Independent Wrestling Results - April 2007

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  1. April 4, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment - The Final Count Down in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Kings Barcade: Felicia O b Cinnamon Snott, Yuk b Kimo, Wallabee Joe w/Felicia O b Go Go the Gay Gorilla w/Run DM Ski (Ski turned on Go Go and cost him the match), Sex Love & Money (Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander w/Brandi Richardson) b Cary Heat (Rico Rage & Darryl Kelly), Scab b Natron Steele w/Roger Kerr in a Tables & Ladders & Chairs match, T Dawg Hard Gay & Allison Danger b Drew McElrath & Stoney & P.J. Hooker, Major DeBeers & Rick Link w/Count Grog b Dick Foley & Muddface (Scotty Matthews), The Urban Legends (Luther Thesz & Cowboy Willie Watts) b K.C. McKnight & Charlie Dreamer and Tennessee Ernie Nord & Seymour Snott in a 3-WAY Tag match to retain the GOUGE Tag Team titles, King F'n Chilly Willy w/Count Grog b C.W. Anderson and Otto Schwanz w/Kameo and Trailer Park Heat in a 4-WAY to retain the GOUGE Title..

  2. April 5, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Salisbury, North Carolina: Charlie Dreamer b Chris Guerrero, Eric St. Clair b Mighty Hojo, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b Jake Manning, George South Jr. b Charlie Dreamer, Red Scorpion b Shooter, Bobby Houston b George South Sr.

  3. April 5, 2007--West Virginia Mountaineer Wrestling in Hamlin, West Virgnia at the Lincoln County High School before 115 fans: Matt Riviera b Nightmare (Ted Allan), Tojo Yamamoto Jr. b Nasty Bill by DQ, Matt Riviera b Rodney Grimes, Tracy Smothers & Worm b Don Bass & Ricky Morton, Jerry "The King" Lawler b Buddy Landel w/Kim Chee (Jim Casey)...Kamala no-showed...

  4. April 5, 2007--ACW Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah: Zen b Billy Malik, The Martinez Boyz b Donovan Denzli & Chad Bryant, Junior X b Super Destroyer, Khan Kussion vs Brick Alexander ended in a Double Countout, A.C. Tsunami b Spencer Cage

  5. April 6, 2007--Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, Massachusetts at the Police Athletic League Hall: Jason Blade b Gino Giovanni, Dan Strykes vs Paul Lombardi ended in a No Contest, Antonio Thomas b Grayson Alexander, Johnny Angel b Bret Williams, Nikki Roxx & Luscious Latasha b Lexus & Barbie, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine b B.K. Jordan, Brother Runt & Vain b Simon Diamond & Gregory Edwards, Big Daddy Bravo b Buck Nasty to retain the TRP Interstate title, Mike Bennett & Bryce Andrews w/Grayson Alexander b Shane & Eric Alden w/The Director to retain the TRP Tag Team titles, Michael Sain b Freight Train, Rick Fuller b Jay Jaillet in a Lumberjack match to win the TRP Heavyweight title.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  6. April 6, 2007--Supreme Wrestling Alliance in Nitro, West Virginia: Brian Compton b Vance Desmond, Parental Advisory vs Dirty Lynch Boys ended in a draw, Shane Storm vs Derik Billings ended in a No Contest, Jason Kincaid b Sarah Lynn, Scotty McKeever b Smokey C, Eric Steel b Cole Cash, The Jive Tones b Shane Matthews & Chris Vega

  7. April 6, 2007--Exodus Wrestling Alliance in Mooresville, North Carolina: Charlie Dreamer b Jake Manning, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b Raymond Helms, Chris Guerrero b Shooter, Jesse Morris b Red Scorpion, Bobby Houston b George South Sr. in a Loser Leaves Town match

  8. April 6, 2007--GWP in Ellijay, Georgia: Adrian Hawkins b Caleb Konley, Leatherface b Locomotive, Shooting Star b Andrew Pendleton III, Melissa Coates b Sumie Sakai, Nemesis b Iceberg, The Hollywood Brunettes b Jessco Blue & Tim O'Brien, Shaun Tempers vs Adam Jacobs ended in a draw

  9. April 7, 2007--New Era Wrestling in Cincinnati, Ohio: Tim Lutz b Phantom, Mr. Reality Check b Xavier Cross, Jay Donaldson b Evan Steel, Garf Redman b Dewey Brown, Matt Ryan & Jim Hutchinson b Nick LeBeau & Tom Sharp, Brett Grayson & Chris Reno b Logan Caine & Madness by DQ, Nikita Allanov b Marc Houston.

  10. April 7, 2007--CIW in Waldon, Michigan: Conrad Kennedy III & Brian Bender & Ernie Balls b Nitro & Mauler & Xavier Justice, Dave Duponte b Joe Doering, Doink the Clown & Nacho Libre b Wild Stallions & Mr. Main Event, Hoss Monohan b Jim Rivard, Ash b Michael Elgin, Xavier Justice b Ricky Fontaine...

  11. April 7, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Greensburg, Indiana at the Decatur County Parks Center: Devan Monroe b Pogo to retain the WCWO Midwest title, B.A.Skynard b DeCap, Camron Star b Oola to retain the WCWO Ladies title, Big Red "The Wrestling Preacher" b Jammer & Maniac & Timmy Turner in a Handicap match, The Chicago Playaz (Boy Toy Bryan & Stu Early) b Apocalypz to win the WCWO Tag Team titles (Bobo Brazil Jr. no-showed leaving his partner alone), Chris Hamilton b Wampus Cat, "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher b "The Zombie" Rob Ramer by DQ to retain the WCWO Heavyweight title.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  12. April 7, 2007--Hoosier Pro Wrestling - 9th Anniversary Show in Columbus, Indiana at the HPW Arena before a sellout of 300 fans: Pastor Pain b Kenny Starr, Cooter Clampett b Dave Bane, Average White Guy b Brian Beech when Sinn interferred, Donnie Idol b Bobby Black in a Lumberjack Match, The Soul Shooters b TVZ to win the HPW Tag Team titles, Ox Harley w/Tammy Sytch b The Original Sinn.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  13. April 7, 2007--Crossroad Championship Wrestling - Easter Bash in Terre Haute, Indiana: Donovan Cain b Johnny Watts by Submission, C.J. Esparza b Axis and Drake Graven in a 3-WAY, Paige Adams b EleKtrA FinE in a Ladies match, Arrick the Red & J.P. Lightening b Team N.E.R.D. & The Forces of Nature, "The Ragin' Caucasian" Charlie Knight & A.C. Powers b C.J. Maxwell & Ray Lincoln, Jason Lyte w/EleKtrA FinE b Jimmy Jacobs.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  14. April 7, 2007--Total All-Star Wrestling in New Albany, Indiana at the National Guard Armory: Steve Marino forfeited the TAW Heavyweight title due to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, Randy Royal b "The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger to qualify for the main event for the TAW Title, Cujo b Kato to qualify for the main event for the TAW Title, Myra b Evil Eva in a Hardcore Ladies match, The Eastside Brawlers b Spider Nelson & Kentucky Slugger Robert, Cujo b Randy Royal to win the vacant TAW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Michael C Rogers in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  15. April 7, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio at BoneKrushers in front of a SOLD OUT CROWD: "The Man" Roger Ruffen b Austin Meddler, Unified Champion The Zodiac w/Jac Attack b Dr. Melvin Winkleman when a second Zodiac interfered, The Thugs b Christopher Michael Lotus & Monte, Pompano Joe vs Muldoon ended in a Double Count Out, The Crybaby & Benjamin Kimera b Stewie Backlund & The American Eagle, "The Genunine Superstar" Anthony Bryant vs Ice ended in a No Contest when Ryan Stone interfered, Jesse Hyde b Bodacious w/Crazy Courtney.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/8]

  16. April 7, 2007--Outlaw Championship Wrestling in Moulton, Alabama: Damien Michaels & J Dawg b Jay Blade & The Coach, Ryder b Justin Raines, Tony Grande b Disorderly, Jason Myers b "Impressive" Anthony Wayne in a Blindfold match by DQ, Ryder (OCW Heavyweight Champion) vs Dusty McWilliams in a Moulton Bullrope Match was thrown out due interference by the Southern Wrecking Crew, Antney & Wild Irish Rose (Tag Team Champions) b The Southern Wrecking Crew w/Mr. Hyde.. [reported by Lekisha Oliver-Burdine]

  17. April 7, 2007--Mid-States Wrestling in Briggsville, Arkansas before 175 fans: Gary Gram b Matt Riviera, Cast Iron Cothern w/Boss Campbell b Dexter Hardaway, Jim Fallon b Jake Boulder, Kenny Campbell b Mitch Carter, Jason Jones & Christopher Vincent b The Matadors, Jake Boulder won a battle royal..

  18. April 7, 2007--Main Event World League - Honky Tonk Saturday Night in Alliance, Ohio at the Alliance National Guard Armory: Jeff Cannon & Lexi Lane b Sherman Tank & Sassy Stephie, Ryan Midnite b Christian Vaughn, Shane Sensation b Kano and Unknown and Virus and Jason Thunder and Ragous in 6-WAY to win the Cruiserweight title, Matt Mason b Justin Diaz, Jazin Blaze & Chris Kole b Marion Fontaine & Durty the Clown to retain the Tag Team titles, "The Upgrade" Tyrone Evans b Robby Starr to win the MEWL Heavyweight title, Wilbur Whitlock b Honky Tonk Man by DQ after the referee reversed the decision after Honky hit Wilbur with the Guitar.. [reported by MAXIMAMLOAD]

  19. April 7, 2007--Top Rope Promotions in Bellingham, Massachusetts at the Middle School: Jason Blade b Vain, Big Daddy Bravo & Grayson P. Alexander & Dan Strykes b The Alden Brothers & Freight Train w/The Director, "Kidd USA" Jay Jaillet b "The Lebanese Prince" Paul Lombardi, Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli b TRP Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett & Bryce Andrews w/Grayson P. Alexander in a Non-title match, Luscious Latasha & B.K. Jordan b Lexus & Johnny Angel, Brother Runt b "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards in a Bellingham Street Fight, TRP Heavyweight Champion Big Rick Fuller b Nick Steel by DQ, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka b Michael Sain.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  20. April 7, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 425 fans: Ricky Vega b Preston James, Shane McLane b Anthony Michaels, Dok Rivera vs J.B. Cool ended in a draw, Dantastic b Super Destroyer by DQ, Chasyn Rance b Jack Manley, Cash Money Brothers & Norman Smiley b Syrian Slasher & American Taliban & Kahagas, Dustin Rhodes b Bruno Sassi

  21. April 7, 2007--MXPW - Florida J-Cup Tournament in Avon Park, Florida before 120 fans: Craig Classic b Nooie Lee in the 1st Round, Jerrelle Clark b Johnny Vandal in the 1st Round, Jaison Moore b Chris Jones in the 1st Round, Aaron Epic b Austin Amadeus in the 1st Round, Bruce Santee b Nick Fame and Shane Swyft in a 3-WAY, Jaison Moore b Craig Classic in the 2nd Round, Jerrelle Clark b Aaron Epic in the 2nd Round, The Lifeguards vs The Heartbreak Express ended in a Double Countout (Sean Davis bled a ridiculous amount), Jerrelle Clark b Jaison Moore to win the Florida J-Cup Tournament..

  22. April 7, 2007--Brawl in the Hall in Springfield, Illinois: Justin Dean & Nick Brubaker & White Boy b Kid Italy & Halloween & Seth Clash, Justin MacIntyre & Mississippi Mad Man b Golden Lion & Spyro, B.G. James & Kip James b Ro-Z & Steve Stone, Eric Logan won a Battle Royal, D-Lo Brown b Andrew Test Martin and Bull Buchanan in a 3-WAY..

  23. April 7, 2007--PWF in Amarillo, Texas: Biohaxxxard b Widowmaker by DQ, Coco the Latin Sensation b Mosh Pit Mike, Shawn Sanders b Aaron Riley, Thunder b Mace Mulligan, Ricky Romero III b Brice Payne by DQ

  24. April 7, 2007--Atlas Wrestling Company in McKeesport, Pennsylvania at the Jacob Woll Pavillion: James Ross & Guido Corleone b Apollyon & The Masked Avenger by DQ, "Syko" Sean Dahmer b "Sugar" Steve Flash, Dash Bennett b Paul Atlas, Crusher Hansen b Scott Venom in a "Lumberjack Match" to retain the AWC Heavyweight title..

  25. April 7, 2007--3XWrestling in Perry, Iowa at the National Guard Armory: Aaron Masterson & Zach Thompson b Jimmy Rockwell & Kraig Keesaman, Casanova b Ryan Slade and Hunter Matthews and Krotch in a Gauntlet match to retain the 3XW Cruiserweight title, Kraig Keesaman won a Battle Royal, Marek Brave b Tyler Black and Shane Hollister in a 3-WAY to retain the AAW Heavyweight title, Jerry Lynn & Tony Scarpone b Danny Daniels & Gage Octane, Devin Carter b Brian Ash to win the 3XW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Todd Countryman]

  26. April 7, 2007--Wrestling For Jesus in Johnston, South Carolina at the Johnston Peach Blossom Festival: Tama b Miller Roach, The "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b Chris Grant, Chris Grant won a 5 Man Battle Royal with The "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz, The Devil Dog, The Hardworking Man, and Tama

  27. April 7, 2007--Ohio Championship Wrestling in ?????, Ohio: Damian Adams b Danny Daniels and American Eagle in a 3-WAY, The Dark Shadow b Joey Bravo, Sin-D b Lady Victoria, "Superstar" Shane Matthews b Xcalibur (If Xcalibur won, he would have been granted a U.S. title shot), The Heatseekers vs Maddox Brothers ended in a No Contest, Jihad b "Sexy" Sean Casey in a Grudge match, Mason Raige b Tank Toland to retain the OCW Heavyweight title..

  28. April 10, 2007--American Combat Wrestling - Night of Champions in New Port Richey, Florida: Shan Hill b Nick Fame, Shayne Swift & Cousin Dale w/Momma b Phil Davis & Scott Davis w/Sean Davis), Dim Bala b "Raging Bull" Eddie Taurus, Ray Beez b Benny Blanco (debut), Jaison Moore b Austin Amadeus to win the ACW Cruiserweight title, Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong w/Fetish b Nooie Lee & Dany Only to retain the ACW Tag Team titles, Moose Madison (formerly Steve Madison) b "The G.O.A.T." Dave Mercury, "Rugged" Ralph Mosca b Sideshow in a No-DQ match to retain the ACW Combat and Heavyweight titles.. [reported by Alan J. Wojcik of]

  29. April 11, 2007--Coliseum Championship Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana: Death Psi b "The Killer" Billy Hardway by DQ to retain the Lightweight title, Dewey "Booger" Dawson b "Superstar" Devon Day, "The Texas Hangman" Lonestar b J Grunge by DQ to retain the CCW title, Dewey "Booger" Dawson b "The New Age Assassin" Tim Renesto, Viper b Tracy Smothers by Disqualification.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/14]

  30. April 13, 2007--CWA in Hickory, North Carolina: Louis Moore b Scotty Sabre, The Dream Lovers b Derek Ryze & B.J. Hancock, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b Jason Holliday, Brad Attitude b Jake Manning, Team MACKtion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) b Chris Desales & Jesse Ortega, K.C. McKnight b Bobby Houston ..

  31. April 13, 2007--Underground Championship Wrestling in Elkhart, Indiana at Steve's Gym: Brutus Dylan b Alex Rase, White Boy & Jason Automatic b The Frat House (Mikey & Donny Benjamin), Big Daddy Dean b Jynx, Adam Bueller b Jake Omen, Scotty Young b Sean Tyler, Keith Creme & Gavin Starr w/Mick Veasy b Team Heart & Soul (Cupid Valentino & Tony X), Magnum Conroy b Bam Morgan (pinned) and SPT Reign and Jeremy Hadley in a 4-WAY, Hardcore Harry b Kenny Kage in a Hardcore match, Team Bada-Bing (Ryan Epic & Ryan Rage) & Big Russ Jones b The Absolute Answer (Caden Ames & Christian Able) and Jimmy Shalwin with Jimmy Jacobs serving as special guest referee.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle 4/14]

  32. April 14, 2007--Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in Allensville, North Carolina at the Allensville Fire Hall: Show opened with a promo from Dick Foley and Muddface (Muddface blamed Foley for losing their tag match on 4/4 - Muddface attacked Foley and a match ensued), Muddface b Dick Foley, Sweet Ebony Assassin b The Goat, Seymour Snott b Toad w/Count Grog, The Urban Legends (Cowboy Willie Watts & Leroy Zbyszko w/Sweet Ebony Assassin b Trailer Park Heat & Tennessee Ernie Nord, Jaheem the Dream b Wallabee Joe in an Australian Street Fight.. [reported by Count Grog]

  33. April 14, 2007--CIW in Manchester, Michigan: Joe Doering b Conrad Kenney III, Chuck Wagon b Johnny Dynamo & Mr. Main Event, Mauler b Hoss Monahan, Clash b Doink & Nacho Libre, Dave DuPonte b Dr. Feelgood, HNitro b Helvis Elliott ...

  34. April 14, 2007--ASWF in Tuckerman, Arkansas at the Valiant Arena before 150 fans: Austin Lane b Matt Riviera to retain the ASWF Title, X-Kaliber b Morgan Lane, Justin Smart b Kid Krazzy, Michael Myers b X-Kaliber, Matt Riviera & Kid Krazzy b Austin Lane & Justin Smart, Terry Adams won a Battle Royal..

  35. April 14, 2007--Next Generation Wrestling in Lynwood, California: Shawn Bateman & Nikki b Infernal & Candice LaRae, Ronnie Tsunami b Ryan Mason, Human Tornado b Markus Riot and Steve Pain in a 3-WAY, Karl Anderson b T.J. Perkins, Leo Blaze b Guerrero de Sangre, Ronin b Lil Cholo, Disco Machine & Joey Ryan b Hook Bomberry & Top Gun Talwar..

  36. April 14, 2007--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Cody Ices b Tobias Grimml, Steve Fury b Bryan Wayne, Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy b Eddie Golden & Allen King, Ray Idol b Nick Hammonds, Thorn & Beau James & Kandy b The Tennessee Rednecks & Rebecca Lynn.

  37. April 14, 2007--SoCal Pro Wrestling in Oceanside, California at the Oceanside High School Gym before 200 fans: The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon) b The Young Bucks (Mr. Instant Replay & Slick Nick), "The Professional" Scott Lost b Ricky Mandell by Submission, SoCal Crazy b David E. Jones by Submission, Paranoia b Thunderwolf and Chimaera in a 3-WAY, "The Silent Assassin" Joey Harder b "The Modern Day Warrior" Charles Mercury, "Radiant" Jason Redondo w/TNT b Al Katrazz.. [reported by]

  38. April 14, 2007--Midwest Wrestling Connection in South Bend, Indiana at the Black Center: Scotty Young b Sikness, "The Cosmic Kid" Chad Tener b Tony T., Brutus Dylan b Dash, MAZZ b Draven by DQ, Dark Lion b Michael Thunder, The Cosmic Kid b Adam Evans and William Stud in a 3-WAY to win the MWWC Heavyweight title.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/15)

  39. April 14, 2007--Northern Wrestling Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio at BoneKrushers: Stewie Backlund vs. Roger Ruffen ended in a Time Limit Draw, Angel b The Warlock, Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkelman) & The American Eagle b The Thugs & The Crybaby, Jesse Hyde b Jac Attack in a squash match, The Zodiacs vs Monte & Christopher Michael Lotus ended in a No Contest, Pompano Joe b Muldoon in a Lumberjack Match, Ryan Stone & Anthony Bryant b Ice & NWF CEO Kirk Sheppard.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/15)

  40. April 14, 2007--Applachian Wrestling Federation in Frenchburg, Kentucky: The Canadian Playa b Johnny Jordan and Gorgeous JC in a 3-WAY, Ric Gunner b J.R. Roc, Hamid Jihad b "The Heart Breaker" Jamie Baker, "Awesome" Allan Lynch & Wes "The Best" Lynch b The Heatseekers (C.M. Sigmon & Shane Andrews) to retain the AWF Tag Team titles, "The American Eagle" vs. "Showtime" Shawn Christopher ended with the referee counting a double pin, Jamie Baker won the Frenchburg Battle Royal last throwing out threw Shawn Christopher and Hamid Jihad.. [reported by Randall Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line 4/15)

  41. April 14, 2007--Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero - TLC Carnage in Salt Lake City, Utah: Cassidy w/Dallas Murdock b Alex Brady, Guerrero Azteca b "The Omega Factor" Brick Alexander, Validus w/Stevie Slick b David Young, UCW-Zero Mexico champion Paco b Dallas Murdock w/Cassidy by DQ, Jeff Orcut b Kid Cade to win the UCW-Zero Ultra-X title, High Risk (Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky) b Total Control (Tristan Gallo & Devan Payne) in a Tables & Ladders & Chairs match to retain the UCW-Zero Tag Team titles [reported by Cameron Nielsen]

  42. April 14, 2007--Powerhouse Wrestling of New England in Leominster, Massachusetts at the Leominster Armory in front of 450 fans: Doink b Moondog Maximus, Osirus b Ted Goods and Top Prospect in a 3-WAY, Danny Jaxx b Danny Doring, Jake "The Snake" Roberts b "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino w/Johnny Fabulous, Eric Shred b Jay Jaillette, Big Business b Malice & Big Bear in a Handicap match, Brutus Beefcake b G.Q. Smooth, Don Vega b Tony Atlas by Countout to retain the Powerhouse title, Rick Fuller b The Outpatient, Men of Business (Paul E Normous & Jimmy Jact Cash) b Justin Credible & Jason Knight in a Cage match to retain the Powerhouse Tag Team titles.. [reported by Mark Marks]

  43. April 14, 2007--MWA Pro Wrestling Carter Lake, Iowa: The Pain Syndicate b Dekin Kane & Sean Christain to retain the MWA Tag Team titles, Ricky Reynolds won a 7-Man Elimination Battle Royal, Mr. Jones vs Hype Gotti ended in a 10-Minute Draw, The All Americans b Johnny Jackson & Cowboy Troy Hansen, Blade b Jack Bano in a Loser Must Eat Dog Food match, Vash Heartly b Zac James to win the MWA Cruiserweight Title, Eric Fantabulous b Preston Maxwell to retain the MWA Worlds title.. [reported by Brian Plantz]

  44. April 14, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas from the TASW Arena: Riley Burke b Justin Blaze and Dylan Starr in a 3-WAY to retain the Cruiserweight title, "Rookie Sensation" Jessie Logan b Nate Slater, "Wildcat" Scoby Gober b Chip Dumas, Dylan Starr & Nasty Nick Daniels b Riley Burke & Justin Blaze by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles, Bubba Lee Travis b El Dragon Rapido in a Mexican Death Match, Bobby 2Badd & T-Bone b ZenZen & Mr. Mayhem in a Texas Tornado Match.. [reported by Mike G. at]

  45. April 14, 2007--Wrestling For Jesus in Salley, South Carolina at the Salley Civic Center: "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b "Innovator of Entertainment" Brian James in a WFJ Cross Title Tour match, T-Money b Yoshi Hiroshima in a WFJ Cross Title Tour match, "Risin Star" Brice Anthony b Bull Putski and "Awesome" Andy Anderson and Miller Roach in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Ironman w/B.O.A b Justin Untouchable in a Biker's Lumberjack match, "High Flyin" Chris Hamrick b Chris Grant, "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b T-Money in the Finals to win the WFJ Cross title..

  46. April 14, 2007--PWF in Amarillo, Texas: Coco b Mace Mulligan, Ricky Romero III b Mask Marades, Shawn Sanders b BioHaxxazrd, Austin Riley b Dice Murdock, Coco b Riley, Shawn Sanders b Ricky Romero III, Coco b Shawn Sanders to win the Texas Panhandle title..

  47. April 14, 2007--MSPW in Coal City, Illinois: Ducetrey b Fuzion, Bam Morgan b Whiteboy, Prince Ali b Darrin Wade, Xavier Mustafa b Dinty Moore, Chris Black b ADD by Countout, T.C. Washington b Tony Rican, Lacey b Mia Martinez, American History b Brandon Tatum & Johnny Pantoya, Jason Hades & Mike Flannery & XXXplicit Content b Silas Young & Bobby Valentino & Justin Dean & Mike Horning..

  48. April 14, 2007--Wrestling For Jesus in Salley, South Carolina at the Salley Civic Center: "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b "Innovator of Entertainment" Brian James in a WFJ Cross Title Tour match, T-Money b Yoshi Hiroshima in a WFJ Cross Title Tour match, "Risin Star" Brice Anthony b Bull Putski and "Awesome" Andy Anderson and Miller Roach in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Ironman w/B.O.A b Justin Untouchable in a Biker's Lumberjack match, "High Flyin" Chris Hamrick b Chris Grant, "Unbreakable" Matt Cruz b T-Money in the Finals to win the WFJ Cross title

  49. April 15, 2007--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Underground Arena: Striker b "Superstar" Beau Dalton w/Ray Martinez, Dexter Hardaway w/Talon b Chance Ryan to retain the SWCW Sooner Xtreme title, Dexter Hardaway w/Talon b Kevin James to retain the SWCW Sooner Xtreme title, James Warbois b The Canadian Red Devil and Mr. Michael York and J. P. Cross in a 4-WAY Elimination Match, Kevin James and Damien Morte b SWCW Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat in a Non-title 3-WAY Hardcore Match with a double pinfall.. [reported by]

  50. April 15, 2007--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: Tyler Bateman b Red the Magnificent and "The Human Highlight Reel" Cody Jones in a 3-WAY, The South Side Soul Assassins (Tyson James & 3rd Rail) b Eric Rose & Shane Rawls, AWOL b Mr. Mid-South 4, Matt Garza b Bad Brad Michaels by DQ, Big John O'Malley b Senor Media-South 2, The Patriots (Bad Boy & Glen Steel) b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) to retain the MSWA Mid-South Tag Team title, Outlaw b "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil in a Blindfold Match.. [reported by]

  51. April 15, 2007--All American Wrestling - War is Coming in Berwin, Illinois: Derek St. Holmes b Mark Wolf, Skullkrusher b Silas Young, Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence b Killer Kris Hybrid & Bonebreaker Brooks w/Derek St. Holmes, Tyler Black b Phil Atlas, Hunter Matthews vs Krotch ended in a No Contest, Zach Gowen & Krotch w/Nikki b The Michgan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) to win the AAW Tag Team titles, The Phoenix Twins b Tyme Paige & Charlie Manson Jr., Eric Priest b B.J. Whitmer and Trik Davis and Bryce Benjamin and Shane Hollister and Chandler Mclure in a 6-WAY to retain the AAW Heritage title, Danny Daniels b Hunter Matthews, Jayson Reign b Michael Prater, Marek Brave b Jay Ryan and Tony Scarpone in a 3-WAY to retain the AAW Heavyweight title. .

  52. April 15, 2007--Anarchy Championship Wrestling - International Warfare in San Antonio, Texas at Graham Central Station: "Heatseeker" Tony Morales b "Showcase" Shance Williams and Chad Thomas and "The Natural" Mark Wilson in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Spiro b Berry, "Bio-Hazard" Jaykus Plisken b Masada, Rachel Summerlyn & KissyBoots b Jacob Ladder, Rexx Reed b Ricky Rhodes, Darin Childs b "One Man" Mike Dell in a Ladder Match to retain his ACW Hardcore Title, "Showtime" Summers b Yamato to retain his ACW Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Barry Yount]

  53. April 19, 2007--Anarchy Championship Wrestling - April Reign in Seguin, Texas at The Fiesta Ballroom: Doink the Clown b Tony Vega, Darin Childs b Rachel Summerlyn to retain the ACW Hardcore Title, Enigma b Ricky Rhodes, Masada b "Bio-Hazard" Jaykus Plisken, "One Man" Mike Dell b Joey Ryan, Rory Fox b Massive and Berry in a 3-WAY Elimination match, "Showtime" Summers b Rexx Reed to retain the ACW Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Barry Yount]

  54. April 19, 2007--National Championship Wrestling in Hellam, Pennsylvania: Doyle Day b " Hot Shot" Ryan Mcbride, Masked Medic (w/Judge Lawless & "Master" Andrew Bates) b "Mr. B.E.T." Jermaine Jubilee, Smasher Leblanc b "The P.O.A." Ray Alexander w/Lu "Luv" Torres by DQ, Patriot & Kid Kattrell b Chio Frost & Eddie Valentine, Adam Flash (c) b Cotton The Bad Butcher to retain the NCW World title, "Dirty Deeds" Darren Wyse & Hungarian Barbarian w/Missy Hyatt b Judge Lawless & "Master" Andrew Bates in a No-DQ match.. [reported by Chris Leonard]

  55. April 20, 2007--All-Star Championship Wrestling in Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b Paul Freeman, Jesse Morris b Terrific Tony, Brad Thomas b George South Sr., Rev. Macho b Rev. Worship, Mighty Mike b Blixx, Bobby Eaton & Barbarian b Mr. USA & Thunderfoot, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b Jason Jones..

  56. April 20, 2007--EWA in Essex, Maryland: Link Kory b Teddy Stigma, Absolute b Sexy Steve, Drew Gulak b Champ Champagne, Ryan McBride b J.D. Roberts, Darth X b Bruce Chan, Steve Desire b Jimmy Starz, D.J. Hyde b Tank Thomas..

  57. April 20, 2007--RGW in Midlothian, Illinois before 97 fans: Ryan Kross b Trauma, T.C. Washington b Chris Black, Furies b Ice Bew & D-Nytemare, Milo Cash vs Steve Boz ended in a draw, Petey Williams b T.L. Money by DQ, Brandon Graves b Ivan Manson, Petey Williams & Steve Boz b Cash & Money.

  58. April 20, 2007--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont before 90 fans: Maxx Burton b Fronz Roddy, The 80s Guys b Pierre Vachon & Aftershock and TDS Inc., Guilluame Desade b Henry Thomas, J.P. Black b Big Vigo, Eric Alden & Director b Divine Diversity, Mikey Mudd b Loverboy, Dick Willard b Candyman, The Can-Am Express b The Glamour Shots, Chris Envy b Tom Ugly and Ian Daniels in a 3-WAY, Michael Monroe b Drake Evans ..

  59. April 20, 2007--BAW (Backed Against the Wall) Championship Wrestling in McMinnville, Oregon at the National Guard Armory: AT Flash b Sir Latte' in a "Future Stars" pre-show match, Lil' Nasty Boy b Lt. Freedom, The Outlaw b "Superstar" Shane Mathews, "Big Ugly" JD Bishop b CW Bergstrom, Helfyre b Buff Bagwell, "The Ideal Reflection" Christopher Ryseck w/The Toxic Diva b JB Luce by DQ in a "Pure Wrestling/No Punches Allowed match", El Mosco de Tijuana b El Gato, Mega Boy & Pricipe Zarak b La Bestia & Corazon de Oro, Al Snow w/Head b Wage Reichten after the match was restarted. D-Lo Brown (BAW Heavyweight Champion) vs The Tonga Kid ended in Double DQ. The Blanchard Brothers vs Cosmic River & Dante in a Falls count Anywhere/Hardcore Rules match had to be stopped after Bubba Blanchard and Cosmic River came off a balcony through a stack of tables and neither could answer the bell.. [reported by HugeStarInJapan and Taylor Vannice]

  60. April 20, 2007--ICW in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Dysfunction & Arya Daivari b Hoofer & Mason Quinn, Silas Young b Alto & OMG, Steve Stone & Scotty Pride b Drake Younger & Hardcore Craig, Derek St. Holmes b Mat Classic, T.C. Washington & Chris Black b Vortex & ???????, Justin Dredd b Troy Walters, Skullcrusher & Colt Cabana b Bobby Valentine & Esteban Molina..

  61. April 21, 2007--Whiplash Wrestling in Mayetta, Kansas: Tribal Warrior Angel & Brian "Switch" Blade b JC Thunder & Blade the Destroyer w/Spookshow by DQ after interference by Jean-Paul La Arrogance, Kid USA b "The Real Superstar" Jammer w/Homeland Security (JM Steel & Killer Karl), Enigma b Bigg Dogg to win the WW Mid-America title, Dekin Cane b Tommy Snow w/Nugget, Blade the Destroyer w/Spookshow won a 30-Man Royal Rumble style match to determine the 1st ever WW Heavyweight Champion. (The Rumble included: Tommy Snow, Steven Saint, Jesse Price, Tribal Warrior Angel, Nemesis, Jordan Rivers, Donnie Peppercricket, Ricky Reynolds, Fantabulous Assassin, Montana Jack, Jean-Paul La Arrogance, PM Money, Brandon Bennett, JM Steel, Killer Karl, Jammer, Brandon Kodak, Kid USA, Austin Storm, JC Thunder, Dekin Cane, Enigma, The Golden Boy, Devan Scott, Brian Switch Blade, Jaysin Strife, Justin Pain, Vic James & Vash - Spookshow Addams also entered (as an unofficial 31st participant) but was immediately eliminated by Bigg Dogg... [reported by Jonathan Johnson]

  62. April 21, 2007--Big Time Wrestling in Framingham, Massachusetts at the Framingham State College Athletic Center: Matt & Bryan Logan b Kid Mikaze & Jason Blade, Eddie Edwards b Malice, King Kong Bundy b The Brain Surgeons (w/Mr. T.A. & Talia Madison) in a handicap match, Jay Lethal b Christopher Daniels to retain the BTW Heavyweight title, Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta b Benny Juxx to retain the BTW Ghetto title, Brian Milonas & Max Bauer (w/Framingham State football captain Bryce Guilbeault & Miss Linda) b Antoine Roy & Rush (w/Johnny Fabulous & Felicia Lou), Talia Madison b Tanya Lee, John Walters b A.J. Styles by DQ due to outside interference from Christopher Daniels. [reported by Shawn O.]

  63. April 21, 2007--New Breed Wrestling Alliance with GAW & SLW Supershow in Rantoul, Illinois in front of a record setting 420 fans: Petey Clark b Cecil Cerveza to retain the GAW Heavyweight title, JC Michaels b Jaxson Pride in a Hardcore match, "Bloody" Harker Dirge b Apriq Laveq by Submission, Chad Tally b Shad Tally in a Referee Shirt on a Pole Match, NBWA Tag Team Champions Wrestling Redefined (Jason Vendetta & Aaron Matthews) b SLW Tag Team Champions Feature Presentation (Eric Ruffington & Blake Steele) in a Ladder Match to retain the NBWA Tag Team titles, Sgt. Bobby Jones b Prince Nova, Wild Bill won a 15-Man Battle Royal to win the Vacant No Limits title, "Dangerous" Drew Thomas b Diego Corleone by Submission to retain the NBWA Heavyweight title, New Breed (Don Kato & Angel Santelli & Jon Divosi) b Dangerous By Design (DaCobra & Jeff Harris & Issan Hadeev) in a 6-Man TLC Match.. [reported by Chris Halls]

  64. April 21, 2007--Anarchy Championship Wrestling - Fall From Grace in Giddings, Texas at The Texas Grand Ballroom: Skylar Skelley b Berry, Rexx Reed & Massive b Double Trouble, Rory Fox vs One Man Mike Dell ended in a Double Count-out, Daffney Unger b Rachel Summerlyn, Chuey Martinez b Ricky Rhodes in a hardcore match, The Children of Pain b Massive & Rexx Reed in a Hardcore match to retain the ACW Tag Team titles, Showtime Summers b Masada to retain the ACW Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Barry Yount]

  65. April 21, 2007--Disciple Championship Wrestling in Alliance, Ohio at the Alliance Neighborhood Center: Rob G. Rock b Eric Summerville, Purple Rain b Scotty the Doberman , Jay Grunge b The Deacon & Big Nasty in a 3-WAY, Chance Prophet b Sinn -- Hector Guerrero did not appear as advertised.. [reported by Dennis Johnson]

  66. April 21, 2007--Northeast Wrestling in Bristol, Connecticut before 1,800 fans: Jason Blade b Bryan Anthony, Michael Sane b Frankie Arion, Romeo Roselli & Joey Mercury (using that name) b The NOW, Xavier b Jay Lethal, Kurt Adonis b Ron Zombie, Josh Daniels b Mikey Batts, Christian Cage b Samoa Joe to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title. Kurt Angle was there and laid out Xavier, but didn't wrestle a match..

  67. April 21, 2007--Southern All-Star Wrestling in Millersville, Tennessee before 110 fans: Arrick Andrews won a Battle Royal, Chris Lee b Kevin Dunn, Chris Bomb b Shawn Peete, Kory Williams b Bill Dundee, Hammerjack b Adam Armour, J-5 vs Gary Valiant ended in a No Contest, Rick Santel & Chris Vaughn b The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)..

  68. April 21, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in Crawfordsville, Indiana from the Montgomery County 4-H Fairgrounds: Pogo b Tiny Timmy Turner, Devon Monroe b Maniac to retain the WCWO Midwest title, Apocalypz b Chris Cardio, The Chicago Playaz (BoyToy Bryan & Stu Early) b Ryan Rich & Kenneth James to retain the WCWO Tag Team titles, Indiana Kidd Jr. b Twisted... [reported by Randall Klemme]

  69. April 21, 2007--ISPW in Newton, New Jersey: Ray Odyssey b Nicky Benz, Alofa the Samoan b Big Rick Fuller, Shane Taylor b Julio Dinero, The American Idols b Da Brotherz, Mr. Strongko b Marty Jannetty in a TLC match, Mo b Christian York, Judas Young b Mr. Strongko and Crowbar and Ace Darling in a 4-WAY..

  70. April 21, 2007--Whiplash Wrestling - Chain Reaction in Mayetta, Kansas: Tribal Warrior Angel & Brian Switch Blade b JC Thunder & Blade The Destroyer, Kid USA b Real Superstar Jammer, Dekin Cane b Tommy Snow, Enigma b Bigg Dogg to retain the Mid-American Title, Blade The Destroyer won a 30-Man Battle Royal to win the Whiplash World Heavyweight title.. [reported by Whiplash Owner]

  71. April 22, 2007--Urban Wrestling Alliance in Coppell, Texas at the Lonestar Country Club: Andy Dalton w/Nikki b Joey Corman, J.T. LaMotta b Viktor Tadlok w/Paul Lewis, Robert Evans b Kris Katerra, Simply Badd b Mike Foxx by DQ, Mass Destruction b The Double D's, Luke Bronson b "MAIN EVENT" Mike Foxx.. [reported by John Larance]

  72. April 22, 2007--Anarchy Championship Wrestling/IWA Mid-South - Sunday Bloody Sunday in San Antonio, Texas at The Venue: "One Man" Mike Dell b xOMGx, Showtime Summers b Joey Ryan to retain his ACW Heavyweight Title, Mickie Knuckles b Daffney to retain the IWA Women's title, Roderick Strong b "Bio-Hazard" Jaykus Plisken, Rexx Reed b Massive, Low Ki b Hotstuff Hernandez, Necro Butcher b Masada, The Children of Pain b Chuey Martinez & Hugh Rogue and Diehard & Vortekz and Ian Rotten & Drake Younger in a 4-WAY Elimination match to retain the ACW Tag Team titles.. [reported by Barry Yount]

  73. April 22, 2007--Showcase Pro Wrestling in South Attleboro, Massachusetts: T.J Richter b Tripleicious, Jason the Slasher b Huey McGraw, Sonny Goodspeed & Panther Martin b Kreeper & Iranqnid, Nick Knight b Mike Striker, Nick Steel b Vain, Eddie Edwards b Big Rick Fuller by DQ..

  74. April 27, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in Newton, North Carolina: Chris Guerrero b Derek Ryze, Ethan Cage b Jesse Ortega, Charlie Dreamer b Stan Lee, Jake Manning b Bill DeMott, Brad Attitude b K.C. McKnight, Team MACKtion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) b The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) to retain the Tag Team titles..

  75. April 27, 2007--Northeast Wrestling in Danbury, Connecticut: Josh Daniels b Mikey Batts and Jason Blade in a 3-WAY, The Outkast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) b The Logan Brothers (Bryan & Matt Logan), Ron Zombie vs Michael Sain ended in a No Contest, Xavier b Joey Mercury to retain the NEW Heavyweight title, Brian Anthony b Kurt Adonis, Jerry "The King" Lawler b Romeo Roselli & Jonathan Coachman in Handicap match, Samoa Joe b A.J. Styles in the main event..

  76. April 27, 2007--Eastern Pro Wrestling in Warren, Rhode Island at Kickemuit Middle School: Grayson Alexander & Ray Diamond b Nick Steel & Slash Sullivan, Brian Milonas b B.K. Jordan, Chunky But Funky & Tommy Mack & Hillbilly Huey McGraw b The Elite w/Marshall McNeil in a 5-on-4 tag team match, Brandon Locke b Bryce Andrews w/Mike Bennett, Brutal Bob Evans w/Bob Evans Sr. b EPW Heavyweight Champion Paul Lombardi by DQ, Chris Venom b Alex Arion, Derek Destiny b Mike Bennett w/Bryce Andrews, Dan Freitas & Thom Kane b Sid Momentum & Clip O'Reilly to win the EPW Tag Team titles, Ian Conley & Robbie Araujo b Handsome Johnny & Max Bauer, Rocco Abruzzi b Doug Summers in a No-DQ match.. [Reported by Shawn O.]

  77. April 27, 2007--Underground Championship Wrestling in Elkhart, Indiana: Frat House b White Boy & Jason Automatic, Big Daddy Dean b Jake Omen, Jeremy Hadley b Kenny Kage, Scott Young b Brutus Dylan, Adam Evans b Alex Rase, Ryan Rage b Christian Able, Adam Bueller b Keith Creme, Jimmy Shalwin b Ryan Epic.

  78. April 27, 2007--2CW (Tournament Matches) in Utica, New York before 200 fans: Loca Vida b Gordy, Dizzie b J.D. Love, Jason Axe b Brother Runt by referee stoppage (starting a "Fire Russo" chant), Eddie Edwards b C.W. Anderson, The Killer Steves b All Money is Legal, Dizzie b Ajax 820, Jason Axe b Isys Ephex by DQ, Zachary Springate III b Eddie Edwards, Slyck Wagner Brown b Loca Vida..

  79. April 28, 2007--2CW (Tournament Matches) in Syracuse before a sellout of 400: Dizzie b Jason Axe w/Bill Alfonso in the Semi-Finals, Slyck Wagner Brown b Springate III in the Semi-Finals, Isys Ephex b John Walters, All Money is Legal b The Killer Steves in a "Loser Leaves 2CW for 90 Days" match, Samoa Joe b Eddie Edwards, Dizzie b Slyck Wagner Brown in a Ladder match to win the Tournament...

  80. April 28, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in York, South Carolina: Charlie Dreamer b Kenny James, Chris Guerrero b Louis Moore, Bill DeMott & Brad Attitude b Jake Manning & K.C. McKnight, Stan Lee b Ethan Cage by DQ, Team MACKtion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) b The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) in a 2/3 Falls match..

  81. April 28, 2007--EWA in Baltimore, Maryland: The Gemini Trojans b Legion of Ungood, Eagle b Andrew Steele, Rehobeth Beach Crew b Buster Maccabi, Steve Desire b Darth X and Absolute Lunar and Drew Gulak in a 4-WAY, Core b Jimmy Starz, The Varsity b The Club, D.J. Hyde & Teddy Stigma & Ryan McBride b Derek Frazier & Jim Christian & Steve Riggs.

  82. April 28, 2007--Lethal Wrestling Alliance in House Springs, Missouri: Future b Evan Gelistico, Bryan James b Johnny Greenpeace and Brandon Espinosa in a 3-WAY, Nick Tyson b Johnny Vinyl, Dorian Victor & Jeremy Wyatt b Gary the Barnowl & Pierre Abernathy, Dan Velten b JordanLacey, Adam Raw b Michael Strider

  83. April 28, - House & Stein's Fan Jam in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Alhambra Arena: T.J. Cannon b Bruce Maxwell, "The Complete" Pete Hunter w/Gary Wolf b Jai Kabong, "The Complete" Pete Hunter b Bobby Vee, Annie Social & Jimmy Clydesdale b Amy Lee & Missy Simpson, John House interviewed The Blue Meanie (Damian Slugga attacked the Meanie), Helter Skelter w/Sherri Martel b Marty Jannetty, The Bosom Buddies (Teddy Fine & Drew Blood) b T.J. Cannon & Bruce Maxwell to win the vacant Tri-State Tag Team titles, Crazii Shea vs Angel Gonzalez ended in a No Contest when KJ Hellfire interfered, Team America (Kid America & Phil Bousche & Chris Answert) b Tommy Diaz & Jake Black & Z-Barr, Johnny Kashmere w/John House b Nate Stein in a Falls Count Anywhere No-DQ match, The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) b Aramis & Devon Moore, Devon Moore b Joel Maximo to retain the PWU World Heavyweight title.. [reported by Nate Stein]

  84. April 28, 2007--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 325 fans: Playboy Marcus Shields b L.A. Tank to retain the UPWA Heavyweight title, Scotty Saber b Eric Evans, Michael Devine b Beast, Mean Marc Ash and Dave Dawson was a Double DQ, Bam the Destroyer b Sabretooth.. [reported by Donald Brower]

  85. April 28, 2007--New World Wrestling in Attleboro Massachusetts at the Attleboro Moose Lodge before 135 Fans: Northeast Champion Doug Summers b Chris Venom, Freight Train b Cameron Mathews, Sammi Lane b Mike & Tim Pittman in a Handicap match, Chico Suave b Chris Green, The Kennel Club (Moondog Maximus & Wolfman Branford w/Gabriel Grange) b The Moose Lodge Hustlers (Gary Gold & Paulie Gilmore), Osirus b Eric Shred and Jay Jailette in a 3-WAY to win the vacant United States title, The Outpatient b Dan Bidondi w/Johnny Fabulous in a Chain match, Don Vega b Pierre Vachon to retain the NWW Heavyweight title... [reported by Mark Marks]

  86. April 28, 2007--River City Wrestling - Payback! in San Antonio, Texas at the Bellaire Baptist Church Gym: "Delicioso" Don Juan b Quinten Allen, J.T. LaMotta b "Milky Smooth" Marty Cone, Scott McKenzie w/Miss Laura b Chris Marval, The Hardbodies (Andrew Dalton & Joey Spector w/Brandon Oliver) b Perfectly Beautiful (Rudy Russo & Franco D'Angelo) to retain the RCW Tag Team titles, Sicodelico Jr. b Gemini to retain the RCW Cyber title, "Showtime" Eric Young b Rory Fox, Hotstuff Hernandez & The Lovely Nicole b Mike Foxx & Miss Laura (w/Scott McKenzie & Dick Peabody) in an intergender tag match.. [reported by Barry Yount and Brandon Oliver]

  87. April 28, 2007--QFC/CTPW in Austin, Texas: Sean Mills b JOJO Bravo, The Angola Express b Scott Draven & John Courtright, Darkstar JR b V.I.P.(WWE MVP'S brother) by DQ to regain the QFC/CTPW Heavyweight title, Ebony X (GQ Knight & Mikey 13) b Nemisis & Mikey, Ebony X Leader Mr. B b "Sexy" Steven Damarco to regain the QFC/CTPW America's title, Devestator & Latin Alliance Originals (Papadon & Tito Sanchez & Manny Domingo) b Latin Alliance 2007 (Tommy Gunn & Jose Valiente & El Guapo & Johnny Rage)..

  88. April 28, 2007--American Wrestling Federation in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania at the Colonial Elementary School Gym: Krash Krew (Kwame & Wrecker w/Gemini) b Big Slam Vader & Cueball Carmichael w/Royce Profit, Brother Runt b J.D. Smooth and Nicky Oceans, "Native American Princess" Alere Little Feather b Alicia (w/Darren Wyse & Exotic Erica) with Roxie Cotton as the guest referee, The Patrio & Tom Brandi w/Bruno Sammatino b Saddam Insane & Sheik Cicero w/King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq, Former WWF referee Dick Woehrle was inducted into the AWF Hall of Fame, legend King Kong Bundy was inducted into the AWF Hall of Fame, "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino was inducted into the AWF Hall of Fame, King Kahlua (w/Darren Wyse & Exotic Erica) b Chris Steele to retain the North American title, King Kong Bundy b Corporal Punishment w/Judd The Stud to win back the fundraiser money that Corp had stolen, The James Gang (Kip & B.G. James) b Danny Doring & Ricky Landell w/Royce Profit --- Notes; this was a a fundraiser for local handicapped youngster Janie Carbo...

  89. April 28, 2007--World Wrestling Coalition in Decatur, Ohio at the BYRD Township Community Center: "Big Kahuna" Kenny Lucas b Scary Gary, The High School Heroes & JT Stahr b Profit Inc. (Ric Byrne & Dave Nevada & Devlin Anderson) by Countout to win the WWC Tag Team titles, Jon Moxley b "Buffalo Bad Boy" Brian Jennings, Jake "The Beast" Ashworth b "High IQ" Quentin Lee to win North American Strong Style title, "Astonishing" Aaron Williams & The Solution Alan Wasylychyn b Terek the Legend & Benjamin Kimera... [reported by Jeremiah Young]

  90. April 29, 2007--River City Wrestling - MetalFest in San Antonio, Texas at Graham Central Station: Ikaika b "Milky Smooth" Marty Cone, Franco D'Angelo w/Rudy Russo b Quinten Allen, Rory Fox b Hotstuff Hernandez, Rudy Russo w/Franco D'Angelo b Chris Marval, Hotstuff Hernandez & Chris Marval & Quinten Allen & Marty Cone b Franco D'Angelo & Rudy Russo & Rory Fox & Ikaika in an 8-Man Tag Team match.. [reported by Barry Yount and Brandon Oliver]

  91. April 29, 2007--Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas at Club Kah-Lua: Mr. B b Dragon X, "Bio-Hazard" Jaykus Plisken b Scott Draven, Renegade b Cobra, Rudy Russo (Cruiserweight Champion) b Gabe the Babe in a Non-title match, STPW Texas Heavyweight Champion Shingo b Yamato then vacated the belt to return to Japan.. [reported by Barry Yount]

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