Independent Wrestling Results - February 2009

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  1. February 1, 2009--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: Jason Kirby b Brock Landers, Dexter Hardaway (w/ Talon) b The Canadian Red Devil, The Mexican Coalition (El Super Colibri & Romo Diablo) b The Good Ol' Boys (Bud Barnes & Moonshine), Shawn Sanders b Damien Morte, Tyson Jaymes b 3rd Rail, Xavior vs. MSWA Oklahoma Champion Bad Boy ended in a Double Countout.. []

  2. February 1, 2009--Rampage Pro Wrestling in Warner Robins, Georgia: J-Rod defeated Oko Nono. Frankie Valentine defeated Colt Derringer to retain the Cruiserweight title. A.J. Steele defeated Rob Adonis to retain the Intercontinental title. Genni Right defeated Sumie Sakai. Cru Jones defeated Micah Taylor in a match for the rights to Hot Like Lava. Chip Day & Shaun Banks defeated Sal Rinauro & the Ninjas to advance to the finals of the tag tournament..

  3. February 6, 2009--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Cherry Street Gym: North Georgia Champion Chris King defeated "Studd Muffin" Shawn Sweat; the Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells) defeated the Marvelous Superstars; Southern States Champion Seth Delay defeated Matt Sells; Brandon Parker (with Kevin Duncan) defeated Bo Newsome; APW Tag Team Champions the Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) defeated B.J. Hancock & Donovan Sweet; Shadow Jackson defeated Adryan Hawkins; John Carnage defeated Slim J. APW's next show "Friday the 13th", with a special 8pm bell time.

  4. February 6, 2009--Dirty South Pro Wrestling in Brewton, Alabama: 10-bell salute and moment of silence was given in memory of Dianne Moody (the wife of Percy Pringle III, better known as Paul Bearer) --- B. Country b the Black Scorpion & Damon Black w/"the Evil-Luscious Erotic Echantress" Eva Black. Johnny Rebel defeated Evergreen McQueen. Damian LaVaye defeated Jason Steele. "DDG" Lee Manning & DSPW co-owner Tiny Tiswell w/Red Hott defeated Cowboy Ray & Short Bandit (During the match, Short Bandit was kidnapped by Danika & Dawn Devilyn). Street Bandit defeated J.T. Angel. Zac Johnson & Kage w/"the Rubenesque Punk Rock Princess" Roxy defeated Deacon Stone & Roxas Payne w/Dale Shaddix to win the DSPW Tag Team titles (Tiswell was the special guest referee). Short Bandit (dressed as the Gothic Warrior) w/"the Naughty-Licious" Mystress & "the Devilish Deity" Danika S. Devilyn & "the Devil-Licious Diva of Darkness" Dawn Devilyn) defeated "Shooter" Kory Jackson when Gothic Warrior interfered. Because of Bandit's win, Warrior is still the DSPW champion.

  5. February 6, 2009--New Experience Wrestling (taped for ken waynes n.e.w. tv show) in West Memphis, Arkansas before 80 fans: Shawn Reed b Golden Boy, Stan Lee b Shawn Reed, Dustin Ring b Tatt-2, Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels b Matt Justice & Greg King...... Chuck Poe & Downtown Bruno were the referees, and this weeks special guest appearances were Gene Alday (mayor of Walls, Mississippi)... and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton joining the announce team..

  6. February 6, 2009--World Wrestling Alliance in Pembroke, Massachusetts at the Pembroke Community Center: Jason Blade b The Kreeper, "The Punisher" Don Vega b Sensational Scott Levesque and "The Reflex" Eric Dylan in a 3-WAY, The Ultimate Rush b Moondog Maximus, Shockwave vs. Vladimir Drago ended in a no contest after The Skunk and Josef Von Schmidt interfered, former WWE star Dangerous Danny Davis (w/ The Skunk) b Johnny Thunder to retain the WWA Heavyweight Championship, Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta b Damien Darling, "Captain USA" Matt Taven b "H20" Ryan Waters, Shockwave & former WWE star Eugene b Vladimir Drago & Josef Von Schmidt (w/ The Skunk). [reported by Shawn O.]

  7. February 6, 2009--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas before 308 fans: Joe Quesada b Karnage, Kentana b Rev. Dex, Team Punishment & Shane Garrett & Jayzo Zane b Preston James & Joe Quesada, Mad-1 b Mark Wilson, Matt Maverick vs. Nathan Briggs ended in a Double DQ, Jasin Sinsation b JoJo Benitez and Sid Luciano in a 3-WAY, Ricky Romero III b Chad Thomas and Mosh Pit Mike and Benny Benitez and Gringo Loco and Josh Pain in a 6-WAY.. [reported by Chris Youngblood]

  8. February 7, 2009--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: Stockade b Bobby Vee, Johnson & Johnson (Brian & "Tiny" Andrew) b Wes Draven & Rayza, Bruno Marciano b Rob Begas, Mike Donovan b Bandido Jr. to retain the Diamond Division title, Repeat Offenders (Crazy Ivan & Pete Nixon) b Giovanni Marranca & Thomas Rodriguez, Black Zemis b Eddie Escobar, Benny Martinez b Dover, Johnson & Johnson b William Wyeth by DQ..

  9. February 7, 2009--Ericules Wrestling Promotions (Fund Raiser) in Bean Station, Tennessee at the elementary school before 141 paid and 200 total: Robbie Cassidy b Sigmon (with Johnny Williams). Ericules came out and thanked every one for supporting EWP and Bean Volunteer Fire Department..... Edward Idol b Shawn Street using his feet on the ropes. Shane Williams b the 7 foot Mr. Ward. Kole Layton King b Ricky Morton after Beau James tripped Morton. The EWP Tag Team champions The Party Boys (Wayne Adkins & Keith Knox) b The Varsity Shooters Society (Chase Owns & Alyx Winter) in the match of the night. Cody Ices b Beau James (with Johnny Williams) and Kole Layton King in a 3-WAY to retain the SSW Champion ship. James used the wood handle of the whip and Ices bled. ..

  10. February 7, 2009--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama: Johnny Slaughter w/Wicked Nemesis defeated INHuman Fly after interference from Joey Lightning. Nasty Kritter defeated Super Shinobi. Mudbone defeated Dynamo. Joey Lightning defeated Orion Bishop after Slaughter & Nemesis interfered. Amos Moses w/Georgia Mae defeated Night Prowler. The Money Makers w/Howard C Cross defeated Adam Jacobs & Chrisjen Hayme. Scotty Blaze defeated Mike Taylor in a lumberjack match to retain the GCW championship..

  11. February 7, 2009--Independent Circuit Wrestling Federation - Cyber Sanctioned in Largo, Florida at Gasoline Alley:

  12. February 7, 2009--Independent Wrestling Entertainment in Brewer, Maine: "Rockstar" Chris Cole w/ Kevin Tyler defeated Mason X w/ Marion Lawless, General Deuce and Micah Kincade fought to a no contest, "The White War Pony" Johnny Primer w/ Marion Lawless defeated Larry "Wildman" Wilder, Tommy Lane and Ryan London w/ Beavis May defeated The Punisher and Andrew Amadeus, Scotty "By God" Vegas defeated Adam Ricker by DQ, Bobby Knox defeated D-Money, The Real JJB and Parts Unknown defeated The NcNasty Brothers to retain the tag team titles, "The White War Pony" Johnny Primer w/Marion Lawless defeated "Jivin" Jimmy Capone in an I Quit match to retain the twin cities championship

  13. February 7, 2009--NAWA Ring Champions in Cedartown, Georgia at the Purks Building before 312 fans: Josh Hate destroyed Bryan Phillips; Bulldog Raines defeated the Bruiser (with Jackie Rosedale); Lamar Phillips defeated Billy Love; Midget Star 2 Tall Shortts defeated Skinny Kenny (with Jackie Rosedale); Josh Stone defeated NAWA Cruiserweight Champion Stupid (with Tweety) in a non title match; Bobby Hayes (with Jackie Rosedale) defeated David Young in a Last Man Standing Match; Air Paris & Chris Ganz defeated the Exotic Ones (Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon) to win the NAWA Tag Team titles. The referees were Jeremy Black and Mike Wise. Notables in attendancewere Juanita Timbs, Hacksaw Higgins, Susan Meeks, and Pig Farmer Pierce.

  14. February 7, 2009--POWW in Fox Lake, Illinois before 125 fans: Jimmy Blaze b Scott Spade, Dehok b Chris Chaos, Ruff Crossing b King Kanoa by DQ, XCon b Joey Cece, Shane Morton vs. Great Malaki ended in a draw, Ruff Crossing & Scott Spade b Jimmy Blaze & Black Iron.. [reported by Rob Myers]

  15. February 7, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, Massachusetts at the Creative Auction Hall: "Straight Edge" Brian Fury b Matt Spectro, Jason Blade b Isys Ephex, "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet b J. Freddie Charlesbois, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards b Shane Alden to retain the TRP Heavyweight title, Freight Train & The Guy b "The Epic" Mike Bennett & Ryan Waters, Matt Taven b Buck Nasty (w/ Sean Gorman), Alexxis & Barbie b Mistress Belmont & Sammi Lane (w/ Sean Gorman), "The Epic" Mike Bennett (w/ B.K. Jordan) b Frankie Arion in a Brass Knuckles match. [reported by Shawn O.]

  16. February 7, 2009--Total Wrestling Federation - Dead by Dawn in Sacramento, California at the Colonial Theater before 220 fans: Lockjaw & Chris Cardenas & Mike Omega w/Alex Morrow b Orange Tang & Skulliosis, The Jake & "Downtown" Whitley Brown b Ink & Crystal, Steel Johnson b Carnie Craig and "Big Shot" Cabeebo in a 3-WAY, Sick Case (w/Commissioner Johnnie "Balla Ball" Williams) b Ron Rufio, The A-Team b The Dogs of War and Terminal Velocity and The Knockout Kings in a Gauntlet match to earn a tag team title shot against Fms Ink at RioMania, Michael Nothing b Steve "The Beast" Smith w/Freeman Theodore Whitaker, Fms Ink (Ashton & CJ Profit) b Anthrax & Scorpion to retain to the TWF Tag Team titles.. [reported by]

  17. February 7, 2009--Ultimate Wrestling - Revelations in Pensacola, Florida at the American Legion Post 33: "the Chocolate Boy Wonder" Marcus Gibbs defeated Nathan Crown to retain the Cruiserweight title. "Shooter" Mike Jacobs defeated David Prime. Nick Wonder defeated Maze. "The Master of Devastation" Cameron Frost defeated Energy Crisis to retain the X-Factor title. Justin Cruz & Jerry Reiner defeated T.A. Jones & Aaron Idol. Robert Gibson w/Uncle Jim defeated Carlos DeAngelo after using the ropes for leverage. Deathrow defeated Minotaur after using a foreign object. Omega & Ricky "the Rocket" Roberts vs. "Mr. Violence" Jon Ryker & "the Wiggins Axe Murderer" Wade Garrett w/Vain ended in a Double Countout. Nick Virtue defeated Joe Gibson to become the new UW champion.

  18. February 7, 2009--UCW in Horse Cave, Kentucky before 500 fans: Jon Roc & Jessica hart b Crazy Skillz & Jesse Belle, Doug Vines & Steve Marino b Fire & Flame, Terry England vs. Masked Mystery Man ended in a No Contest, Diane Von Hoffman b April Hunter, Jack Black b Steve King, Jerry Lawler & Justin Sane b Jeff Crowe & Cash Flo..

  19. February 12, 2009--Western Outlaw Rules (debut show) in southwest Indianapolis at the VFW:

  20. February 13, 2009--Alternative Pro Wrestling - Friday the 13th (Super Show) in Royston, Georgia at the Cherry Street Gym before 167 fans: B.J. Hancock b Adrian Hawkins by Submission; the Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells) b the APW Tag Team Champions Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) by DQ when Saint Anthony & Brandon Parker interfered; Shadow Jackson b Jeremy Vain (with Taco Delgado) when Taco's interference backfired; Chris King b Dustin Knight with the Rocker Dropper to retain the North Georgia title; Don Matthews b "Royston Brawler" John Carnage in a Ty Cobb Street; Donovan Sweet (with Lollipop) b J.T. Talent (according to the stips, Sweet won a date with Talent and the sexual harassment charge against Sweet was dropped); Bo Newsome & Kareem Abdul Jamar b Saint Anthony & Brandon Parker (with Kevin Duncan) in a Country Whipping Match (After the match, Hate Junkies left Newsome & Kareem laying); Seth Delay b Slim J to retain the Southern States title with help from Dustin Knight.

  21. February 13, 2009--American Wrestling Federation in Chipley, Florida at the National Guard Armory:

  22. February 13, 2009--Pro Wrestling Fusion in Davie, Florida: Fantastic Dantastic defeated Johnny Allnight. Chris Jones defeated Christopher Gray by DQ. King Kong Fu defeated C.J. O'Doyle. Billy Fives defeated Jon Davis. Daron Smythe defeated Kory Chavis. Steve Madison defeated Homicide to retain the PWF championship..

  23. February 14, 2009--Dirty South Pro Wrestling in Brewton, Alabama: Cowboy Ray defeated "DDG" Lee Manning. Damon Black (w/"the Evil-Luscious Erotic Enchantress" Eva Black) vs. the 610 Kid ended in a double countout. Team Sexy defeated the Congregation in a no DQ match. "DDG" defeated Cowboy Ray and Short Bandit in a triple threat after Tiny Tiswell hit both Ray & Bandit with a chair. Roxas Payne defeated Zack Johnson w/Kage. The Gothic Warrior (w/"the Naughty-Licious" Mystress & "the Devilish Deity" Danika Devilyn) defeated Johnny Rebel to retain the DSPW championship..

  24. February 14, 2009--EvoLucha Entertainment Wrestling - Loves Hurts in Newhall, California at the American Legion Hall before 127 fans: Rico Dynamite b Rookie '88 by submission with the Texas Cloverleaf, Damien Arsenick b Shane "The Mac" Wells by DQ after Famous B interfered and superkicked Arsenik, "The Hardcore Homo" Angel w/BFF Amanda b Johnny Neumonic after Amanda hit Neumonic with a computer keyboard behind the referee's back, Team Body Count b The Poor Horsemen, Famous B w/Jezabel b Lucha Machine, Steve Pain b "Playboy" Clay Motley with special guest referee Human Tornado, Supreme & Bo Cooper b The Nobodies..

  25. February 14, 2009--IHWE in Dallas, Texas: Jimmy Jacobs b Balls Ryder, Chris Richter b Brendon Tension & Kyle Cobain, Jason Silver b Texas Red, Adam Action b Brent Masers, Streetmilk b Yellowjacket, Logan b Bryan Lewis, SB1 b Michael Perry and Carlos Equivel in a 3-WAY..

  26. February 14, 2009--Kin Folk Wrestling in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

  27. February 14, 2009--Micro Wrestling Federation in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Blue Rooster Bar & Music Hall:

  28. February 14, 2009--New Heights Wrestling - 2nd annual Battle for the Gulf Coast in Florala, Alabama at the Old National Guard Armory: "the Future" Paul Jordane b "the Definition of Technician" Chris Tighe in a 1st Round Match. "Scarface" Terry Ryker b Larry Legend in a 1st Round Match. "The Outcast" Cale Connors b Aaron "the Golden" Idol in a 1st Round Match. "The Famous One" Milo b "Pure" Doug Pitt in a 1st Round Match. "the Future" Paul Jordane b "Scarface" Terry Ryker in a Semi-Final Match. "The Famous One" Milo b "Outcast" Cale Connors in a Semi-Final Match. "the Famous One" Milo b "the Future" Paul Jordane in the Finals. Team BTY b Team Pretty Boy in a 10-man Elimination tag team match.

  29. February 14, 2009--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, Georgia before 380 fans: Frankie Valentine & J-Rod b Billy Knight & Sal Rinauro. Rob Adonis b Colt Derringer to win the SECW Heavyweight title. Colt Derringer b Rob Adonis to win the SECW Heavyweight title after hitting Adonis with a cowbell. Bulldog Rain & Josh Stone b the Nightmare & Kyle Matthews to win the SECW Tag Team titles. "The Hawaiian Princess" Tracy Taylor b "Beautiful" Genni Wright to become the first newly crowned Women's champion. Micah Taylor b Cru Jones in a West Georgia Street Fight. "The Golden Boy" Chick Donovan & Adrian Hawkins b Billy Love.. The referees were Jeff McGowan, Mr. Koonce, and Ricky Spears.

  30. February 14, 2009--Summit Wrestling in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania:

  31. February 14, 2009--Texas All Star Wrestling at the Humble Bingo Hall:

  32. February 14, 2009--World Wide Wrestling Alliance in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania at Zern's Farmers Market: "The Heartbreaker" Tyler Syms b The Bogus Shatter to "win" the WWWA Heavyweight Championship (this was a bogus title change), Evan Nemo b Magnum X.L. and The Dream Catcher in a 3-WAY to retain the WWWA High Impact Championship, Cujo the Hellhound b Ruthless Ryan Sawyer, Adrian Bliss (w/ Evan Nemo) b Baby Nemo (w/ The Wolfman), "Simply Devine" Kristy Taylor b "Pryme Tyme" Amy Lee due to outside interference from The Hat Guy & Monique, Self-proclaimed WWWA Heavyweight Champion "The Heartbreaker" Tyler Syms (w/ Chuckie D. & Senior Referee Dan Haney) b Steve Steele, "The Canadian Goon" Rocco Dorsey b Demetrious Arion due to outside interference from The Hat Guy, The Wolfman (w/ Adrian Bliss & Evan Nemo) b The Flyin' Hawaiian to retain the WWWA Intercontinental Championship, Mitch A. Palooza b Frankie Frizzo (w/ Monique). [reported by Shawn O.]

  33. February 15, 2009--Rampage Pro Wrestling TV Taping in Warner Robins, Georgia before 200 fans: A.J. Steele b Ron Stalker, Pitbull b Rob Adonis, Chris Jacobs b Murder 1-DQ, J-Rod d Kyle Matthews, Cru Jones & Colt Derringer & Sal Rinauro b MicahTaylor & Chip Day & Dr. Johnny Gayton. Nick Patrick was announced as the new commissioner..

  34. February 15, 2009--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Virgil Flynn b Jeckles the Jester, The West Coast Dragons b The Bold & Beautiful, Hard Cory Dayton b Ravishing Rizz, Dante b Handsome Jack and Bao Nguyen, Mike Rayne b Christine Von Eerie, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels b Reno Scum by DQ, New Industry Standards b Paul Isadora & Malachi, Big Ugly & Timothy Thatcher & Drake Frost b Honor Society in fans bring the weapons match..

  35. February 15, 2009--Wrecking Ball Wrestling Weekly in Dallas, Texas at the Mexico Lindo Arena: Josh McKnight pinned Davey Vega to retain the Interpromotional title, Jason Silver b Chris Cross and Ironheat and Syar The Magician in a 4-WAY, Team Psychopathik (Carlos & Zero) b The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) to retain the WBW Tag Team titles, Thomas Baker beat Gary Jay by DQ, Chuey Martinez & Mike Savage b Omega & Cody Knight after Martinez pinned Knight, Big Hurd won a 12 man Battle Royal, Billy Club pinned Jimmy Jacobs.. [reported by William Martin]

  36. February 17, 2009--American Combat Wrestling in New Port Richey, Florida at the Bourbon Street Night Club:

  37. February 17, 2009--United Wrestling Association in Seymour, Tennessee at the Seymour Hardware & Building Supply:

  38. February 20, 2009--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Cherry Street Gym: B.J. Hancock defeated Shawn Sweat; Aaron Lee & Matt Mercer defeated the Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells); J.T. Talent defeated Shaun Tempers; Dany Only defeated Kareem Abdul Jamar by DQ; John Carnage defeated Ace Rockwell; Shadow Jackson & Slim J defeated Anthony Henry & Brandon Parker; Dustin Knight defeated Chris King to win the North Georgia Championship..

  39. February 20, 2009--Brew City Wrestling in Waukesha, Wisconsin: The Great Malaki b Juevos del Horro and Ken Kato in a 3-WAY, Derek St. Holmes b Matt Longtime, TC Washington b Chris Black by DQ, American History Next b The Skullcrushers, Nick Colluci vs. Bao Nguyen ended in a Double Countout, Din T Moore b Mr 450 Hammett, Erico b Colin Troy, The Mccoys b Tony Scarpone & Steve Anthony and Darin Wade & Superstar Steve in a 3-WAY Tag Team match..

  40. February 20, 2009--Championship Wrestling Experience in Austintown, Ohio at The Wedge:

  41. February 20, 2009--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: Brandon Groom b Dexter "Hard Times" Hardaway (w/ Talon), ComPro Heavyweight Champion "The Annihilator" Draven Cross b Das Karnage and The Amazing Bolo (w/ Sensei Bolo) in a Triple Threat Match, "Mr. Endurance" Sugar Shane Morbid b Sir Thomas Knight, Texas, Inc. ("Terrific" Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk, w/Big Stevie Caballero) b The New Varsity Club (Kevin Morgan & Xavior) and The Good Ol' Boys (Big Bud Barnes & ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "Blue Collar" Jake McCoy) in a Triple Threat Match, Cold Blooded Chris & Crazy Beautiful (Mr. Michael York & Brett Taylor) b Tyson Armstrong & The Canadian Luchadore & Kobra Kai, The Canadian Red Devil b Goldeneye in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match by DQ (He won the first fall by pinfall, then the second due to outside interference), Team SuperBad (El Super Colibri & "The Broken Arrow Bad Boy Justin Lee) & Dawn of Extreme (Ty Thunder & Crucifer) b The Saints of Twilight (Reckless & Ignition, w/ The Shadow of Death) & ComPro Tag Team Champions Legion 13 (Jesus Rodriguez & Dutch Hagen, w/ Ray Martinez).. []

  42. February 20, 2009--Dirty South Pro Wrestling in Pensacola, Florida: Black Scorpion defeated B-Country. "DDG" Lee Manning w/Tiny Tiswell defeated Cowboy Ray w/Short Bandit to retain the Cruiserweight title. Omega (w/"the 7th Deadly Sin" Vain) defeated "Mr. Electricity" Jerry Reiner and Cruze in a 3-WAY. Team Sexy defeated Deacon Stone & "the Prince of Pain" Damon Black to retain the Tag Team titles. Jason Steele & the 610 Kid defeated "the Age of Old School" Damian LaVaye & "the Future Legend" DJ Pringle. "Shooter" Kory Jackson defeated Street Bandit. The Gothic Warrior (w/"Naughty-Licious" Mystress) defeated Johnny Rebel & Evergreen McQueen in an over the top rope elimination match to retain the DSPW championship. Tiny Tiswell w/"DDG" Lee Manning defeated Short Bandit w/Cowboy Ray in a Strap match..

  43. February 20, 2009--Folkstyle Championship Wrestling in Sandhill, Georgia at the FCW Arena:

  44. February 20, 2009--Global Championship Wrestling in Locust Fork, Alabama at the Locust Fork High School:

  45. February 20, 2009--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: "The Original Sensation" Seth Allen g "The Freakshow" Crisstopher Crow, IZW Tag Team Champions BLK-OUT (Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka) b Tyson Jaymes & "Mr. Money" Randy Price, "The Great" Dane Griffin b "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell, Ky-ote Joe b "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams via DQ, IZW Heavyweight Champion "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil b Carnage.. []

  46. February 20, 2009--Tornado Alley Pro in Muskogee, Oklahoma at the Youth Central: Jesus Rodriguez & Ray Martinez b The Saints of Twilight (Ignition & Reckless), "Mr. Endurance" Sugar Shane Morbid b The Enforcer, Brittani b Kamille, Bonecrusher Bobby Burns b Big Smooth, Bernard Funk b. "Blue Collar" Jake McCoy, J. W. Hardin b Pork Chop, Jonathon Cross b "Terrific" Tim Rockwell to win the TAP Oklahoma title, Muskogee's Own (Brandon Groom & Mr. Michael York) vs. TAP Tag Team Champions The Innovators (Anarchy 2nd & Fuel) ended in a No-Contest, TAP Heavyweight Champion The Canadian Red Devil b Tyson Armstrong.. [reported by]

  47. February 20, 2009--Velocity Pro Wrestling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Alhambra before 375 fans: Teddy Stigma b Ethan Page, Azrieal & Dixie b Rob Eckos & Billy Bax, Shiima Xion b Amazing Red, "Hurricane" John Walters b Josh Daniels, Team Macktion (T.J. & Kirby Mack) vs. The Logan Brothers ended in a Double DQ, Dan Maff b Thomas Rodriguez, Rich Swann won a Battle Royal, Jay Briscoe b Bobby Fish, Sterling James Keenan b Pepper Parks and Christian York and Matt Cross in a 4-WAY, Jerry Lynn b Elijah Burke..

  48. February 21, 2009--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: Black Zemis b Zero, Brolly b Stockade, Chris Rockwell b Eddie Escobar, Wes Draven & Rayza b. "Hot Shot" Mike Reed & Rob Vegas, Azrieal b Benny Martinez, William Wyeth b Bobby Vee & Vince Steele in a handicap match, Shawn Walker b Bandido Jr., Johson 2 Johnson (Big Brian & Tiny Andrew) b Giovannni Marranca & Thomas Rodriguez, Mike Donovan b Bruno Marciano to retain the Diamond Division title..

  49. February 21, 2009--Devastation Wrestling Federation in Pennsauken, New Jersey at Devastation University:

  50. February 21, 2009--Destiny Wrestling Organization - National Guard Armory in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Sid the Kid b Hobo Hank... Preston James b Karnage when Envy turned on Karnage... Thunder b Chad Thomas by DQ after Sid interfered... White Hatin' Coons (Greg Waller & Pierce Price) b The Way (Reverend Dex & The Prophet Joshua)... Chad Thomas won a 10-Man Over-the-Top-Rope Scramble Match also featuring The Prophet Joshua, Sid the Kid, Preston James, Hobo Hank, Cannibal, Greg Waller, Ole Weatherson, Rob Smith and Special-1... North American Champion Joe Quesada b Heavyweight Champion Mad-1 in a Ladder Match to unify the championships [reported by TFP]

  51. February 21, 2009--Diamond Championship Wrestling - Broken Hearts in Hastings, Pennsylvania: Team Tap Out b The Fiend Club to retain DCW Tag Team titles. Sara Brooks b Autumn Breeze and Chrissy Johnson in a 3-WAY. Sebastian b Ashton Amhurst w/ Jon Burton in a NO DQ match. XTC b Lorelei Lee to retain DCW Women's Title. Big Lenny b "The Freak" Doug Diggler. Jimi "The High Flyin' Hippie" b Ryan Mitchell and The Enigma and Count Lestat in a 4-WAY to retain DCW Diamond title. The Wrong Crowd b Troy Justice & G-Raver. "Big Time" Bill Collier b Squig and Brock Singleton in a 3-WAY to retain the DCW United States Title. The Russian Roulette b Kato to win The DCW Heavyweight title. Zubov b Kato to become new DCW Heavyweight Champion.. [reported by Clint Scott]

  52. February 21, 2009--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama at the Palmerdale Community Center:

  53. February 21, 2009--In Your Face Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont at the Holiday Inn:

  54. February 21, 2009--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling - Night of Champions in Cheraw, South Carolina at the Cheraw High School before 1,700 fans: MACW Hardcore Champion "High Flying" Chris Hamrick b Donnie Dollar$; Team Blondage (Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal) b Daffney & MsChif; Cheraw's Brice Anthony b Jeff Justice; Bobby Eaton b the Barbarian; David Flair & Ricky Morton (with Ric Flair) b Rikki Nelson & Buff Bagwell. Morton replaced Reid Flair, who is out with an injury.

  55. February 21, 2009--Mid-States Wrestling in Harrison, Arkansas at the Fairgrounds Indoor Expo Building: Ring announcer Mike Iles stripped Stephen E of the MSW Heavyweight Championship..... "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram b Max McGuirk, Jim Fallon b The Midwest Mauler, "Big Country" Jake Boulder b James Perry, Doomsday b Tanker McKenzie, Southern Tag Team champions The Jet Setters (Darling Dustin Heritage & Handsome Jack Legacy) b Big Bubba Hall & "The Cult Phenomenon" Mitch Carter, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry b "The Poster Boy" Blake Albright, "The Real Deal" Adrian Steele b "Lockdown" Tony Raze, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry won a 15 Man Battle Royal to win $5000 and the vacant MSW Heavyweight Title for an unprecidented 3rd time.. [reported by]

  56. February 21, 2009--NWA SoCal Pro Wrestling in Oceanside, California before 210 fans: David E. Jones & Ryan Stone b Aerial Star & Locura, Chris Kadillak b Damien Slater, Adam Pearce b Tommy Wilson, Hector Canales & Ricky Mandel b Jerome Robinson & Willie Mack, Jason Watts b Johnny Yuma, SoCal Crazy b Jason Redondo in a Steel Cage match. This is promoter Cory Van Kleeck's final show in the market as he's moving to Texas soon.. [reported by Cory Van Kleeck]

  57. February 21, 2009--Platinum Pro Wrestling in Michigan City, Michigan: Keith Walker b Colin Troy, Shady Chris Xion b Chris Dazed, Brutus Dyland b Brian Nelson, American History Next b The Young Lions, Steve Box b Nick Cutler, Ricky Landell b Erico by DQ, Keith Walker b Ricky Landell.

  58. February 21, 2009--Tulalip Championship Wrestling in Tulalip, Washington at the Tulalip Tribal Gym Center: Azul Angel b Dash Venture, Exile b Paul Raze, WildCard & Cadillac Callis b Cedric & Dr. Kliever, J-Sin Sullivan vs. Wade Hess ended in a Double Count-out, Skag Rollins b Caden Mathews (c) and Aaron Bolo and Christopher Ryseck in a 4-WAY to win the TCW title (Rollins' Pacific Coast title was also on the line).. [reported by Charles Short]

  59. February 21, 2009--World Independent Wrestling in Panama City, Florida at the 19th Street Boys & Girls Club:

  60. February 22, 2009--CWA in Huntington, West Virginia: Robbie Cassidy b Jason Kincaid, Tony Givens & Wayne Atkins b Beau James & Ryan Reed, Mad Man Pondo vs. Gypsy Joe ended in a No Contest, Alan Armonie b Chris Cannon, J.V. Insanity & Eric Steel b Jack Black & Vito Andretti, Eric Darkstorm b Chance Prophet, Brian Logan b Ace Prime...

  61. February 22, 2009--IWF Premier Pro-Wrestling Entertainment (First Round of the IWF Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament) in Golden, Colorado at the Buffalo Rose Saloon: Cam Burnquist (sub for Joshua Michaels) b Chris Wrath, Jay Synn w/Romeo b Duelie Trailor, Shredder b Paul Stetich, Tsunami b Prodigee, Amy Williams host of the "Bytch Slap" interviews Bronx, Brandon Morris b Bronx, Tiger Sinjinn b Chris Hollister, Adrian Grimm b Jerry Lynn, Hoodlum b Damien Payne (Immediately following the match Bronx attacks Hoodlum in a fit of rage for his unexpected loss to Brandon Morris). .. [reported by]

  62. February 22, 2009--Pro Wrestling Evolution - Return to Arms in Woodstock, Georgia at the Hot Wheels Skate Center: The show opened with Kareem Abdul Jamar in the Half Court Lounge leading to Jamar over Ric The Kick; Ride or Die defeated The Skeleton Crew; Bobby Moore beat Joey Lightning; Crystal Fire beat Sheena Layne; The Merchants of Death (Murder One & Orion Bishop with Wicked Nemesis) beat Chris King & Scotty Beach; Ace Rockwell b Super Punk and Johnny Slaughter and Kyle Matthews in a 4-WAY to become the first PWE Internet Champion..

  63. February 22, 2009--R&B Entertainment Wrestling in Jesup, Georgia at the Cracker Williams Recreation Center: Ox Madison defeated Bigg Joe, Lamar Phillips defeated James SWAT, Donovan Sweet w/Miss Lolli defeated Ash Kristiansen by DQ, Morgan Davis defeated Morbid Angel, Jamie Hall defeated Drew Blood w/Walker Vaughan, Playboy Jason Hayes defeated Vernon J in a No-DQ Match, Fuego defeated Blade Walker by countout, The Threat Club (Lance Alonte & Ash Kristiansen) defeated The Gangsta Nation (E-Dawg & Cameron LaRue), R&B Entertainment Heavyweight Championship: FEAR (c) defeated Phoenix. As a result, Phoenix lost his mask...

  64. February 22, 2009--Wrecking Ball Wrestling in Dallas, Texas at Mexico Lindo Arena: Regrub b Aftershock and Russian Rage in a 3-WAY, Alektra Blue b Claudia, Ironheart b Josh McKnight, Thomas Baker b Syar & Dr. Knuckles & Evil Eddie Lacroix by DQ in a Handicap match, Jason Silver & Billy Club b The Bong Brothers and The Bad Boyz in a 3-WAY Tag match, The All American Mad Dog b Big Hurd.. [reported by William Martin]

  65. February 22, 2009--XICW in Warren, Michigan at the Ritz: Zach Gowen b Kid Hybrid and Jeff Brooks and TD and Sonny Scarboni and Kid Tatik in a 6-WAY, Eddie Venom b Gutter, Brain Damage b Levi Blue, DBA b N8 Mattson, Skull Ganz b Devil Dawg, Jaimy Coxxx b Truth Martini, Marty Jannetty b Jimmy Jacobs, Necro Butcher b Toby Klein...

  66. February 26, 2009--AIW in Lakewood, Ohio at Put in Bay:

  67. February 27, 2009--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Cherry Street Gym: B.J. Hancock defeated Mike Posey; Skirra Corvus defeated Kasanova; Adrian Hawkins defeated Thunderfoot #3; Kareem Abdul Jamar defeated Strictnyn by DQ; Duncan Enterprises (Saint Henry & Brandon Parker, with Kevin Duncan) defeated Shadow Jackson & Don Matthews.

  68. February 27, 2009--Folkstyle Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, Georgia: Jake Diamond vs. Jaebo ended in a no contest when Big Nasty interfered. Bobby Moore w/Amy Morgan b Kaiden Knight. Frankie Valentine defeated Ron Stalker. J-Rod defeated Murder 1. Cru Jones defeated Bulldog Raines..

  69. February 27, 2009--Pro Wrestling Eklipse in Zephyrhills, Florida: Jasin Sane defeated Anthony Devlin & Juvi D. The James Boys defeated James Morrison & Eddie Brock. "Vigilante" Mark Zout defeated Aaron Epic. The Biff defeated Bobby Fonte & Deathrow Jethrow. Marc Mandrake & Fracture defeated Matt Ripley & Rick Riot. Luis Matos defeated Torcher by countout. Kennedy Kendrick defeated Paradox to retain the Eklipse Hybrid championship..

  70. February 27, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in New Bedford, Massachusetts at the Creative Auction Hall: "Straight Edge" Brian Fury b Jason Axe, Johnny Anger b "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet, Duke Bronson b Matt Taven, The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) b "The Epic" Mike Bennett & Ryan Waters to retain the TRP Tag Team Championship, Roxxi b Lea Morrison (w/ Sean Gorman), Freight Train b Buck Nasty (w/ Sean Gorman), B.K. Jordan b The Guy to retain the TRP Interstate Championship after "The Epic" Mike Bennett interfered, Jason Blade b Timmy Aiight, Isys Ephex b Spike Dudley in a Dog Collar match after Johnny Anger interfered. [reported by Shawn O.]

  71. February 28, 2009--All-Star Wrestling and - Holla Back in Spring Hill, Florida at the Towne Square: Paradox b Matt Ripley, MuskOx Mercury & Moonshine McCoy b Damien Angel & Eddie Brock, Dave Logan b Ray Beez, James Morrison vs. Vinndetta ended in a No Contest after interference by The Virus, Alex Decay b Sideshow, Joshua Masters b Jude Mackenzie, Simon Sez b Super Grover, Da Biff b Luis Matos, The North East Allstars b Shayne Swyft & Nooie Lee..

  72. February 28, 2009--All-Star Wrestling Alliance - Bad Intentions (2nd annual "Pistol Pez Whatley Memorial Tag Team Tournament") in Lexington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory: The York Foundation (Paco Loco/Adam Awesome) defeated Lethal Assassin & Jason Michaels. Bobo Brazil Jr. & Ouga Booga defeated Greg Allen & Chris Watts. York Foundation defeated Bobo Brazil, Jr., & Ouga Booga to win the tournament. In a tournament to crown the first ASWA Champion, Matt Houston defeated Honky Tonk Matt, George South defeated Ryan Markae, Matt Houston defeated Jimmy Jack Funk, Jr., and Matt Houston defeated George South to win the title. In a non-tournament match, Terrific Tony defeated Joshua Valen.

  73. February 28, 2009--American Championship Wrestling in Laurinburg, North Carolina at the Armory: Alex Adonis defeated Scott Power to retain the ACW belt. Futonga defeated Red Thunder by countout. Dylan Kage defeated Chris Steele to win the ACW Cruiserweight title. Ty Tyson defeated Lumbee Warrior. Cham-Pain & Ethan Storm defeated Johnny Lightning & Rob McBride. Rusty Rhodes defeated Dave renegade by DQ. Dalton Adams defeated Randal Blade...

  74. February 28, 2009--Championship Wrestling Alliance in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Civic Auditorium: Moe Jenkins b Adam Maggart, Cody Ices b Scotty Roberts and J.C. Roberts and Ryan Dookie and Kole Layton King and Eric Steele in a 6-WAY, Tony Givens b Chase Owens, Eric Darkstorm b Nick Hammonds, Robbie Cassidy b Jason Kincaid, Brian Logan b Sarah Lynn, Alyx Winters b Ricky Morton, Tony Givens b Eric Darkstorm, Robbie Cassidy b Brian Logan, Chris Richards & Steve Fury b Wayne Adkins & Ray Idol, Robbie Cassidy b Tony Givens to win best of the best tournament..

  75. February 28, 2009--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Pompano Beach, Florida at Jimmy Snuka's Bodyslam University: Pablo Marquez & Nacio Barone defeated Dade County Collision. The Silencer defeated Sean Phoenix. Alex Chamberlain defeated American Taliban by DQ. Mikail Koloff defeated Bad Dog Bullock. Jessika Haze defeated Sybil Pageant. Shane McLane defeated KGB. Dirty White Boy defeated Ace Skyfighter. J.T. Flash & J.B. Cool defeated Kahagas & American Taliban.

  76. February 28, 2009--Culture Shock Wrestling in Mossy Head, Florida: "The Big Deal" Ryan Holland defeated "the 21st Century Human Highlight Film" Scotty Rayz. Mike Metal defeated the Amish Assassin. "Mr. USA" T.A. Jones defeated Mr. Irresistible. "The Initial Shock" J.T. Angel & Extreme G, w/"Miss BK" "Busty" Becki Kennedy, defeated "Mr. Violence" Jon Ryker by DQ. Joe Milo defeated "Scarface" Terry Ryker. Billy Rayz, David Prime & Mike Metal defeated Mr. Personality, "Pure" Doug Pitt & "the Human Wrecking Machine" Dunham. "The Chocolate Boy Wonder" Marcus Gibbs defeated "the Golden One" Aaron Idol after a distraction by "BTY" Colby Godwin. "The Afro Samurai" Bruce Marshell defeated "Supernerd" Lane Smart and Victor Cru and "Mr. Syndicated Saturday Night" "BTY" Colby Godwin in a fatal 4-way to become the new CSW champion. DJ Durst (w/J.T. Angel & Extreme G) defeated "the Master of Devastation" Cameron Frost in a Mossy Head Street Fight..

  77. February 28, 2009--Flatline Championship Wrestling in Grovetown, Georgia at the Columbia County Fairgrounds' Exhibition Building: Kid Kash defeated Venom. Johnny Blaze defeated Big Game James. Hans Baumgartner defeated the Common Man to win the FCW Rage Division title. Ethan Case defeated Jeremy Cruze. Sixx defeated Darkness. Nick Kismet defeated Cali Casanova. Devon Wright defeated BMF Champion Matt F'n Crosby to become #1 contender for the FCW Heavyweight Championship. Jon Malus defeated Devon Wright to retain the FCW Heavyweight Championship..

  78. February 28, 2009--Fog City Wrestling in San Francisco, California at the DNA Lounge: Dan Danielson b Khan Abadi, Caesar Black Xperience vs. Reno SCUM ended in a No Contest, Dana Lee b Dave Dutra, Chupacabra b Adam Thornstowe, JWO b Sideshow, Dyland Drake b Matt Carlos, King Dabada b Oliver John, Morgan b Nikki and Fire and Erica in a 4-WAY, Todd Bridges & Hernandez & Savio Vega b Late Night Primetime by DQ (then Todd turned on his partners afterwards)..

  79. February 28, 2009--Force One Pro Wrestling - Crossing The Line in Barnegat, New Jersey before 450 fans: Little Jeannie b Anthony "Deadman" Graves, RYU Lee lost his Junior title in an 8 man Survivor match, The Repeat Offenders vs. Rockin Rebel & surprise partner Baby Huey ended in a No Contest, Danny Gimondo (former Inferno Kid) b Judas Young, Johnny the Pizza Boy Calzone & Nicky Benz b White Lotus & Breaker Morant by DQ, Diego DeMarco b PATCH in a singapore cane match to win the Iron League title, Stevie Richards b Danny Doring to win the Heavyweight title.. [reported by John Sollog]

  80. February 28, 2009--Global Championship Wrestling in Pell City, Alabama at the Pell City Civic Center:

  81. February 28, 2009--Next Era Wrestling Niagara - Mayhem at St. Matthews Fundraiser in North Tonawanda, New York in front of approx. 200 fans: The Coverboys (Cade Cassidy & Tommy Caliber) b The Barrio Boys ("Rican Sensation" Maximo Suave & Luis Whiteshoes), "The Grand Pumpkin" Johnny Swift b Ryot by countout, Mike Kovac, b Tommy Mandrake, Eric Emanon, b Freddie Midnight, "The Amazing" Kevin Grace b "Exceptional Icon" Eric Everlast, Brandon Thurston b Mike Radski, "The Mastiff" Calrissian b Jimmy Andrews (after the match Mastiff continued to abuse Andrews and three referees Andrew Mollon, Dan Kriegbaum, and Jonathon Ashe, came to the ring to try to stop Mastiff and in turn all three were laid out by the out-of-control Mastiff), "Party Guy Brett Mednik & "Inferno" Johnny Adams b Jonny Puma & Chris Cooper by countout in the main event (Special referee for the match was St. Matthews Lutheran School's principal, who had had a run-in with the arrogant Jonny Puma earlier in the evening).

  82. February 28, 2009--TPWA in Garland, Texas at the Jackson Technological Center: Renegade b Michael Walker, The Medics (w/Dr. Phil D Payne & Nurse Ophelia Payne) b Genesis (Carrion Arcane & Kris Haiden), SB-1 b Donny Davenport to retain the Cruiserweight title, Spoiler 2000 b "Solid Gold" Gregory Symonds in a #1 Contenders match, Alectra Blue b Casey Chaos, Action Jackson b Crash to retain the TPWA Heavyweight title, Bash w/General Skandor Akbar b Slam Shady to win the TPWA American title.. [reported by Rob Moore]

  83. February 28, 2009--POWW in Oswego, Illinois before 75 fans: Chris Cairo won a Battle Royal, Trevor Blanchard b DJ Donnie Dynamite, Justin James & Black Iron b Matt Mayhem & Chris Cairo, Scott Spade b King Kanoa, Hardcore Craig b Galactic Grappler, Jimmy Blaze b Ruff Crossing .. [reported by Rob Myers]

  84. February 28, 2009--Premier Wrestling Showcase in York, South Carolina: Lee Valiant b Little Kimo, Big Country b Patrick Wright, Xsiris b Derek Ryze, Charlie Dreamer b Nick Richards, Jake Manning b Mike Lee, Team Macktion (Kirby & T.J. Mack) b Caleb Konley & Brandon P, Joey Silvia b Marcellus King, Abyss b Craig Huffman.. [reported by Michael Carpenter]

  85. February 28, 2009--Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Jaysin Strife & Vic Victory b Zac James & Preston Maxwell, Nate Bash b Stephen Saint, Joey Daniels b Donnie Peppercricket, Brett Young b Yellow Dog, Arik Cannon b Ryan Cruz, Mark Sterling b Mike Sydal, Chris Havius b Tony Cortez, Jeremy Wyatt b Sonjay Dutt and Hype Gotti in a 3-WAY..

  86. February 28, 2009--Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in Jackson, Ohio at the Memorial Building:

  87. February 28, 2009--Ring Wars Carolina - Relay for Life in ?????? at the Hoke Middle School: "Nite-Stic Eddie" Brown b Petey Bangz to retain The Ring Wars Carolina title, Johnny Rockstar b Andrea the Giant & Angel Kross in a handicap match, B & D Productions b PoPo Da Klown & Rage to become the new RWC Tag Team Champions, Devious Tre b Simply Delicious Dino and The New Nature Boy in a 3-WAY to win a match against any champion on a future show, "The Scandinavian Sweetheart" Mia S. b Ken "Mommas Boy" Shirt to become the new RWC National Champion, "Screaming Eagle" Andy McDanils b Hangtyme to regain his RWC TV Title...

  88. February 28, 2009--SCW - Retribution in Poulsbo, Washington at the Suquamish Tribal Center: Patrick Large & The D-Mob b Larkin O'Shea & Jimmy Flame & Hoss Tull, Iron Buddah b Christopher Ryseck in a no-DQ match, Keith Atkins & J.D. Mason vs. Big Red Rum & Marion Gein battled to a double-DQ, Dean da Drifta b Steve Rush in a hardcore match, Lylah Lodge b Sunni Daze to retain the SCW Women's title, Azul Angel b Dash Venture to win the SCW title when Dale Houston counted the fall while the referee was knocked out.. [reported by Charles Short]

  89. February 28, 2009--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Carrollton, Georgia: Adrian Hawkins defeated Andrew Pendleton III. "The Hawaiian Princess" Tracy Taylor defeated Sumie Sakai to retain the Women's title. Jeremy Vain defeated Shooting Star. Frankie Valentine & J-Rod defeated Sal Rinauro & Billy Knight in a Lumberjack match. Cru Jones defeated Rob Adonis w/J.P. Money in a promoter's choice match. the Nightmare & Kyle Matthews defeated Bulldog Raines & Josh Stone by DQ when Stone hit referee Jeff McGowan with a chair (Raines & Stone are still the tag team champions). The referees of the evening were McGowan, Ricky Spears, Mr. Koonce, and Spanky Emerson.

  90. February 28, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in Franklin, Massachusetts at the Elks Lodge: Freight Train b Jason Axe, "The Epic" Mike Bennett b The Guy, Johnny Anger b "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet, Carlos Roselas b La Parka Dos, The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) b Isys Ephex & Duke Bronson (w/ Sean Gorman) to retain the TRP Tag Team Championship, Lea Morrison b Barbie in a hardcore match, "Buck Nasty" Jared Gaw b Ryan Waters (w/ Sean Gorman), Jason Blade (substituing for Frankie Arion) b TRP Interstate Champion B.K. Jordan in a Brass Knuckles match (Jordan retained the championship, because he was signed to defend against Frankie Arion and not Blade). [reported by Shawn O.]

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