• June 10, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA;

    • Joey Styles & Joel Gertner (Announcers)
    • Bob Artese & Stephen DeAngelis (Ring Announcers)
    • Whipwreck & Chetti b Diamond & Anderson;
    • Tracy Smothers defeated The Blue Meanie;
    • Tribute to Wrestlers who passed away;
    • Too Cold Scorpio defeated Kid Kash;
    • The Gangstantors defeated The Bad Breed;
    • Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible;
    • Raven defeated Sandman;
    • Sabu beat Shane Douglas and Terry Funk;

  1. IN THE RING: Tod Gordon + Joey Styles & Cyrus The Virus + Joel Gertner..
    • Tod Gordon came out with tears in his eyes and welcomes the loyal fans and introduced the announcers..
    • Joey Styles & Cryus came out to welcome to fans and got chants of "ECW!" and "Welcome Back!"..
    • Joel Gertner made his appearance and cut his profanity-laced sexual-inuendo two minute promo to a great pop!
    • Cryus paised, and then insulted Joel Gertner, calling him fat and pathetic, leading to chants of "F*** You Cyrus!"
    • Joel Gertner tackled Cryus, who bailed out and ran backstage as the crowd erupted for Gertner..

  2. TAG MATCH: Mikey Whipwreck & Chris Chetti defeated Simon Diamond & CW Anderson...

  3. MATCH: Tracy Smothers w/J.T. Smith defeated The Blue Meanie..
    • Tracy Smothers & J.T. Smith did the FBI gimmick and J.T. began to sing "Fly Me To The Moon"..
    • The bWo theme came over the speakers and Blue Meanie appeared and did his Meanie dance for chants of "BWO!"
    • Near the end of the match, Tracy Smothers challenged Blue Meanie to a dance off, but ambushed him!
    • J.T. Smith whacked the Blue Meanie with brass knux leading to Tracy Smothers getting the pinfall!

  4. TRIBUTE: Bob Artese + Johnny Grunge & Pitbull Gary Wolfe + Tammy Sytch + Danny Doring & Roadkill..
    • Bob Artese honored members of ECW who have passed away since the company went under..
    • Louie Spicolli, Road Warrior Hawk, Rocco Rock, Big Dick Dudley, Pitbull #2, Eddie Gilbert and Chris Candido..
    • Johnny Grunge (partner of Rocco Rock) & Pitbull Gary Wolfe (partner of Pitbull #2) came out to the ring..
    • They also played the "Back In Black" song in honor of Chris Candido when Tammy Sytch made an appearance..
    • Danny Doring & Roadkill came out next and got into a brawl with Johnny Grunge & Gary Wolfe in the ring..
    • Tammy Sytch ran backstage and brought out 911, who chokeslammed Danny Doring and Roadkill to hell!
    • Roadkill was then placed on a table and Johnny Grunge delivered a top rope splash through the table!!!
    • Johnny Grunge, Gary Wolfe, Tammy Sytch and 911 took a knee in the ring to pay tribute to thier fallen friends..
    • 911 actually tried to lift Tammy Sytch onto his shoulders but his slipped and dropped her on the mat..

  5. MATCH: Too Cold Scorpio defeated Kid Kash (sub for Chris Candido)..
    • Too Cold Scorpio was wearing his GHC Tag Team belt from Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan..
    • Too Cold Scorpio hit a powerbomb and a 450 splash for the win after a match filled with high spots..

  6. IN THE RING: Bob Artese & John Kronus + Ian & Axl Rotten + New Jack..
    • Kronus talked about the Eliminaters Reunion being cancelled due to Perry Saturn suffering a neck injury..
    • Kronus said he would follow through with the open challenge, which brought out The Bad Breed (Ian & Axl Rotten)..
    • Axl & Ian Rotten talked about their feud and about the violence that they brought to Philadelphia..
    • New Jack showed up (Ganstinator Reunion!) with a chain and garden shovel and attacked the Bad Breed..
    • The hardcore bloody brawl began including forks, tables, shovels, road signs, chairs, and a scaffold!!
    • New Jack dove off the scaffold and put Ian Rotten through a table! and Kronus & New Jack held up the Gangsta X..
    • New Jack got the mic and thanked the fans, and thanked the Bad Breed and incited a loud ECW! ECW! chant..
    • New Jack made reference to the "Invasion" show and said noone from Atlanta or Connecticut was truly ECW..
    • Editor's Note: This was not an official match, just pure unadulturated violence!!!!!

  7. MATCH: Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible w/Jason..
    • Jason continuously interfered and near the end of the match he and Credible set up Lynn for a Spike piledriver!
    • Jazz ran out and broke that up, attacking Jason with a neckbreaker, and kicking him between the legs!
    • Jerry Lynn went for the Cradle piledriver, Credible reversed it, Lynn reversed it again and nailed it for the win!
    • Jerry Lynn said that it was his birthday on Sunday and said that he wasn't too bad for a 42 year old....

  8. MATCH: Raven w/The Blue Meanie & The Musketeer defeated Sandman..
    • Lots of classic Raven/Sandman spots, with Meanie & Musketeer interfering in the match..
    • Don E. Allen attacked Sandman, and ripped off his shirt revealing "49 F'n 8" (His PWI Ranking)..
    • Mikey Whipwreck ran in and knocked out Don E. Allen and pulled out a couple beers to share with Sandman!
    • Mikey Whipwreck drank a beer and kicked Sandman in the gut and gave him the Whippersnapper!!!!
    • Raven then pinned Sandman to win the match.......

  9. IN THE RING: Terry Funk..
    • Terry Funk came out and made the match a no ropes barbed wire match, so the crew wrapped the ring in barbed wire!
    • At this point, the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission stepped in and objected, since barbed wire matches are illegal..
    • The crew members with the barbed wire were sent backstage and the crowd became unglued and riotous..
    • The crew returned to ringside with a heavily gimmicked roll of barbed wire with the barbs covered up..

  10. NO ROPES BARBED WIRE MATCH: Sabu w/Bill Alfonso defeated Shane Douglas w/Francine and Terry Funk w/Tammy Sytch..
    • Shane Douglas came out and screamed "Cut the F***ing Music!" as the fans chanted "Thank You Shane!"
    • Shane Douglas said the man that owns that company now can "Kiss our hardcore asses!"..
    • They pulled out all the classic triple threat spots that ECW made famous, including the triple headlock..
    • Each man took turns being flung into the barbed wire and Sabu introduced a steel chair into the match..
    • Sabu went for the triple jump off the chair, but Funk pulled it away, sending Sabu flying into the barbed wire!
    • A few minutes later Terry Funk delivered a piledriver on Sabu on the concrete floor outside of the ring..
    • Shane Douglas dropped Sabu gut-first across the top strand of wire (Man he is earning his victory tonight)..
    • Terry Funk began tossing chair into the ring, and then whacked Sabu with a couple chairshots to the head!
    • Bill Alfonso got involved, pulling Shane Douglas into the wire, resulting in Francine attacking Alfonso!!
    • The ECW alumni began to file out onto the entrance way to watch the historic match first hand..
    • Shane Douglas introduced a ladder into the match and climbed up it --- SUDDENLY THE LIGHTS WENT OUT!!!
    • When the lights came back on, Cactus Jack was in the ring, and the ECW fans went absolutely nuts!!!
    • Cactus Jack dragged Shane Douglas off the ladder and gave him the Mr. Socko Claw, causing the fans to BOOO!
    • Cactus Jack then gave Shane Douglas the Double-arm DDT onto the folding steel chair, causing the fans to CHEER!
    • Cactus Jack then wrapped Mr. Socko in barbed wire and attacked Shane Douglas with it!!!!
    • Cactus Jack had a referees shirt on and counted the 1-2-3 as Terry Funk had Douglas pinned to eliminate him..
    • Terry Funk and Sabu spared one-on-one for a while until Funk catapulted Sabu back into the barbed wire!
    • Terry Funk then set up a table in the ring and placed Sabu on it and began to climb the ladder..
    • The ladder collapsed under Terry Funk's weight and he was sent crashing through a second table set up..
    • Sabu recovered and gave Terry Funk an Arabian Facebuster off a chair and Cactus Jack counted the 1-2-3!!
    • The winner of the match.... SSSAAAAAAABBBUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. CONCLUSION: The entire lockerroom..
    • All the wrestlers and talent came out after the match and surrounded the ring as Terry Funk was helped up..
    • Chants of "Terry!" and "Sabu!" and "Foley!" and "Thank You Shane!" and of course "ECW! ECW!" were heard..
    • Shane Douglas came out for a curtain call and everybody retreated to the back showered with chants of "ECW!"

  12. And that's a wrap folks...

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