Independent Wrestling Results - January 2008

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  1. January 2, 2008--New Age Wrestling Alliance in Buna, Texas at The Rec Center: Lt. Payne & Sgt Hurtem b Mike Paige & SB1, JP Brutal b Pete Marshall, The Roxbury Boys vs. Youth Of Today ended in a Double DQ, Spoiler 2000 b Michael Williams, Joey Corman & Andrew Dalton b Big John Murder & Chip Riggs to win the NAWA Tag Team titles.. [reported by John Larance]

  2. January 3, 2008--Gen-X Wrestling in Morehead, Kentucky at the Carl Perkins Center: Big Henry b Kliff Hanger, Killer Kurt b David Romans, Jack Black b Lincoln Walker, Gen-X Breaker Champion Eddie Browning b Scott Hayes, Larry D. b Gen-X Heavyweight Champion Jay-Ten Lyons .. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  3. January 4, 2008--Georgia Wrestling Promotions - New Year's Revolutions in Woodstock, Georgia at the Cherokee Recreation Center before 80 fans: The Regular Guys b Shaun Tempers & Iceberg by DQ to retain the GWP Southern Tag Team titles, The Hollywood Brunettes b The Hellbillies, The "YouTube Champion" Jay Clinton (w/Aaron Voight) b Kid Ego to retain his YouTube Championship, Jamar Acid b Frankie Valentine, The Super Destroyer b Andrew Pendleton III, The Notorious D.O.G. b Josh Stone... [reported by Rich Tate]

  4. January 4, 2008--NAW in Fresno, California before about 175 fans: Red Rhino & Mike Dillinger b Dumpster Diver Dan & Gato Gordo, Joe Applebaumer b Dan Daniels and Timothy Thatcher and John Martin and Bobbye Harte in a 5-WAY, Mike Hayashi b Markus Riot and Virgil and Funnybone in a 4-WAY, The Young Bucks b Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson and Big Ugly & Vinny Massaro in a 3-WAY, The Megamerican b Sir Samurai, Sheik Khan Abadi & Alexis Darevko b The Suburban Commandos and The Kruze Brothers in a 3-WAY, Mike Rayne b Sofa King and Mr. Frost and T-Rent and Hellfyfe in a 5-WAY, Primal b Sonny Sampson, The Hearts of Steel b The Associates in a Tag Team Tables match, Frankie Kazarian b Billy Blade, Rik Luxury b Gangrel and Jardi Frantz in a 3-WAY to retain the NAW Heavyweight title..

  5. January 4, 2008--Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, Massachusetts at the Police Athletic League before 172 fans: Shockwave b Rob Eckos, The Stroke ("The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards & "H2O" Ryan Waters) b The Metro Men (Beautiful Bryce Andrews & The Guy) to win the TRP Tag Team Championship, Freight Train w/ Spike the Junkyard Dog b Big Daddy Bravo to retain the TRP Interstate Championship, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake & "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas b "The Lebanese Prince" Jihad Islamabad & Furio Falcone, Heavenly Johnny Angel won the 31-man Spindle City Rumble (Royal Rumble-style battle royal) to win the TRP Heavyweight Championship. [reported by Shawn O.]

  6. January 5, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: The Canadian Red Devil b Mr. Michael York (w/ The Shadow of Death), Sudden Impact #1 b Cold Blooded Chris, Sudden Impact #2 b Rico Suave (w/The Greatest Bolo & ComPro Champion Anthony Jackson), "Terrific" Tim Rockwell b Jesus Rodriguez (w/ Ray Martinez), Pork Chop b El Super Colibri, "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid b Bernard Funk to win the ComPro Oklahoma X Division title, "The Franchise" Romero Contreras & Blake Albright b The Hall of Famers (The Greatest Bolo & ComPro Heavyweight Champion "All Action" Anthony Jackson, w/ Rico Suave) in a Losing-Team-Must-Wear-Dresses Match.. .. [reported by]

  7. January 5, 2008--EWA in Parkville, Maryland at the Tall Cedars Hall:

  8. January 5, 2008--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee: Kenny Caine b Jock Sampson, Thorn b Mike Howitzer, Ray Idol b Cody Ices, Adam York b Mike Blade, Beau James b The Disciple by Countout, Tony Givens & Matt Sevens b Nick Hammonds & Wayne Daniels and Chris Richards & Bryan Wayne in a 3-WAY Tag match, Robbie Cassidy b Alyx Winters in a First Blood match..

  9. January 5, 2008--Global Wrestling Alliance in Lima, Ohio at the UAW Hall: Just Justin & Nate Pheonix b Ben Brody & Orlando Savage, Matt Lowry b Mr Main Event by DQ, Hardcore Craig b Ganger, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson b Brian Bender & Ernie Ballz, Jeff Brooks won an 8-man scramble, Robby Starr b Marco Cordova, Mary Elizabeth b Hailey Hatred, Mr. Old School vs. "The W.A.R. Machine" ended in a no-contest, Matt Mason & Jayme Braxton & Cody Hawk & Danny Daniels vs. Brian Beech & Steve Stone & Dusty Dillinger ended in a no-contest.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  10. January 5, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway b Se7en, Bad Brad Michaels b Striker, "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley b Black Mamba 5, IZW Impact Division Champion Kenny Campbell b Nathan Sensation, John Zorthos & Tommy Revell (w/ Marianne Albright) b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) to retain the IZW Tag Team titles -- Notes: Tommy Revell substituted for IZW Tag Team Champion Bernie Donderwitz to help Impact Inc. retain the titles.... [reported by]

  11. January 5, 2008--KAPOW Wrestling in Lenoir City, Tennessee before 165 fans: Shane Andrews b Jonathan McMurray and Wayne Adkins in a 3-WAY, Matt Cruise b The Ayatollah by DQ, Edward Idol b Storm, Edward Idol & Donavan Daniels b Robbie Race & Travis Sawyer in an Elimination match, Buggy Boy Blue b Buggy Boy Red in a TLC match, The Death Row Inmates vs. Justin O'Day & Tyler Sutton ended in a draw, Robbie Race b Donovan Daniels..

  12. January 5, 2008--LWA in Fairview Heights, Missouri: Dingo & Pierre Abernathy b Gary the Barnowl & Jordan Lacey, K.C. Karrington b Brandon Aarons and Adam Rich in a 3-WAY, Johnny Vinyl & Davey Vega b Donovan Ruddick & Dan Velten, MsChif b Lacey, Evan Gelisto b Dorian Victor and Tyler Cook and Steven Kennedy in a 4-WAY, Shorty Biggs b Jeremy Wyatt, Adam Raw b Austin Aries.. [reported by Patrick Brandmeyer]

  13. January 5, 2008--Mountain Wrestling Association in Mount Sterling, Kentucky at the Estill Street Jubilee: Cody Mathews b Johnny Jordan, MWA Kentucky Champion Bobby Blade b Big Henry, Tuffy b Kasey Kaos, MWA Tag Team Champions Iron Fitness (Cody Mathews & Mike Strong) b Kyle Maggard & Johnny Mo' Money, Eddie Browning & Larry D. b Scott Hayes & Chris Hayes.. [reported by Indy Wrestle Line]

  14. January 5, 2008--MWA Pro Wrestling in Council Bluffs, Iowa: "The Greatness" Mr. Jones b The Recycler and Johnny "The Revenue" Price in a 3-WAY Elimination match, Jayden Draigo b Vash Heartly to win the MWA Cruiserweight title, Blade b Gauge to retain the MWA Heavyweight title, Hype Gotti b Brad Estez, Max Magnuss b Tommy Snow and Hombe Mike Honcho in a 3-WAY, Pinky Larue b Preston Maxwell to retain the MWA Television title, The All Americans b Cowboy Troy Hansen and Eric Fantabulous to retain the MWA Tag Team titles.. [reported by brian Plantz]

  15. January 5, 2008--New Era Wrestling of Ohio in Springdale, Ohio at the Sports of All Sorts:

  16. January 5, 2008--New Midwest Wrestling in Springfield, Illinois: Ryan Phoenix b Brandon Espinosa, Justin MacIntyre & Eric Logan b The Hybrids (Jason Lyte & Donovan Cain) by DQ, Stan Sallinger vs. Shane Matthews ended in a No Contest, Sage Ramsey & Jason Wells b Hunter Matthews & Dewey Dawson, Central Illinois Champion Eric Ruffington b Toga Steve in a Hardcore match, NMW Tag Team Champions Zero Gravity Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza b Steven Bishop & Tricky Dick Moore, J.D. Rodgers b "Mark Hart", Benz & Guy Smith b NMW Heavyweight Champion Spencer Powers & Billy Morgan.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  17. January 5, 2008--Power Zone Wrestling in Danville, Michigan at the High School:

  18. January 5, 2008--SoCal Pro Wrestling in Oceanside, California before 110 fans: Johnny Goodtime b Chimaera, Chump Change & Discount the Clown b Ricky Mandel & Hector Canales, The Ballard Brothers b Phoenix Star & Zokre, Jason Redondo b Babi Slymm, Adam Pearce vs. SoCal Crazy ended in a No Contest for the NWA World Heavyweight title.. [reported by Cory Van Kleeck]

  19. January 5, 2008--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Underground Arena: The Matador b Centella Fugaz and Xavior in a Triple Threat Match, 3rd Rail b Romo, X-Rated (Kevin James Sanchez & Shane Sanchez) b Nemesis (Damien Morte & Rage) for the vacant SWCW Tag Team titles, Outlaw b Prophet by DQ, The Honky Tonk Man b Luscious Larry, Kareem Sadat b K-Rob to win the SWCW Hardcore title in a Loser-Leaves-SWCW Match - forcing K-Rob out of SWCW for 90 Days..

  20. January 5, 2008--Southern States Championship Wrestling to Enigma, Georgia at the Enigma Gym before 118 fans: The Soviet b Logan Stevens, Jelena b Samantha Steel by DQ after the Soviet interfered and was then suspended, Chris Turner b Mad Dog Miller to retain the SSCW Heritage Title, Logan Stevens b Ash Kristiansen, Brooks Rogers b Bryan Fury, Scotty Biggs b A Man Named Rouge, J.T. Taylor (dedicating the match to his recently deceased mother) b Jarrod Michaels.. [reported by Brian Slack]

  21. January 5, 2008--Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in Portsmouth, Ohio at the Elks City Lodge:

  22. January 5, 2008--Ultimate Wrestling in Pensacola, Florida at American Legion Hall Post 33:

  23. January 5, 2008--United States Wrestling Federation in McKinney, Kentucky at the Old McKinney Gym: The Masked Superstar b Scorpio, Mean Gene b J.D. Thunder, USWF Tag Team Champions Cuzzin' Jed & Lincoln Walker b The Zodiac & Big Daddy Dalton by DQ, USWF United States Champion Kliff Hanger b Lennox Lightfoot, Chris Chaos b Cujo by DQ, USWF National Champion Rated-X & The Prophet b Jack Black & Dynamite Derrick by DQ in a McKinney Street Fight.. [reported by Randy Klemme & Dale Bass in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  24. January 5, 2008--Vangard Wrestling in Midlothian, Illinois: Juggalo J-City b Tunica, The Furies b The WildSide by DQ, Mad Dog Ivan Manson won the Resolution Rumble.... [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  25. January 5, 2008--West Michigan Wrestling Alliance in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  26. January 6, 2008--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: Xavior b Kevin Morgan, Se7en b Jason Kirby, MSWA Mid-South Champion "The Crown Prince of Crimson" Al Farat (w/ Jin Soon) b The Kamikaze Kid, Montego Seeka & Javi Hernandez b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders w/ Shawn Matthews III), AWOL b Shawn Matthews III, "Ky-ote" Joe Herell b Shane Rawls.. .. [reported by]

  27. January 6, 2008--Price of Glory - The Awakening in Coldwater, Michigan at Dan Severn's Michigan Sports Camps:

  28. January 6, 2008--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling - Bill Dromo Appreciation Night in Carrollton, Georgia at the VFW Fairgrounds before 400+ fans: Adrian Hawkins & Kyle Matthews b Will Owens & Salvatore Rinauro, Frankie Valentine b The Masked Eliminator, Bambi b Melissa Coates by DQ, The Nightmare b Billy Love in a mask vs. hair match (Billy Love had his head shaved by Nightmare and promoter Scott East).. Bob Armstrong & Tommy Rich & Buff Bagwell b Steve Lawler & Chick Donovan & Bulldog Raines by DQ, Bull Buchanan vs. The Super Destroyer ended in a No Contest.. Bob Armstrong, Charlie Smith, referee Scrappy McGowan, and the Nightmare each took a few moments to honor Bill Dromo by speaking to the crowd of what Dromo meant to them. Scott East presented Bill Dromo with a card and a watch.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  29. January 6, 2008--SPW in Sacramento, California: Alexis Darevko & Sheik Khan Abadi b Wiseguy & White Collar Criminal, J.D. Bishop b Mike rayne, Joe Applebaumer b Rik Luxury, D-Unit & T-Rent b Bishop & Josh Robertson, Timothy Thatcher b Mike Rayne, Dante & Hayashi b Kris James & Dan Daniels & Ramon Clarkson, D.J. Rizz b John Martin, Sir Samurai & Mr. First b Jesus Kruze & Mother Truckin Otis, Dante & Hayashi b Sir Samurai & Frost to win the Tag Team titles.. [reported by Joshua Littell]

  30. January 11, 2008--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas at Nat's Ballroom before 208 fans: Kid Goth b Sid Luciano, Chad Thomas vs El Grande ended in a Double DQ, Mosh Pit Mike b Gringo Loco, El Grande b Ricky Romero III and Chad Thomas in a 3-WAY, KENTANA b Martin Styles

  31. January 11, 2008--Southern All-Star Wrestling in Millersville, Tennessee at the SAW Arena before 125 fans: Arrick Andrews b Sharp Dressed Man, Hammerjack b Chris Bomb, Tyrone Evans b Angel of Death, Tribal Nation b Chris Cane & Chris Eckos, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie) vs. Rick Santel ended in a No Contest when Hammerjack & Chris Bomb got involved.. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  32. January 12, 2008--2XFW in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Intense Arena:

  33. January 12, 2008--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey at the ACE Arena: Chris Rockwell b Shawn Walker, Brooklyn Queens Express (Grim Reefer & Jay Lover) b BS Express (Tom & Ed), Mike Donovan b Radames, Team Yea! (Sam Sational & Rayza) b Christian Faith & Damian Dragon in a Destined For Greatness Tag Team Qualifying Match, Vince Steel & Sabotage b Rade Ravello & Vic Hellion in a Destined For Greatness Tag Team Qualifying Match, Rob Vegas b Wes Draven, Psycho b Black Zemis, Deranged b "2 Hott" Steve Scott, Devious b Dave Logan, Giovanni Marranca & Kronic b Dan Dynasty & Dan Murdochin a Destined For Greatness Tag Team Qualifying Match, "Hollywood" Joe Hardway & William Wyeth b Kid Liberty & another Kid Liberty in a Destined For Greatness Tag Team Qualifying Match, Mo Sexton b "Dirty Rotten Superstar" EC Negro to retain the ACE Heavyweight Title..

  34. January 12, 2008--American Championship Wrestling in Marshall, Texas @ The Civic Center: Mongoose b Jay, Chris Preston b Justin Sane and Jason Skyy in a 3-WAY, The #1 Stunners b The Hardcore Express, Joey Corman b JT LaMotta, Sean Cordova b Chance Wyndham, New Age Dawg & Khan & Andy Dalton b Lewis Enterprises.. [reported by John Larance]

  35. January 12, 2008--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: Silas Young b Bobby Valentino, Tony Rican b Russian Assassin, Frankie DeFalco b J.P. Parks, Dysfunction b Arya Daivari, Keith Walker vs. Skullcrusher ended in a Double Countout, American History Next b Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine and The Urban Horsemen in a 3-WAY Tag match, Silas Young & Dysfunction b Shawn Daivari & Arya Daivari

  36. January 12, 2008--Championship Wrestling of Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan: JT Zorin b Jeff King by Countout in a CWM Michigan Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match, Richie Smooth b Hardcore Harry in a TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match, Tommy Titus b Jonny Lawless in a CWM Michigan Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match, Frankie The Face b Christin Able in a CWM Michigan Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match, N8 Mattson b Adam Renolds in a CWM Michigan Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match, Zach Gowen b Gary The Freak. Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Magnum Conroy & Scott E Z) b Rock City Warfare (Zeroe & Kra-Z w/Tweak) and Max Morrison & Abraham Schwartz and The Canadian Hit Squad (Nik VanCore & Cody Kelly w/John Campbell) in a 4-WAY Elimination match to win the CWM Tag Team titles, N8 Mattson b JT Zorin and Tommy Titus and Frankie The Face in the Finals to win the CWM Michigan Heavyweight title.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  37. January 12, 2008--Championship Wrestling International in Waldron, Michigan at the Area Schools:

  38. January 12, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: The Canadian Red Devil b Sudden Impact #1, Sudden Impact #2 b Cold Blooded Chris, ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid (w/Boss Campbell) b Blake Albright, La M (Jesus Rodriguez & Pork Chop w/Ray Martinez) b "Terrific" Tim Rockwell & El Super Colibri.. [reported by]

  39. January 12, 2008--Flatline Championship Wrestling in Grovetown, Georgia at Patriots Park:

  40. January 12, 2008--Fog City Wrestling in San Francisco, California at Cellspace:

  41. January 12, 2008--Fusion Pro Wrestling in Denver, Colorado at Mile High Center: Paul Diamond b Kevin Magoon, Hollywood JDT & Duff Doyle b Jack Mecidol & Jason Noel, Arik Angel b Jeff McAllister, Mark Sterling b Stondifirious, Gregory Quest vs. Billy V. ended in a No Contest, Raheem Rashad b Dustin Uhrich.. [reported by Diane Devine]

  42. January 12, 2008--Gen-X Wrestling in Irvine, Kentucky: Big Henry b Kliff Hanger, Lincoln Walker b Kasey Kaos by DQ, Gen-X Tag Team Champions Steele Fareal (Colt Steele & Izzy Fareal) b Ivy League (Preston Romans III & David Romans), Gen-X Breaker Champion Eddie Browning b Kyle Maggard & Jarrod Slone in a Handicap match, Jay-Ten Lyons b The Zodiak in a Street Fight... [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  43. January 12, 2008--ICW in Paulsuo, Washington at the Suquamish Tribal Center:

  44. January 12, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: Se7en b Outlaw, Nathan Sensation b Bad Brad Michaels, Dexter "Hardtimes" Hardaway b IZW Impact Division Champion Kenny Campbell by DQ when Se7en interfered, John Zorthos vs. "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley ended in a No-Contest when Zorthos used his power as IZW owner to change the match to a handicap match, "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley b John Zorthos and Tommy Revell (w/Marianne Albright) by DQ when Bad Brad Michaels interfered.. [reported by]

  45. January 12, 2008--In Your Face Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont at the Holiday Inn: J.P. Black b Troy Buchanan, Johnny Swift b J.C. Money, Macke Schrody b C.J. Scott, Shockwave b Tommy Mack, The 80s Guys b Divine Diversity, The Killer Steves b Ricky & Bert Williams, Ian Daniels b Green Mountain Grappler, Guillaume DeSade b Nocturne, Drake Evans & Vigo b Fronz Roddy & Super Beast.. [reported by Joey LaRocque]

  46. January 12, 2008--New Era Pro Wrestling - Winter Warfare in Painesville, Ohio at the Hide Out Roller Rink: The Aftermath b Sami Callihan, Carlton Kaz b Chris "The Madness" Hall, Kryptic Keegan b Nick Paradise, Angeldust b XTC in ladies action, Sami Callihan b Maverick McCoy and Shawn Blaze and Zac Vincent and Aftermath in a 5-WAY Cruiser Chaos match to become #1 contender for the Cruiserweight title, Lethal Impact b Ray Rowe & The Deviant by DQ to retain the NEPW Tag Team Titles, Eddie Edwards & "Notorious" Shane Taylor b J-Rocc in a Handicap match, Chris Cronus b Bill Collier to retain the NEPW Triple Crown title, Super Sweet b The Six City Scoundrels, Killer Kumpf b Bane in a wild Painesville Street Fight.. [reported by]

  47. January 12, 2008--Power Wrestling Alliance in Grandville, Michigan at the Banquet Hall:

  48. January 12, 2008--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Brownfield, Texas at The Alamo before 288 fans: KENTANA b Gringo Loco by DQ, Sid Luciano b Kid Goth, Chris Youngblood vs. Mosh Pit Mike ended in a Double DQ, Ricky Romero III & KENTANA b El Grande & Gringo Loco, El Grande won a Battle Royal.. [reported by Chris Youngblood]

  49. January 12, 2008--Total Championship Wrestling in Douglasville, Georgia at the National Guard Armory:

  50. January 12, 2008--Ultimate Christian Wrestling in Canton, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: [Cancelled]

  51. January 12, 2008--West Texas Wrestling Association - 2nd Anniversary Show in Amarillo, Texas at the WWA Warehouse:

  52. January 12, 2008--World Wrestling Coalition in Decatur, Ohio at the WWC Arena: Matt Riot b. Jake Omen, Hailey Hatred b. Women's Champion Mary Elizabeth by DQ, The Mastermind turned on Jake Ashworth and led his new client Judas Thorn to the ring. Thorne put Ashworth through a table. Tag Team Champions Devlin Anderson & Dave Nevada beat Justin Hollins & Roscoe Hickory and Mother's Worst Nightmare in a triangle match...Tarek the LEgend b. JT Stahr and Ganger in a three way dance...Matt Taylor & Scotty Young b. Onyx & Jimmy Malloy by DQ...Heavyweight Champion Astonishing Aaron Williams b. Cody Hawk, Big Kahuna Kenny Lucas was special guest referee.

  53. January 13, 2008--Championship Wrestling of Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  54. January 13, 2008--IWF Promotions (Colorado) - New Years Rising in Golden, Colorado at Buffalo Rose: Adrian Grimm b D.J. Paul Stetich, Shredder Con b Boogieman and Chris Holdam in a 3-WAY, Kay-O b Jason "The Villain" Gillian, Chris Wrath b Scotty Monroe, Tommy Bouchet b Cam "Full Throttle" Burnquist, Hoodlum b Evan Noble, "Mercury" Matt Yaden b Prodigee; Bronx b Justice by DQ in a kendo stick on a pole match, IWF Champion Jay Synn w/Bigg Mike b Jerry Lynn w/Nikita.. [reported by Tamera Halbeisen, visit or]

  55. January 13, 2008--New Breed Wrestling Alliance in Danville, Illinois: Eric Ruffington & Jason Vendetta vs Angelo Santelli & Jon Divosi ended in No Contest when DaCobra interfered, Jon Divosi b Danny McKay, World's Greatest Masked Team b Wild Bill & Nikki Mankotti, Eric Ruffington b NBWA No Limits Champion Cecil Cerveza in a Non-title Match, Midnight Sun b Pain Train, "Bloody" Harker Dirge b Major Lee Demented, DaCobra b Vic "The Pitbull" Santelli, Aaron Matthews b Gavin Alexander, Angelo Santelli b Jeff Harris, "The Don" Kato Morales b Jason Vendetta, Angelo Santelli Won a 5 man battle royal (Including: Jon Divosi, DaCobra, Jason Vendetta, and Eric Ruffington).. [reported by Chris Halls]

  56. January 13, 2008--XICW in Pontiac, Michigan at the Eagle Theater: Gutter b Johnny Dynamo, Truth Martini b Izzy High, Mo Dread b Kid Hybrid, Roughhouse ROB b Levi Blue, Josh Abercrombie b Eddie Venom, Cold Brothers vs. Devils Own ended in a No Contest, Buff Bagwell b Jaimy Coxxx, DBA b Kamala Jr.

  57. January 15, 2008--EWA in Baltimore, Maryland at Tall Cedars Hall:

  58. January 17, 2008--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

  59. January 17, 2008--UWA in Knoxville, Tennessee: Ercules & Johnny Havok b The Nightstalkers, The Boss b Bobwyre, Ricky Morton b Nick Paradise, Matt Boyce b Shawn Shultz in an Iron Man match, Electra & Chris Dalton b Danny Ray & Kassie Rains, Outlaws b Charlie Long & Mike Ogle, The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) b Bobby Eaton & Tracy Smothers, Keith Knox b Jim Miller..

  60. January 18, 2008--3XW in Des Moines, Iowa at inPlay:

  61. January 18, 2008--Carolina Wrestling Association in Statesville, North Carolina: T.J. Mack vs. Ty Dillinger ended in a No Contest, Patrick Wright b Louis Moore, Stony Hooker b Chase Dakota and Chrisifix in a 3-WAY, Jesse Ortega b Jason Jones, Charlie Dreamer b Mercellus King, The Elite Icons b The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) and Team MACKtion (T.J. & Kirby Mack) in a 3-WAY Tag match.. [reported by Michael Carpenter]

  62. January 18, 2008--Showcase Pro Wrestling in South Attleboro, Massachusetts at the Knights of Columbus.

  63. January 18, 2008--Southern All-Star Wrestling TV Taping in Millersville, Tennessee before 150 fans: Chris Cane b Chris Eckos, Indian Outlaw b Lawrence the Sharp Dressed Man by DQ, Arrick Andrews b Matt Dillinger, Tribal Nation b Law & Order, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant & Chris Bomb b Rick Santel & Hammerjack in a Steel Cage Match.. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  64. January 19, 2008--All-Star Wrestling in Fort Valley, Georgia: [Cancelled Due to Snow Storm]

  65. January 19, 2008--American Championship Wrestling in Marshall, Texas at the Dawgpound: Mikey Malice b J, Mongooose & Jason Skyy b The #1 Stunnas and Kurt Reigns & LT Payne in a 3-WAY Tag match, El Chupracabra b Chris Preston, Train b Buckshot, Kristopher Haiden b Heath Trenchcoat, Joey Corman & Andy Dalton & Sean Cordova b Chance Wyndham & Scott Murdoch & Viktor Tadlock.. [reported by John Larance]

  66. January 19, 2008--Big Time Wrestling in Newark, California: Samoa Joe b Frankie Kazarian in the main event..

  67. January 19, 2008--Bodyslam Wrestling in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey at the Pioneer Club: Chaos & Richie Rotten b Draven Blaze & Slayer, "The Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris b Danny Danger, BWO United States Champion Dr. Callahan (w/La Famiglia) b Chad Adams, Julio Dinero (w/Miss Michelle) b LWO Heavyweight Champion Steve Off (w/Hands Off & Biff) - (However, since the match was not sanctioned by the LWO, Off kept his belt), "The Lone Wolf" Evan Myers b Magic by DQ when La Famiglia interfered (After the match, as Myers was being beaten down, Eric Cooper ran in and attacked La Famiglia member Frankie C. Note), Section 8 b Kekoa "The Flyin' Hawaiian" by Submission, BWO World Champion Tommy Face (w/La Famiglia) b Killian White..[reported by Heather Kline]

  68. January 19, 2008--C-Pro Entertainment in Walhalla, South Carolina before 275 fans: Adam Logan b Backdraft, Black Angel b Taylor Ray, Deon Jackson b Moondog Jr., Jeff Jameson b Jon Robberson and Spade in a 3-WAY, Dan Holman b Tracy Smothers, Alan Steel b Chris Masters (babyface) by DQ..

  69. January 19, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid (w/Boss Campbell) b Rico Suave, El Choppo (w/Ray Martinez) b "Terrific" Tim Rockwell, Cold Blooded Chris b Jesus Rodriguez (wRay Martinez) and El Super Colibri in a 3-WAY to become the #1 contender to the Oklahoma X Division Title, The Canadian Luchadore (w/ The Shadow of Death) b The Canadian Red Devil by DQ, Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & 2) b The Mexican Combo Platter ("The Whole F'N Enchilada" Romero Contreras & "The Big Ol' Burrito" Anthony Jackson) to retain the ComPro Tag Team titles.. [reported by]

  70. January 19, 2008--Elite Professional Wrestling - Make Your Mark in Mokena, Illinois at Smak Fitness: Marshe Rockett b Billy Roc, Team Taliban (Jake O'Neil & Mustafa Ali) b Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza), J.D. Hughes b Axis, Jason Hades b Mike Horning, Brandon Thomaselli & Sal Thomaselli & Jay Jensen b Team W.A.R. (Acid & Synn) & Martine Jones.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  71. January 19, 2008--EWA in Orange, Massachusetts before 111 fans: Frankie Arion & Psycho b The Alumni Club, Dr. Reginald Heresy & Kid Krazy b Mark Bourne & Mighty Mini, Sledge & Barricade b Chunky but Funky, Makua b Mike Nice, Maverick Wild b Shane Sharpe, Brian Milonas vs. Don Chesterfield ended in a No Contest..

  72. January 19, 2008--Fire Pro Wrestling in Merrillville, Indiana: Celtic Cross (the Crusader & Angus McDuff) b The Wages of Syn (Syn & Parker James), Stumpy b Gabe Lincoln, Steve Szoke b Marc Houston, Cade Lee b Carl Morris, PT Hustla & the Uprising (Rojas & Hadley) b Osyris & Risk Factor (Roach & Jynx), Chase Richards & Devon Fury b Best Breed (Kenny Courageous & Tristin Hayze), Hayden Kent b Louis Linaris, Dave Allen b Christopher Kent and Fuzion and Gilbert Lewis in a 4-WAY Ladder Match to retain the 24/7 Hard Target title.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  73. January 19, 2008--Georgia Pro Wrestling Association in Cordele, Georgia at the Crisp County Middle School:

  74. January 19, 2008--Great Plains Championship Wrestling in Cache, Oklahoma: Xavior b Jason Kirby, Kevin Morgan b Outlaw by DQ, Li'l Joe & Martin Justice & Rick Payne b Bill Dollar & The New York Express (Sir Thomas Knight & Jeff Knight) in a Street Fight, GPCW Champion Carnage b "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil, Slash b Se7en, Slash won a Battle Royal to become the #1 contender to the GPCW Title.. [reported by]

  75. January 19, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams won a Gauntlet Battle Royal to became the new #1 contender to the IZW Title, Striker (w/Bryanna) b Brian Grimm, "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams b John Zorthos, IZW Impact Division Champion "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell b Black Mamba 5, "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley b IZW Champion Tommy Revell (w/Marianne Albright) by DQ when Bad Brad Michaels interfered.. [reported by]

  76. January 19, 2008--Mid Ohio Wrestling in Clinton, Ohio: Flex Lee b Ryan Burke (1st Round), Milwaukee Mauler b The Akronite (1st Round), Ernie Balls w/Sami Callihan vs. Sherman Tank (1st Round), Preston Steele b Brian Bender in a #1 Contenders match, Sami Callihan b Carlton Kaz (1st Round), Sherman Tank b Robby Starr, Kenny Hendrix b Shark Boy to retain the Mid Ohio Heavyweight Title ..

  77. January 19, 2008--Mountain Wrestling Association in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky: Chucky Smooth b Big Henry by DQ, Johnny Jordan b Ronnie Green by DQ, Steele Smooth (Al Steele & Chucky Smooth) b MWA Tag Team Champions Iron Fitness (Cody Mathews & Mike Strong) in a Non-title match, Kelly Charles b Bobby Blade to win the MWA Kentucky title, Larry D. & Eddie Browning b Scott Hayes & Chris Hayes.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  78. January 19, 2008--MWA Pro Wrestling in Corning, Iowa: Dekin Cane won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal, The Patriot b The Recycler, Cowboy Troy Hansen b MWA Television Champion Pinky Larue by DQ, Ricky Reynolds b "The Greatness" Mr. Jones, Vash Hearlty b Enigma, Austin Storm b "The Assassin" Thomas Mastin, MWA Champion Blade b Dekin Cane in a Steel Cage Match.. [reported by Brian Plantz]

  79. January 19, 2008--Powerhouse Wrestling in Worcester, Massachusetts at the Worcester National Guard Armory before 400+ fans: "The Rocket" Fred Curry Jr. (w/"Flying" Fred Curry Sr.) b G.Q. Smooth (w/Sammi Lane), Josh Daniels b Kid Mikaze, Widowmaker Eric Shred & Furio Falcone b Moondog Maximus and Wolfman Banford and "The Exotic" Kristian Frost and Bobby Flamingo in a 6-WAY (Powerhouse promoter Chris Setaro came out and said since Widowmaker and Furio won the "6-WAY" they would now face Men of Business for the Tag Team Championship), Men of Business (Jimmy Jact Cash & Paul E. Normus w/The Bronx Thug) b Widowmaker Eric Shred & Furio Falcone to retain the PHW Tag Team titles, Shockwave b The Evil Machine, Paul E. Normus (w/Jimmy Jact Cash & The Bronx Thug) b U-Gene Dinsmore due to outside interference, Sammi Lane b Lil' Killa w/The Bronx Thug in an intergender match, The Outpatient & The Crazy Chainsaw Bastard b Wolfman Banford & Moondog Maximus, Ricky Morton b Jimmy Jact Cash (w/Paul E. Normus & The Bronx Thug) by reverse decision, "The Punisher" Don Vega & Savio Vega w/an unknown valet b "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino & Big Business in a Street Fight (Weapons of choice included; chairs, steel chains, Martino's spiked Motor Cycle Helmet and a car windshield . Gino was thrown through the car windshield that was set up in the corner. Savio, Don, and Gino left the ring bloody messes).. [reported by Mark Marks and Shawn O.]

  80. January 19, 2008--Pro Wrestling Riot in Port Richey, Florida at the Regency Park Civic Center: Scott Commodity of Club 305 (w/Amy Vitale & Austin Andretti & Logan Fernandez) b Daron Smuythe of The Lifeguards (w/Wade Koverly), Wade Koverly of the Lifeguards (w/Daron Smythe) b Austin Andretti of Club 305 (w/Amy Vitale & Scott Commodity & Logan Fernandez), Lou the Fixer w/George Martell b Shayne Swyft, Eddie Taurus b Damballah (w/George Martell & Lou the Fixer) by DQ, Team MACKtion (T.J. Mack & Kirby Mack) b Scott Davis & Michael Patrick, Delta Iota Kappa (Sedrick Strong & Joshua Masters w/Fetish) b The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) by DQ when Kenny King of Team Vision interfered, Jaison Moore b Kenny King of Team Vision (w/Chasyn Rance), 911 Incorporated (Francisco Ciatso & Kory Chavis) b Bruce Steele & Sideshow by referee stoppage, Erick Stevens b Ray Beez in an Anything Goes Match to retain the FIP Heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  81. January 19, 2008--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Swanton, Vermont at the Church of the Nativity Parish Center: The Northern Studd b The Green Mountain Grappler, Maxx Burton b Mackie Schrody by DQ, Swinger Sidousky b Ian Daniels, The Aldens b Those 80s Guys, Bull b Fronz Roddy by DQ, Lindsay Lynn b Barbie, Pierre Vachon b C.J. Scott, Mikey Mudd b Michael Monroe .. [reported by Joey LaRocque]

  82. January 19, 2008--South East Championship Wrestling in Antlers, Oklahoma at the Antlers Fairgrounds: Voodoo b Kadiff, Brett Taylor b Big Smooth, Black Widow b Leather, Fuel b Unknown, J. D. Rebel b The Tennessee Kid, Anarchy & Enforcer & Mr. Michael York b The Texas Outlaws (Bonecrusher Bobby Burns & Running Wolf & J. W. Hardin), SECW Champion Tyson Armstrong b John Cross..

  83. January 19, 2008--Southern Championship Wrestling - A New Begining 2008 in Haleyville, Alabama before 278 Fans: The Ultimate Dragon b Jesse Emerson, "Action" Mike Jackson b El Mexicano, Bambi vs. Peggy Lee Leather ended in a 20 Min. Time Limit Draw, Bambi won the $1,000 Battle Royal..

  84. January 19, 2008--Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Campbellsville, Kentucky: Gary Jones b Aaron Genesis, Jon Roc b Jack Daniels, Jeff Crowe b Rob G. Rock, UCW Champion Justin Sane b JB Thunder, Doug Vines & Terry England b The Arabian Assassins #1 & #2 to win the UCW Tag Team titles.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  85. January 19, 2008--United Championship Wrestling in Maryville, Tennessee before 300 fans: Rip O'Kelly b Menace, Scotty Hanson b Moondog Chester, Donovan Daniels won a Battle Royal, Travis Sawyer & Jason Maxx b The Maddox Brothers, Shane Williams & John Justice & Jesse Ellis & Rick Steiner b Henry Hoss & Roxx & Edward Idol & Jeff Anderson... [reported by Gene Restaino]

  86. January 19, 2008--United States Wrestling Federation in McKinney, Kentucky: Masked Superstar b Scorpio, Cujo & Aku b Mean Gene & Kasey Kaos, USWF United States Champion Kliff Hanger b Chris Chaos, Lincoln Walker & Country Cuzzin' Jed b The Zodiak & Big Daddy Dalton with a double-pin to retain the USWF Tag Team titles, Johnny Spade b Michael Payne, The Fat'N'The Furious (Jack Black & Vito Andretti) & Dynamite Derrick b Rated-X & Lennox Lightfoot & The Indian Outlaw in a McKinney Street Fight.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  87. January 19, 2008--Victory Pro Wrestling - Winter Chill in Centereach, New York at VFW Post 4927 before 350 fans: "The Miracle" Javi-Air b Deranged, Nick Noshus b Major Intencity, Livewired b E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic, "Firebird" Jorge Santi b Scotty Rio (w/Vinny the Guido) and Nightmare and DC Diamond in a 4-WAY Elimination match, Sabotage w/Tony Lo b Jay Lover w/Don Tony, "Smooth Operator" Mike Gallagher b Minyon and The Voice in a 3-WAY, "Ultra Sexy" Joe So Delicious w/Tony Lo b Mack Daddy Flexx, Suburban SWAT Team w/Mikey Old School b Eclipse, "Best Body in the Business...So the Ladies Say" Jason Static w/Tony Lo b The Zombie to retain the VPW Heavyweight title.. [Please visit]

  88. January 19, 2008--Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws - New Years Eve Bash in Greensburg, Indiana: Justin Andrews b Baron Von Kane and Devan Monroe in a 3-WAY to win the WCWO Midwest titles, Sexy Shawn Cook b Niko, Whipme Spearz b Pogo, Apocalipz & Kenneth James b Dustin Frost & Dropkick Jay to retain the WCWO Tag Team titles, WCWO Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher vs. BA Skynard ended in a No Contest.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  89. January 19, 2008--World Wrestling Association (debut) - Bash at the Ball Park in Cocoa, Florida at the Expo Stadium: With Buff Bagwell, Scotty 2 Hotty, Honky Tonk Man, Tatanka, Jimmy Snuka, Demolition, Warlord, Barbarian, Sid Vicious and Roddy Piper

  90. January 20, 2008--FunkDaFied Wrestling Federation in Christiana, Delaware at the Christiana Fire Company Hall before 150 fans: Lumberjack Monroe b Ruff Rider with a body splash, "Fro Bro" T.R. Sparks b Nicky Oceans and B. Fehrn and White Lotus in a 4-WAY Gauntlet-style Defend The Ring Match to win the FWF Cruiserweight title, Nicky Oceans b "Fro Bro" T.R. Sparks to regain the FWF Cruiserweight Title, Mad Dog b Johnny Maxx after pinning him and using his feet on the ropes for leverage with the referee unaware, The Gemini Trojans b Self Employed (J.D. Smoothie & Funky White Boy), "Dastardly" Danny Doring b Crazed, The Hate Breed (Rancid & Arkham w/The Iron Sheik) b Dark Karnival (Jo-Jo & Chio) with the help of The Iron Sheik to capture the FwF Tag Team titles.. [reported by KevinAdMan]

  91. January 20, 2008--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: Kevin James Sanchez b Maniacal Mike, Se7en b Jason Kirby, MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions The South Side Soul Assassins (Tyson James & 3rd Rail) b The Dynasty ("The Great" Dane Griffin & "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne, w/Frankie Dee), Montego Seeka b Thomas Trump, Bad Boy & Eric Rose & Xavior b The New Varsity Club (Kevin Morgan & Shane Rawls) & Outlaw.. [reported by]

  92. January 20, 2008--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, Georgia at the VFW Fairgrounds before 375 fans: Austin Creed & The Nightmare b Dark Star & The Eliminator (w/Miss Whiptress), Jimmy Rave & Billy Love & Sal Rinauro b Frankie Valentine & Adrian Hawkins & Kyle Matthews, Bambi & ?????? vs. Will Owens & Peggy Lee Leather ended in a No Contest, Kyle Matthews won a Money-on-a-Pole Battle Royal, Tommy Rich & Brad Armstrong (sub for Bob Armstrong) b Bulldog Raines & Rowdy Matiz (w/Big Daddy) in a West Georgia Tornado match, Bull Buchanan b The Super Destroyer to win the SECW Heavyweight title.... [reported by Larry Goodman & Rich Tate]

  93. January 20, 2008--XICW in Warren, Michigan: Gameboy b Adam Reynolds, Eddie Venom b Josh Abercrombie, Cold Brother Stone & The Devil's Own b Jaysen Platinum & The Motor City Wrecking Crew, Roughhouse Rob & Girlfriend b Mike McMahon, Kid Hybrid b Gutte, Keith Creme & Gavin Starr b Truth Martini & Jamiy Coxx and Jeff Brooks & Jason Harris and 101 Proof in a 4-WAY to win the Tag Team titles, N8 Mattson b Johnny Dynamite and Jeff King in a 3-WAY, Mo Dread vs. DBA ended in a Double DQ, The Barbarian b N8 Mattson, Buff Bagwell b The Barbarian.. [reported by Brian Gorie]

  94. January 25, 2008--Action Packed Championship Wrestling in Seekonk, Massachusetts at American Legion Post 311.

  95. January 25, 2008--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia: Ryan Michaels b Chase Darkness, Chris King b Aaron Lee, Chris Mayne (w/Kevin Duncan) b Seth Delay by DQ, Jeremy Vain (w/Don Matthews) b Matt Sex Sells (w/Ryan Michaels), The Friday Night Franchise (Matt Sex Sells & Ryan Michaels) b Justin Dirt & Dustin Powers to win the APW Tag Team titles, APW Heavyweight Champion J.T. Talent vs. Bo Newsome wrestled to a draw in a title match.. [reported by Aaron Leggett]

  96. January 25, 2008--Eastern Pro Wrestling - Ringside Rumble in Plainfield, Connecticut at the Town Hall before 200+ fans: Brian Fury & Nick Westgate & Shaya Shabo b Skullcrusher & Anthony Pacitto & Nick Steel (w/Marshall McNeil), "Trouble Walkin" Thom Kane b "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol (w/Marshall McNeil) in a Chokeslam Through A Table match, The Winter Hill Gang (Sid Reeves & Clip O'Reilly) vs. Afterburn (Ray Diamond & the returning P.C. Cruz) ended in a no contest, Brutal Bob Evans b "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion to retain the EPW Heavyweight title, Josh Roode b Owen Graichen (w/Marshall McNeil), Nikki Roxx won the 30-man Ringside Rumble (Royal Rumble-style battle royal) to earn a match for the Heavyweight Championship. [reported by Shawn O.]

  97. January 25, 2008--Front Row Wrestling in Rochester, New Hampshire at the American Legion.

  98. January 25, 2008--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Columbus, Ohio before 550 fans: Zach Gowen b Sexy Slim Goody, The Weedman b Bryer Wellington, The Ring Riders b The Thomaselli Brothers, The Bloody Brothers b Mad Man Pondo & Bull Pain, Tracy Smothers b Too Tough Tony to end TT Tony's 2 year undefeated streak in JCW, Corporal Robinson b Tryton Steel w/Scott D'Amore to retain the JCW World Heavyweight title..

  99. January 25, 2008--Moutain Wrestling Association in Richmond, Kentucky: Eddie Browning b Tuffy, There was a Royal Rumble for the Vacant MWA Tag Team Titles with the winner picking his partner (Last two were Bobby Blade & Bobby Green, BUT before the Royal Rumble ended, both dressing rooms emptied back into the ring. Referee threw the contest out - No Winner), The Patriot b Stewie Backlund, Donnie Green b Anthony Bryant, NWF Champion Ryan Stone b Scott Hayes in a special Northern Wrestling Federation match, MWA Champion Larry D b Izzy 4Real.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  100. January 25, 2008--No Limit Pro Wrestling in Somerville, Massachusetts at the Good Time Emporium.

  101. January 25, 2008--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas before 218 fans: Preston James b Mallic, Martin Styles b Kid Goth, Dameon Blood b Mark Wilson, Chad Thomas b Gringo Loco by DQ, KENTANA vs. El Grande ended in a Double DQ... [reported by Chris Youngblood]

  102. January 25, 2008--Southern All-Star Wrestling TV Taping in Millersville, Tennessee before 145 fans: Chris Eckos b Chris Cane, Hammerjack b Tatsu (again), Damian Adams b Raul Loco, Matt Dillinger b Arrick Andrews by Countout (Paul Adams and Hammerjack did a run in. Andrews took care of Hammerjack, but Rick Santel shoved Andrews off the top rope, injuring his knee for the count out), Tribal Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw) b Shaped Dressed Man & Big Rig Brown, Rick Santel (w/Damian Adams) b "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (Damian Adams distracted after a Valiant powerslam. Hammerjack joined Adams but got superkicked by Valiant. Meanwhile, Adams gave Hammerjack's sledge to Santel, and it was lights out for Boogie. The rudos put the Boogie's mouth on the mic and slapped him around. Andrews and Damian Adams made the save).. [Reported by Larry Goodman]

  103. January 26, 2008--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey at the ACE Arena:

  104. January 26, 2008--ACPW TV Taping in Roseboro, North Carolina at Roseboro/Salemburg Middle School:

  105. January 26, 2008--All American Pro Wrestling in West Frankfort, Illinois: Shane Rich b AAPW Heavyweight Champion Steven Davis by Submission in a Non-title match, Ax Stevens b The Mysterious M, Keith Knox b Brandon Keith, Edmund McGuire b Chocolate Thunder, Brian James b Mitch Ryder, The Headliners b Mike Masters and J.T. Calhoun to retain the AAPW Tag Team titles.. reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  106. January 26, 2008--AWESOME Wrestlingin Seaside Heights, New Jersey before 260 fans: Jay Blaze b Dr. K, Spike Dudley b Jasin Karloff, Justin Corino vs. John Cannon ended in a Double Countout, Franciz b Chris Steeler, Jana b Taylor Nicole, Great Cerenzio & Kevin the Bartender & Steve Zapf b Dan Rageous & Cam Shaft & Brian Harley, Mark Modest b Mike Matixx, Spike Dudley b Jay Blaze, Biggie Biggs & Mark Modest b Latin Revolution by DQ, Franciz b Spike Dudley to become the first AWESOME Champion ..

  107. January 26, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: "Terrific" Tim Rockwell b Mr. Michael York and Rico Suave and El Super Colibri in a 4-Corners Elimination Match, ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid (w/Boss Campbell) b Cold Blooded Chris, La M (Jesus Rodriguez & El Choppo w/ Ray Martinez) b Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & 2) for the ComPro Tag Team titles, The Canadian Luchadore (w/The Shadow of Death) b The Canadian Red Devil in a No DQ Match, ComPro Heavyweight Champion "All Action" Anthony "Splash" Jackson b "The Compound Franchise" Romero Contreras.. [reported by]

  108. January 26, 2008--Down South Hardcore Wrestling in Darien, Georgia at The Multiplex: [Postponed]

  109. January 26, 2008--DTW in Vineland, New Jersey at the Landis Intermediate School before 550 fans: Chio Frost b White Lotus, Tommy Force b C.J. O'Doyle, Cory Kastle b L.J. Cruz., Problem Child & Jackyl b Amasas & Ophidian, Jo Jo vs. Johnny Maxx ended in a No Contest, Rockin Rebel b Angel Gonzalez, Evan Infamous b Patch

  110. January 26, 2008--Fire Pro Wrestling in Merrillville, Indiana at the Impact Christian Church: FPW 24/7 Hard Target Champion Dave Allen b the Crusader, Chase Richards b Roach, Steve Szoke b Tristin Hayze, The Kent Boys b New Breed, Osyris b Marc Houston, Jeremy Hadley won the Last Man Standing Battle Royal, Fire Pro Heavyweight Champion Cade Lee b Gilbert Lewis.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  111. January 26, 2008--Flatline Championship Wrestling in Grovetown, Georgia at Patriots Park:

  112. January 26, 2008--Fusion Tradition Wrestling - Extinction Level Event in Cookeville, Tennessee: Justin O'day b Tyler Sutton, Daddy Mac b Mary Kelly, Noah Richards b Dexter York in a Loser Leaves Match, AC Frost & Standard Wrestling Guy b Maddog & Patrick Colvett, Josh Frozt b Josh Vincent, Justin Sane b Justin Kase in a Fan Strap match, Ryan Jefferies b Ronin and Last Salami in a 3-WAY, ELE vs. Strange vs. Pain ended in a no-contest, DC Vital b Rock Dogg by DQ (Rock Dogg retained the Fusion Title).. [reported by Billy Merciless]

  113. January 26, 2008--Green Mountain Championship Wrestling in Saint Albans, Vermont at the Saint Albans Armory.

  114. January 26, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: IZW Impact Division Champion "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell b Se7en, Montego Seeka & Dane Griffin b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders), "Sensational" Seth Allen b Bad Brad Michaels by DQ, John Zorthos b "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams in a No DQ Match.. [reported by]

  115. January 26, 2008--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio at The Agora Theatre before 375 fans: The Bloody Brothers b Baloney Ponies, The Weedman b Sexy Slim Goody, Tryton Steel w/Scott D'Amore b Big Joe Doering, The Thomaselli Brothers b The Ring Riders, Tracy Smothers b Zach Gowen, Too Tough Tony & Violent J b Mad Man Pondo & Bryer Wellington to win the JCW Tag Team titles, Corporal Robinson b John Heidenreich to retain the JCW World Heavyweight title..

  116. January 26, 2008--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Easley, South Carolina: Chris Hamrick (billed from ECW) b Donnie Dollars following a legdrop off the top rope, "Rock'n'Roller" Ricky Morton b Andrue Bane, Bobby Eaton b The Barbarian, Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell b Mid-Atlantic Junior Heavyweight Champion Rikki Nelson by reversed decison, The Barbarian won the imaginary "$1,000" eight-man battle royal dumping both Eaton and Dollars to win.. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  117. January 26, 2008--MWA Pro Wrestling in Council Bluffs, Iowa at the National Guard Armory: Bloodlust b Brad Estez, The Pain Syndicate b The Oklahoma Stampede, The New Invader b Austin Storm by reverse decision, Vash Heartly b Jayden Draigo to win the OWA Cruiserweight title, The Masked Legend b Gauge in an upset, MWA Worlds Champion Blade b Les Mayne, OWA Heavyweight Champion Hype Gotti b Mark Sterling.. [reported by Brian Plantz]

  118. January 26, 2008--Moutain Wrestling Association - Blind Draw Lethal Lottery in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky: Scott Hayes & Al Steele b Bobby Green & Rob Valor, Chucky Smooth & Cody Mathews b Mean Gene & Johnny Mo' Money, Kyle Maggard b Big Henry, Donnie Green & Bobby Blade b Chris Hayes & Johnny Jordan, MWA Champion Larry D. & MWA KY Champion Kelly Charles b Kasey Kaos & Ronnie Green.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  119. January 26, 2008--New Championship Wrestling in Terre Haute, Indiana: Camron Star b Earl Ray (1st Round), Blake Reed b Decap (1st Round), Big John Hurtz b Oola (1st Round), Kenny Taylor b Jimmy Wayne (1st Round), Alex Castle b Mike Rellic (1st Round), Blake Reed b Camron Star (2nd Round), Kenny Taylor b Big John Hurtz (2nd Round), Blake Jordan vs. Legacy ended in a Double Countout on the 3rd fall of a Best 2/3 Falls match, Kenny Taylor b Alex Castle in a Semi-Final match, Johnnie Watts & Shank Barzini b CJ Maxwell & Drake Graven, Kenny Taylor b Blake Reed and Tommy Callaway in a 3-WAY Final to win the NCW World Title .. [reported by Big Lee on the Indy Wrestle Line]

  120. January 26, 2008--Northeast Championship Wrestling in Plainfield, Connecticut at the Loomis Arena:

  121. January 26, 2008--Old Time Wrestling in Bellmawr, New Jersey: Project X b Blue Bolt, I.M. Smarter b Anthony DuGotti, Fuji Tanaka & Dan Jones b Bazooka Joe & Hustler, Sal DeFalco b Matt Miles, Greg Hogya b Mike Burns, Gaylord Fauntleroy b Prettyboy Johnson.. [reported by Paul Verlander]

  122. January 26, 2008--Power Pro Wrestling Alliance in Douglasville, Georgia at Deer Lick Park Gym before 125 fans: Josh Storm b Jason Lynn, T.L. Adams b The Bouncer, Shannon Dumas & Midnight b The Southern States Outlaws (Michael Cross & Shane Williams), J-Rod b Dark Star (Cru Jones attacked J-Rod after the match - setting up), Cru Jones & Dark Star b J-Rod & T.J. Hogan, Bull Buchanan vs. Bulldog Raines ended in a Double DQ after referee Billy Knight was thrown from the ring by both men.. Aside from Knight, Ricky Spears was also credited as being a referee... [reported by Rich Tate]

  123. January 26, 2008--Southern Classic Wrestling - Bunkhouse Stampede in Sandersville, Georgia at Big Dog Billiards: Leatherface b "Kid Carnage" Scotty Carmichael in a squash match, DriveBY vs. Flatline ended in a time limit draw, Greg Haze b Brian Titus w/Ace Heffner (After the match; Ace Heffner fired Titus from the VIP), Loco Motive b Chaos by reverse decision when the referee spotted a chain that Loco Motive planted in Chaos's tights was spotted. Matt Mercer and Big Bank were responsible for the chain & distracting the referee, they were then recruited to join The VIP), The Freak b Josh Stone, The VIP's (Matt Mercer & Big Bank) b TW James & Bobby Joiner, The Nightmare b Frankie Valentine, Too Bad b The Stanton Clan to retain the Georgia Tag Team titles, Bobby Joiner won a 25-Man Bunkhouse Stampede Battle Royal to earn a shot at the SCW Championship (He last eliminated Loco Motive with help from ring announcer Tiny "The Mouth" Hughes), Bobby Joiner b Tommy Lee to win the SCW Southern Heavyweight Champion.. [reported by Brian Slack]

  124. January 26, 2008--TCW in Tulaloip, Washington: Buddy Wayne b Shiloh Mount, Dash Ventura & Drew Gage b J.D. Mason & Larkin O'Shea, Aaron bolo b Dropkick Murphy, Pete Storm b Christopher Ryseck, Wildcard b Jimmy Flame, Azul Angel b Kellen Raeth, Caden Matthews & Bryan Alvarez b Matt Farmer & Chris Del Sol.. [reported by Charles Short]

  125. January 26, 2008--Top Notch Wrestling in Burnettsville, Indiana: Pubert won a Battle Royal, Brandon Kruger & Jason Young b Pepe & Gomer Sanchez, Osyris b PT Hustla, Hillbilly Jed & Joey Owens & Shawn Cook b Ryan Rich & TJ Kemp & Gary Cherry, Joe Dirt b Mike King and Damian Michaels and Louis Linaris in a 4-WAY to retain the TNW Light Heavyweight title, Laurence Bon Poffo & Matt Valor b Locked n Loaded to retain the TNW Tag Team Titles, Tommy Gage b Vinny Vachetti in a No-DQ/No-Countout match to retain his TNW Hoosier-weight Title, Tommy Gage b Pubert to retain the TNW Hoosier-weight Title.. [reported by Randy Klemme in the Indy Wrestle Line]

  126. January 26, 2008--Tri-State Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont at the Holiday Inn.

  127. January 26, 2008--Ultimate Christian Wrestling in LaGrange, Georgia at the Baptist Tabernacle Church before 467 fans: Justin Dirt won the UCW Title (in the first fall) and Dustin Powers retained the UCW National Title (in the second Fall) of a 3-WAY Elimination match with Rob Adonis (first fall determined the National Champion - Second Fall determined the Heavyweight Champion), Billy Jack b Brian Lawler, Kyle Matthews b Alex Phoenix, Sal Rinauro b Austin Creed in a 30 minute Ironman Match, Chris Rippey & Justin Brown b Colt Derringer & The Destroyer (w/Bruce Biggins).. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  128. January 26, 2008--World Wrestling Coalition - Tri State Rumble in West Union, Ohio at the Adams County Fairgrounds: Jake Omen b. Matt Riot, Hailey Hatred & Kara Kildare b. Mary Elizabeth & Naughtia, Tag Champions Devlin Anderson & Dave Nevada b. Carlton Kaz & Lou Roberts, Judas Thorn b. Jake Ashworth in Master's Rules, Heavyweight Champion Astonishing Aaron Williams b. Tarek the Legend in NO DQ, Cody Hawk demanded a match right after. Cody Hawk b. Heavyweight Champion Aaron Williams to win title, Big Kahuna Kenny Lucas won the 2008 Tri-State Rumble last eliminating Kimera.. [reported by Jeremiah Young]

  129. January 27, 2008--Firestorm Pro in Cleveland, Ohio at Peabodys: Jesse Burke b Aaron Draven, Matthew Justice & Aftermath b C.J. Sensation & T.J. Dynamite, Virus Grande b Unknown and Shiima Xion in a 3-WAY, Deviant vs. Starless ended in a draw, J-Rocc & Patrick Hayes b Mickey Gambino & Jimmy DeMarco, Morty Rackum b Vincent Nothing, Raymond Rowe vs. John McChesney ended in a Double DQ, Tracy Smothers b Matt Cross..

  130. January 27, 2008--Georgia Wrestling Promotions in Woodstock, Georgia at the Hot Wheels Skate Center: Jess Wade & D.L. Norris b Justin Dirt & Dustin Powers, Big Head Hanson b Locomotive (w/Ace Heffner), Slim J b Kid Ego, The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews w/Attorney Jeff G. Bailey & Lexi Pillman [Brian Pillman's daughter]) & Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton) b The Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) & Chris Lightning & Jeff Jameson, Jamar Acid b Texas Ranger, Gangrel & Bill Dundee b Masked Superstar & Jay Clinton w/Aaron Voight, David Young b Cru Jones, The Hellbillies (Jessco Blue & Timbo Bryant) b Devil's Rejects (Iceberg & Shaun Tempers w/Dan Wilson), Ron Killings b Manny Fernandez.. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  131. January 27, 2008--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: "Ky-ote" Joe Herell b Kevin Morgan, Slash b Chaz Sharpe, Bad Boy vs. MSWA Oklahoma Champion Outlaw went to a Double DQ, Se7en b Xavior, MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions The South Side Soul Assassins (Tyson James & 3rd Rail) b Kuna Keeyoh & Maniacal Mike, MSWA Mid-South Champion Prince Al Farat b "Hellacious" Javi Hernandez.. []

  132. January 27, 2008--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, Georgia at the VFW Fairgrounds before 600 fans: Frankie Valentine vs. Kyle Matthews ended in a No Contest, The Nightmare vs. The Super Destroyer ended in a No Contest, Austin Creed & Adrian Hawkins b K.I. Elite, Tommy Rich & Kidd Body Drop b Chick Donovan & Kidd Enigma, Ricky Morton & Brad Armstrong b Will Owens & Sal Rinauro, Bulldog Raines b Bull Buchanan.... [reported by Rich Tate]

  133. January 27, 2008--Texas Elite Wrestling in Gladewater, Texas @ The Wallace Arena: Chris Preston & 8-Ball & C-Lo b Masquerade, Rancid Jack Stevens & Jay Larthario & Mikey Malice b Colton Shane & Steven Stairwell & Maxx Lavaro, Lewis Enterprises b Joey Corman & Sean Cordova & Mike Paige, Jason Skyy & Josh Talley & Black Train b Mongoose & Lt. Payne & Kurt Reigns, Lewis Enterprises b Chris Preston & 8-Ball & C-Lo, Rancid Jack Stevens & Jay Larthario & Mikey Malice b Jason Skyy & Josh Talley & Court Caution, Rancid Jack Stevens & Jay Larthario & Mikey Malice b Lewis Enterprises, Chance Wyndam b 187, Rancid Jack Stevens b Maxx Lavaro.. [reported by John Larance]

  134. January 30, 2008--Prime Time Wrestling in Belleville, Michigan at the Diamondback Saloon:

  135. January 31, 2008--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

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