Independent Wrestling Results - December 2009

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  1. December 2, 2009--Championship Wrestling in Bluefield, West Virginia at the Quality Inn: Jack Miller b Kayden Phoenix (w/Devin Carnage) by DQ as Carnage attacked Miller while he was going for a pin fall, Hannibal Alexander b The Professional after the Alexander elbow drop, Ox Baker Jr. (w/Rip Manson) b Chris Andrews after heart punch, Super Bee b Rip Manson (w/Ox Baker Jr.) in a TV Title Match with small package after Manson threw Super Bee out to the floor where Baker's attempt to do damage backfired and Super Bee rolled back in the ring and play possum before getting the pin, The Syndicate (Joey Morton & Danny Ray w/Shotgun Sullivan) b Modern Profile (Michael Cook & Chris Milenko) in a U.S. Tag Team Title Match as Morton put his feet on the top rope for extra leverage, Billy Lit b Dave Scott (w/Shotgun Sullivan) by DQ in a U.S. Title Match after Shotgun Sullivan entered the ring and interfered --- (hitting Lit with a fireball as Scott restrained him)

  2. December 5, 2009--ACE Pro Wrestling Worlds Collide in Union City, New Jersey: Azrieal def. Crowbar w/Mike Lewis by DQ, The Fallen (William Wyeth & Jorge Luis Rivera & Stockade & Brolly) w/Cherry def. Johnson 2 Johnson (Andrew & Brian) & The BS Express (Ed & Tom) in an 8 man elimination match, Mo Sexton def. Mike Donovan in a #1 contender's match, Bruno Marciano def. Benny Martinez and "Hot Shot" Mike Reed and Pinkie Sanchez and Giovanni Marranca and Black Zemis in a 6 way match to earn a shot at the diamond division title later in the show, "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele def. EC Negro, Bruno Marciano def. Bandido Jr to win the diamond division title, The Midnight Sensations (Sam Shields & Chris Rockwell) def. R8D X (Neeno Capone & Envy) in a case on a pole match, Mo Sexton def. Dan Maff to win the vacant heavyweight title..

  3. December 5, 2009--Atomic Championship Wrestling - Christmas Comes Early in Stevens, Pennsylvania at the Stevens Fire Hall: James Justice beat former partner Joey Mansoni in a grudge match, "The American Bully" James Dylan b Matt Walsh, The Patriot & Heavy D (w/Ashley Nicely & Big Jeff Kauffman) b Mean Mark Mest & Core, Mac Robo & Kris Lasik b Better Than You, Pretty Fly w/ECW Hat Guy b Alan Cross w/Ashley Nicely to retain the ACW Welterweight title, Rockin Rebel & Shatter & G-Raver b Pretty Fly & Louis G. Rich & Greg Matthews, Kitt beat Joe Ettell and Manny and James Justice in a 4-WAY, Rick Ryder & High Voltage (sub for Kras Van Tassel) b Moonshine Frank & Bubba Lucky Magus in a Coffin match to retain the ACW Tag Team titles, Twisted Tate w/Rizzo b "Simply Sexy" Scotty Jeffreys after Rockin Rebel (with ref shirt on) counted the pin on Jeffreys to win the ACW Heavyweight title..

  4. December 5, 2009--Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling - in Kalkaska, Michigan:

  5. December 5, 2009--NAWA Ring Champions in Cedartown, Georgia at the Purks Building: ..

  6. December 5, 2009--Total Wrestling Federation - No Escape in Woodland, California at the NorCal Indoor Sports: TWF Television champion CJ Profit b "Big Shot" Cabeebo by making him submit to the Cravat-Crossface, The Jake b Jacc Movez after a Jake-Bomb, Freeman Theodore Whitaker b Christian Black after a combination of punches, Michael Nothing b Steven "Beast" Smith after a top-rope double-stomp, Crystal b Mz. Chevious after Ashton hit Mz. Chevious with his TWF Championship Belt, The Venture Brothers (Carnie Craig & Steel Johnson) b Morrow's Mercenaries (Matt Justice & Lenny Vegas), INK b Orange Tang after an INK INFECTION, Scorpion b Ron Rufio after a Joker's Wild to become #1 contender for the TWF Championship. .. [reported by Erin Bucknell]

  7. December 5, 2009--Tupalip Championship Wrestling - in Marysville, Washington at the Pacific Rim Showroom & Supper Club: Paul Raze b Delirium, Exile b Hoss Tull, Azul Angel b Quiz, Kellen Raeth & Dash Venture b Cadillac Callis & WildCard to win the TCW Tag Team titles, Christopher Ryseck b Bryan Alvarez by countout, G-Shock & Dr. Kliever b Aaron Bolo & Caden Mathews .. [reported by Charles Short]

  8. December 5, 2009--UWC in Pemberton, New Jersey before 450 fans who donated 625 toys for Toys for Tots: Staten Island Wrecking Crew b Unholy Alliance, Orphan b Silly Billy and Philly Madison, CB4 b Tommy Force & Sivler Bullet #1, Legion b Adam Chandler, Twiggy Ramirez b Dave Patera, Dr. Hurtz b Joe Rules by DQ, Section 8 b Don Montoya.

  9. December 6, 2009--All Aggression Pro Wrestling in Orange Park, Florida: Dallas Riley & Morgan David III def. Storm in handicap match, Clay "Junkyard" Hill def. The Dirty Player by electrocution in ELECTRIC CHAIR MATCH, Hardcore Anthony def. Lotus and Simon Nole in 3 way dance, Joshua Rutgers jr. def. Lil' Dirty by pinfall.. [reported by Josh Rutgers &]

  10. December 6, 2009--Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas, Nevada before 325 fans at the Silver Nugget Casino: Lex Loco b Tommy Misfit, Tommy Danja b Mike Dalite and Fenix Alexander in a 3-WAY, Tony Leo b Frisco Flame by Countout, Cyanide & Vintage Dragon b Andrew Hellman & J-Cash, Tyson Tyler b Kid Vegas and Bryce Slaven in a 3-WAY, Dom Vitali won a Royal Invitational, G.Q. Gallo & Mike Modest b Funny Bone & Legacy, Mean Martin b Don Vitali, Kenny King b Michael Modest by DQ, Jimmy Snuka Jr. (Deuce) b Disco Inferno. Jimmy Snuka also appeared on the show giving Disco a superfly splash.

  11. December 6, 2009--IWF Premier Pro-Wrestling in Buffalo Rose Golden, Colorado: Hardcore Championship Grudge Match Joey Terrofying Hardcore Champion def. Adrian Grimm; IWF Premier Championship Match Hoodlum IWF Premier Champion def. Matt Yaden; FCW's T-Bolt def. The Miracle That Is Tony; Ultimate Endurance 4-way Tag Team Match Primal Chaos Wardog Damion Payne & Syngin Tiger Smith IWF Premier Tag Team Champions def. 1st Eliminated by pinfall Capital Punishment Wayne Thomas & Brandon Morris & 2nd Eliminated by Submission Blood Money Rock n'Roll Vampire Ronin & Romeo & 3rd Eliminated by Falls count anywhere The Winning Team's Paul Diamond & Dustin Urich; Tommy Bouchet def. Unreal Joshua Michael; A3 Build Up Match with special referee Chris Warth Rob Ryzin def. Cam Burnquest & Anderson 360; Perfect 10 Invitational Paul Stetich def. Arik Angel w/Perfect 10; Jay Synn def. Johnny Crash w/ Miss Vanity then Jack Mecidol def. Jay Synn

  12. December 9, 2009--Championship Wrestling in Bluefield, West Virginia at the Quality Inn: Dave Scott pinned Caleb Conley, US Champion Billy Lit pinned Danny Ray, Eric St Clair & Chris Andrews & Kid Kaos vs. the Children of Revolution ended in a Double DQ, Mad Dog Lynch b George South by DQ when Shanghai Pierce attacked Lynch, Jack Miller pinned Ox Baker Jr, Shanghai Pierce pinned Chris Milenko

  13. December 11, 2009--Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston, Georgia at the Royston Gym: Don Mattthews pinned Azrael with The Lariat; Officially Unstoppable (Shadow Jackson & Jacob Ashworth) beat Jae Braden & Alex Avereno; Jason Blackman pinned Kareem Abdul Jamar with an F5 (Blackman was attacked by Slim J after the match, and then took his frustration out on the ref with an F5); Anthony Henry pinned Casey James with a frogsplash to retain the North Georgia Title; Carnage pinned Jon Gresham with the choke bomb; Best of the Best (Seth Delay & Jeremy Vain) beat Down South Connection (Jacoby Boykins & Ernie Robins) to retain the APW Tag Team Titles (Vain pinned Boykins after interference by Stryknyn and a bass knuckles assist from Delay).

  14. December 11, 2009--Brew City Wrestling in West Allis, Wisconsin: Mickie McCoy b TW3, UAT b Brandon Hayze & Dave Tydell, Dinn T. Moore & Mason Quinn & Jet Bennett vs. Brandon Blaze & Dave Demone & Nick Colluci ended in a NO CONTEST, Sam Hayne b Ian Gauger, Derek St. Holmes b Erico, Justin Dredd & Link b Steve Stone & Metal Head Mauler.

  15. December 11, 2009--Northeast Championship Wrestling in West Warwick, Rhode Island at the Elks Lodge: Scotty "By God" Vegas b Dean "The Beast" Livsley, The Berzerker b "The Devil's Reject" Brandon Webb in a Soul on a Pole match, "The Average Guy" Timothy Pittman b "The Obsession" Ray Diamond, J.T. Dunn, Steven "The Turtle" Weiner, Buddy Romano, Ian Conley, & Tim Kilgore in a seven-man Season Cup gauntlet match, Mike Volpe b The Schillar Park Posse in a four-on-one Anything Goes match (The Berzerker brought Volpe's Cenobite mask to the ring and Volpe became Cenobite once again and both men ran the Posse out of the building), "The Showoff" Mike Paiva b Rob "The Giant" Araujo to retain the NCW New England Championship, Dynamite Doug Summers b "The Portuguese Sensation" Ruy Batello two falls to one, David Marxxx-Loomis (w/ J.C. Marxxx) b Richard Pacifico to retain the NCW Heavyweight Championship (Richard suffered a reported broken jaw during the match). [reported by Shawn O.]

  16. December 11, 2009--Southern States Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory: *Bobo Brown pinned "Bad" Chad Wilson, *Wayne Adkins w/ Beau James pinned "Sweet" Steven Stiffler w/ James McHone, *The Iron Cross beat Bulldog Mac, *SSW Ladies champion Misty James beat Rebecca Lynn, *Beau James & Mike Cooper & Shane Royal beat Jamey Gibson & Jeff Storm & D.P. Holiday, *SSW Champion Ray Idol beat Frank "The Tank" Parker by reverse decision.

  17. December 12, 2009--Expoland Wrestling Entertainment in Fisherville, Virginia: Brandon Day b Jake Manning, Bobby Dempsey b Q-Sic and Landon Thomas and Chatch in a 4-WAY, Ross & James Hall b Todd McNamara & Dan Joyce (local DJs), Sara Del Rey b Mia Yim, Ace Montana b Gregory Vercetti, John Kermon b Grizzly Redwood, Phil Brown b Dirty Money, J-Sinn & Lance Lude b Claudio Castagnoli & Rhett Titus. Tutus threw a fireball at J-Sinn after the match .. [reported by Tim Noel]

  18. December 12, 2009--In Your Face Wrestling in Ballston Spa, New York: Adam Badger & Green Mountain Grappler b Youngblood & Vinyer, Etanna b Viper, Ian Daniels b P.J. The Pirate and Ricky Williams and WAR in a 4-WAY, Vigo b Guillaume deSade by DQ, Timmy A'iight b Cyanide, Northern Studd b Jamar Justice, C.J. Scott & Maxx Burton b Josh Jordan & Scott Scarsdale, Drake Evans b Fronz Roddy

  19. December 12, 2009--The Way Wrestling Was in Springfield, Massachusetts at the Indian Orchard Knights of Columbus: Brendan Sullivan & Eric Pierce b Allen Havok & Ian Griffin, Guiseppe Fitch b Lukas Sharp, Justin "The Hammer" Tunis, Guido Torpedo, & "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean b "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol, Dr. Reginald Heresy, & Marshall McNeil, Matt Taven b Brutal Bob Evans, Rican Havoc ("The Punisher" Don Vega & "East Coast Intensity" Jose Perez w/ La Bella Carmen) b "The Starmaker" Aaron Morrison & Zack Statik, Chris Camaro b "The Final Freebird" Damien H.S. Darling, Billy King & Catherine b Bruiser Costa & Mistress Belmont in an intergender tag team match, Tomasso Ciampa (w/ Marshall McNeil) b Maverick Wild. [reported by Shawn O.]

  20. December 16, 2009--Championship Wrestling in Bluefield, West Virginia at the Quality Inn: Rip Manson pinned Cedric Alexander, WV TV Champion Super Bee pinned Dr Roger Hamm, Chris Andrews & Kid Kaos beat Modern Profile, US Tag Team champions Joey Morton & Danny Ray b Billy Lit & Hannibal Alexander by DQ when C.o.R attacked Morton & Ray, Dave Scott forced Jack Miller to submit, Mad Dog Lynch & Eric St Clair b George South & Shanghai Pierce by DQ when Pierce hit Lynch with a cowbell.

  21. December 18, 2009--ACE Action Zone in Union City, New Jersey: Rob Vegas def. Shawn Walker, Saints Of Brutality (Stockade & Brolly) def. Wes Draven & Pinkie Sanchez, Envy def. Sam Shields, William Wyeth & Jorge Luis Rivera def. The Remix Of Pro Wrestling (Vince Steele & Andrew Johnson), Mike Donovan def. Wes Draven, EC Negro def. Pinkie Sanchez, "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele def. Stockade, Mike Donovan def. Killa S, Neeno Capone def. Chris Rockwell, Mo Sexton def. Rob Vegas to retain the heavyweight title

  22. December 19, 2009--Juggalo Championshit Wrestling - Big Balla's Christmas Party in Pontiac, Michigan at Clutch Cargo's: Santa-Bu (Sabu in a Santa Costume and his traditional headress) w/Truth Martini brutally carved up Chris Combs in wild bloody beating... JCW Tag Team champions The Thomaselli Brothers b Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo, The Weedman b Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell, Corporal Robinson b Kevin Thorn to retain the JCW Heavyweight title.. Notes: The event also featured musical performances by the entire Hatchet Family including Members of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Axe Murder Boyz, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and Anybody Killa.. [reported by Kevin]

  23. December 19, 2009--Total Wrestling Federation - Violent Night in Sacramento, California at the Colonial Theater: Steven "The Beast" Smith b Kris Bunac and Black Assassin in a 3-WAY, Raz Ryno b Ink with a Swanton Bomb, Rob Banks won the Holiday Battle Royal for a TWF TV Title shot at RioMania, Ekstazy b Orange Tang with the Joe-KO, Mz. Chevious b Crystal with a roll up pin at 2:52, Steel Johnson b Joey Balls with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex through a table, CJ Profit b Carnie Craig with The Cravate Face for the TWF TV Title, Big Shot Cabeebo & Michael Nothing b The A-Team after Jacc Movez turned on his partner with a chair shot .. [reported by Erin Bucknell]

  24. December 26, 2009--Global Championship Wrestling in Pell City, Alabama before 250 fans: Will Owens b Blake Christopher, Mr. Hughes & A.R. Fox & Super Shinobi b Thunderhouse & Nasty Critters, Mike Jackson b Mike Posey (Jackson, who turned 60 on 11/10, is still defending his Alabama jr. title he's held for decades), Su Yung b Veronica Fairchild, Dennis Condrey b Corey Hillis, J.P. Magnum & Theodore Twitter b Bob Armstrong (now 70) & Scott Armstrong, Road Dogg & Dan Sawyer b Sgt. Hammer & Howard Cross in a street fight. . [reported by Larry Goodman]

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