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  1. April 3, 2009--APW in ?????, Georgia: John Carnage pinned Slim J, Dany Only defeated Bo Newsom, Chris King defeated Azrael, Donovan Sweet defeated Todd Sexton, Shadow Jackson & The Franchise defeated JT Talent & The Marvelous Superstars, Brandon Parker defeated Alejandro Bravo, Skirra Corvus defeated Antwan Jordan.. [reported by Bill Behrens]

  2. April 3, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in Fort Edward, New York at the High School:

  3. April 4, 2009--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: The BS Express b Thomas Rodriguez & Bobby Vee, Bandido Jr b Envy, Vince Steele & Brooke Carter b Vicious Vin & Roxxie Cotton in a mixed tag team match, Dover b Rob Vegas, Saints Of Brutality (Stockade & Brolly) b William Wyeth in a handicap match to win the tag team titles, Andrew "Tiny" Johnson b Mike Donovan by DQ when Dover interfered, Bruno Marciano b Chris Rockwell, Shawn Walker b Benny Martinez to retain the Diamond Division title, Dan Maff & Mo Sexton b Joe Hardway & William Wyeth...

  4. April 4, 2009--Full Effect Wrestling in Tyler, Texas at FEW Arena: Matt Seeker b Doink the Clown, Ronnie the Red b Dick Dallas, Alex Porteau b Tim Storm, Rudy Gonzalez b Rancid Jack w/Mikey Malice in an Extreme Rules match, Aaron Eagle b Nobe Bryant & Athena in a Mixed Handicap match, Spoiler 2000 b FEW Southern Heritage champion Khan by DQ, Jeff & Jerry Brown b FEW Tag Team champions Simply Irrestistable (Robert Evans & Matt Palmer) by DQ, Rory Fox b James Claxton to win the FEW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Rob Moore, FEW Ring Announcer]

  5. April 4, 2009--ISPW in Freehold, New Jersey: ISPW owner Tommy Fierro inducted Ace Darling into the ISPW Hall of Fame, Bonecrusher Sampson b Julio Dinero after Dinero was distracted by his own valet Miss Michelle, The Logan Brothers b Danny Doring & Christian York, Big Rick Fuller b Crowbar Devon Storm, Late Night with Nicky Benz interviewing ISPW General Manager Nicholas Nice (confrontation with Nunzio), Nunzio b H.C. Loc after Nice's interference back fired, Flash b "Dangerous" Danny Davis, Josh Daniels b Manu (sub for Michael Modest) by Submission, Danny Inferno b Judas Young in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match to win the ISPW World Heavyweight title.. [reported by Tommy Fierro]

  6. April 4, 2009--Independent Wrestling Entertainment in Brewer, Maine: The Real JJB defeated Chris Sage, "Hazard" Paul Hudson defeated Union Jack, General Deuce and Micah Kincade fought to a No Contest when General Deuce beat down Kincade with a baton, "Rockstar" Chris Cole w/Kevin Tyler defeated "The White War Pony" Johnny Primer w/Marion Lawless to win the Twin Cities Championship, Masked Wrestlers Anonymous defeated The Lawless Alliance, "Aftershock" Adam Ricker defeated Larry "Wildman" Wilder, Ryan London defeated Bobby Knox, Tommy Lane and Anthony Hamlin to win the Heart of a Champion Throphy this was a strange match that started out as a tag team match pitting London and Lane vs. Knox and Hamlin, when Hamlin was eliminated it became a three way, "The Walking Weapon" Casey Duncan defeated Cameron Matthews by DQ when The Mark Moment came out and attacked Duncan, Bobby Knox and Anthony Hamlin came out to help Duncan but joined with Moment and Matthews creating the Superfecta, "Jivin" Jimmy Capone defeated The Mark Moment in a Last Man Standing Match to win the IWE Championship

  7. April 4, 2009--IWF Lucha Libre in Denver, Colorado at the National Western Stockshow Complex: .. [reported by]

  8. April 4, 2009--NAWA Ring Champions in Cedartown, Georgia at the Purks Building:

  9. April 4, 2009--Next Era Wrestling - Niagara Supremacy in Wheatfield, New York at The Meeting Place in front of 250+ fans: Jonny Puma and Chris Cooper and Kevin Grace and "Mastiff" Will Calrissian were the final four combatants in a 25-man battle royal and would wrestle in the main event in a four-way elimination match, Brandon Thurston b Mike Radski by submission, The Coverboys (Cade Cassidy & Tommy Caliber) b Brian & Eric Emanon and Barry & Brian Hardy and Curtis Walker and Ikiaka in a tag team gauntlet match, Eric Everlast b "Big Rig" Brodie Lee, "Inferno" Johnny Adams b Tommy Mandrake (after the match manager The Cesar recruited Tommy Mandrake to join Cesar's Empire and Mandrake joined Ceasar's people Ryot and valet Purple to brawl with Johnny Adams, Brett Mednik and Jimmy Andrews), "Amazing" Kevin Grace b Jonny Puma and Chis Cooper and Will Calrissian in a four-way elimination match to become the inaugural N.E.W.-Niagara Heavyweight Champion (order of elimination: Puma was eliminated by Cooper...Grace eliminated Cooper....Grace eliminated Calrissian).. [reported by Mark Orship]

  10. April 4, 2009--Ring Wars Carolina in Raeford, North Carolina at the Raeford National Guard Armory: Andrea "the GIANT" b Chunk'n'Dale to retain the RWC TV title, Rage b Ken "Mama's Boy" Shirt and Bobby Wohlfert in a three-way dance, Petey Bangz b PoPo da Klown, RWC Tag Team champions BD Productions vs. the Natural Alliance ended when the Nite-Stic Cliq stormed the ring and ruled the match a no contest, Nite-Stic Eddie Brown b Cletus Bass to retain the RWC Heavyweight title, Hangtyme b Angel Kross.

  11. April 4, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in Bellingham, Massachusetts at the Middle School: Isys Ephex (w/ "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman) b "Straight Edge" Brian Fury, The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) b "H20" Ryan Waters & "White Lion" Jim Tanner to retain the TRP Tag Team titles, "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet b Max Moon, Luscious Latasha & Barbie b Mistress Belmont & Lea Morrison (w/ "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman), "The Epic" Mike Bennett b Stevie Richards to win the TRP Heavyweight title, The Guy & Spike Dudley b Johnny Anger & B.K. Jordan, Freight Train b Buck Nasty (w/ "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards) in 45 seconds, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake b Big Daddy Bravo. [reported by Shawn O.]

  12. April 4, 2009--Total Wrestling Federation - Aftermath in Modesto, California at the Red Shield Community Center: Michael Nothing b Steven "The Beast" Smith, Freeman Theodore Whitaker & Ink b Terminal Velocity, Ekstazy & Steel Johnson b Anthrax & The Jake, Ron Rufio b Murph and Matt Justice w/Alex Morrow in a 3-WAY, Carnie Craig b CJ Profit, The A-Team w/Whitley b Lockjaw & Chris Cardenas w/Alex Morrow, Scorpion b Ashton w/Crystal to retain the TWF HeavyWeight Championship. .. [reported by]

  13. April 5, 2009--American Xtreme Wrestling - Sunday Night Slamamania in Sandy: Utah: Xander Van Meer b Lil Sic; Super Destroyer b Jagger Lane; Tristan Gallo b Joey Terrofyin; Blitz b Dallas Murdock (w/Doc Skurlock); Love Machine (Chip, El Gato Verde, & "Cold Blood" Kendall Rush w/Nevaeh Lee) b Kissin' Cousins (Cobra, Duelie, & Plankton) with "The Epic" Jeff Orcut as the guest referee; "The Epic" Jeff Orcut won a hardcore battle royal; Khan Kussino b AXW Heavyweight champion Derrick Jannetty to win the title

  14. April 7, 2009--ACW in ??????, Florida at the Bourbon Street Night Club: Bam Bam Moreau b Smashin' Swiss Steve, KK Ramone b. LR11, Irish Jack Hurley b. Slyck Sleazy, Betsy Ruth b. Valentina w/George Martell by DQ, Nooie Lee & Sinn Bowdee b. Shawn Spears & S.C. Hell, Los Ben Dejos b. The Sons of Liberty (Marvel and Tribal), Sideshow b Jimmy Whiplash and Devin Dalton in a 3-WAY to retain the ACW Heavywieght Title, "Roughhouse" Ralph Mosca b. Mandrake w/Ferrari in an ACW Death Match..

  15. April 10, in Charlotte, North Carolina at Charlotte Grady Cole Center: Daffney b Steffy, Charlie Dreamer b Barbarian, Caleb Konley & Joey Silvia b Team Macktion (TJ Mack & Kirby Mack), Richie Steamboat b Jake Manning with special referee Tommy Young.... Reid & David Flair w/Ric Flair b Mr. Florida & Masked Superstar special referee Tommy Young... Roddy Piper did a Piper's Pit talking about working in the Charlotte territory. Piper interviewed Reid and David Flair, followed by "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

  16. April 10, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in New Bedford, Massachusetts at the Creative Auction Center: Matt Taven b TRP Interstate Champion B.K. Jordan by DQ in a title match (Jordan retained the championship), The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) b "The Punisher" Don Vega & Tony "Da Fonz" DelFonzo to retain the TRP Tag Team titles, "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet b Mikko, Ryan Waters (w/ Sean Gorman) vs. Jason Blade ended in a time limit draw, TRP Heavyweight Champion "The Epic" Mike Bennett b The Guy in a non-title match, Freight Train b "The Loverboy" Ricky Williams, Luscious Latasha b Buck Nasty (w/ Sean Gorman) in less than 60 seconds in an intergender match, Spike Dudley & Big Daddy Bravo b Brutal Bob Evans & Johnny Anger in a tag team tables match. [reported by Shawn O.]

  17. April 11, 2009--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: Chris Rockwell b Eddie Escobar, Saints Of Brutality b BS Express by DQ to retain the Tag Team titles, Bruno Marciano b Thomas Rodriguez, Mo Sexton & Mike Donovan b Joe Hardway & William Wyeth, Wes Draven b CK Kross, Johnson 2 Johnson b Giovanni Marranca & Thomas Rodriguez, Dover b Vince Steele, Dan Maff b Benny Martinez to retain the ACE Heavyweight title..

  18. April 11, 2009--Powerhouse Pro Wrestling - The Cellar in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin: "The Lucha Killer" Josh Calisto b. PHPW Cruiserweight Champion Farmer Opie in a non-title match, PHPW World Heavyweight Champion Farmer Bruce Allen b. Sexy K.C. by DQ when The Convict broke up the Sharp Shooter, Michael Styner b. The Blue Jabroni by Submission, PHPW Cruiserweight Champion Farmer Opie b. "The Lucha Killer" Josh Calisto and Ryan Stone in a 3-WAY to retain the PHPW Cruiserweight title, The Honorable Judge Jesse (w/ E. Michael Van Snap) b Joshua Prime, Baby Haystacks & The Convict vs. Farmer Bruce Allen & Sexy K.C. ended in a NO CONTEST. After the match it was announced that for the fatal 4 way next week for those four men, PHPW GM Andrew Dillon would be special guest referee! [Reported by Chris Hansen]

  19. April 11, 2009--Rampage Pro Wrestling in Macon, Georgia before 330 fans: A.J. Steele won a Battle Royal, Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon b Pit Bull & Sam Slaughter, Kyle Matthews & Chip Day b J-Rod & Ace Rockwell, Frankie Valentine b Adryan Hawkins, A.J. Stele b Johnny Slaughter, Tracy Taylor b Isis (Isis is billed at 6-10 and works like a female Great Khali), Shawn Shultz & Sigmon b Colt Derringer & Rob Adonis, Dr. Johnny Gayton b Cru Jones in a hair vs. hair match, Micah Taylor b Murder One in a Steel Cage match .. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  20. April 11, 2009--UPWA in Shallotte, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 175 fans: Tito Rains b The Destroyer via DQ, Truck b Eric Evans, Nigerian Nightmares b Velvet/Adrian Street, Carnage b K.G.B., Christopher Shane b Tony Mask, Main Attraction b Southern Gangsters, Beast b Baltimore Bad Boy ..

  21. April 12, 2009--IWF Premier Pro-Wrestling Entertainment in Golden, Colorado at the Buffalo Rose Saloon: Ring of Honor Champion Jerry F'N Lynn b Chris Wrath, Arik Angel b Chris Hollister, Suicide Tuesday vs Tiger Smith & Damien Payne ended in a 10 minute time limit, Hoodlum b Tony Tsunami in a Semi-Final match, Jay Synn b Adrian Grimm in a Semi-Final match, Joshua Michael b Brandon Morris, Prodigee b Loverboy Dennis Condrey, Hoodlum b Jay Synn in the Finals to win the IWF Heavyweight title (Broonx cashes in the IWF Bankroll challenging the IWF Champion), Bronx b Hoodlum to win the IWF Heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  22. April 15, 2009--Championship Wrestling in Bud, West Virginia at the Pow Wow Center: Paul Thorn & John Curtis b Michael Cook & "Dangerous" Dave Scott, Shanghai Pierce b Stacy Mclamb, Dr. Roger Hamm b Chris Milenko, Joey Morton b "Mad Dog" David Lynch, The Outlaws (Eric St Clair & The Mighty Ho Jo) vs. The Children Of Revolution (Todd Austin & Kayden Pheonix) ended in a Double DQ when Joey Morton & Dave Scott hit the ring causing all 6 men to fight each other.. [reported by Todd Hassett]

  23. April 17, 2009--Power Wrestling Association in Ponchatoula, Louisiana at the PLC:

  24. April 18, 2009--Power Wrestling Association in Plaquamine, Louisiana:

  25. April 18, 2009--Powerhouse Pro Wrestling - The Amerahn in Kewaskum, Wisconsin : Ryan Sax b. Cameron Cross, "Hot Stuff" Michael Styner w/ Steve Storm b. The Blue Jabroni by submission, Krazy Gorman b. The Ninja Warrior, Mr. U.S.A. (making his PHPW debut) won a battle royal to become PHPW United States Champion, Farmer Opie & Ryan Stone b. "The Lucha Killer" Josh Calisto & "Stunning" Steve Storm, The Honorable Judge Jesse w/ E. Michael Van Snap b Joshua Prime, Baby Haystacks b. The Convict and Farmer Bruce Allen and Sexy K.C. in a 4-WAY to become the NEW PHPW World Heavyweight Champion!.. [Reported by Chris Hansen]

  26. April 18, 2009--Top Rope Promotions in Brockton, Massachusetts at the Boys & Girls Club:

  27. April 18, 2009--Total Wrestling Federation - Doomsday in Sacramento, California at the Colonial Theater: The A-Team w/"Downtown" Whitley Brown b Steel Johnson & Carnie Craig to retain the Tag Team titles after Carnie Craig walked out of the match. Raz Ryno b "Big Shot" Cabeebo after an odd display of public drunkenness by Cabeebo, Ashton w/Crystal b Michael Nothing, Ron Rufio b Sick Case in a Ladder Match to become the new TWF Television Champion, Matt Justice & Mike Omega & Jaysin Skye w/Alex Morrow b Murph & Donovan Andrews & Jorge Parra, Terminal Velocity b The Knockout Kings w/Layne Taylor and LockJaw & Chris Cardenas w/Alex Morrow in a 3-WAY #1 Contenders Tag Team match (After the match, Layne Taylor confronted Head Referee Tara about problems between the two. "Downtown" Whitley Brown defended Tara and forced Layne to return backstage), Scorpion b Esktazy and Anthrax in a 3-WAY Steel Cage match to retain the TWF Heavyweight Championship. .. [reported by]

  28. April 19, 2009--American Xtreme Wrestling - Sunday Night Slam in Sandy: Utah: Love Machine (El Gato Verde & "American Gigolo" Chip) b Mysterioso & Crazy Power; Super Destroyer b Jagger Lane & "Cold Blood" Kendall Rush in a Handicap match; "Mr. Syclon" Mach Martinez b Lil Sic in an Xtreme Rules match; Morgan b Nevaeh Lee; Blitz b "The Epic" Jeff Orcut and Ca$$idy n a Triple Threat match; AXW Heavyweight champion Khan Kussion b Tony Mann

  29. April 19, 2009--Tupalip Championship Wrestling in Tulalip, Washington at the Boys & Girls Club: Azul Angel b Paul Raze, Tony Baroni b Manther, Caden Mathews vs. Exile battled to a double countout, WildCard b Bubba Blanchard, Johnny Obsession b El Phantasmo, J-Sin Sullivan b Wade Hess in a pole match.. [reported by Charles Short]

  30. April 19, 2009--XICW in Warren, Michigan: Gutter b Kid Statik, Mo Dread b Tommy Johnson, DBA b Chuck Wagon, Jeff Brooks & TD b Eddie Venom & Josh Raymond, Levi Blue b Willie Watts, Levi Blue b Devil Dawg, Vinny & Sonny Scarboni b Johnny Delicious, Jaimy Coxx b Jimmy Jacobs in a death match, Necro Butcher b Mad Man Pondo in a staple gun match.. [reported by Brian Gorie]

  31. April 22, 2009--Championship Wrestling in Bud, West Virginia at The Pow Wow Center: Rip Manson b John Curtis, Shanghai Pierce b Paul Thorn, Dr. Roger Hamm b Michael Cook, Eric St Clair b Chris Milenko, Todd Austin b "Dangerous" Dave Scott, Joey Morton & Dave Scott vs. Children Of Revolution (Todd Austin & Kayden Pheonix) ended in double DQ when the Outlaws (Eric St Clair & The Mighty Ho Jo) attacked both teams to get revenge from the previous week.. [reported by todd hassett]

  32. April 24, 2009--APW in ?????, Georgia: The Franchise b The Marvelous Superstars, Jeremy Vain & Taco Delgado b Donovan Sweet in a handicap match, Azrael & Skirra Corvus b Kareem Abdul Jamar & Bo Newsom, North Georgia Champion Dustin Knight b BJ Hancock, Chris King b Mike Posey, John Carnage w/Seth Delay b Shadow Jackson w/Slim J with referee Mike Posey (After the match; Jackson, Delay & Don Matthews were all beaten down in the ring at the hands of Carnage, Delay & Knight)..

  33. April 24, 2009--AMF in Waukesha, Wisconsin at the Entertainment Center before 117 Fans: "Cadillac" Nick Colucci b Matt "Love Machine" Longtime, Mason Quinn b "Diamond" Dave DeMone with the "Exploder", Dinn T. More b "Simply Amazing" Justin Dredd with and inverted DVD into and elbow drop for the NWA Heartland States title, The McCoy's (Mickey & Chase) b American History Next (Steve Stone & Hardcore Craig) to win both the Brew City Wrestling & NWA-WI Tag Team titles, Derek St. Holmes b Sam Hayne with a victory roll for the Brew City Wrestling No Limits title, "Cadillac" Nic Colucci won the 23 Man Battle Rumble, TC Washinton b Chris Black in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Brew City Wrestling Heavyweight..

  34. April 25, 2009--Atomic Championship Wrestling in Smokestown, Pennsylvania at the Smokestown Fire Hall: Miss Dixe w/Emily Strange b Ashley Nicely w/Heavy D to retain the ACW Women's title after IB Green powerbombed on Nicely while the referee was distracted, Glenn Osbourne & Bill Bain b High Voltage & Mark Angel, Louis G Rich w/Mr. Saturday Night b Alan Cross (w/Ashley Nicely & Heavy D), Kage b Big Poppa Chill w/ECW Hat Guy, The Angels of Justice (Joey Mansoni & James Justice) b The Fiend Club (Hayne & Magus), Andy Header b IB Green and Paul Jardine and Fab Frank in a 4-WAY Elimination match to retain the ACW Welterweight Title, Kras Van Tassel & Rick Ryder b KFC (Kory Kastle & Rick Feinberg), Dusty Loads vs. Massive Mike w/Ashley Nicely ended in a Double Countout, Twisted Tate & Jon Dahmer b The Perfect 10, Kitt & "All Day Long" Rob Daly b The Russians to win the ACW Tag Team titles, Rockin Rebel vs. Mean Mark Mest ended in a No Contest after constant interference from Mr Saturday Night and Kage, Trent Acid b "Mr. 450" Rich Swann, Sick Rick Havoc b Mr. Saturday Night to win the ACW National Title .. [reported by Heavy D and]

  35. April 25, 2009--Brew City Wrestling in Middleton, Wisconsin at the KEVA Sports Center before 75 Fans: Frankie "Thumper" DeFalco b Jazon Parxxz by DQ after Jett Bennett interfered (The DeFalco said he didn't travel all this way to win by DQ and he was going to the back to get a partner. He brought out Sam Hayne), Frankie DeFalco & Sam Hayne b Jazon Parxxz & Jett Bennett when Hayne pinned Bennett with a Huevey Driver, TC Washington b TWIII, Mystique b Ann Brookstone in a Ladies match, Tony Scarpone b Steve Saddist, Dinn T. More b "Cadillac" Nick Coluuci by DQ (After the match; Din T challenge Colluci to a cage match on May 30 at the KEVA Sports Center), American History Next b Matt "Love Machine" Longtime & Brandon Blaze..

  36. April 25, 2009--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: ComPro Heavyweight Champion "The Annihilator" Draven Cross b Ty Thunder, Cold Blooded Chris b Tyson Armstrong, The Canadian Luchadore b Ignition (w/ The Shadow of Death), Kevin Morgan b Das Karnage, The Amazing Bolo b Dexter "Hard Times" Hardaway by DQ, El Super Colibri b Brett Taylor and Reckless (w/ The Shadow of Death) in a Triple Threat Match, The Canadian Red Devil b Jesus Rodriguez by Countout.. [reported by]

  37. April 25, 2009--Impact Zone Wrestling in Lawton, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: Ky-ote Joe b "The Gifted" Eric Rose and "The Billion Dollar Superstar" Randy Price in a 3-WAY to become the #1 contender to the IZW Impact Division Title, "The Great" Dane Griffin b Montego Seeka, "The Celtic Warrior" John O'Malley b Tyson Jaymes, "High Energy" Jermaine Johnson b Austin Tacious, Carnage b "Brawler" Shane Rawls by Countout, IZW Tag Team Champions Impact Inc. (Johnny Z & Bernie D) b Crisstopher Crow & Aaron Neil.. [reported by www.IZWrestling]

  38. April 25, 2009--Mid-States Wrestling in Harrison, Arkansas at the Fairgrounds Indoor Expo Building: Ring Announcer Mike Iles announced that awards would be given out for "Best of 2008" as voted by the fans..... *Most Hated Wrestler 2008 went to Stephen E. (Gary Gram accepted the award on Stephen's behalf and later covered Stephen's name with tape and wrote his own name on the tape), *Most Popular Wrestler 2008 Award went to "The Space Cowboy" Jason Jones, Darling Dustin Heritage b Lars Manderson, *Most Shocking Moment of 2008 went to Michael Barry for when he turned on his longtime adviser Stephen E, "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram b James Perry, "The Real Deal Adrian Steel b "Lockdown" Tony Raze, Doomsday b Jim Fallon, Match of the Year 2008 Award was from May 3, 2008 (Big Bubba Hall & David O'Neal & Lisa Johnson b Cast-Iron Cothern & Sugar Shane Morbid & Boss Campbell), Handsome Jack Legacy b El Matador Uno to retain the Coastal Commonwealth title, The Old School Express (Jake Boulder & Jason Jones) b Texas Inc. (Tim Rockwell & Bernard Funk) to become new #1 contenders to the Southern Tag Team Titles (After the match, Southern Tag Team champions The Jet Setters attacked The Old School Express), "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry b "Mr. Endurance" Sugar Shane Morbid (with Boss Campbell) to retain the MSW Heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  39. April 25, 2009--Powerhouse Pro Wrestling in Dundee, Wisconsin at The Road House: .. [reported by ]

  40. April 25, 2009--Warriors of Wrestling - Hostile Takeover in Staten Island, New York: B.A. Kidd & Chris Cartagena b The Latin Revolution (c) and The Wifebeaters in a 3-WAY TLC Match to win the WOW Tag Team titles, Lucifer Darksyde b Dan Dillinger by DQ, Nick Sabre b Kvon Brown to retain the WOW No Limits title, Logan Black & Dirt Bag Dan b Steve Camacho & David Kalypso, Angelus Valkin b WOW Heavyweight champion Jason Kross (c) and Damian Dragon in a 3-WAY Elimination (Kross b Dragon first, then Kross was disqualified so he retained the title), The Society Of Ventrue b All Star Lou & Spartan, J.T. Highlander b Thorr, J.K.O & Maximus Sex Power vs. Hulko & The Irish Bruiser ended in a No Contest, Ed House b El Muskey..

  41. April 25, 2009--Wolverine Pro Wrestling in Westland, Michigan: Nitro b Jamie Eternal, Jamie D b Hailey Hatred and Jessicka Havok in a 3-WAY, Gutter b Adam Renolds, Jeff King b DBA, Ty Darius b Jeff Brooks, Bump N Uglies and House of Truth advanced in a tag team tournament, Sterling James Keenan b Josh Raymond.

  42. April 26, 2009--Compound Pro Wrestling in Wagoner, Oklahoma at The Elks Lodge: Tyson Armstrong b Fuel, La Parko b Mighty Mouse, Kevin Morgan & Brandon Groom b Cold Blooded Chris & Goldeneye, "Mr. Endurance" Sugar Shane Morbid b Handsome Jack Legacy (w/ "The Kingpin" Mike Iles), The Saints of Twilight (Ignition & Reckless w/The Shadow of Death) b Dawn Of Extreme (Ty Thunder & Crucifer), "3rd Generation Superstar" Max McGuirk b "The Poster Boy" Blake Albright, ComPro Tag Team Champions Team SuperBad (El Super Colibri & Justin Lee) b New Canada (The Canadian Red Devil & The Canadian Luchadore).. [reported by]

  43. April 29, 2009--Championship Wrestling in Bud, West Virginia at the Pow Wow Center: Rip Manson & Tom Sawyer b United States Tag Team champions Paul Thorn & John Curtis in a non-title match, Dave Scott b Jeff Jeckyl, Danny Ray b Big Daddy Gordy by DQ to advance in the US Title Tournament, Joey Morton b Stacy McLamb after hitting him with a foreign object.. [reported by Todd Hassett]

  44. April 30, 2009--Showtime All-Star Wrestling in Kingston Springs, Tennessee: Chase Stevens b Andy Douglas, Bill Dundee (who has to be around 67 years old) b Derrick King, Marc Anthony b Arrick Andrews, Flash Flanagan b Bishop, Gary Valiant b Shane Smalls, L.T. Falk & Drew Haskins b Derrick King Enterprises, Hammerjack b Rocker

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