crazed b JoJo, Eddie Valentine & John Dahmer b Nate Hatred & Danny Havoc, Jerry Lynn b Nicky Benz, Andrew Test Martin & Ian Knoxx b Adam Flash & Monsta Mack, Low Ki b Sonjay Dutt and Ruckus and Sabian in a 4-WAY, Super Leather b Raven

  94. March 24, 2007--American Pro Wrestling in Chester, South Carolina before 330 fans: Frank Nash vs Cole McAbee ended in a draw, Honest Doug b Major DeBeers, Patrick Price b Tommy Vandal, Truitt Fields b James Drake, Team Ego b Fully Loaded, Rev. Slim b Mickey Richards, Baja b Shea Shea McGrady, Bobby Eaton & Romeo b Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas, Zack Salvation b Phill Shatter

  95. March 24, 2007--New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, Indiana at the Sanctuary: Vortex b Drake Younger, Louis Rojas b Jeremy Hadley, Troy Van Zant b 'Bad Boy' Bobby Black to win the Light Heavyweight title, Donnie Idol b T.J. Kemp and Cousin Cooter in a 3-WAY, Marc Houston b Damian Cole, BoBo Brazil Jr. b Big Jon Wall in a "Flag vs. Flag" match, Southern Rock b Tom Van Zant & Shark Boy to retain the NEW Tag Team titles.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  96. March 24, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: "Sister" Main Event b Destinee Blade (c) and Miss Jeanie in a 3-WAY to win the EWF Ladies title, "Indy Kid" Jay West b Big Richard Cannon to retain the EWF New Era title, Nate Phoenix b Fuji Brown to retain the EWF Midwestern title, Locked-N-Loaded b Just Justin & Bob, Osyris b Fallen Dragon to retain the EWF Heavyweight title, Hurricane & Andy Santo b Hank Calhoun & Damian Michaels in a TLC match.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  97. March 24, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Fairfield, Ohio at the UAW Hall: Tri-State Champion Ice b Muldoon, Dr. Melvin Winkleman b King Kahuna, The Crybaby vs. Austin Meddler ended in a Double Countout, The Zodiac b Christopher Michael Lotus to win the NWF Unified title, Sin D vs. Naveah ended in a Double DQ when they attacked the referee, Stewie Backlund b "The Genuine Superstar" Anthony Bryant, Pompano Joe b T-Money, Jesse Hyde b Nasty Russ, A Gauntlet Style Battle Royal ended in a No-Contest.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  98. March 24, 2007--United States Wrestling Federation (USWF Tag Team Title Tournament) in Malden, Massachusetts at the Irish American Club: Wolfman Banford & Big Bear Matoush w/The Count b Leo Cambria & Sweet Scott Ashworth w/Allison Adams and Jerry Blue & Danny Delinquent and Beautiful Bobby & Daniel James in a 4-WAY Elimination match to advance in the Tournament, "Hurricane" John Walters b Slyck Wagner Brown, D.C. Hannon & Malice b Eric Egoh & Mikey Marvelous and Master Jack & Orion and The Super Phoenix & Chris Casanova in a 4-WAY Elimination match (1st Round), Gino Martino & Superstar Rich Byrne b Fred Curry Jr. & Pharaoh the Egyptian Giant (1st Round), Ox Baker & Killer Kowalski got a bye as their opponents did not show up, Antoine Roy & Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta (w/Rush & Beautiful Bobby & Miss Linda) b Wolfman Banford & Big Bear Matoush w/The Count, D.C. Hannon & Malice b Dr. Reginald Heresy & The Sensational Intelligent Brain Surgeon by DQ, Ox Baker & Killer Kowalski b Gino Martino & Superstar Rich Byrne by Countout to advance to the Finals of the Tournament (Gino and Rich both agreed to accept a countout loss, instead of wrestling the their trainers), Antoine Roy & Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta (w/Rush & Beautiful Bobby & Felicia Lou) b D.C. Hannon & Malice (Semi-Finals), Mr. T.A. b Benny Juxx, Ox Baker & Killer Kowalski b Antoine Roy & Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta (w/Rush & Beautiful Bobby & Miss Linda & Felicia Lou) in the Finals to win the USWF Tag Team titles! They got a standing ovation from the capacity crowd... [reported by Mark Marks and Shawn O.]

    Ox Baker helped Killer Kowalski into the ring where they got a bye because their opponants no-showed -- so they advanced to the 2nd round. They met Gino Martino and Superstar Richard Byrne in the ring in the next round. Richard Byrne is an old veteran wrestler who actually was one of Killers first students (Kowalski's gym was in his karate dojo for like 17 years before he moved it to Chaotic) and Gino who has been a close personal friend of Ox Baker for ages - got on the house mic and really put over their mentors which got a pretty good ovation as they both jumped out of the ring for a ten count to advance Ox & KILLER. Heels Tony Roy & Tre the Smooth Operating Gangsta made it to the final by cheating. After the annoucement of Ox and Killer in the final got jumped and beat up as they fought the two guys off. Tony entered the ring and took a pummeling by Ox and GOT HIT with a heart punch. OX tagged off to Killer as Tre was backing up and he turned around and got the CLAW! Tre submitted and they won-big standing ovation-there was about 250-maybe 300 there and it got a huge pop

  99. March 24, 2007--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Xxxplicit Content b Bobby Valentino & Justin Dredd, Steve Stone b Justin Dean, C.J. Esparza b Tony Rican, Brett Gakiya b T.C. Washington, ADD b Bam Morgan, William Hatcher b Chris Black, Derek St. Holmes b Prince Ali, Mike Flannery b Xavier Mustafa, Jason Hades b Silas Young in a 60:00 Iron Man match

  100. March 24, 2007--Bodyslam Wrestling Organization in Garfield, New Jersey: Evan Myers b Kekoa, Eric Cooper b K-Von, Joey da Bull b Jerk off, Chrono Chris b Andy Christ, Evan Myers b Eric Cooper, Joey da Bull b Chrono Chris, Chaos b Draven Blaze, Richie Rotten b Uncle Fuzz E, Evan Myers b Joey da Bull. They raised $2,000 at the show for Frankie Buenefuente to compete in the national high school wrestling championships, which he qualified for but didn't have the money to attend.

  101. March 24, 2007--Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Essex, Maryland: Core b Bruce Chan, Club b Legion of Ungood, Champ Champagne b Robbie Merino, Rehobeth Beach Crew vs Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma ended in a Double Countout, Jim Christian & Stevie Riggs b Buster Maccabi & Apollo Cruz, Steve Desire b Jimmy Starz, Blood b Mr. E. Machine, Derek Frazier vs D.J. Hyde in Iron man match ended in a draw.

  102. March 25, 2007--New Breed Wrestling Alliance - Pick Your Poison in Danville, Illinois at the NBWA Arena before 100 fans: Prince Nova & Jeckel b The Rough Riders (Wild Bill & Jeff Harris), Gavin Alexander b Slick Nick Ludwig to win the NBWA No Limits title, Jon Divosi b Issan Hadeev, Diego Corleone b "Your Role Model" Jeff Harris, Wrestling Redefined (Aaron Matthews & Jason Vendetta) b D'Andre Jenkins & Mickey the Weasel in a Gauntlet Match #1, Wrestling Redefined (Aaron Matthews & Jason Vendetta) b World's Greatest Masked Tag Team (Cyclone & Cheapshot McGrot) in a Gauntlet Match #2, Wrestling Redefined (Aaron Matthews & Jason Vendetta) b Pain Train & Cecil Cervesa in a Gauntlet Match #3, DaCobra vs Angelo Santelli ended in No Contest, Dangerous Drew Thomas b "Bloody" Harker Dirge to retain the NBWA Heavyweight title.. [reported by Chris Halls]

  103. March 25, 2007--Showcase Pro Wrestling in South Easton, Massachusetts: Vain b Michael Sain, Huey McGraw b Alex Payne, Don Vega b A.K. Fuego, Chucky but Funky b BUT, Zero b Tommy Mack, T.J. Richter b Beau Douglas, Rick Fuller & Nightmare b D.C. Dillinger & Eddie Edwards

  104. March 25, 2007--River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas for the LowLow Car Show at Camargo Park: "One Man" Mike Dell b Don Juan by DQ, Quinten Allen b Aguila Negro, Rory Fox b Chris Marval, The Hardbodies (Andy Dalton & Joey Spector) b Franco D'Angelo & Rudy Russo to retain the Tag Team titles, Masada b Mike Foxx and Ikaika in a 3-WAY to retain the RCW Heavyweight Championship.. [reported by Brandon Oliver]

  105. March 29, 2007--Anarchy Championship Wrestling - Siege on Seguin in Seguin, Texas at The Fiesta Ballroom: Chad Thomas b Berry, "Showcase" Shance Williams vs. Darin Childs ended in a No Contest, Rexx Reed b Spiro, Hugh Rogue b Chuey Martinez in an "Unlucky 13" match, Doink the Clown b Ricky Rhodes, The Children of Pain b Double Trouble and The KissyBoots and Williams & Thomas in a 4-WAY to retain the ACW Tag Team titles, "Showtime" Summers b "Simply Marvelous" Mitch Ryder to retain the ACW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Barry Yount]

  106. March 30, 2007--Louisiana Championship Wrestling - Eternal Breakdown in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Spade b Twilight, The Dark Destroyers b Ace of Spades (c) in a Non-title Tornado Tag match, Twilight b Axle, Ravager b Ace and Axle in a 3-WAY 15-minute Iron Man match to retain the LCW Intercontinental title, Killer (return) b Twilight and Axle in a 3-WAY Elimination match, Spade b Beast Wolf Black in a grudge match, the LCW champ Immortal made a surprise appearance to defend his title: Beast Wolf Black b Immortal to become new LCW champion!!!, Ravager b Killer to retain the Intercontinental title.. [reported by Landon Corbin]

  107. March 30, 2007--Storm Force Wrestling in Liberty, North Carolina: Kamikazi Kid b Red Dragon, Louis Moore b Chris DeSales, Jake Manning & Steve Greene b Charlie Dreamer & Daniel Massina, Ace Crusader b Michael Yamaha, K.C. McKnight b Corey Edsel, Joey Silvia vs Bobby Houston ended in a Double DQ..

  108. March 30, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio at BoneKrushers: Nasty Russ b Tiny Tim and Danny "Monte" Montgomery in a 3-WAY, Austin Meddler b The Zodiac (Unified Champion) by DQ thanks to interference by The Crybaby, "The Genuine Superstar" Anthony Bryant b Tri-State Champion Ice with a handful of tights in a Non-title match, Benjamin Kimera b Christopher Michael Lotus when The Zodiac interfered, Dr. Melvin Winkleman b The Crybaby by DQ, Stewie Backlund b Bodacious w/Crazy Courtney by Submission, The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) b Muldoon & The Warlock.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line Update]

  109. March 31, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Entertainment - March Mayhem in Stem, North Carolina at the Stem Fire Hall: Felicia O b Cinnamon Snott, Count Grog's Brotherhood segment (During a promo with Count Grog's Brotherhood, Trailer Park Heat came out to defend his mom and was attacked, when Chilly Willy went to hit him with the belt he ducked and layed out Scab, Scab complained and was also attacked by the Brotherhood until Jaheem the Dream made the save), Thomas Simpson & Brian Hardcastle & Drew McElrath & BJ Hancock b Derek Ryze & Stoney Hooker & Michael Frehley, "Big Daddy" David Blanchard b the Wrestling Superstar, Ace Crusader b Exotic Aloysius Street, The New Age Sheepherders w/Felicia O b El Mariachi & La Flecha (Afterward: Cinnamon Snott attacked Felicia O then the Urban Legends attacked La Flecha & El Mariachi), The Urban Legends (Cowboy Willie Watts & Leroy Zbyszko) b Otto Schwanz & Tennessee Ernie Nord, King Chilly Willy b Scab to retain the GOUGE title (Scab was injured by a power bomb and taken out on a stretcher. He suffered a concussion but was OK), Major DeBeers w/Count Grog b Trailer Park Heat in a Stretcher Match after they duct taped Heat to the stretcher. Heat returned and challenbged DeBeers to a loser leaves GOUGE match.

  110. March 31, 2007--Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, Indiana: Sister Main Event vs. Destinee Blade ended in a Double Countout, Xavier Xross b Jason Young, Lawrence Bon Poffo b Jamie Crisis, Tommy Gage b Brandon Kruger, "Indy Kid" Jay West b Louis Lineras to retain the EWF New Era title, Jake Omen b Andy Santos, Nate Pheonix b Mr. Main Event to retain the EWF Midwestern title, Locked & Loaded b Ames & Able to win the EWF Tag Team titles, Just Justin won a 10 Man Battle Royal to get a shot at the EWF Heavyweight title, Osyris b Mark Houston to retain the EWF Title.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line Update]..

  111. March 31, 2007--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy b The Russian Assassin & JV Insanity, The Heatseekers b Eric Steele & Brian Compton, The Bombers b Ryan Dookie & Allen King, The Tennessee Rednecks b Moe Jenkins, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy b The Heatseekers, The Tennessee Rednecks b The Bombers, Steve Fury won a Battle Royal, Ray Idol b Steve Fury by DQ, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy b The Rednecks in the Finals to win the United States Tag Team titles.

  112. March 31, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Carrollton, Kentucky: Stevie Backlund b Crybaby, Ice b Muldoon, Christopher Michael Lotus b Bodacious, Freaks & Geeks b The Thugs, Tiny Tim b Anthony Bryant, The Hippies b The Zodiacs, Chris Harris b Ryan Stone by DQ, The Hippies won a Battle Royal

  113. March 31, 2007--SWA in Lumberton, Mississippi: Crazy Eyed Charlie b B.J. Athena b Layla, Steve Delight b James ENX, Pat Patera b Blaze Trinity, Temple of Pain vs Jesse Reynolds & General Payne ended in a No COntest, Adam Hart b Richtor Rinehart and 2 Quik and Damon Rhinehart in a 4-WAY, John Saxon b Justin Stone, Cody Krueger & Rainbow Warrior b Outcast & B.J., Barry Wolf & Ron Horn b Wade Garrett & Tony Vegas by DQ

  114. March 31, 2007--Gulf Coast Pro Wrestling in Port Neches, Texas at the National Guard Armory: Max Muscles b Sexy Shawn Stern, The Pipeline X-Press b Jason Black & Tony Vega, Chris James vs. Cow Dog ended in a No Contest, ZenZen b Gonzo, The FU Man Kru b Major Eddie Lee & Panther to win the GCPPW Tag Team titles, Cow Dog b Jared Steele and ZenZen and Steven Cody and Max Muscles and Chris James in a 6-WAY Scramble [reported by Mike Garcia]

  115. March 31, 2007--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Chris Black b Esteben Molina, T.C. Washington b Scotty Pride, Skullcrusher b J.P. Parks, Hardcore Craig & Brandon Blaze b Steve Stone & Xavier Mustafa, The Soulshooters b The Aristocrats in a Tag Team Steel Cage match ..

  116. March 31, 2007--Mid-States Wrestling in Harrison, Arkansas at the Fairgrounds Indoor Expo Building: Cast-Iron Cothern w/Boss Campbell b "The Aviator" Mitch Carter, Jim Fallon b Phil Lawrence, "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram b El Matador Uno (w/Boss Campbell & Dos), "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones b Handsome Jack Dalton w/Lexington Starr, "Big Country" Jake Boulder b Cody Kelly, "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell b Tony Gunn, Christopher Vincent b El Matador Dos (w/Boss Campbell & Uno), "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry w/Stephen E b Kraig "The Krow" Keesaman, Sassy Merlot b Lexington Starr by DQ, Cast-Iron Cothern won a 15 Man Battle Royal to earn a title shot against Unified Heavyweight Champion Kevin Lovejones on 6/9 in Harrison (Participants Included: Kenny Campbell, Bubba Hall, Jim Fallon, El Matadors (Uno & Dos), Christopher Vincent, Jason Jones, Cody Kelly, Michael Barry, Kraig Keesaman, Jack Dalton, Phil Lawrence, Gary Gram, & Boss Campbell).. [reported by]

  117. March 31, 2007--Universal Wrestling Federation (6-MAN #1 Contenders Tournament) in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the UWF Arena: Dane Griffin b Joe Herrell to advance to the Finals, Montego Seeka b Jerry Bostic in the 1st Round, Javi Hernandez b Thomas Trump in the 1st Round, Javi Hernandez b Monteego Seeka to advance to the Finals, Javi Hernandez b Dane Griffin in the Finals to become #1 Contender to the UWF06 Title, Eric Rose b Cody Rawls, Bundy b Kuna Keeyoh, Prince al-Farat b D-Money to win the UWF Heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  118. March 31, 2007--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Underground Arena: Texas Inc. (Bernard Funk & Tim Rockwell w/Stevie Caballero) b Trailer Park Trash (J.C. & K.C. w/Jessi Jersey) to retain the SWCW Tag Team titles, Striker b Tyson James and Glen Steel and 3rd Rail and Michael James w/Talon in a Fatal 5-WAY to determine the #1 Contender to the SWCW Title, Kareem Sadat b Kevin James and Jeff Knight in a 3-WAY to retain the SWCW Hardcore title, "Mountain Man" Terry Montana b Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway w/Talon by DQ (Hardaway retains SWCW Sooner Xtreme title), Prophet b AWOL by DQ, Big Daddy Moore b Luc Lapointe w/Ray Martinez, James Warbois b Tommy Smash in a No-DQ Match, "Party Man" Rick Garrett b Outlaw and Luscious Larry (c) in a 3-WAY to win the SWCW title.. [reported by]

  119. March 31, 2007--Outlaw Championship Wrestling in Moulton, Alabama at The Cell: Jason Myers b Tony Grande, Damien Michaels b One-Man Kru, Jay Blade b Disorderly, Wild Irish Rose & Antney b All-American Playboy & J Dawg to retain the OCW Tag Team titles, Dusty McWilliams b OCW Heavyweight Champion Ryder in a Non-title match, Anthony Wayne & Justin Raines & Jay Blade b The Southern Wrecking Crew (Vinnie Mac & Michael J. Plezing) & All-American Playboy w/Mr. Hyde... [reported by Lekisha Oliver-Burdine]

  120. March 31, 2007--New World Wrestling in Sandwich, Massachusetts at Sandwich High School before 450 fans: Pierre Vachon won a Royal Rumble-style battle royal, Damien Vachon b Mark the Canadian in a Canadian Submissions match, Cousin Larry Huntley & Cousin Sonny Roselli & Bull Moose Calhoun b The Kennal Club (Moondog Maximus & Ka Hoku) & Eric Atlas w/Grange, The SlaughterHouse (The Outpatient & Crazy Chainsaw Bastard) b Dan Bidondi & Big Money (sub for the injured Mr. T.A.) w/Johnny Fabulous in a Hardcore match to win the NWW Tag Team titles, King Kong Bundy b Pierre Vachon, Tim Pittman b Mia Love, The Texas Outlaw b Rick Fuller w/Johnny Fabulous by DQ to retain the NWW United States title, Osirus b Eric Shred by reverse decision, Don Vega b Jimmy Jact Cash to retain the NWW Heavyweight title. [Reported by Shawn O.]

  121. March 31, 2007--3XWrestling in Waukee, Iowa at the Waukee Middle School: Jaysin Strife b Vic Victory, Mystik b Ann Brookstone, Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz b Jimmy Rockwell & Ricky Kwong to retain the 3XW Tag Team titles, Arik Cannon b Bryce Benjamin, Marek Brave b Zac James, Casanova b Ryan Slade and Ben Sailer and Nate Bash and Tony Rican and Dan Lawrence in a Six Man Scramble to win the 3XW Cruiserweight title, Gage Octane b Tony Scarpone, Hunter Matthews & Krotch b Aaron Masterson & Zach Thompson, Devin Carter b 3XW Champion Brian Ash by DQ.. [reported by Todd Countryman]

  122. March 31, 2007--Mega Championship Wrestling - 1-2-3 On C.P. [Cerebral Palsy] in ???????: Christian Vaughn b. Marion Fontaine, Sassy Stephi came out to the ring and was attacked by Stacy Hunter, J.T. Lightning & Chris Cronus b Klub Xtreme (Bouncer & Curt Fury), Dubleve b Shawn Blaze and T.J. Dynamite in a 3-WAY to win the vacant M.C.W. Light Heavyweight Title, Da Munchies (Too Cool Abdul & Dick Trimmons) & Rebis b Carlton Kaz & Jabari & Lou Roberts, Mark Wolf won a Battle Royal to face Chris Kole later that evening, Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) b Los Scrubs for the M.C.W. United States Tag-Team titles, Brandon X. b Jason Bane to retain the M.C.W. Brass Knuckles title, Chris Kole b Mark Wolf to retain the M.C.W. United States Title...

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