Independent Wrestling Results - December 2007

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  1. December 1, 2007--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey at the ACE Arena: Web TV Champion William Wyeth b James Lopez with a slingshot brainbuster, Thomas "The Gate Rodriguez b Tony Albano and Junior Sabo (pinned) in a 3-WAY, Chris Rockwell b Psycho with a sleeperhold, Team Yea! (Sam Sational & Rayza) b The Kindred (Wes Draven & Radames), "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal b Giovanni Marranca by DQ when Black Zemis & Vic Hellion interfered (Marranca retains the Light Heavyweight title), "Hollywood" Joe Hardway b Danny Demanto with a TKO, Killa S. & Ed Murdoch b. BS Express (Ed & Tom), The Imports (Giovanni Marranca & Vic Hellion & Black Zemis) b Danny Demanto & Pinkie Sanchez & 2 Hott Steve Scott, Mo Sexton b Devious to retain the ACE Heavyweight title, "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal & Azrieal b Style & Finesse (Mike Donovan & Rob Vegas) -- Notes: After the match, Lethal put a sleeper hold on Vegas & Az did the same to Donovan. They put a dress on each of them and then woke them up. Style & Finesse then realized why the fans were ridiculing them.. [reported by Robert Lotti]

  2. December 1, 2007--All American Pro Wrestling in West Frankfort, Illinois: Bryan James b Paul Rose, Gary Jay b Christopher Jade, Mike Masters & JT Calhoun b The Furies by DQ, Pierre Abernathy b Webmaster Stevie K, Brian Ladd b Evan Gelistico, CPW Champion Ali Stevens b Carnage by Knockout, Shane Rich & Livewire McGuire b AAPW Champion Steven Davis & NWC Champion Brandon Walker.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  3. December 1, 2007--All-Star Wrestling Network in Fort Valley, Georgia at the Wrestleplex:

  4. December 1, 2007--AWWL Big Time Wrestling in Birch Run, Michigan at the Expo Center:

  5. December 1, 2007--BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization "Heart 2 Heart" Benefit Show in Cliffside Park, New Jersey: Andy Christ b Killian White when White was unable to continue the match, BWO World Tag Team Champions Joey Da'Bull & Bobby Bafanablaminga (w/La Famiglia) b Danny Danger & Chad Adams, Draven Blaze b Kekoa "The Flyin' Hawaiian," BWO United States Champion Dr. Callahan (w/La Famiglia) b "Pretty Boy" Eric Hiller, BWO World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Face (w/Famiglia) b "The Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris, The New Age Destroyer b Richie Rotten, Section 8 b "The Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper by Submission, LWO Heavyweight Champion Steve Off (w/Hands Off & Biff) b Chaos (w/Richie Rotten).. [reported by Heather Kline]

  6. December 1, 2007--Championship Wrestling in Greeneville, Tennessee: Wayne Adkins b Matt Howitzer, Moe Jenkins b Nick Hammonds by DQ, Hammonds & Wayne Daniels b Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy, Beau James b The Disciple, Ray Idol b Wayne Daniels, Chris Richards & Adam York b Thorn & Tim Baldwin...

  7. December 1, 2007--Flatline Championship Wrestling in Grovetown, Georgia at Patriots Park:

  8. December 1, 2007--IPW Hardcore Wrestling in Pinellas Park, Florida at the Boys & Girls Club:

  9. December 1, 2007--KSWA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Lawrenceville Moose:

  10. December 1, 2007--Mountain Wrestling Association in Mt Sterling, Kentucky at the Estil Street Jubilee: Kyle Maggard b Cody Mathews by DQ, MWA Tag Team Champions Rob Valor & Johnny Mo' Money b Mean Gene & Maxx Sledd, Kasey Kaos b Ice Train, Eddie Browning & Larry D. b Scott Hayes & Tuffy, Tommy Gunn & Cody Mathews & Mike Strong b Bobby Blade & Al Steele & Chucky Smooth.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  11. December 1, 2007--Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance in St. Louis, Missouri at the South Broadway Athletic Club:

  12. December 1, 2007--NAAFS in Warren, Ohio at the Pakard Music Hall:

  13. December 1, 2007--NAWF in Whitewater, Wisconsin:

  14. December 1, 2007--New Era Pro Wrestling - Hostile Holidays in Painesville, Ohio at the Hide Out Roller Rink: Eddie Edwards came out to announce that he has sold NEPW to Blackhammer (Blackhammer announced that The Cleveland Mafia will get another shot at the tag team titles in Janurary against Lethal Impact. He also announced the return of The Deviant from knee surgery), Aaron Draven b Perry Greene to retain the NEPW Cruiserweight title, Robby Starr b Shawn Blaze, Sassy Stephanie & XTC & Maverick McCoy b Lumberjack Leroux & Bill Collier & Angel Dust, Bane b T.J. Dynamite (After the match, Bane wouldn't stop beating on Dynamite. Killer Kumpf came out for the save), Lethal Impact b The Buffalo Badboys (Kumpf & Kwan) to retain the NEPW Tag Team titles (After the match, Bane nailed Kumpf with a vicious chair shot), "Notorious" Shane Taylor b J-Rocc when Eddie Edwards turned on J-Rocc, Chris Cronus b Ray Rowe to retain the NEPW Triple Crown title.. [reported by Ed Edwards]

  15. December 1, 2007--Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey: Mr. X b O.B. Ambiance and Brian Chairs in a 3-WAY, Tiger McAdams b Glenn Storms, Estaban b Donnie Johnson, Greg Hogya b Prettyboy Johnson, Mike Reed b Chris Cambo, Greg Hogya b Mike Reed, Estaban b Gaylord Fauntleroy, Estaban vs. Greg Hogya ended in a No Contest.. [reported by Paul Verlander]

  16. December 1, 2007--Powerhouse Wrestling in Lincoln, Illinois at the College Gym:

  17. December 1, 2007--RCW in Portsmouth, Ohio: J.D. Santos b Vance Desmond, Randy Allen & Jeff Cannon & Ricochet b Wes Cannon & Onyx & Ranger Bob, Judas thorn & Juggulator b Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler in a Double Casket match, Ace Gigolo b Dirk Extreme, Tyson Rogers b Hollie Wood, Tank Runyon b Trik Nasty in a Steel Cage match.. [reported by Dirk Cunningham]

  18. December 1, 2007--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas before 120 fans: Martin Styles b Chad Thomas and Kentana in a 3-WAY, Jason Gore b Shane Garrett, Viper b Kid Goth, Violent V & SPAM b Widowmaker & Mosh Pit Mike and El Loco & El Grande in a 3-WAY Tag match, Ricky Romero III b Dameon Blood.. [reported by Chris Youngblood]

  19. December 1, 2007--Revolution Fight League in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville Gardens:

  20. December 1, 2007--Supreme League of Wrestling in Mattoon, Illinois: Warchild vs. Soul Train was ruled a No Contest, Mephisto & Kurt Styles b Wild Bill & Jesse James Hollywood, DeAndre King b Cecil Cerveza, The Feature Presentation (Eric Ruffington & Blake Steele) b The Upper Echelon (Jason Vendetta & Jeff Harris), SLW Tag Team Champions The Forces of Nature (Cyclone & JT Rain) vs. Prince Nova in a Handicap match ended in a No Contest, Bear b Gavin Alexander, Supreme Champion DaCobra b Sean Brody.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  21. December 1, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Port Lavaca, Texas at Bauer Center:

  22. December 1, 2007--Victory Pro Wrestling - Furious Fallout in Centereach, New York at VFW Post 4927: Nick Noshus b "Firebird" Jorge Santi, "All Around Best" Xavier b 4x4, "The Good Guy" Azrieal b "The Miracle" Javi-Air, "Ultra Sexy" Joe So Delicious b "Cornerman" Juan Jeremy, Major Intencity & Jay Lover & Chopsaw & Nightmare w/Don Tony b Joey Everlast & Johnny Suburban & Mr. Professional & Scotty Rio (w/Jack O'Hearts & Vinny the Guido), Grim Reefer w/Don Tony b "Masculine Marvel" Sabotage, Eclipse w/Jack O'Hearts b Livewired, "Best Body in the Biz" Jason Static b Mack Daddy Flexx.. [reported by]

  23. December 1, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws - Cagefest 2007 in Greensburg, ?????: Jammer won the opening reverse battle royal, Super Destroyer b Jammer, Dropkick Jay b Devan Monroe, Justin Andrews & Kennth James b Niko Kilawauh & Dustin Frost, Timber b T-Bone Braxton, Pogo b Gay Guy Lombardo, Billy Bart b Shawn Cook, WCWO Heavyweight Champion Don Basher b Twisted, Baron Von Kane b Apocalypz to win the NEW WCWO Midwest title.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  24. December 2, 2007--EWA - Cold Fury in Arbutus, Maryland at the Volunteer Fire Hall: Raphael Silva b Steve Diaz and Jimmy Starz in a 3-WAY, Bruce Maxwell & T.J. Cannon b Doyle Day & Prodigy, Goldthumb b Darh X, Bruce Chan & Zack Matthews b RBC to win the Tag Team titles, Jim Christian & Champ Champagne b Buster Maccabi & Apollo Cruz, Drew Gulak b Ray Alexander, Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma b Chan & Matthews by DQ, The Baltimore Butcher b Greg Excellent, D.J. Hyde & Core b Derek Frazier & Niles Young..

  25. December 2, 2007--United Championship Wrestling in Ingleside, Texas: Quinten Allen b "The Party Boy" Bacon Johnson; "Bad Boy" Frankie Frank b "Madd" Maxx McLung; Rudy Russo & Flaming Rose b Primo & "The Party Boy" Bacon Johnson (sub for Papi C.) for the UCW Tag Team Championships; "New Style" Ben Galvan b Texas Renegade by DQ for the UCW Heavyweight Championship after Renegade hit the referee.

  26. December 2, 2007--XICW in Warren, Michigab at The Ritz:

  27. December 4, 2007--Weekly Florida Championship Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida:

  28. December 6, 2007--World Wrestling Alliance 4 in Atlanta, Georgia at the WWA4 Dungeon:

  29. December 7, 2007--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Royston Gym:

  30. December 7, 2007--Georgia Wrestling Federation in Summerville, Georgia at the GWF Arena:

  31. December 7, 2007--Georgia Wrestling Promotions in Woodstock, Georgia at the Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency Building: Shaun Tempers b Ace Rockwell to retain the GWP Southern Heavyweight title, The Regular Guys b The Hellbillies and The Hollywood Brunettes in a 3-WAY to retain the GWP Southern Tag Team titles, Iceberg b Big Head Hansen, Jess Wade b the Notorious D.O.G., Jay Clinton b Jamar Acid, Kid Ego Jr. b Loco Motive -- Nots: Manny Fernandez had been scheduled, but had to cancel due to health issues, for which he has reportedly been hospitalized.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  32. December 7, 2007--Great Lakes Championship Wrestling - Blizzard Brawl 3 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Skullcrusher b U-Gene, Joey Mercury b B.G. James, Tony DeNucci b Chris Black, Scotty Too Hotty & Haystacks Ross b Brandon Blaze & Adam Evans & Matt Longtime, Demolition b The Texas Hangmen and American History Next and Dysfunction & Mason Quinn in a 4-WAY, Al Snow b Eric Freedom..

  33. December 7, 2007--Great Plains Championship Wrestling in Medicine Park, Oklahoma: Kevin Morgan b Xavior, Shane Rawls b "Kyote" Joe Herell, Thomas Trump (w/Tasha) b Sir Thomas Knight, "The Crown Prince of Crimson" Al Farat b Se7en, Carnage vs. 3rd Rail ended in a Time Limit Draw, Jeff Knight b Martin Justice to win the GCPW Cruiserweight title, Carnage won a 12 man Battle Royal to become the 1st GCPW Heavyweight Champion.. [reported by Mike Iles]

  34. December 7, 2007--MWA in Council Bluffs, Iowa at the National Guard Armory: Pinky Larue b Ricky Reynolds to retain the MWA Television title, Gauge b The Main Attraction in a No-DQ match, Max Magnuss & Gauge b Vash Heartly & Cowboy Troy Hansen, The All Americans b The Patriot & Mr. Jones to retain the MWA Tag Team titles, Tommy Snow b Austin Storm in a Steel Cage match, Blade b Eric Fantabulous in a Steel Cage match to retain the MWA Heavyweight title.. [reported by Brian Plantz]

  35. December 8, 2007--All-Star Wrestling Network in Fort Valley, Georgia at the Wrestleplex:

  36. December 8, 2007--APWF in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania at Lakeview High School:

  37. December 8, 2007--BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey: La Famiglia took over the show and changed all the scheduled matches for the evening, Richie Rotten (w/Chaos) b "Pretty Boy" Eric Hiller, Dinyed b "The Modern Day Enforcer" Eric Cooper, Magic b Kekoa "The Flyin' Hawaiian," Chaos b Chad Adams, BWO Tag Team Champions La Famiglia (Joey Da' Bull & Bobby Bahfanabahlaminga) b The Preacher & Danny Danger, "The Lone Wolf" Evan Myers b Darksyde, BWO US Champion Dr. Callahan (w/La Famiglia) b "The Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris... [reported by Heather Kline]

  38. December 8, 2007--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at The Compound Arena: "Terrific" Tim Rockwell b The Canadian Luchadore (w/The Shadow of Death), Jesus Rodriguez (w/Ray Martinez) b ComPro Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact #2, Blake Albright b Rico Suave, "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid b ComPro Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact #1, El Super Colibri b ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "The Ladies Choice" Bernard Funk.. [reported by]

  39. December 8, 2007--Division-1 Pro Wrestling in Davie, Florida at the PAL Gym:

  40. December 8, 2007--Front Row Wrestling in Kingston, New Hampshire: Christian Angers b Guthrie O'Dwyer, Steven Marriott b Tony Spencer, Maverick Wild & Master Flesh b Toomy Mack & Danny Thunder, Sethoran b Matt Spectro, Shane Sharpe b Panther Martin, Antonio Thomas b Dr. Heresy, Chunky But Funky b Johnny Vegas & Justin Sharpe ..

  41. December 8, 2007--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: IZW Impact Division Champion Bad Brad Michaels b Dustin Heritage, "The Professional" John Allen (w/Paul Lewis, attorney at law) b Matt Emerald, Kenny Campbell b Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway by DQ when Brad Michaels interfered, Nathan Sensation vs. Striker ended in a No-Contest due to a double pin, Impact Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) b Tommy Revell & "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (w/Marianne Albright) to retain the IZW Tag Team titles.. [reported by]

  42. December 8, 2007--Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling - Christmas Carnage in Kalkaska, Michigan at the Civic Center: Knight Wagner b Deuce Diamond in a dark match, Sabbath b Kra-Z by DQ in a "Chair on a Pole" Match, Zach Gowen & Zeroe b The Young Assassins by DQ, Caden Ames and Chance Laredo b "So Fine" Frank Stein to advance in No Limits Title Tournament, Jimmy Jacobs b Lou Crank, Shane Hollister b Christin Able, Mike White and Kid Hybrid b Jeff Brooks to advance in No Limits Title Tournament, Josh Abercrombie b Tyler Black to retain the MCPW World title (After the Match, Jimmy Jacobs attacked Abercrombie with Black joining in, and debuting "THE AGE OF THE FALL" in MCPW!).. [reported by Mr. Chainsaw Productions -]

  43. December 8, 2007--New World Wrestling in Attleboro Massachusetts: Tag Team Champions: The Kennel Club (Moondog Maximus & Tony Kahuko w/Dr. Grange) b Chris Sterling & Leon Mathews, The Outpatient b Prof. Maki Sushi w/Grange, Crazy Chainsaw Bastard b Cameron Mathews, Jim Tanner b Gary Gold w/Miss Tammy, Dan Bidondi & Doug Sommers b The Allens w/Auntie Cherry Allen, The Outpatient vs. Pierre Vachon Battled ended in a Double Countout, NWW Champion Don Vega b Texas Outlaw w/Johnny Fabulous in Bullrope Match..[reported by Mark Marks]

  44. December 8, 2007--Power & Glory Wrestling - The Fight Before Christmas in Fairfield, Connecticut: "Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi b "Everyone Wants To Be Like" Bryce Andrews to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament, Mark Mason b Furio Falcone in an "I Quit" match with the ankle lock leg grapevine, Lukas Sharp was presented with the "Connecticut's Next Big Thing" trophy with a motley crew of Andy Sweet & Eddy Latham & Kristian Frost & Dick Seamans, Lukas Sharp & Andy Sweet & Eddy Latham b Mr. Williams & Jason Snyper & BMT w/Ariel in a 6-Man Mayhem (Controversial finish where it appeared Snyper kicked out, yet still called down), Kurt Adonis b Kristian Frost to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament (Kristian Frost lost a coin flip between the two. PGW Officials came out and changed the match), Kurt Adonis b Ron Zombie in an Impromptu match with powder to the eyes and a roll-up with a handful of tights to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament, "Saturday Night Special" Jason Blade b Kid Mikaze to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament (Both men shook hands after the match), Tookie Tucker "The Wrestlin' Trucker" b Kevin Landry to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament, Brian Anthony came out with the Christmas Elf Joey Bricco (They exchanged gifts and berated the fans until Chris Battle interrupted), Chris Battle b Joey Bricco in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match after Brian Anthony tried to give Bricco a brick, Brian Anthony b Jose Perez with a low blow to retain the CCW Northeast Title (After the match, Brian & Bricco attacked Perez until Kid Mikaze came out and cleared the ring. Brian and Bricco ran to the back and Kid Mikaze issued a challenge to Brian for the Northeast Title. Brian Anthony hasn't accepted the challenge yet).. [Reported by Lou DeVito]

  45. December 8, 2007--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Underground Arena: Tyson James b Crisstopher Crow, Kevin Morgan b Outlaw by DQ, 3rd Rail b The Prophet, X-Rated (Shane Sanchez & Kevin James Sanchez, w/X-tacy) b Damien Morte & Sage, Havoc b Shawn Summers to win the vacant SWCW Heavyweight Title, K-Rob b Kareem Sadat to win the vacant SWCW Hardcore Title.. [reported by Mike Iles]

  46. December 8, 2007--Texas All-Star Wrestling in Humble, Texas at the Bingo Hall:

  47. December 8, 2007--Total Championship Wrestling in Douglasville, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: Ken Timbs Jr. b Cameron Valentine, Peanut b Magnum, Cody Gun & Terrible T b Josh Stone & Josh Storm, Damon Taz b Pretty Boy Floyd to become the inaugural TCW Heavyweight Champion --- Fantasy and Stephanie Starr no-showed for their scheduled match.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  48. December 8, 2007--Ultimate Christian Wrestling in Canton, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: Chris Rippey & Colt Derringer b Justin Dirt & Rob Adonis, Kyle Matthews vs. Enigma ended in a draw, Luther Biggs & Glacier b The A List (Adrian Hawkins & Alex Phoenix), Austin Creed b Salvatore Rinauro, Dustin Powers b Billy Jack and Todd Zane in a 3-WAY by DQ to retain the UCW Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  49. December 8, 2007--World Class Extreme Wrestling in Darlington, South Carolina at the Empowerment Christian Center:

  50. December 9, 2007--New Breed Wrestling Alliance in Danville, Illinios at the NBWA Arena: (Commissioner Tittie Nashville declared the Tag Team Titles Vacate when at the previous show JC Michaels & Kenny O'Brien pinned each other) -- World's Greatest Masked Team b "Bloody" Harker Dirge & Midnight Sun by Countout to win the vacate NBWA Tag Team titles, "The American Soldier" Aaron Mathews b "Da Best Kept Secret" D'Andre King, "Your Role Model" Jeff Harris b Wild Bill in a No DQ match, Angelo Santelli b Jason Vendetta in a Blindfold Match, Cecil Cerveza b Jeckel & Nikki Mankotti in a 3-WAY to retain the NBWA No Limits title, Jon Divosi b Eric Ruffington.. [reported by Chris Halls]

  51. December 9, 2007--Price of Glory Wrestlingin Coldwater, Michigan at Dan Severn's Michigan Sports Camps:

  52. December 9, 2007--Prime Time Wrestling in Belleville, Michigan at Diamondback Saloon: Gutter b Brad Martin, Danya b Sebastian Suave, Corporal Robinson b N8 Mattson, Rhino b Conrad Kennedy III and Disco Inferno in a 3-WAY, 2 Tuff Tony b Scott D'Amore, Bobby Roode b Johnny Devine, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin b Petey Williams & Tyson Dux..

  53. December 9, 2007--Pro Wrestling Syndicate in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey at Gino Caruso's ECPW Arena: Drew Blood b Kennedy Kendrick, Malta the Damager b The Voice and Rocksha in a 3-WAY, Kenny Omega b Davey Richards, "The Cold Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto b "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Lowlife Louie b Drake Younger and Monsta Mack in a 3-WAY, Devon Moore b Azrieal, Paul E. Normus b Damien Dragon, Trent Acid (who looked drunk and/or high on crack) b Justin Credible, Teddy Hart & Ruckus b Jay Lethal & Human Tornado, Sabu b Necro Butcher in a Hardcore match...Raven was not there despite being advertised...Captain Lou Albano was on hand and addressed the crowd.. [reported by Shawn O]

  54. December 9, 2007--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Villa Rica, Georgia at the SECW Arena: Adrian Hawkins b Tim Renesto (Tom Renesto's son), L.T. Faulk b Kyle Matthews, War Daddy b The New York Gangster, Austin Creed b Salvatore Rinauro, Bulldog Raines b Loco Motive, Billy Love & El Mexicano b Frankie Valentine & the Nightmare, The Super Destroyer b Bull Buchanan by DQ to retain the SECW Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  55. December 12, 2007--New Era Pro Wrestling in Painesville, Ohio at the Hide Out Roller Rink:

  56. December 13, 2007--CWA in Columbia, South Carolina before 225 fans: Chris Mayne b Chase Darkness, Black Pegasus & Josh Magnum b Malachi & Jake Manning, Xavier Knight b Danny Dollar, Timber b Truitt Fields, Phil Shatter (who played Razor Ramon on RAW two weeks ago) b U-Gene..

  57. December 14, 2007--Pro Wrestling All Stars - Canned Food Fundraiser in Detroit, Michigan: Breyer Wellington b Jeff Brooks, Sean Johnson & Dragon Creed & Truth Martini b Johnny Lawless & Timothy Studdman & The Hebrew Hammer, MoDred b Redd Erebus, The Cowabunga Dude & the Unknown Warrior b Chance Loreado & Frank Stein, Rob b Rusty Baddwrench, Nate Mattson b Adam Reynolds, The Scarboni (Vinny & Sonny) b 5th Element & Kid Hybrid, Zach Gowen b The Anti-American Kickboxer, Johnny Dynamo b Whiplash and Anthony Rivera.. [reported by Randy Klemme of the Indy Wrestle Line]

  58. December 14, 2007--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Royston Gym:

  59. December 14, 2007--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: Rey Jubuki b Chase Dakota, Ethan Cage b Mike McCloud, Jason Jones b Chrisifix, Caleb Konley won three-way over Stoney Hooker and Lee Valiant, Marcellus King b Jake Manning, Jesse Ortega b Charlie Dreamer to win the CWA Heavyweight title

  60. December 14, 2007--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida before 624 fans: Pablo Marquez b Alex G, Ricky Vega b Hack Myers, Ram Man & Jimmy Snuka b Anthony Michaels & Reiken, Jessika Haze b Tiffany Tough, Dok Rivers b J.B Cool, Dustin Rhodes b Gangrel-DQ, Phi Delta Slam & Patriot b Kahagas & American Taliban & Syrian Slasher. Deuce from WWE was there to see his father and unadvertised. Earl Hebner was in as referee. MVP made a guest appearance and that sold a lot of tickets as when he asked who had never been to a CCW show before, about one-third of the crowd raised their hands. He talked about how he started in CCW and how important it is for fans to support independent wrestling. He talked about how the U.S. title belt he was carrying had been held by such greats as Magnum T.A., Dusty Rhodes and Chris Benoit. He emphasized the Benoit name. They did an angle where local heel manager and former Davie Mayor Harry Venis offered to buy his WWE contract if he'd throw the belt in the garbage can. He responded by throwing Venis in a garbage can and gave him an elbow.. [reported by Dave Melzter, Dan Ackerman & Denny Burkholder]

  61. December 14, 2007--International Big-Time Wrestling in Detroit, Michigan at Palomino Night Club:

  62. December 14, 2007--LCW in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Ravager b Spade (w/t Ace), Killer b Immortal to retain the Technical title, Ace b Spade, Immortal b Spade, Ace b Immortal to win 3 man-round robin, Ravager b Ace to become the new LCW champion!!! .. [reported by Melissa Dodd]

  63. December 14, 2007--KYDA Pro in Manassas, Virginia at the Prince William Fairgrounds:

  64. December 14, 2007--Midwest States Pro Wrestling - Final Show in Coal City, Illinois: Bailey Mannix b Chuck Frisbee, Mike Horning b Dan The Man with a Death Valley Driver, A.D.D b Mike Horning, Prince Ali b Derrick St. Holmes to win the Heritage Title, Jason Hades b Brandon Thomaselli, Mia Martinez b Lacey in a Lumberjack Match, Brett Gakiya b Michael Flannery for the MSPW Championship, DDS & Bailey Mannix & Braden Scott b C.J. Esparza & Hunter Matthews & Marc Matthews in a Coal City Street Fight.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  65. December 14, 2007--Pro Wrestling All-Stars in Detroit, Michigan at Kidz Playground:

  66. December 14, 2007--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas before 100 fan: Jayson Lee b Chris Ray, El Grande vs. Raul Torrez ended in a Double DQ, Kid Goth b Enemy, KENTANA b Shane Garrett, El Loco b Preston James..

  67. December 15, 2007--2XFW in Cincinnati, Ohio: Postponed due to weather.

  68. December 15, 2007--ACE Action Zone in ????????: Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez b Black Zemis and Sabotage in a 3-WAY, Devious b Kronic and Vic Hellion in a 3-WAY, Danny Demanto & "2 Hott" Steve Scott b Brooklyn/Queens Express (Grim Reefer & Jay Lover), "The Good Guy" Azrieal b "The Sexiest Man Alive" Rhett Titus, Jay Lethal & Killa S b BS Express (Ed & Tom), Giovanni Marranca b Pinkie Sanchez to retain the Light Heavyweight Title, William Wyeth w/Ms. April b "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele to retain the Web TV title, Style & Finesse (Mike Donovan & Rob Vegas) b Team Yea! (Sam Sational & Rayza) and The Kindred (Wes Draven & Radames) and Garden State Gods (Myke Quest & Chris Rockwell) in a 4-WAY to win the ACW Tag Team titles, Mo Sexton b "The Good Guy" Azrieal (substituting for Strongko of OVW) by DQ to retain the ACW Heavyweight title when "Hollywood" Joe Hardway interfered.. [reported by Robert Lotti]

  69. December 15, 2007--All-Star Wrestling Network in Fort Valley, Georgia at the Wrestleplex:

  70. December 15, 2007--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Okahoma at The Compound Arena: "Terrific" Tim Rockwell b Jesus Rodriguez (w/Ray Martinez) by DQ, The Canadian Red Devil b The Canadian Luchadore (w/The Shadow of Death), ComPro Tag Team Champions Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & 2) b ICF (Shane Morbid & Cold Blooded Chris, w/Boss Campbell), ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "The Ladies Choice" Bernard Funk b El Super Colibri, "The Franchise" Romero Contreras b ComPro Champion "All Action" Anthony "Splash" "The G.O.A.T." Jackson by DQ.. [reported by]

  71. December 15, 2007--East Carolina Wrestling Association in Jacksonville, North Carolina: Lee Valiant b Caleb Konley and Stoney Hooker in a 3-WAY, Allison Danger & Thomas Simpson b Ace & Super Solar Jr., Persephone b Ellie, Charlie Dreamer b Black Pegasus, Joey Silvia & Xsiris b Jake Manning & Damian Wayne, Wayne won a Battle Royal.. [reported by Thomas Simpson]

  72. December 15, 2007--Flatline Championship Wrestling - Silent Nightmares in Grovetown, Georgia at Patriots Park:

  73. December 15, 2007--FPWA & XWE - One Last Stand in Pinellas Park, Florida at the Boys & Girls Club:

  74. December 15, 2007--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The Impact Arena: Angel Williams b Scott Sanders, Nathan Sensation b Se7en, John Allen b Shawn Sanders, Tommy Revell abused an IZW Security Guard, John Zorthos b Shawn Sanders by DQ when Angel Williams attacked Zorthos, Kenny Campbell & Dustin Heritage b IZW Impact Division Champion Bad Brad Michaels in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match.. [reported by]

  75. December 15, 2007--Indiana Independent Wrestling All Stars - Giving Back in Indianapolis, Indiana:

  76. December 15, 2007--Mid-States Wrestling in Branson, Missouri at The Shake-It-Up Club: "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry w/Stephen E. b Kraig Keesaman, Jim Fallon b Tony Rayz, Jeremy Wyatt (w/Stephen E & Michael Barry) b Tyler Cook, MSW Heavyweight Champion "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones b El Matador Uno w/Griz, Brieanna Bringle w/Jason Jones b Tony Rayz in a Combat Arm Wrestling Challenge, Kraig Keesaman & Tyler Cook w/Brieanna Bringle b Michael Barry & Jeremy Wyatt w/Stephen E, Kraig Keesaman won a Battle Royal (Order of elimination was as follows: El Matador Uno, Griz [refused to enter so eliminated himself], Tony Rayz, Jim Fallon, Jason Jones, Jeremy Wyatt, Tyler Cook, and Michael Barry).. [reported by Mike Iles]

  77. December 15, 2007--Pro Championship Wrestling in Summit, Illinois at the American Legion Hall:

  78. December 15, 2007--Southern Classic Wrestling in Sandersville, Georgia at Big Dog Billiards: Josh Stone b Drive-By, Frankie Valentine b The Dirty Dawg, The Stanton Clan b Juan Tequila & Jorge Sanchez and Mike Margera & Damien Dread in a 3-WAY Tag match, The Nightmare b Big Bank Barfield, Loco Motive (w/Ace Heffner) b Scotty Bullwinkle (substituting for Flatline) to win the Georgia Heritage title, Too Badd (Jamie Holmes & Conner Cruze) b The Serial Killers (Michael Myers & Leatherface), Bobby Joiner b Tommy Lee (w/Ace Heffner) by DQ.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  79. December 15, 2007--Southern States Championship Wrestling in Enigma, ????? at the Enigma Gym:

  80. December 15, 2007--UCW in Newport, Tennessee:

  81. December 15, 2007--Underground Championship Wrestling in South Bend, Indiana: Ryan Epic b Trik Davis and Erico and Jynx and Kid Hybrid and Colin Troy in a 6-WAY Scramble, Brutus Dylan won the Invitational Battle Royal, Larry Sweeney b Buddy Lee Brooks in the ICW/ICWA Texarkana Revenge match, Chris Hero b Jake Omen, Chase Richards b Josh Abercrombie to become the new UCW Heavyweight Champion, Big Daddy Dean & El Blue Inferno & Aguila De Oro b Bi-Polar & Jamie Eternal & Brian Skyline, Adam Bueller b Nick Cutler, Sammi Callihan b Sean Tyler, Jeff King b Scotty Young, The Kent Boys (Hayden & Christopher) b Hybrid Chaos (Ryan Rage & Russ Jones) and Zane Ramsey & Buff Kahula in a 3-WAY to win the vacant UCW Tag Team titles!!! .. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  82. December 15, 2007--Universal Wrestling Federation in Ardmore, Oklahoma at The UWF Arena: UWF Violent Division Champion Bundy b Thug Nasty, Frankie Dee b Mandy and Misty Meenor and Tasha in a 4-WAY to become the 1st ever UWF Femme Fatale Champion, "Hellacious" Javi Hernandez b Kuna Keeyoh, "The Gifted" Eric Rose b "The Great" Dane Griffin, UWF Texhoma Champion "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne b Thomas Trump, Gangsta Nation (D Money & Montego Seeka) b Jerry "The Boss" Bostic & "The Crown Prince of Crimson" Al Farat, "Ky-ote" Joe Herell b Shane Rawls in a First Blood Match for the UWF Heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  83. December 15, 2007--Vanguard Wrestling in Lansing, Illinois: Dameon Dunn b Trauma, Backwoods Brown b Vigilante, Baltazar b Ivan Manson, Jordan Pryde b Ben Cruise, Isaias Velazquez b Juggalo J-City, Dymond b Kimberly Kash to Retain the VWAA Womens Title, Dameon Dunn & Baltazar b Jordan Pryde & Backwooods Brown, Isaias Velazquez won a Battle Royal to get to the Championship title match, Team KO (Amazing Kuan & Ovirload) b Lamar Titan & Thomas Sinclair and The Furies in a 3-WAY Tag match, Isaias Velazquez b Dameon Dunn and Baltazar in a 3-WAY to win the VWAA Heavyweight title.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  84. December 15, 2007--World Wrestling Coalition in Decatur, Ohio at the WWC arena: WWC Tag Team Champion Dave Nevada confronted Santa Claus about not recieving a present the past 15 years and was rewarded with a Kahuna Bomb, Santa Claus removed the beard to reveal himself to be "Big Kahuna" Kenny Lucas. Jimmy Malloy b Matt Taylor in a "Christmas Chaos Match". North American Strong Style Champion Onyx b J.T. Stahr and Roscoe Hickory and Devlin Anderson in a 4-WAY. Tarek the Legend was challenged by former Women's Champion Kara Kildare, Kara Kildare b Tarek the Legend - handing Tarek his first pinfall loss. Ricochet b Dave Nevada but was attacked after the bell by Devlin Anderson. Ricochet & Justin Hollins b Dave Nevada & Devlin Anderson by Countout. Women's Champion Mary Elizabeth b Hailey Hatred. "Big Kahuna" Kenny Lucas & WWC Champion Aaron Williams b Cody Hawk & Ganger in a Tables Match.. [reported by Jeremiah Young]

  85. December 16, 2007--Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio: Advertising Steve Corino's final match ever in North America..

  86. December 16, 2007--IWF (Denver) - Xtreme Xmas in Golden, Colorado at the Buffalo Rose: Evan Noble b Chris Wrath, Prodigee b Quantum, Bronx b Cam Burnquest, Adrian Grimm b. Shredder Con, Tommy Bouchet vs. Mercury Matt Yaden ended in a Time Limit Draw, SHOCKTEHRAPY b Hoodlum to win the IWF Hardcore Title, Jay Synn b Justice in a Lumberjack Match to retain the IWF Championship.. [reported by]

  87. December 16, 2007--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: "Ky-ote" Joe Herell b Montego Seeka, Xavior b MSWA Oklahoma Champion Outlaw by DQ, Se7en b Jason Kirby in an Exhibition Match, Shawn Matthews III b Brock Landers and Maniacal Mike in a 3-WAY, Kevin Morgan b Chaz Sharp, The South Side Soul Assassins (Tyson James & 3rd Rail) b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) to retain the MSWA Mid-South Tag Team titles .. [reported by]

  88. December 16, 2007--Pure Pro Wrestling in Davison, Michigan at VFW Hall:

  89. December 16, 2007--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Villa Rica, Georgia at the SECW Arena: Adrian Hawkins vs. Kid Ego Jr. ended in a draw, Melissa Coates vs. Bambi ended in a draw, Chick Donovan b Bulldog Raines by Disqualification, Tommy Rich b Inferno #3, Frankie Valentine & The Nightmare b Billy Love & El Mexicano, The Super Destroyer b Bull Buchanan to retain the SECW Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  90. December 16, 2007--SPW in Sacramento, California:

  91. December 17, 2007--World Wrestling Alliance 4 in Atlanta, Georgia at the WWA4 Dungeon:

  92. December 21, 2007--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Royston Gym:

  93. December 21, 2007--Georgia Wrestling Federation in Summerville, Georgia at the GWF Arena:

  94. December 21, 2007--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Pontiac, Michigan at Clutch Cargos before 800 fans: Jimmy Jacobs w/Scott D'Amore b Zach Gowen when D'Amore hit Gowen in the throat with Jacobs cane, Mad Man Pondo b Jason Dukes and "Richie Boy" Breyer Wellington w/Butler Brooks in a 3-WAY when Pondo hit Wellington with a stop sign, Too Tough Tony b Disco Inferno when he kicked out of the village peoples elbow and hit Disco with the flaming fist, Violent J & Nosawa & Scott Hall w/Shaggy 2 Dope b The Thomaselli Brothers when Violent J moonsaulted all 3 Thomaseli brothers, Corporal Robinson b Bull Pain in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match..

  95. December 21, 2007--SAW in Millersville, Tennessee: Indian Outlaw b Big Rig Bully, Kory Williams & Vic the Bruiser vs. TJ Bomb & Chris Bomb (w/Cocky Cody) went to a Double Countout when they spilled out to the floor and brawled, Naomi Banks (a/k/a "Trenesha" from Deep South) b Christie Ricci, Rick Santel b Hammerjack by DQ after referee Ricky Bell reverses the decision due to Hammerjack using a piledriver on Santel, Arrick Andrews b Chris Cane, Jason James (w/Paul Adams) b Shane Eden, Southern Saints (w/Anita Paige) b Ying & Yang, Jihad b Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) after Hammerjack interfered..

  96. December 22, 2007--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: Giovanni Marranca w/Rade Ravello b "2 Hott" Steve Scott to retain the Light Heavyweight Title, Devious b Christian Faith, Pink N Black Attack (Pinkie Sanchez & Shawn Walker) b The Imports (Black Zemis & Vic Hellion w/Rade Ravello) and The Kindred (Wes Draven & Radames) in a 3-WAY Tag match, Sgt. Payne b Kronic, Dan Dynasty b EC Negro, "The Sexiest Man Alive" Rhett Titus b "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele, Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez b Sabotage in a Russian Roulette Title Shot match (He can now challenge for any ACE title at any time), William Wyeth & Style & Finesse (Rob Vegas & Mike Donovan w/Ms. April) b Sam Sational & Garden State Gods (Myke Quest & Chris Rockwell), "The Good Guy" Azrieal b "Hollywood Joe Hardway" by DQ when Hardway hit the referee, Mo Sexton b Spyral to retain the Heavyweight Title.. [reported by Robert Lotti]

  97. December 22, 2007--All American Wrestling - Season's Beatings in Rayne, Louisiana: El Chupacabra b Nick Bondage, El Orso (Grizz) (w/ Papito Gonzalez) b Bizarro Cortez, Haniel T b Kerry Rockwood and Slam Shady in a 3-way Christmas Surprise Present Match (each wrestler brings a weapon), Joe Kane b Minotaur by DQ, JT Lamotta b Andy Dalton, Angel of Sin (w/Eve) b Heidenreich when Eve, Eve #2, & Dark Deacon interfered, Jordan & Christian Blake fought Latinos Locos (w/Papito Gonzalez) to a no contest in a Hardcore Match...

  98. December 22, 2007--Impact Zone Wrestling - Chaotic Christmas in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: Striker b Nathan Sensation in an "I Respect" Match (As a result, Sensation must be Striker's student for 30 days), "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley b Brian Grimm, Dustin Heritage b Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway by reverse decision, John Zorthos b "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams by forfeit when Williams did not answer the 10 count to start the match (A video had been shown with Williams out cold on the floor and a tire iron laying beside him), John Zorthos b Se7en, Tommy Revell b "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (w/Marianne Albright) in a Falls Count Anywhere/Loser Leaves IZW Match to win the IZW Heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  99. December 22, 2007--NCW in Taftville, Connecticut before 50 fans: Mikhail Koloff b Frankie Arion, Clip O'Reilly & Cameron Matthews & ? b Chris Venom & Paul Lombardi & Bryce Andrews, Scotty Vegas & Alex Chamberlain b Evan Hunter & Rob Aruajo, Dean Porteau & Pacifico b Michael Tootsie & Tim Kilgore, Kreeper b Cenobite, Jon Thornhill & Tim Pittman b Mike Paiva & Jason Blade, Doug Summers b Rob Impact.. [reported by G.P. Ryan]

  100. December 22, 2007--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 185 fans: Sexton Tyler b Playboy Marcus Shields, Pete Nixon b Minion, Dr. Luv b Xavier Rush, Beast/Evans b The Destroyer/Tito Rains, Draven b. The Tennessee Viking Ernie Nord by dq, Josh Hunter b Christopher Shane, K.C. McKnight b Charlie Dreamer, War b Blair Sky..

  101. December 23, 2007--Georgia Wrestling Promotions in Woodstock, Georgia at the Hot Wheels Skate Center before 285 fans: Bob & Brad Armstrong b The Hollywood Brunettes, Ace Rockwell b Jay Clinton, Truitt Fields b Simon Sermon, Slim J b Kid Ego Jr., Shadow Jackson & Gangrel b Tank & Iceberg, The Regular Guys b Talent & Money to retain the GWP Southern Tag Team titles, Shaun Tempers b Buff Bagwell to retain the GWP Southern Heavyweight title, Big Head Hansen won a 30-Man Battle Royal to earn a shot at the title of his choice.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  102. December 23, 2007--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Villa Rica, Georgia at the SECW Arena before 300 fans: The Eliminator b Josh Storm, Adrian Hawkins b Dark Star, Frankie Valentine & the Nightmare b Billy Love & El Mexicano in a Street Fight, Tommy Rich b Inferno #3 in a Hair vs Mask match (an unidentified individual in the Inferno's corner quickly covered his head with a towel and ran to the dressing room, avoiding the revealing of his identity), Bull Buchanan b SECW Heavyweight Champion Super Destroyer by DQ in a title match.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  103. December 25, 2007--MCW in Kings Mountain, North Carolina: Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b American GI, Money Man b Star Child, Grave Digger b JT Flip, Ringlord Speedy Gonzalez b Hillbilly, Shane Austin b Sweet Dream..

  104. December 25, 2007--United Championship Wrestling in Maryville, Tennessee: Rip O'Kelly b Donovan Daniels, Travis Sawyer & Robbie Race b Jason Maxx & Jonathan McMurray, Moondog Chester b Billy Marshall, Edward Idol b John Justice, Jeff Anderson b Shane Williams..

  105. December 25, 2007--Southern All-Star Wrestling in Columbia, Tennessee before 350 fans: James Storm b Chris Michaels, Boogie Woogie Boy b Hammerjack, Vic the Bruiser & Kory Williams b Indian Outlaw & Lennox Lightfoot, Arrick Andrews b A.M. Vision, Shane Morton b Big Rig..

  106. December 25, 2007--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Chris Richards b Matt Stevens, Mike Cooper b Joe LaCross, Bryan Wayne b Mike Blade, The Disciple b Tracy Smothers, Rebecca Lynn & Jamie Gibson b Beau James & Misty James, Robbie Cassidy b Alyx Winters, Beau James & Tony Givens & Wayne Adkins & Jimmy Valiant b Chris Richards & Bryan Wayne & The Disciple & ?????? Hawkins..

  107. December 28, 2007--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Royston Gym:

  108. December 28, 2007--Georgia Wrestling Federation in Summerville, Georgia at the GWF Arena:

  109. December 28, 2007--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas before 115 fans: Shane Garrett won a Battle Royal, El Loco b Kid Goth, KENTANA b Martin Styles, Shane Garrett b El Loco, Chad Thomas b Mark Wilson, Thunder & Kid Goth b Widowmaker & Mosh Pit Mike and Violent V & Spam by DQ.. [reported by Chris Youngblood]

  110. December 28, 2007--Southern All-Star Wrestling in Millersville, Tennessee: Shane Eden b Chris Cain, Tribal Nation b Southern Saints, The Homicidal Tendencies b The Bomb Squad, Arrick Andrews b Big Rig, Hammerjack & Jihad b Boogie Woogie Boy & Rick Santel..

  111. December 28, 2007--New Focus Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana at the CK Newsome Center: Dangerous Darryl won the 15-Man Battle Royal, Becky Caine & Vic The Bruiser & Tempest b Jamie Dundee & Evan Acid & Danny Dee, Pink Pansey & The Assassin b The Pretty Boys, The Kansas City Roughriders b The Bad Boys and Rowdy Redd & Cousin Cooter in a 3-WAY Tag match to win the NFW Tag Team titles, "Superstar" Bill Dundee b "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert to retain the NFW World title, Tracy Smothers & Bobby Lowe b Roughrider Roy & Mikey Dunn, Eugene b Guido Andretti, Master Rich b BoBo Brazil Jr. in a 30-min Ironman Steel Cage Match to become the new NFW Tri-state Champion, Gypsy Joe b Just John in a Steel Cage match, T-Bolt b Timber in a Loser Leaves Town Steel Cage Match, Scotty Wolf & The New Breed b Madman Pondo & Josiah Caine & Big Bull Lee in a Six Man Tag Team Elimination Steel Cage Match! [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  112. December 29, 2007--2CW in Syracuse, New York before 300 fans: Dizzie vs. Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Eddie Edwards in an Elimination match for 2CW title ended in a No Contest so the belt was held up, AJAX 820 b Zaquary Springate III, Local Vida b J.D. Love (J.D. Love had his head shaved), All Money is Legal b Jason Axe & Gordy Wallace, Antonio Thomas & Isys Ephex b The Killer Steves, Jimmie Olsen & Hellcat b Wyld Stallyions, Portia Perez b Nikki Roxx, "Hurricane" John Walters b Brodie Lee, Brian Fury & Alex Arion b Max Bauer..

  113. December 29, 2007--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: Mo Sexton b Danny Demanto to retain the Heavyweight Title, Giovanni Marranca b Kronic to retain the Light Heavyweight Title, Style & Finesse (Rob Vegas & Mike Donovan) b The BS Express (Ed & Tom) in a Destined For Greatness Tournament Qualifying Match, Pink'N'Black Attack (Pinkie Sanchez & Shawn Walker) b The BQ Express (Grim Reefer & Jay Lover), The Kindred (Wes Draven & Radames) b 2 Hott Steve Scott & Black Zemis, Garden State Gods (Myke Quest & Chris Rockwell) b Psycho & Sgt. Payne, Azrieal b Sam Sational, Alexa Thatcher b Rick Cataldo to retain the Women's Title, "Hollywood" Joe Hardway b Dan Dynasty, "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele b Dan Murdoch, Devious b Chrstian Faith, Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez b William Wyeth to win the Web TV Title.... [reported by Robert Lotti - Note to Robert, since my email replies to you always bounce, PLEASE note the correct formatting for results! Thank you!!]

  114. December 29, 2007--All-Star Wrestling Network in Fort Valley, Georgia at the Wrestleplex:

  115. December 29, 2007--Atomic Championship Wrestling in Smokestown, Pennsylvania at the Smokestown Fire Hall: Boy Boy w/Adrian Bliss b Joey Manson w/Wolfman, Twisted Tate w/Hat Guy b JKM to become the First Nation Champion, Kitt b Code Red w/Hat Guy, Bill Bain b Eric Cooper, Gi Bear w/Holly Hottie b Evan Nemo, ACW Tag Team Champions Shatter & Sick Rick Havoc b I.B Green & Big Poppa Chill, ACW Welterweight Champion Trixter b Bill Bain and Alan Cross in a 3-WAY, Frank the Tank & Pretty Fly b Massive Mike & Mikey X, Rockin Rebel b Louis Rich (w/Mark and Troy Mest) with help from Kitt, The Patriot b Glen Osbourne by DQ..

  116. December 29, 2007--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at The Compound Arena: Jesus Rodriguez (w/Ray Martinez) vs. "Terrific" Tim Rockwell ended in a Double Countout, The Canadian Red Devil b El Super Colibri, ComPro Tag Team Champions Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & 2) b ICF ("Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid & Cold Blooded Chris), "The Franchise" Romero Contreras b ComPro Heavyweight Champion "All Action" Anthony "Splash" "The G.O.A.T." Jackson in a Non-title Fans Bring the Weapons Match (As a result of pre-match stipulation, Jackson and The Greatest Bolo must both wear dresses at the next ComPro show).. [reported by]

  117. December 29, 2007--Derby City Wrestling in Seymour, Indiana at the National Guard Armory:

  118. December 29, 2007--Down South Hardcore Wrestling in Darien, Georgia at the Multiplex:

  119. December 29, 2007--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley b Nathan Sensation, The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) b Tyson James & Handsome Jack Legacy, Mitch Carter b IZW Tag Team John Zorthos in an impromptu match, IZW Heavyweight Champion Tommy Revell (w/Marianne Albright) b Se7en, Kenny Campbell b Bad Brad Michaels in a No DQ Match to win the IZW Impact Division title.. [reported by]

  120. December 29, 2007--Mountain Wrestling Association in Mt Sterling, Kentucky at the Estill Street Jubilee:

  121. December 29, 2007--NAWA in Portland, Oregon: Wade Hess b Psydsho, Tommy Celcious & Badd Blood b Warren Peace & Latino Blanco, Critter & Butcher b Bill Sawyer & Koonjala, Havoc b Cameron Starr, Matt Borne b Matt Farmer, Damarcus James & Quiz b Notorious NTG & Eric Hanson, J-Sin Sullivan b Wage Reichsten by DQ.. [reported by Charles Short]

  122. December 29, 2007--Southern All-Pro Wrestling in Clarksville, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

  123. December 29, 2007--WWA in Amarillo, Texas: Violent V & Spam b Gringo Loco & Jordan Calebs, Tony Morales b Kid Goth, Leo Bramblett b Sid Luciano, Kentana b Enemy, Preston James b Horace the Cooler, Raul Torrez vs. Lobo the Clown ended in a Double Countout, Jason Gore b Dameon Blood and Mark Wilson in a 3-WAY.. [reported by Rick Elsey]

  124. December 30, 2007--Down South Hardcore Wrestling in Darien, Georgia at the Multiplex: Sinn b Morbid Angel, Frizza b Frickin' A by Countout, The Jerk b The Unknown Artist, Phoenix b T-Money, Ugly Kidd Joe b Emo Kid, Sebastian Troy b Ash Kristiansen, The Gangsta Nation (G-Smooth & E-Dawg) b Night Train & Drive-By, Vordell Walker b Dallas Riley (w/Morgan Davis) by DQ, Cameron LaRue b Scotty Bullwinkle to become the inaugural DSHW Heavyweight Champion.. [reported by Rich Tate & Thomas Bugg]

  125. December 30, 2007--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling - Bob Rogers Night in Villa Rica, Georgia at the SECW Arena: Kyle Matthews b Dark Star (w/Ms. Rebecca), Adrian Hawkins b Sal Rinauro, El Mexicano b Austin Creed, Frankie Valentine b Billy Love, Bull Buchanan & The Nightmare b Bulldog Raines & The Super Destroyer. L.T. Falk (Tony Falk's son out of Nashville) missed the show due to weather problems. His spot was taken by Sal Rinauro.. [reported by Rich Tate & Larry Goodman]

  126. December 31, 2007--Great American Wrestling Federation in Hosford, Florida at the Hosford & Telogia Game Room:

  127. December 31, 2007--Ultimate Christian Wrestling in Canton, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: Kyle Matthews b Kevin Ballenger, Rob Adonis b Colt Derringer to retain the UCW National Heavyweight Title, Justin Dirt b Chris Rippey in a Street Fight, Dustin Powers b Austin Creed and Sal Rinauro in a 3-WAY for the UCW Heavyweight title, The A-List (Alex Phoenix & Adrian Hawkins) b Billy Jack & Brian Lawler to win the UCW Tag Team titles, Sal Rinauro & Austin Creed & Brian Lawler & Kevin Ballenger b Kyle Matthews & Justin Dirt & Dustin Powers & Adrian Hawkins in the first ever Ultimate Armageddon match (winners versus losers elimination match) when Rinauro pinned three members of the opposing team.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  128. December 31, 2007--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws - New Years Eve Bash in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Grassy Creek Apartment Gymnasium: Dropkick Jay b Justin Andrews, Dustin Frost b Hillbilly Jed, Devan Monroe b Joey "Don't Call Me Indiana Kidd Jr." Owens, Apocalipz & Kenneth James b Pogo & Niko Kilewauh to retain the WCWO Tag Team titles, WCWO Midwest Champion Baron Von Kane b WCWO Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher in a Non-title match... [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

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