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May 16, 2003--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida before 250 fans: Naphtali gave a speech about Jeff Peterson, who passed away in 2000 from cancer at the age of 21, and had frequently wrestled in the building and had gained a reputation as a top indy wrestler while still a teenager before the cancer struck: Naphtali b Seijin Akki, B-Boy b Steve Madison, Tony Mamaluke b Jerelle Clark, Reckless Youth b Sonjay Dutt, Jason Cross b C.M. Punk, Ruckus b Roderick Strong, Sedrick Strong b David Babylon, Justice b Colt Cabana. Chaos won three-way over Havoc and Kubiak, Lex Lovett b Agent Steele to earn a shot tonight against IPW champ Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews b Danny Doring & Mikey Tenderfoot..

May 17, 2003--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in St. Petersburg, FL: Naphtali b B-Boy, Reckless Youth b Tony Mamaluke, Ruckus b Jason Cross, Sedrick Strong b Justice, Reckless Youth b Naphtali, Reckless Youth b Roderick Strong to win tournament, Frankie Capone & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin b Pretty Fly & Comic Book Guy Anderson & Mark Zout, Agent Steele NC Navy Seal, Sonjay Dutt & Steve Madison b Jerelle Clark & Roderick Strong, Billy Fives b Lex Lovett to keep IPW title, Shane Twins b Danny Doring & Steve Corino..
June 4, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Brandon, FL before 375 fans: Roderick Strong b Sedrick Strong, Alex Shelley b Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero b Matt Striker, Homicide b Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Teddy Hart b Azrieal, Mikey Tenderfoot b Puma, Petey Williams b Naphtali, Justice b Jack Evans, Danny Doring won three-way over Z-Barr and Slyk Wagner Brown, Lex Lovett b Colt Cabana, Zach Gowen & Chi Chi Cruz & Jerrelle Clark b Bug & Erick Stevens & OG Scarface, Shane Twins b Steve Madison & Mike Sullivan..

June 5, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Afternoon) in St. Petersburg, FL: Teddy Hart b Mikey Tenderfoot, Justice b Petey Williams, Roderick Strong b Alex Shelley, Chris Hero advanced via forfeit as Homicide was injured, April Hunter won three-way over Jenni Taylor and Chrissy Daine, Luther Jackson b Scarface, Naphtali won a last man standing match, Cuban Assassin b Jeremy Lopez to keep the Pacific Northwest heavyweight title, John Brooks & Chi Chi Cruz & Azriel b Puma & Matt Striker & Sedrick Strong, Jeff Bradley & Jimmy Jacobs b Bug & Z-Barr..

June 5, 2004--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Evening) in St. Petersburg, FL: Teddy Hart claimed a knee injury in his match with Mikey Tenderfoot and didn't continue. Justice defeared Chris Hero and Roderick Strong to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup! (Jet Jaguar was guest referee) -- Alex Shelley & Petey Williams b Mikey Tenderfoot & Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Bruce Steele b Slyk Wagner Brown, Zach Gowen b Rod Steel, Scoot Andrews b Colt Cabana, Mike Sullivan b Danny Doring, Jerrelle Clark b Azrieal, Lex Lovett & Steve Madison b Shane Twins, Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon b Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyons..
June 16, 2006--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Sanford, Florida: Ruckus b T.J. Mack, The Canadian Cougar b Jake Manning, Joey Ryan b El Generico, Rod Steel b Davey Richards, Krazy K b T.J. Wilson, Delirious b Human Tornado, Tom Carter b Chasyn Rance, Milano Collection A.T. b Arik Cannon, Jerrelle Clark b Dagon and Ryan Drago in a 3-WAY (Non-Tournament), Frankie Ciatso w/Molly Holly b Erick Stevens w/So-Cal Val (Non-Tournament), Billy Kidman b Naphtali (Non-Tournament), Christopher Daniels b Roderick Strong (Non-Tournament)... [reported by Alan J. Wojcik]

June 17, 2006--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in Pinellas Park, Florida: First Round: Ruckus b Canadian Cougar, Joey Ryan b Rod Steel, Delirious b Krazy K, Milano Collection A.T. b T.J. Wilson | Second Round: Ruckus b Joey Ryan, Milano Collection A.T. b Delirious | Finals: Milano Collection AT b Ruckus to win the Jeff Peterson Cup, T.J. Wilson b Human Tornado and Jake Manning and Arik Cannon and El Genercio and T.J. Mack in a 6-WAY, Billy Kidman b Lex Lovett, Modern Day Theory (Scott Commodity & Preston James w/Molly Holly) b Bruce Santee & Pretty Fly w/Amy Love, Naphtali b OG Scarface and Havok in a 3-WAY Jeff Peterson Tribute match, Christopher Daniels b Sedrick Strong .. [reported by Alan J. Wojcik]
July 13, 2007--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Orlando, Florida at the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center: "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc b "Kool" Seth Delay (1st Round), "Krazy K" Kirby Mack b Scott Commodity (1st Round), Chris Hero b Trik Davis (1st Round), Erick Stevens b Nooie Lee (1st Round), Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance b Chi Chi Cruz (1st Round), Adam Flash b Sideshow (1st Round), "M-Dogg20" Matt Cross b Salvatore Rinauro (1st Round), "The Marquee" Bruce Santee b T.J. Mack (1st Round) --- Non-Tournament Matches: Leon Scott & The Sheik & Kahagus (w/Larry Zbyszko & Mister Saint Laurent) b Heater & Pretty Fly & Ray Beez, Double Deuce Inc (Francisco Ciatso & Pete Cannon) b Wrongful Death (Naphtali & Dagon Briggs), Bug b Jerrelle Clark and Dr. Heresy and Jack Manley in a 4-WAY, Sedrick & Roderick Strong b The New Heavenly Bodies (Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci), Mr. Saint Laurent won a Weapons Battle Royal.. [reported by Alan J. Wojcik]

July 14, 2007--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in Port Richey, Florida at the Jewish Community Center: "Krazy K" Kirby Mack b "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc (2nd Round), "M-Dogg20" Matt Cross b "The Marquee" Bruce Santee (2nd Round), Lex Lovett & Steve Madison b Chi Chi Cruz & Sedrick Strong, Chris Hero b Erick Stevens (2nd Round), Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance b Adam Flash (2nd Round), "Supermodel" Amy Love b Dr. Reginald Heresy, Freak Foundation (Dagon Briggs & OG Scarface) b Anarchy Suicide Squad (Naphtali & Havok) in an IPW Hardcore match, Chris Hero b "Krazy K" Kirby Mack (Semi Finals), Matt Cross b Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance (Semi-Finals), T.J. Mack b Nooie Lee and "Kool" Seth Delay in a 3-WAY, Sal Rinuaro & Trik Davis (w/ an Eric Biscoff action figure as manager) b Shan Hill & Scott Commodity and Inner Aggression (Jaison Moore & Eddie Taurus) in a 3-WAY Tag match, Chris Hero b "M-Dogg20" Matt Cross in the Finals to win the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup.... [reported by Alan J. Wojcik]
September 26, 2008--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Port Richey, Florida at the New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center: Larry Sweeney b Tommy Taylor (1st Round), Jaison Moore b Rhett Titus (1st Round), Chasyn Rance b Icarus and Jerrelle Clark in a 3-WAY, Jon Davis b C.J. O'Doyle (1st Round), Gran Akuma b Craig Classic (1st Round), The Heartbreak Express & Scott Davis w/Amy Vitale & Raymond Snow b The Lifeguards (Wade Koverly & Daron Smythe) & Austin Amadeus, "the Campus Legend" Brad Attitude b Nooie Lee (1st Round), Sal Rinauro b Chris Gray (1st Round), 911 Inc. (Francisco Ciatso & Kory Chavis & Shawn Osborne w/Ron Niemi) b Sideshow & Bruce Santee, Kenny King b Jigsaw (1st Round), Erick Stevens b Chris Jones (1st Round).. [reported by Alan Wojcik]

September 27, 2008--Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in Brooksville, Florida at the National Guard Armory: "the Campus Legend" Brad Attitude b Jaison Moore (2nd Round), Larry Sweeney b Sal Rinauro (2nd Round), Gran Akuma b Jon Davis (2nd Round), Erick Stevens b Kenny King (2nd Round), Bums R' Us (Ray Beez & Milo Beasley) b The House of Vitale (Lou the Fixer & Raymond Snow w/Amy Vitale) in a TLC Match, Jigsaw & J-Rod & Craig Classic & C.J. O'Doyle b Chasyn Rance & Rhett Titus & Icarus & Moonshine McCoy, Erick Stevens b Larry Sweeney (Semi-Finals), Brad Attitude b Gran Akuma (Semi-Finals), The British Lions (Chris Gray & Tommy Taylor) won a Tag Team Gauntlet match, Erick Stevens b Brad Attitude in the Finals to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Sideshow (w/Danielle) & Bruce Santee (w/Amy Love) & Sedrick Strong & Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) b 911 Inc. (Kory Chavis & Shawn Osborne & Francisco Ciatso & Mike Shane & Ron Niemi) in a WarGames Steel Cage match.. [reported by Alan Wojcik]

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