Xtreme Wrestling Federation
February 22, 2002
(Amarilla, Texas)

  1. MATCH: Jimmy Hart with Hail VS. local DJ
    • Jimmy Hart received a mixed reaction, the local DJ (whose name I can't remember) was super over. The "match" was very brief, after a ref bump, Hail interefered and bodyslammed the DJ, then he left, the DJ's crony interfered, hit Jimmy Hart with a chair, rolled the DJ on top of him, then took off his shirt to reveal an XWF referee shirt. He counted the pin giving the DJ the win and a huge pop

  2. IN THE RING: Rena Mero.
    • Rena then came out to a huge pop, saying Hart must honor his promise that if he lost the match, he wouldn't come back to Amarillo for a year.

  3. Match 2 Johnny B Badd VS. Buff Bagwell
    • Both came out to pops, Buff turned heel on the crowd and was booed throughout the rest of the match. Basic match you'd expect from these two. The finish came when Buff was thrown to the outside, Badd tried to pull him back in, the ref got between them and Buff grabbed the Bad Blaster and hit Badd in the shoulder with it. He then got the Blockbuster for the three

  4. MATCH: Josh Mathews VS. Kid Kash
    • Before the match Dave Penzer introduced XWF's female ref Little Jeanie, she of course had a huge pop. They had problems with the music and played the Road Warriors entrance theme twice. Both came out to little heat, Kid Kash played the heel in this match, Josh still obviously has a lot to learn but he did a good job of keeping up with Kash, they had a couple of series of pins attempts which got good reaction from the crowd. There were several near falls that kept pulling the crowd into the match. Kash dominated for most of the match, Josh had a comeback at the end but Kash finished the match with a move that could best be described as a suplex inverted into a neckbreaker. After the match Josh layed on the mat and it appeared he was legit hurt but Kash helped him up and they did a mutual respect bit which got a pop from the crowd. Not as highflying a match as you'd expect from these two but good nonetheless.

  5. MATCH: Simon Diamond with Dawn Marie VS. Norman Smiley
    • Simon came down to a Dawn Marie aided pop, Norman came down to a good pop as well. The match was mostly stalling at first. After Norman got a near fall, Simon got on the mic and started complaining about Little Jeanie's officiating, all his complaints were followed with a What chant by the crowd. Roddy Piper came down to an insane pop and declared the match a mixed tag team between Noman/Jeanie VS. Simon/Dawn Marie. Match was back and forth and the crowd popped for every move. Norman and Jeanie got stereo Big Wiggles on Simon and Dawn. The finish came when Norman and Jeanie got stereo Norman Conquests, Simon tapped out, Norman and Jeanie danced in the ring afterwards, very entertaining match that the crowd was into.

  6. MATCH: The British Storm VS. The Wall
    • Tepid reaction for both wrestlers beyond a small USA chant and a few pops for The Wall. Better match than I expected, The Wall got the Chokeslam for the victory

  7. INTERVIEW: Penzer & Ricky Romero.
    • Penzer introduced Ricky Romero and his sons the Youngbloods, they gave a short interview and got a good reaction from the crowd.

  8. MATCH: The Nasty Boys VS. Konnan and Rey Mysterio JR.
    • Nasty Boys got heel heat immediately by insulting the crowd, Konnan and Rey were super over, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands the whole time. Very good match, The Nasties bumped for Rey and Konnan Rey played the Ricky Morton role in the match. Finish came when Sags brought a chair into the ring, Rey kicked the chair into Sags, Konnan then got the facebuster on the chair on Knobs for the three count. Konnan and Rey still ooze charisma and seem to haven't lost a step so it wouldn't surprise me if you see them in the WWF soon. After the match The Nasties jawed with the fans for a bit. getting more heel heat.

  9. MATCH: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ General Skandar Akbar Vs. Terry Funk
    • Rena was special ring announcer for this match. Valentine came out to some heat, Funk came out to a huge pop, Akbar got on the mic and got some heat, match was basically a brawl but great to see two legends in action. Both guys juiced, finish came when Funk rolled up Valentine in a Small Package as Valentine was going for the Figure Four, Funk decked Akbar afterwards. He thanked the fans for coming out, most people thought the show was over and started to leave, but wait...

  10. MATCH: Hail VS. Vampiro
      Dave Penzer called Jimmy Hart out, Hart came out with Hail. Hart got on the mic and thanked the fans for coming out, he said he'd abide by the stipulation of not coming back to Amarillo for a year, he said Vampiro didn't show up so Hail was now 15-0, Hart then said Vampiro would have till the count of ten to show up or he'd forfit. Vampiro bolted down to the ring sporting a new buzzcut hairstyle, he was minus his makeup and in street clothes as well. Match was brief, basically a squash for Vampiro. not sure if Vampire was actually late or if this was a angle of some kind.

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